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2016-6-01 Day of the Lord: What does the "Day of the Lord" refer to? [Malachi 4:5, Joel 2, Acts 2, Acts 5, 1 Thessalonians 5:2, 2 Peter 3:10]
2016-6-01 Magi (Wise Men) Calculating Jesus' Birth: Using Daniel 2 & 9, how were the magi able use it or know about Jesus being born?
2016-6-01 God's Law: Caller is interested in talking about keeping God's commandments, His law, because he thinks most denominations don't care about the law. [Romans 7:1-4]
2016-6-01 Authors of Genesis: How many authors do you think there were of Genesis?
2016-6-01 Forgive them for they know not what they do: When Jesus said on the cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do", do you think they were actually forgiven right then?
2016-6-01 Fulness of the Gentiles Come in: What does, "wWhen the fulness of the gentile be come in" mean? [Romans 11:25]
2016-6-01 Being Cutoff: What did Abraham mean by both the righteous & the wicked being cut off? [ezekiel 21:4]
2016-6-01 God's Law & Commandments: Caller who has called many times in previous shows, & has already called once in this show, wants to talk more about God's commandments & law, that we need to keep them. [Matthew 5:17-19] (Caller asked to not call back anymore.)
2016-6-01 Doubting the Inerrancy of God: Can a person who doubts the inerrancy of the Bible be a true Christian?
2016-6-01 Time, Earth & Creation: Shouldn't we just know that God created everything by His word instead of trying to determine the age of the earth & looking for dinosaurs & loosing the sight of Jesus?
2016-6-01 Eternal Security: once saved always saved is not really true, you can turn away from Jesus, but is the covenant you made with God broken every time you sin?
2016-5-31 The Sin Nature: Michael the buddhist wants to talk about the sin nature, that it's all from perspective/perception.
2016-5-31 Jesus & Melchizedek: Is Jesus Melchizedek in Hebrews 7?
2016-5-31 Young Earth Creationism: Caller talks about test regarding creation & evolution.
2016-5-31 Visualization: It it wrong to be visualizing Jesus as you pray?
2016-5-31 Catholic Church being a Cult or not: Is the catholic church a cult?
2016-5-30 Home Church in Vegas: Looking for contacts in the Vegas area for home church oriented people.
2016-5-30 Wages of Sin: If the wages of sin is death how could Christ pay for all sin after only being dead for 3 days? [Romans 6:23]
2016-5-30 Different Man in the Corinthians Might've been a different person than the person in an incestuous relationship in 1cor 5? [2 Corinthians 2, 1 Corinthians 5]
2016-5-30 All Sin Forgiven Except for Unbelief: Is all sin forgiven except for the sin of unbelief?
2016-5-30 Prophecy is the Greatest Gift: Prophesy a greater gift? [I Corinthians 14]
2016-5-27 Hastening the Day of Lord: We are supposed to be Hastening the coming of Christ, so that's why He set no set date. How do Calvinists deal with the 2 Peter verse? [Mark 13:32, 2 Peter 3:12] (Esoteric]
2016-5-27 Focusing on News Events surrounding Israel: Sometimes it's just not right to be fascinated with the politics, especially the going-ons of the nation of Israel.
2016-5-27 Atonement What exactly did Atonement accomplish? What do calvinists believe about it?
2016-5-27 Golden Chain of Redemption: Golden chain of redemption, could it be the forefathers, the people of the Old Testament? [Romans 8]
2016-5-27 Jesus Being the Prince of Daniel 9: Caller makes [Daniel 9, Luke 23:27-31, Revelation 6:16]
2016-5-27 Man committing Fornication: Is this the same man Paul is talking about in 2 Corinthians that he is talking about in 1 Corinthians? Did the church vote? [2 Corinthians 2:5, 1 Corinthians 5]
2016-5-27 Pornography, Drugs & Demonic Oppression: I'm struggling with drugs, pornography, demonic oppression, so what do I do?
2016-5-27 The Nephilim: Did Angels have sex with women? The nephilim. [Genesis 6]
2016-5-27 Predestination: Caller wants clarification on predestination, being called & chosen?
2016-5-26 45 Days in Daniel: What is your thought on what the 45 days are in Daniel? [Daniel 12:1]
2016-5-26 Jehovah's Witness classified as a Cult: Caller wants to know what actually makes them a cult.
2016-5-26 Lectures on Hell: Caller wants to know how to get a hold of information about hell for her cousin, who is very interested in it.
2016-5-26 Charging for Ministry: Caller discusses about charging for the ministry, even to attend a Bible Study. They talk about what the Didache says about it.
2016-5-26 Seventh Day Adventist View of Daniel 12: Caller tries to give a Seventh Day Adventist perspective on the Daniel 12.
2016-5-26 My Spirit within You: I will put my Spirit with in you, being poured out [Ezekiel 36:27, Joel 2, Acts 2, Zachriah 14]
2016-5-26 Maturbation, Self-gratification: Is self-gratification, masturbation, considered a sin? Is it considered fornication?
2016-5-26 Unworthy to be Saved: Sometimes I feel like I'm unworthy to have salvation because I've never had a balanced Christian life even though i've known better. [Romans 5:1-11]
2016-5-26 Trinity & Jehovah's Witnesses: I'm questioning the Trinity, but Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in Jesus, but believe the things involving Jesus, does it really matter?
2016-5-25 Deuteronomy Important to Fulfilling of Daniel: Could you comment on what you said about Deuteronomy being the most important fulfillment for the verses of Daniel 12:7 & the 3.5 yrs or 1290 days? [Daniel 12:7, Deuteronomy 32:35-40]
2016-5-25 Isaiah 66:17: I was wondering if you could explain this verse in Isaiah 66? [Isaiah 66:17]
2016-5-25 New Birth Experience in the OT: They could be born again, a new born experience, in the Old Testmanet too? What is supplication? [Ezekiel 36:25-27, John 3:5]
2016-5-25 Supplication: What is the meaning of supplication? (prayer)
2016-5-25 Discerning what is True: Everyone says, "God told me", so how can we test what is really true or not?
2016-5-25 Unclean Food & 70 AD: Why does he raise the issue of unclean foods at all if this is applying to 70 AD after everything has been declared clean? [Isaiah 66:17] (Caller who called earlier in the show, clarifying his question.)
2016-5-25 Express image of God & perception: Michael the Buddhist calling to say it's all about perception, it's all relative, seen different by different people, sin nature, perception & reality discussion.
2016-5-25 Leaven meaning: Does leaven represents only evil? [Matthew 13:33]
2016-5-25 Young Earth Creationist Problems: How do people who believe in young earth creationism deal with the age of the stars, dinosaurs, carbon dating?
2016-5-24 Pastor Tyranny: What is the best biblical description of Church Government? [Hebrews 13:17]
2016-5-24 Christians during these Perilous Times: What should we be doing as believers now in these perilous times?