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2014-5-08 Heaven is for Real - NDE's: Are you saying the movie, "Heaven is for Real" is real because you had a friend who said she had a Near Death Experience? [Luke 16:19-31, John 11:38-44, 2 Corinthians 12:1-4]
2014-5-08 3 Views of Hell: Caller is thankful for the lectures that Steve put together about the 3 view of Hell.
2014-5-08 Holy Spirit leading to Truth: The Holy Spirit leads us to all truth.
2014-5-08 Paul, his visions & vision: How did Paul become blind? Did he have a Near Death Experience? Was he ultimately healed because he seems to talk about it in past tense in Galatians? How come he couldn't write about the things he saw? [Corinthians 12:1-10, Galatians 4:15]
2014-5-08 Paul's Infirmity: I always thought Paul got blind from his experience at Damascus. [Acts 9:1-31]
2014-5-08 Romans 11 not Eschatological: So you don't think Romans 11 is eschatological? When would be the fulness of the Gentiles come in then? [Romans 11:25-28]
2014-5-07 Michael the Buddhist's Last Call: (This wasn't his last call, though....he called in more recent years as well) Michael the Buddhist called to say this would be the last time he'd be calling.
2014-5-07 God won't send good people to hell: My son asked me, "If this guy on the radio is right, then why do we need to send missionaries, if good people are going to heaven anyway, because people who reject it, they are going to go to hell, but if they don't hear it, then they are okay". What do you think about that? [Hosea 4:6, James 4:17]
2014-5-07 Healing is reality of Future Heaven: So if we pray for healing & God heals or doesn't heal us, all we are really doing is participating in the reality that will happen when we get to Heaven since we will all be healed then. What do you think of that idea?
2014-5-07 Coinherence - Impeccability of Christ: Did Jesus really have Free WIll to go against what the Father wanted Him to do? He must've because otherwise how could it be that "He loved the Father"?
2014-5-07 1,000 Years: You are negating the words of Jesus when you say He didn't say it was a literal 1,000 years! That's why Michael the Buddhist never hears Jesus from you, so says the caller. [Revelation 6:1-10]
2014-5-07 Impeccability of Jesus: Caller says that Steve almost sounds like an SDA, saying that Jesus could've sinned.
2014-5-07 Open Theism: What are your arguments for why you don't think Open Theism is biblical?
2014-5-06 Steve explains what happened to yesterday's show: They had technical difficulties on yesterday's show, & Steve explains exactly what electricity.
2014-5-06 Future Restoration of Israel - the Mystery of Paul: "In Christ, all things are fulfilled." That statement just seems too simplistic to me. Paul talks about it being a "mystery". He seems to think that Ethnic Israel will be re-attached. So what are your thoughts on what Paul is talking about here in this passage of Scripture? [Romans 11:11-16, 26-29] (Editor's Note: I put the exact same question from the day before because Steve was answering from the exact same question.)
2014-5-06 No Forgiveness in the Age, Nor the Next: You were recently talking about Eternal not meaning Everlasting, for eternity, all the time. What about when Jesus said, "Not Forgiven in the Age, Nor the Next"? [Matthew 12:32]
2014-5-06 Adding or Taking Away from the Book: Caller used to think this was talking about the whole Bible, but it's probably just talking about the book of Revelation, so is this just a matter of sincerity or do we need to be very careful how we interpret the book, since there's so many opinions out there? [Revelation 22:18-19]
2014-5-06 Good people not in Heaven: How come good people who just don't happen to accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior won't be saved? [John 3:16, Romans 10:13]
2014-5-06 Adding or Subtracting Words: I don't see anything about the 7 years of tribulation in the Bible from Dispensationalists, so talk about adding words to Scripture!
2014-5-05 Future Restoration of Israel: "In Christ, all things are fulfilled." That statement just seems too simplistic to me. Paul talks about it being a "mystery". Paul seems to think that Ethnic Israel will be re-attached. So what are your thoughts on what Paul is talking about here in this passage of Scripture? [[Romans 11:11-15, 26-29] (Steve got cutoff there.)
2014-5-05 Lost Internet Connection: Steve explains what happened when he was talking to the first caller. (He even got disconnected several times as he was explaining.)
2014-5-02 Homosexuality & the Church: How should the church deal with Homosexuality? Caller doesn't want to go to a church that is too conservative, who ignore or hate homosexuals.
2014-5-02 The Bible & the Church Fathers: How did the Church Fathers view the Bible, & how did we stray from that, if we did?
2014-5-02 First Fruits of the Resurrection: So you think at the Resurrection they are all raised at the same time, both the wicked & the righteous, this class & that class, but what about the firstfruit? Isn't there an order of people that are called? [1 Corinthians 15:23, 14, Revelation 14:4, Janme 1:18, 2:1]
2014-5-02 Reigning w/ Christ during the 1000 years: The rest of the dead did not reign until after the 1000 yrs, so how does a resurrection at the same time make sense? [Revelation 20:4-6]
2014-5-02 Healing & Anointing: Doesn't it say in James that if we pray for people who need to be healed, that if they are prayed over & they believe it, it will for sure happen? doesn't it say that will happen? [James 5:14]
2014-5-01 Understanding a Passage of Scripture: Can you help me understand a chapter in Zechariah? Is it talking about the end times? [Zechariah 14]
2014-5-01 The term Eternal: How can you have one definition of eternal mean really everlasting, forever, but then it not really mean eternal, everlasting in the same verse? [Matthew 25:46]
2014-5-01 3 Hours of Darkness: What caused the 3 hours of Darnkness during the crucifixion of Jesus? [Matthew 27:45-53]
2014-5-01 Jesus going to Hell: Did Jesus go to Hell during His death?
2014-5-01 Taking on the Sins of the World: Doesn't it say somewhere that Jesus took on the sins of the world? [Mark 10:45, 1 peter 2]
2014-5-01 Getting hung-up on inconsequential matters: Caller thinks people, including his pastor, get hung up on stuff that doesn't matter.
2014-5-01 Heaven & no Sea: Is there anywhere in the Bible, especially Revelation, that gives insight about Heaven? What about no sea or oceans in the New Earth? Is that symbolic too? [Revelation 21:1]
2014-5-01 Loving our Brethren & protecting a believer more than an unbeliever: Do we need to have unity besides just loving one another? [john 15:12, 1 John 4:8, Galatians 6:10]
2014-5-01 Touch Me not: Why couldn't Mary touch Jesus after His resurrection? Doesn't that mean He wasn't in Heaven during those 3 days? [John 20:17]
2014-5-01 Bart Ehrman: I've been getting my information from Bart Ehrman & was told he was a scholar. What do you think of him?
2014-5-01 Jesus' Birthplace: Did I hear that there was a discrepancy of where Jesus was born?
2014-5-01 Scripture is God-breathed: I know there are 2 Scripture that says the Bible is inspired or God-breathed. Can you point me to them? [2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:19-21]
2014-5-01 Holy Spirit: I was wondering if were allowed to just say, "Holy Spirit", or if we had to say, "The Holy Spirit"? I was told that if I just say, "Holy Spirit", that it was a Mormon thing.
2014-4-30 Dispensationalism: In your lectures do you have a SPECIFIC place you learn about Dispensationalism? Do they teach more than just eschatology? Is once saved always saved pretty much Dispensational?
2014-4-30 Financial responsibility to Church Leadership: Is it the responsibility of the Body of Christ to financial support everything that goes on in the church such as the church building, the pastor's salary income, maintenance workers?
2014-4-30 Healing: Is it God's will to heal us every time we ask Him if we claim it?
2014-4-30 Praying for Healing: What is a specific kind've prayer one should pray for healing?
2014-4-30 Radio Station having problem carrying show: Caller thinks radio station he is listening to has been preempting Steve Gregg's show.
2014-4-30 A Know-it-all: What do I do about a family member that just think they know it all, are always right, & I have to bridge the gap of our relationship in the end? [Luke 17:4]
2014-4-30 Reasons to Believe - Hugh Ross What do you think of Hugh Ross & the Reasons to Believe his ministry?
2014-4-30 The Daily Bible (Chronological Bible): Have you ever heard of the chronological Bible called, "The Daily Bible"?
2014-4-29 3 literal Days: How could Jesus have been in the grave 3 literal days?
2014-4-29 Relying on Theologians: Can we get everything we need to be a Christian from the Bible, or do we need a good theologian every now & then to guide us?
2014-4-29 Vashti: Vashti was asked to where the crown & come to him & she refused, it that true? Was she an exotic dancer (dancing in the nude)?