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2013-3-27 Calvinsim & Free Will (Dead in Sin): What do you say about the Calvinist view that people are dead in their trespasses and sins, therefore cannot choose God? Recommend: Topical Lectrue; God's Sovereignty & Man's Salvation. [Ephesians 2:1, Luke 15:11-32, Romans 1:18].
2013-3-26 "Baptism" Antitype of the Flood: Could you explain how Noah and the flood are a type of baptism, particularly since most often antitypes are more typically spiritual? [I Peter 3:21].
2013-3-26 "Revelation of Jesus Christ": Could you talk about "the revelation of Jesus Christ", as in the revealing of Christ, rather than as in the second coming? [I Peter 1:13, I Corinthians 1:7, Matthew 16:17, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Romans 8:5, 2 Peter 1:2-4].
2013-3-26 Harry Potter, Wizards & Sorcerers: Would you advise how to handle my children's fascination with the Harry Potter movies (the wizards and sorcerers, etc.)? [Deuteronomy 7:26].
2013-3-26 Symbolism of the "Donkey & Colt": Could you talk about the symbolism of the donkey and colt tied to the vine in Genesis 49 [Genesis 49:10-11].
2013-3-26 Children & Entertainment: Caller shares his views about children's entertainment that involved magic, etc.
2013-3-25 Celebrating "Holy Week": What are your thoughts on celebrating the "Holy Week"? [2 Corinthians 3:17].
2013-3-25 Easter: Because Easter origins were pagan and based on the moons, doesn't it make it actually not a Christian holiday we should celebrate?
2013-3-25 David and Bathsheba: Did David meet Bathseba before he saw her bathing?
2013-3-25 On-line Meetings for Steve: Caller recommends that Steve teach more on-line.
2013-3-25 Supernatural Experiences: How do you feel about supernatural experiences? Caller shares a couple of her experiences. [I John 4:1, I Thessalonians 5:21, Psalms 34:7].
2013-3-25 Cessationists (Ceasing of the Gifts): What do you think about Cessationists (ceasing of the gifts)?
2013-3-25 Do We Have the Right to Healing: What do you think about those that think every believer has a right to complete healing? Recommends topical lecture series; "Word of Faith"-"Is Healing in the Atonement" and "Healing on Demand". [Proverbs 13:12, Luke 17:2, Matthew 18:6].
2013-3-25 Those that Disagree: Caller commends Steve for the way he responds to fellow Christians who disagree.
2013-3-25 Lose Your Faith-No Chance to Return: Can one lose their faith, or backslide, and still come back to the faith? [Hebrews 6:4-6, Hebrews 2:9, James 5:20, Luke 1:37, Hebrews 5:13, Matthew 19:25-26, Luke 18:27, Mark 10:25, James 5:19-20].
2013-3-22 70th Week of Daniel: What is your position on the 70th week of Daniel? [Matthew 24:4-14, Matthew 24:15-26].
2013-3-22 Divorcing from a Polygamous Marriage: What does a Christians believer do if they had more than one wife while in another religion, but cannot divorce some of them, because they cannot be found? [I Corinthians 7:12-15].
2013-3-22 Filled with the Holy Spirit: Could you address what it means to be filled to the full measure of the Holy Spirit? How to you quantify or qualify that? [Acts 2, Acts 4, Ephesians 5:18, Galatians 5:22, Romans 5:5, Matthew 7:11, Luke 11:13, Ephesians 4:30, Ephesians 4, Colossians 3].
2013-3-22 Knowing God's Will: Can you know God's will without pushing on doors to open? [John 10:27-28, Psalm 37:5, Psalm 16:3, Proverbs 3:6, Colossian 3:15, Isaiah 55:12].
2013-3-22 Signs from God: If you were going to school part time, and got your work hours cut, would you take that as a sign from God?
2013-3-22 Steve Gregg's Financial Support: How do I support you financially?:
2013-3-22 Will We Know Each Other in Heaven: Would I be aware of my wife marrying someone else, if I die and am in heaven? Will I know my wife and children or other family members in heaven? [Matthew 22:29-30, I Corinthians 13:9-12].
2013-3-22 Lake of Fire & the CIty of New Jerusalem: Could you explain Revelation 20-22 about entering and exiting the city and the Lake of Fire? [Revelation 20:15, Revelation 21:27, Revelation 22:14, Hebrews 12:22, Ephesians 2]
2013-3-21 Samson as a Black Man: Is there anything in the Bible to support the idea that Samson was a black man, as depicted in the Christian TV series, "The Bible"?
2013-3-21 Samson in Movies: Because Samson's strength came from God, isn't it likely he was not a big strong looking guy, instead of the way he is depicted in Christian entertainment.
2013-3-21 Hell-Eternal Torment: Did I hear you correctly when you said that hell is not necessarily forever? [Romans 6:23, Matthew 10:28, 2Thessalonians 1:9, Ephesians 1:9-10, Colossians 1:19-20, Philippians 2:9-10].
2013-3-21 Universal Reconcilation: Can people repent after they die?
2013-3-21 Muslim Idiom Translation: What do you think about the Muslim idiom translation, where biological words are changed to be less offensive to that group?
2013-3-21 The "Emergent Church": What is the "Emergent Church"? Is it negative or positive?
2013-3-21 "Made in the Image of God": Could you talk about the creation and humans being "made in the image of God"? [Genesis 1:27, Genesis 3:5].
2013-3-21 Calvinism-Dead in Sin: Are there other points that support the idea that when scripture indicates that we are "dead in sin" is not about physical death, but spiritual-as in Prodigal Son? [Luke 15:24, Mark 2:17].
2013-3-21 Which Bible (Translation)?: When I was asked "which Bible" was it that I believe in, I wasn't sure what to say. Could you talk about the original works?
2013-3-21 The Pope (Bishop of Rome): Could you talk about the biblical support for having a pope (papacy) or the Bishop of Rome? [Matthew 23:9, Matthew 16:18, I Peter 2:5, Ephesians 2:20].
2013-3-21 Eastern Orthodox Church: Could you talk about the Eastern Orthodox Church?
2013-3-20 Being Saved Without Knowing Jesus: Can some ignorant people be saved without knowing about Christ, but still saved on the merits of Christ, as in nthe Old Testament or the heathen who has never heard? [Acts 17:30, John 14:6, John 1:9].
2013-3-20 Mormon Doctrine about Many Gods: How do you get through the Mormon doctrine about the endless gods to help evangelize them? [Deuteronomy 13:1-3].
2013-3-20 Mormon Elders: Shouldn't I present the qualifications for elders to Mormons? [I Timothy 3:2].
2013-3-20 Qualifications for Elders: If you are not married, have been divorced, or have no children, does that disqualify you from eldership?
2013-3-20 Debt Forbidden for Christians: Is debt forbidden for Christians? [Romans 13:7-8, Proverbs 19:17, I Corinthians 10:23, I Timothy 6:8, Matthew 6:24, Proverbs 22:7].
2013-3-20 Saving Money for Christians: Is it sinful to save money for Christians?
2013-3-20 Jehovah Witnesses: Would you give an overview of the beliefs of the Jehovah Witnesses?
2013-3-20 Marriage Forever: If a woman cheats on her husband, is the husband still married to her forever? Recommendation to read Topical Article on Marriage at the website.
2013-3-20 Slain in the Spirit: What do you think about someone being "slain in the Spirit" and her feet levitated-actually lifting her off the floor? That doesn't seem to be from God, right?
2013-3-20 Speaking in Tongues: Is "speaking in tongues" evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
2013-3-20 Tithing to the Local Church: What do you think about those that say that 10% of one's income belongs to the local church? [Galatians 6:6].
2013-3-19 Calvary Chapel & Demon Possession: Steve clarifies his statement about Calvary Chapel's handling of demon possession.
2013-3-19 Where Jesus' Body Go?: Where did Jesus' body go after the crucifixion and resurrectioin? [Luke 24:39]
2013-3-19 Reliability of Revelation: How can we trust one man's vision - the Book of Revelation?
2013-3-19 Divorce & Remarriage: Is there earlier consensus on the Christian teaching on marriage than about 1500 (Reformation)? why do we see it now so differently? [Matthew 5:32].
2013-3-19 Abram's Response to Yahweh: Why did Abram's and family accept that it was a revelation from Yahweh? [Genesis 11:31, Genesis 12:1, Acts 7:2].