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2018-9-17 Losing Faith After College Education: Is my son still possibly saved even if they have been drawn away after college?
2018-9-17 Repentance: What is the true meaning of repentance?
2018-9-17 Nicolaitans, White Stones & New Names: Who are the Nicolaitans? What are the white stones in Revelation? Why do we need new names? [Revelation 2:15-17]
2018-9-17 Gifts of the Spirit: Do Gifts of the Spirit like miracles & tongues & the rest still exist?
2018-9-14 Denominations: What do you think of denominations, shouldn't we have unity & one church [2 Peter 2:18]
2018-9-14 Sword: Is the sword paralleled to the word bringing down strongholds?
2018-9-14 Dead Loved Ones: Is it possible our dead loved ones are speaking to us in dreams?
2018-9-14 Paganism: Historical pagans introducing ideas for Christianity/Judaism?
2018-9-14 Trinity: Trinity, Word & Spirit, & energy & heat
2018-9-14 Eastern Orthodox: Is the Eastern Orthodox Bible different than Protestantism, Catholics, etc?
2018-9-14 Trying not to be in the world: Not being of this world. (time is short just enough time to barely state her question)
2018-9-13 "What Would Jesus Do?": "What would Jesus do?", pondering the significance of that question, but wouldn't the more accurate question be, "What would Jesus have ME do?"
2018-9-13 Calvinism & Arminianism: What percentage of John Calvin's teaching do you disagree with (besides Calvinism itself)?
2018-9-13 Aborted Babies: Do aborted babies have souls?
2018-9-13 My Parents stopping having Children before Me: If my parents had stopped having children before I was born, would I have possibly been born somewhere else?
2018-9-13 12 Tribes: Who are the 12 tribes? Who is to rule over them in the regeneration?
2018-9-13 End Time Prophecy: Do these verses refer to the end times? [Psalms 83, Isaiah 17:1]
2018-9-13 Heaven before Judgment: When do you actually get to go to heaven after we die since we still have to go through a judgment?
2018-9-13 Seeing God in Heaven: Will we see God the Father & the Holy Spirit or only Jesus? Will He have a Spirit body like us? [Matthew 18:10]
2018-9-13 A Rapture foretold in Zechariah: Is there a rapture like Zechariah seems to say? [Zechariah 14]
2018-9-13 God before Creation: What was God doing before creation existed?
2018-9-13 LGBT-Homosexuality: What do we do about churches that think LGBT/Homosexuality is okay? Have you ever heard of this?
2018-9-12 Hardening Some Jews: Did God choose some Jews to be bad, reject Jesus, so that they would crucify Jesus?
2018-9-12 Speaking in Tongues: In speaking in tongues could one possibly open oneself up to evil spirits by asking?
2018-9-12 Love, Affection & Feelings: How do you think most people in society define "love"? affection & feelings being tied to love.
2018-9-12 Tattoos: What are your views about tattoos?
2018-9-12 The Nephilim: Nephilim, Sons of God (angels) having sex with women, it would've been impossible. [Genesis 6]
2018-9-12 Becoming Eunuchs: What does it mean eunuchs for kingdom of heaven's sake? [Matthew 19:12]
2018-9-12 Gambling: Is it a sin gambling or just a bad habit?
2018-9-12 David taking a Census: Why was God upset w/ David for taking the census? What am I missing? [2 Samuel 24:1]
2018-9-12 Abuse & Persecution: Being patient with those that abuse & persecute you.
2018-9-12 Discipline & Kindness Do unto others as you'd want them to do to you, the Golden Rule. But what are we supposed to do to people who take advantage of us?
2018-9-11 Biblical Interpretation: The Gift is Faith or Salvation? What is "that" in "that is not of yourselves" referring to? [Ephesians 2:8-9]
2018-9-11 The Nation of Israel: So what do you think of modern day Israel, do they have any significance, are they still chosen?
2018-9-11 Kingdom of God: Can you talk a little bit about the kingdom of God, the 1000 yr reign & so on?
2018-9-11 Kingdom of the Son: Iniquity in relation to the Son of God. [2 Samuel 7:12-15]
2018-9-11 Nothing New Under the Sun & All things New: What did King Solomon mean by, there is "nothing new under the sun", verses what Jesus meant by He made "all things new"?
2018-9-11 Communion of the Saints (Praying to Saints): Why don't protestants do communion w/ the saints?
2018-9-11 Crossing Yourselves: How come protestants don't cross themselves?
2018-9-11 Only Israel: Why did the prophets only come to Israel to tell them how to be saved?
2018-9-07 One Resurrection or two: It says to me there are 2 resurrections in Revelation 20, but you say there is only one. How do you come to that conclusion?
2018-9-07 Concept of Fairness: There's no real Fairness in Christianity, is it? It's either grace or condemnation, but there seems to be nothing in between.
2018-9-07 Sent a Book: I sent you a book about numerology, did you receive it?
2018-9-07 Meditation: How does meditation help with warfare? [Joshua 1:8]
2018-9-07 Sacred Place for Burial: What is your view on having a sacred place for the dead? Cremation is acceptable?
2018-9-07 No Unity on the Bible: Why is there so much disagreement about what the Bible says?
2018-9-07 Resurrection: The dead in Christ shall rise first, & so the wicked must be resurrected later, a second resurrection, just like the Revelation 20 says, isn't that what both passages are saying? [Thessalonians 4:15-18]
2018-9-07 Women Pastors: My pastor thinks Women Pastors is acceptable. What think you? [1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9]
2018-9-06 Thief on the Cross: If the thief on the cross had been able to come off the cross & continued his occupation, wouldn't that show that he really hadn't been genuine? What about if he started up 10 yrs later?
2018-9-06 Book of Enoch & Judas: I learned about the books Enoch & Judas.