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2017-7-07 Open or Closed Communion: I was visiting a church & they said no communion unless you are an actual member of that church, is that biblical?
2017-7-07 Slavery: (followup) A discussion about slavery. (audio is not very good.)
2017-7-07 Slavery: (followup) slavery was actually a good thing in old times, & God or Bible writers refer to terms of slavery all the time, like being a slave to righteousness.
2017-7-07 The Blood & Fat: I was reading Leviticus, & there's a lot of talk of blood there, & wondering why God was so specific w/ what to do w/ the blood & fat. [Leviticus]
2017-7-07 Jesus being the First Born: I was talking to some Jehovah's Witnesses, & we got to talk about Jesus being the first born, first begotten, & just wondering if you could talk about that. [Colossians 1:18]
2017-7-07 Guilt about Marriage: We sometimes have to obey the letter of the law, but still feeling guilty about the marriage & divorce situation even though a minister married us.
2017-7-07 Blind for God's Glorification: God made that man blind so He could be glorified? [John 9]
2017-7-06 Meaning of Life: What is the meaning of life?
2017-7-06 God Parent in the Catholic Church for Infant Baptism: Is it biblical to be a God-parent to an infant who is being baptized in the Roman Catholic church?
2017-7-06 Insignificant Sins Unreptented of: We need to repent, but what about sins that we deem insignificant such as traffic laws, etc?
2017-7-06 Slavery: Why didn't God just say slavery was evil? (cont after break)
2017-7-06 Law Before Christ, Grace After: It seemed before Jesus died people were required to keep the law, but after He rose again we were under grace, is that true?
2017-7-06 Apostasy, Falling Away: Is Hebrews 6:4-6 talking about people who were already Christians? [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2017-7-05 God Bringing Good & Bad: Does God create good & bad, create terrible things & cause them to happen? [Jeremiah 29:11-12]
2017-7-05 Knowing God's Ways: We can't know God ways, is that true?
2017-7-05 Never Leaving or Forsaking: I believe we can lose our salvation, not once saved always saved, but what about His promise to never leave or forsake us? [Hebrews 13:5, Joshua 1:5]
2017-7-05 Partial Preterism: will you please tell me what preterism is?
2017-7-05 Comparison of Buddhism & Teachings of Christ: Buddhism & teachings of Christ comparison.
2017-7-05 70 AD & Partial Preterism (Debate): Preterism - 70 ad, 70 ad - preterism, all stemming around 70 ad! (little bit of a debate) (follow up)
2017-7-03 Calvinism & Once Saved, Always Saved: When did "once saved, always saved", eternal security, first arrive on the scene? Did you say recently?
2017-7-03 God's Sovereignty: Did God just sovereignly blind some people just because He was sovereign?
2017-7-03 Man Running Naked Down the Street: Were Peter's clothes torn off & he ran around the street naked? [Mark 14:51-52]
2017-7-03 Creation Week: Was the Creation done in 6 literal days or was it just symbolic & can be much longer than that? Should we worry or can we know before the end of time if it is?
2017-7-03 God Creating Humans: Why did God create us?
2017-7-03 Satan's Origins: Why & when was Satan created?
2017-6-30 Marriage & Divorce: You said she's not a Christian if she wants a divorce, I disagree with that.
2017-6-30 Genealogies of Adam: Are they supposed to be historical or are we supposed to view it as linkage pattern with son meaning descendant? [Genesis 5, Genesis 11]
2017-6-30 Marriage Certificate: Do you need a state-approved document to be married? (cont after break)
2017-6-30 No Divorce: The early church they didn't allow divorce for any reason, is that right?
2017-6-30 Steve's Residence City & Broadcasting: What city are you broadcasting from? Where do you live in California?
2017-6-30 Marriage for Financial Reasons: Marriage unofficially vs getting a state licensed but being sneaky for financial reasons seems like lying.
2017-6-30 Sex: Is sex a need or strong desire or want? (very garbled call)
2017-6-29 Marriage & Divorce Situation: I'm in a really abusive marriage, my wife won't divorce, but she's not being a wife.
2017-6-29 Speaking in Tongues: Speaking in tongues is not on the highest list of priorities according to Paul, but is it always in a language that can be found here on earth?
2017-6-29 State of the Dead: What state are the dead in on the Last Day? Where is the spirit between when they die & the last day [John 6:40, John 11:44, 2 Corinthians 12:2-4]
2017-6-29 Circumcision an Everlasting Covenant: Circumcision an everlasting covenant? [Genesis 17:7]
2017-6-29 Elijah: Was Elijah by any chance a Gentile?
2017-6-28 Never Remarry Until the Death of her Husband: What does this verse mean, that she can NEVER remarry if her ex-husband is still alive] [1 Corinthians 7:39, Romans 7:2-4]
2017-6-28 Adam with Eve during Fall: Were Adam & Eve together when Eve was deceived by the serpent?
2017-6-28 Sabbath, Holy Days & Foods: Can you please comment on this passage of scripture? [Colossians 2:16-17]
2017-6-28 Oneness, of Husband & Wife & God & Jesus: Can you explain the oneness of the husband & the wife & the oneness of Jesus & the Father?
2017-6-28 SOLAS & Sola Scriptura: Have you ever heard of the acronym SOLAS? Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria.
2017-6-28 Lot & His Hired Help: What happened to the cattle hands that Lot had when he had to flee the city sodom?
2017-6-28 Book of Enoch: What are your thoughts on the Book of Enoch?
2017-6-28 End Times at the Door: Do you think this is the end yet?
2017-6-27 Leaving an Inheritance: How to help children follow the Lord, & leaving an inheritance for disobedient children.
2017-6-27 Book of Revelation being about 70 AD & Philadelphia: If the book of Revelation is talking about 70 AD like you believe, why would the church of Philadelphia be affected by what happens in Jerusalem since it's so far away.
2017-6-27 Book of Enoch: How are the other books any different? Caller doesn't think it should've been taken out, & it's a good source to prove that Reincarnation & Karma is taught in the Bible.
2017-6-27 Gnostic Gospels, Gospel of Thomas or Magdalene: What about all these other Gnostic gospels such as the Gospel of Thomas & Mary Magdalene?
2017-6-27 Jesus & Reincarnation: Didn't Jesus seem to teach re-incarnation? [Galatians 6:7-8]