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2016-7-08 Greater Works than Jesus: What did Jesus mean by they will do "greater works" than Him? [John 14:12]
2016-7-08 Taking Up Your Cross: What does "take up your cross", mean? [Luke 9:23]
2016-7-08 Michael the Buddhist almost persuaded: A listener calls in anticipating that michael the Buddhist will be calling in to say he's a Christian. [Acts 26:28]
2016-7-07 Justifying Abortion with the Bible: Does a passage in Exodus 21:20-24 justify abortion? [Exodus 21:20-24]
2016-7-07 Welfare System in Ancient Israel: People say this resembles the welfare program we have in this country? {leviticus 19:9-10]
2016-7-07 Tribulation in 70 AD: Does you think the tribulation happened in 70 AD? [Matthew 24:21, Luke 21:20-24]
2016-7-07 Jehu receiving commendation from God: Jehu, Ahab, & Jezebel, how is it that Jehu did terrible things and gets a commendation from God? [2 Kings 10:30]
2016-7-07 Calvinistic Teachers: Should we listen to teachers who believe in Calvinism?
2016-7-07 KJV only: Caller thinks the KJV is the only way to go, that there's missing verses from the NIV. (very bad quality audio.)
2016-7-07 The EVS by Calvinists: Was the ESV written by Calvinists?
2016-7-07 KJV Only Issue: You said there is no scripture to KJV only mindset, shouldn’t we only have ONE translation? He says he gets confused with all the other translations. He thinks we need to have moderation. [2 Peter 1, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14]
2016-7-07 Casting out of Demons by the Spirit: How are False Christians/Prophets able to make demons depart from Jesus, because didn't He also say that "a house divided against itself cannot stand"? [Matthew 7:21-23, Matthew 12:25]
2016-7-07 The 10 Bridesmaids: Caller is wondering that since the bridesmaids are virgins & are supposedly betrothed to the bridegroom, does that mean that they were all Christians? [Matthew 25:1-13]
2016-7-07 Demons cast out by only Fasting & Prayer Text Missing: Caller has heard that in some translations the phrase, "some (demons) can only be cast out by fasting & prayer" & was wondering if that was true or not. [Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29]
2016-7-06 Leadership Encouraged to Read the Bible in a Year: What do you think about a church insisting that members read the Bible in a year if you want be involved with leadership in the church?
2016-7-06 Leaving Faith to find JW Faith: My former sister in law left catholic faith & some Jehovah's Witesses came to her door & now all of a sudden she has found faith again.
2016-7-06 Marriage & Armour of God: Caller did a followup of a marriage situation & armour of Christ.
2016-7-06 KJV Only People: The King James Version only people, why do they even think that, how does it even happen & why is it incorrect to believe?
2016-7-06 JW theology: Caller wants to talk about the Jehovah's Witnessess, the salvation army, the Amish & community. (Very bad quality audio.)
2016-7-06 Typology of Israel Gathering back together: Caller would like Steve to talk about Old Testament passages of scripture prophesying the supposed re-gathering of the Israelites into their land, but being just being examples of types & shadows of us for New Testament believers.
2016-7-05 Pleading the Blood: Can you explain what "pleading the blood" means?
2016-7-05 The Emergent Church: What is the emergent church?
2016-7-05 Immediately in the Presence of the Lord or Asleep: When we die, do we go immediately to be w/ the Lord or are we asleep until He returns?
2016-7-05 Lesbian Marriage: Christian man asked to give away a lesbian in a wedding ceremony. [1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Matthew 19:1-9]
2016-7-05 Armour of God: The Armour of God, isn't the Sword the Living Word of Jesus?
2016-7-05 Flat Earth Christian Believers: Even Christians believing the Earth is Flat. [Amos 9:6]
2016-7-05 Standing on the Right Hand of God: Jesus STANDING at the right hand of God as opposed to sitting, caller wanted to followup on a question he had heard about it recently. [Acts 7:54-56]
2016-7-05 Seed time & Harvest: What is Seed-time & harvest? Is it related to prosperity preaching?
2016-7-05 The Cult of the Bethel Church: Caller thinks Steve needs to call out the Bethel church & warn against it?
2016-7-01 Enjoying Pleasure: What kind of pleasures are we referring to here in 2 Timothy? Are we talking about evil pleasures or about pleasure-seeking, & if it's the latter, how does it reconcile with 1 Timothy 6:17? [2 Timothy 3:1-9, 1 Timothy 6:17]
2016-7-01 Married & Divorced, became Christians & Remarriage: Caller wants to know if their marriage is legitmate after her husband & her became Christians but having married & divorced before that? [1 Corinthians 7]
2016-7-01 Lord's Supper & the New Covenant: Do you think Jesus inaugurated the New Covenant actually started in the upper room or after the resurrection?
2016-7-01 Circumcision for Today: How does circumcision apply to us today? [Deuteronomy 30:6]
2016-7-01 Marriage & Divorce & Remarriage: Another marriage question with a lot of factors.
2016-7-01 Crucifixion Location: Was Jesus crucified in Jerusalem or outside of Jerusalem?
2016-7-01 Crucified on Mount of Olives: sites of where Jesus was crucified & buried, is it possible that Jesus was crucified on the Mount of Olives?
2016-7-01 Son of Man Standing on the Right Hand of God: What is the significance of Jesus STANDING at the right of God as opposed to SITTING at the right hand of God, why is He? [Acts 7:54-56]
2016-7-01 Praying for Someone's Salvation: what good does it do to pray for someone to be saved if it's ultimately up to them?
2016-7-01 Time of the End: When is "the time of the end" referring to? [Daniel 12:4-9, Daniel 8:17]
2016-7-01 Better Job with Insurance: Should we encourage a husband to try to get a better job so he can get insurance to pay for the birth of the child his wife is about to have in light of this verse? [1 Timothy 5:8]
2016-6-30 Acceptable Sexual Positions: What are acceptable sexual positions in marriage?
2016-6-30 Man still Obligated to First Wife: A guy's been divorced twice but another guy saying he is still married to first wife. Do you have any ideas?
2016-6-30 Sabbath Keeping: I've been talking to some Seventh Day Adventists, & they say Sabbath keeping is important, that we need to keep dietary laws & that the Mark of the Beast is going to be a National Sunday Law, not being able to keep the true Sabbath without difficulty.
2016-6-30 "Let us Make Man in our Image": "Let us make man in 'our' own image", who is the "us"? God and Jesus speaking as one? [Genesis 1:26-27, John 1]
2016-6-30 God & the Lord God: I was reading Genesis & it goes from "God" to the "Lord God". Is there any significance to that?
2016-6-30 Man of Sin & 70 AD: How do you fit the Man of Sin sitting in the temple to 70 AD? [2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, 1 Corinthians 3:16, 2 Corinthians 6:16]
2016-6-30 Imprecatory Prayers: What is your thoughts on Imprecatory Prayers, David’s prayers, especially when it says in James NOT to use your tongue to curse people? [Psalms 7, Psalm 109, Galatians 1:8, James 3:1]
2016-6-30 Lord's Supper During Apostolic Times: When they had the Lord's Supper during the early church did they eat the bread first, an entire meal, & then drink the cup, or just how did they do it?
2016-6-29 Doubting Faith: Caller is questioning/doubting their faith, the veracity of the Bible and Christianity.
2016-6-29 Critical & Judgmental of Church: Caller struggling with their attitude toward the church & not being judgmental.