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2022-6-23 Predestination (the Elect): Is "predestination" a biblical concept, or is it a branch of Calvinism? [Romans 8:29-30, I Peter 1:2, Ephesians 1:4, Ephesians 1:11, I Johhn 3:2, Romans 8:23].
2022-6-23 Catholic Caller Comments-Purgatory: Catholic disagrees with Steve about biblical support for "Purgatory." [2 Corinthians 5:8, Philippisans 1:23, I Corinthians 3:13]
2022-6-23 Value of the Catholic Church to Civilization: Catholic caller comments and what the Catholic church has done to build civilization. Recommends book: "How Catholicism Build Civilization."
2022-6-23 Lazarus & the Rich Man: Was the parable of "Lazarus & the Rich Man" possibly prophetic, since a real Lazarus is raised by Jesus, and people do not believe? [Luke 15:19-31, John 11:1-21].
2022-6-23 Satan Still Active: Could you explain how Satan is still active and continuing to deceive, in light of Revelation 20 and his being locked up? [Revelation 20:3].
2022-6-23 "Antinomian" or "Legalist"?: Could you clarify your position on "antinomianism" and "legalism"? [Ephesians 2:8-10, Jeremiah 31:33, Ezekiel 36:26, 2 Peter 1:4, Titus 3:5, Titus 2:14].
2022-6-23 Jesus' Genealogy: Could you explain Jesus' genealogy and how it seems like it would be through Mary? [Matthew 1: 1-20, Luke 3:23, Luke 3:31].
2022-6-23 Witnessing & the Bible's Truth: When witnessing, how can one fully explain the truth of the Bible's and its value to unbelievers? Recommend lecture series; "Authority of Scripture."
2022-6-23 Caller Testimony: Caller shares his testimony.
2022-6-23 Breaking Fellowship with Some: Could you clarify more about the scripture that indicates that we should cut relationships and not even eat with some people? [I Corinthians 5:11].
2022-6-22 Afterlife: When we die, what happens immediately, to both believers and unbelievers? Will we know one another? [Luke 16:18f, John 5:28-29, 2 Corinthians 5:8].
2022-6-22 Forsaking Your Family for Christ: What context would understand the verse about one who would forsake their family members for Christ's sake? [Matthew 19:29].
2022-6-22 Suicide: Caller share an alternate perspective on suicide.
2022-6-22 How Christianity Changed the World: Caller recommends; "How Christianity Changed the World" by Alvin J. Schmidt.
2022-6-22 Murder vs Killing: Caller disagrees that one can murder themselves and that murder and killing is not the same thing.
2022-6-22 Suicide: Caller comments on suicide.
2022-6-22 Dinosaurs: Were dinosaurs part of the original creation and did Adam name all the animals, even T-Rex? How could humans live along side dinosaurs? [Genesis 1:1-2].
2022-6-22 Complaints: Steve reminds callers to not complain to the calls screener.
2022-6-22 Spiritual Parents (or Mentors): Should we be seeking out "Spirit Parents in the Faith"? [I Peter 5].
2022-6-22 Atheist-Christianity Based on Works: Atheist; Is not Christianity base on works, not on faith? {James 1:27].
2022-6-22 Atheist-Christianity is Like All Religions: Atheist; Is it not true that doing good works is just like all other religions in the world? [Matthew 7:12].
2022-6-22 Atheist-Religion Has Not Contributed to Society: Atheist Caller: Suggests "Why I am Not a Christian" by Bertrand Russell to support his view.
2022-6-22 Astrology & Divination: How can books about astrology be tied to Christianity? Recommended; "The Gospel in the Stars." [Genesis 1, Psalm 19:1].
2022-6-22 Murder & Suicide: Caller comments on previous calls about murder and suicide.
2022-6-21 "Born" or "Begotten" Again: Is being "born again" the same at "begotten again"? [I Peter 1:23, I Peter 1:4].
2022-6-21 Hope of the Believer: Could you refine the meaning of the word "hope" for the believer? [Hebrews 11:1].
2022-6-21 The Bad Influence of the Pope: Do you see how the "Man of Sin" (the Pope) is bringing on events in the present day.
2022-6-21 Conversing with Mormons: Could you advise regarding inviting Mormons into your home?
2022-6-21 Faith Healing vs Medical Care: What do you think about preachers who suggest that we ought never seek medical attention, but simply trust God for healing? Recommendation: Series; "Word of Faith"; "Is Healing in the Atonement", "Healing on Demand".
2022-6-21 Ecclesiastes-Not Good Advice: Are there other books, as Ecclesiastes, that we should not take as necessarily as directive or as good advice?
2022-6-21 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: In order to receive the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit", does one have to have hands laid upon them, or can it be done over the phone, etc. Recommendation: "Character & Charisma." [Acts 2, Acts 8, Acts 9, Acts 10, Acts 19].
2022-6-21 Maturing and Stumbling as a Christian: Would you help me sort the stages in behaviors from new believers to more mature Christians? [James 3:2].
2022-6-21 Suicide: Caller comments on suicide sometimes being caused by a physical imbalance.
2022-6-20 Progressive Parallelism-Revelation Have you heard of the "Progressive Parallelism of the book of Revelation"?
2022-6-20 Revelation's 144,000: Why did you abandon the idealist position about the 144, 000? (Steve's commentary; Four Views of Revelation).
2022-6-20 King James Version: Where does one find the dedication in the King James Version of the Bible that indicates the translators were open to a better or improved translation in the future?
2022-6-20 Memorial for Suicide: Praying for one who committed suicide.
2022-6-20 Thanks to Steve Gregg: Caller expressed gratitude to Steve for his dedication regarding teaching people to live in total dedication to Christ.
2022-6-20 Through the Narrow Path: How does one know that they will enter through "the narrow gate"? Recommended book; Empire of the Risen Son, Vol 2. [Matthew 7:13, I John 5:13].
2022-6-20 Entire World Destruction Prophecy in Isaiah?: Is Isaiah talking about entire world destruction, and when would that be? [Isaiah 24].
2022-6-20 Info about The Narrow Path Ministry & Webpage: General information about The Narrow Path ministry, Steve's books, and thenarrowpath website, and all the opportunities there.
2022-6-20 Tragic Evil Stories in the Old Testament: Why was it acceptable to surrender one's daughters (and a concubine) to guest in the Old Testament? [Judges 19:24, Genesis 19:7].
2022-6-20 Atheist Caller: Slavery: Atheist; What is the biblical position on slavery? Is there a biblically acceptable form of slavery?
2022-6-20 Suicide: Committing suicide is not necessarily an unChristian thing to do, if one wants to go to heaven.
2022-6-20 Suicide & Suffering: Caller clarifies how desparate one gets when they contemplate or attempt suicide. Recommended reading: Empire of the Risen Son (Vol 1-2) by Steve Gregg. [Romans 8:9].
2022-6-16 Lost Faith-No Return: If someone departs from the faith, can they return, or is that now impossible? [Hebrews 6:6, James 5:19-20, Matthew 19:23-26].
2022-6-16 Does God Allow "Chance": Does God allow for chance? [Ecclesiastes 9:11, I Kings 11, Matthew 10:29, Psalm 34:7, Job 1:12].
2022-6-16 Church of Christ: Is the "Church of Christ" a cult?
2022-6-16 Purgatory: Catholic caller defends the doctrine of purgatory. [I Corinthians 3:15-17, Hebrews 12:11, Hebrews 12:5-9, I Corinthians 1-4].
2022-6-16 "Swords into Plowshares": Could we talk more about the verse "swords into plowshares" and its meaning applied to now instead of the millennium? [Isaiah 2:4, John 13:35, Romans 13:10 , Hebrews 12:22-23].