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2022-11-23 "The Gospel" for Unbelievers: Why don't you direct those seeking to be assured of their salvation to I Corinthians 15, wherein is the most succint description of the gospel? [I Corinthians 15:3-5, I Corinthians 2:2].
2022-11-23 R.C. Sproul's Calvinism: Caller shares Sproul's story of switching to Calvinism and felt he needed to repent and was saved when he did. therefore the caller questions' Steve's view of free will and asks; What do you call yourself?
2022-11-23 Atheist-His Limited Lifetime: How do you not lose the will to go on in this life, when it is just a drop in the bucket in light of your mistaken idea that there is and afterlife in eternity?
2022-11-23 Catholicism: Were not many very intelligent people Catholics?
2022-11-23 "Sin Unto Death" (Blasphemy): Could you talk about the verse "sin unto death" - is it blasphemy? [I John 5:16].
2022-11-23 Banks Supporting Abortions: Do I have reasonable grounds to withdraw my business from a particular bank that supplies financial support for abortions?
2022-11-23 The Narrow Path Radio Broadcast: Why don't you put your full lectures on the radio when you are out of town?
2022-11-23 Self-Defense & Guns: What do you think of Christians owning guns for self-defense? Recommended article at the web site; "The Christian's Use of Forcible Resistance."
2022-11-22 Paranormal Chastening: What would be meant by "paranormal chastening" mean? [Hebrews 12:11].
2022-11-22 Food (Meat vs Vegetables): Why did God first give plants (vegetables) for humans to eat, and later introduce animals (meat) into their diets? [I Cor 15:22, Romans 5:12, Genesis 9:3, Isaiah 11:6, Isaiah 6:25].
2022-11-22 "Spare the Rod": Some people think that the Proverb about chastening the child ("spare the rod, spoil the child"), is not about a spanking, but about the Law? [Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 19:18, Proverbs 22:15, Proverbs 23:13-14, Proverbs 28:17, Deuteronomy 6:7, Dueteronomy 11:19].
2022-11-22 Sheol-Two Compartments (Paradise & Hell): Are the people in "Paradise" or "Abraham's Bosom" actually adjacent to those in hell? [Luke 16:19-31].
2022-11-22 Creation of Earth: Affirmation of the creation of the earth in six days. [Genesis 1].
2022-11-22 Predestination (Chosen): If one doesn't believe in "predestination" then, what about Paul being chosen in Acts 9? [Acts 9:15-16, I Peter 1:20, Romans 8:29, I John 3:2, Ephesians 1:5, Ephesians 1:11, Romans 8:23].
2022-11-22 Jesus is God: Where does it say that Jesus is God? Recommended; topical lecture; "Knowing God; Deity of Christ." John 1:1. Romans 9:5, Titus 2:13, 2 Peter 1:1, Revelation 1:8, Revelation 11:1, Revelation 11:17-18].
2022-11-22 COP27 Agreement (Climate Change): Have you heard about the new COP27 agreement on Mount Sinai (about climate change) & a new set of 10 commandments?
2022-11-22 New Believer-What Now?: New believer shares his whole-hearted experience, then asks, "What now?" Recommended; Free audio books; "Empire of the Risen Son."
2022-11-21 Univeral Conversion Before the Return of Christ: From where does the idea about the whole world being converted before the return of Christ come? [Habakkuk 2:14, Revelation 20, I Corinthians 15:25-26].
2022-11-21 Movie-"The Jesus Revolution": Have you heard about the movie "The Jesus Revelation?"
2022-11-21 Original Sin & David's Illegitimacy: Could you talk about the scripture that led to the doctrine of "original sin" and how David may have been illegimate? [Romans 5:12, Psalm 51:5, Judges 11:1,I Samuel 16-17, Psalms 27:10].
2022-11-21 Romans-Jewish Guilt Discussed: Could you review the parables you cited that helped illuminate the Jews to their guilt early in Romans? [Romans 1, Romans 2:17ff, Romans 2:13, Matthew 21:28-40, 2 Samuel].
2022-11-21 "Sin Nature": If Adam & Eve were created without a "sin nature", but yet they still sinned, then what is the difference to be with or without it? [Romans 7:23, John 8:34].
2022-11-18 Finding God's Will: How do I figure out what God's will is when I am faced with two good choices?
2022-11-18 "Chiasms" (Chiastic Structure) in Scripture" Do you think that looking into "chiasms" in scripture is profitable?
2022-11-18 Difficult Passages in Scripture: If I run across a verse I don't like or don't understand, I tend to dig into it, to figure out why I am wrong. Is this how I should I be looking at this?
2022-11-18 Total Depravity: How should we be looking at verses that sound like "total depravity", as with "in flesh there dwells no good thing" and our works are "filthy rags"? [Isaiah 64:6, Romans 7:18-19, Philippians 3:6, Romans 7:23, Philemon 1:6].
2022-11-18 Condemned for Our Sin: If someone goes to hell, then it is because of their sin, not because they have not received forgiveness, right?
2022-11-18 "The Holy Spirit Said": In Acts 13, there is a phrase "the Holy Spirit said", in what manner did the Holy Spirit speak? [Acts 13:1-3].
2022-11-18 Christian Liberty: If someone goes against their own conscience, and yet they are within general Christian liberty and it is not defined in scripture as a sin, is it a still sin to them?
2022-11-18 Star of Bethlehem: Should I be giving away the documentary "Star of Bethlehem? [Matthew 2:9].
2022-11-18 Taking License in Translating: Some versions seem to suggest that the coming event being described is more immediate than it was. Is that intentional? [Mark 11:10].
2022-11-18 Men-Greater Temptation to Sin: Do men have a greater propensity for sin, or carry a greater burden of sin, than do women?
2022-11-17 New Testament Book with Most Old Testament Quotes: What is the New Testament book that has the most Old Testament quotations, Romans or Hebrews (if Paul wrote Hebrews)? [Hebrews 13:23, Psalms 121:1-2].
2022-11-17 Steve Gregg's Successor: Caller comments on a possible successor for Steve Gregg for The Narrow Path.
2022-11-17 Divorce: If someone wants out of the marriage, when does one know when to let them go? Recommends article; "Divorce & Remarriage" & "What is Marriage?" at the website. [I Corinthians 7:12-15].
2022-11-17 Church Membership: What do you think of claims that church membership is required by scripture? [Matthew 18, Hebrews 13:17, I Corinthians 12:13, Acts 2:41-47, Ephesians 4:25].
2022-11-17 "The Five Solas": What do you think of "The Five "Solas"?
2022-11-17 Thomas Jefferson Bible: Would you elaborate on the "Thomas Jefferson Bible"?
2022-11-17 Bethel Church-"Reckless" Love: What do you think of the Bethel Church titling a song "The Reckless Love of God"?
2022-11-17 Music in the Church: Do you think that there is a place for music in church? [Psalm 150, Ephesians 5:19, James 5:13, Colossians 3:16].
2022-11-17 The Mystery-Christ & His Bride: Isn't the mystery to which the Apostle Paul refers, actually about when Jesus left his parents to join His bride (the church). [Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:31-32, Matthew 19:4-6].
2022-11-17 Author of Hebrews: What if the transcribers altered the style or tone when writing Hebrews, and that would explain why the New Testament authors are not always consistent in style? [Romans 16:22]
2022-11-17 Those Who Arose with Jesus: When the graves were opened at Jesus' crucifixion, what did the others that rose from the dead do for the two days that Jesus was still in the grave? [Matthew 27:51-53].
2022-11-17 Mind of Christ: Where does it say that we will have "the mind of Christ" in the new earth? [I Corinthians 2:16, 2 Corinthians 13:18, Romans 12:2, Ephesians 4:23].
2022-11-16 Paul's Beating by the Romans: How could Paul have proven that he was a Roman citizen, when he claimed it as he was about to be beaten? [Acts 22:22-23].
2022-11-16 Homosexuality: What do you think of gay people?
2022-11-16 Michael Heizer & the Council of Gods: What do you think of Michael Heizer's position on the "council of the gods"? Do you think it possible? [Psalm 82, Genesis 6].
2022-11-16 Modern Day Prophecy in Church: Do you think that it is possible that this is really a legitimate prophecy; someone asked God to let him take the sin of another in the congregation?
2022-11-16 Condemnation of Sin: Did Paul think that since they presumed that Jesus was coming back in their lifetimes, that he is suggesting that if people die, then they will not be caught involved in sin and thereby condemned? [I Corinthians 11:32, I Corinthians 5:6].
2022-11-16 Sin Requires the Death Penalty: Do you think that every little sin requires the death penalty, as in the "wages of sin is death"? [Romans 6:23, Romans 6:16].