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2017-7-25 Bad Cops: Is it biblical to shoot back at police who are shooting you unjustifiably, & why is this happening so much lately in our country?
2017-7-25 Nation Under Judgment: Is our nation under Judgment because of a reprobate mind?
2017-7-25 NIV & NASB Translations of the Bible: Caller gives a couple verses as examples of how they have a completely different meaning in the NIV & NASB compared to the KJV. [Isaiah 59:19 Proverbs 3:25]
2017-7-25 Police Not Being Perfect: Violence of the police is just a societal problem, it is a sin problem, in this country.
2017-7-25 The Secret Place: Where is the secret place of the Most High? [Psalm 91:1-9]
2017-7-25 Healing: I heard you say an excellent discussion on healing a couple months ago, but i can't remember exactly where. Can you please say the same information you said before?
2017-7-24 Jesus' Uniqueness Over other Leaders: Jesus taught the same thing as leaders of other major religions, like do unto others as you'd want to be done, so is Jesus real?
2017-7-24 Not Believing Trinity: If you don't believe in the Trinity, are you a heretic?
2017-7-24 Heaven & Hell not Addressed: In the Old Testament NOR the New Testament there's not much mention about what happens to you after you die, heaven or hell, need to love Him just because
2017-7-24 Sermon on the Mount & Hyperbole Remarks: Is that hyperbole, plucking out your eye, cutting off your hand? [Matthew 5:29, Matthew 18:9, Mark 9:47]
2017-7-24 Being Religious but Not a Christian: Wondering if you could have the characteristics of a Christian & still not be saved? What if you can't overcome a sin? [Matthew 7:24-25]
2017-7-24 Holy Spirit: A discussion about the Holy Spirit (that is a little bit over my head). [Matthew 7:24-25, Romans 8:11]
2017-7-24 License to Sin By Grace: So a minister thinks that because of grace one can you live any way they want & still be a Christian, is this true?
2017-7-21 Christians Insulting People: Does Christianity allow for insulting one another?
2017-7-21 Uncircumcision of the Heart: Uncircumcision of the heart & circumcision of the flesh. [Ezekiel 40-48]
2017-7-21 Wealthy People: You were talking about wealthy atheists giving money the other day, & Warren Buffet, "There are many ways to get to heaven, but this is a good way" after he gave a whole bunch of money. How would you rebut that?
2017-7-21 Christians being Demon-Possessed: Can a Christian be demon-possessed?
2017-7-21 Binding the Devil: Can we bind the devil? Can we claim territory for the kingdom? Do we have the ability to direct angels? [Daniel 10, Matthew 12:29]
2017-7-21 Definition of First Word Mentioned in Bible: Joseph Prince said that the meaning of a word defined by the first time it is used in the Bible will always mean the same thing the rest of the time in the Bible. What do you say about that? (leaven is an example that this is not the case.)
2017-7-21 Having a Clean Conscience: What does Paul mean by a clean conscience? What is a conscience? [Romans 2:15]
2017-7-20 Law of Attraction & Positive Thing: The law of attraction & power of positive thinking, Word of Faith, producing stuff by the words you speak, what do you think about all that?
2017-7-20 Christians Enabling Transgenderism: Adopted parents that are Christians & are leaders in the church, but who want to help their daughter changer her gender
2017-7-20 Not Peace but Division: Old Testament vs New Testament contradiction about bringing division but wanting unity, but what does this verse mean by Jesus brought a sword & not peace?g [Matthew 10:34, Luke 12:51]
2017-7-20 Transgenderism Running Rampant: Transgender seems to be running rampant in western civilization
2017-7-20 God taking Delight: Someone thinks God takes delight in bad things happening to people & didn't know how to respond. [Deuteronomy 28:30 & 63]
2017-7-20 Giving Sacrificially: Even though atheist gives billions, it's a drop in the bucket to them. They need to give sacrificially in order for it to count. [Mark 12:41-44]
2017-7-19 Fornication, Idol Worship, Strangled Animals & Blood: In Acts it talks about fornication, idol worship, no strangled animals & abstaining from blood, & I can understand not doing 2 of them but what about no blood & no strangled animals? What does that have to do with the Gentiles? [Acts 15]
2017-7-19 The Millennium: What are the differing views about the Millennium? What are yours? I understand you are an Amillenialist?
2017-7-19 Accepting LGBT in the Church: I'm trying to write a letter to my pastor who's about to embrace the LGBT community, what scripture should I use? [Galatian 3:28]
2017-7-19 Trinity: What is the correct form of the Trinity?
2017-7-19 Minister know all kinds of Trivial Knowledge about People: Minister claims to know the SSN, street address, license number.
2017-7-19 Calvinism & Once Saved, Always Saved: How can intelligent people really believe in Calvinism? Does it really matter? Is it important? Are they the ones associated with once saved always saved?
2017-7-18 Globalist Conspiracy for the Beast Power to Come About: Is there a global conspiracy for the beast to come to power?
2017-7-18 People who have never heard of Gospel Burning Forever: I can't reconcile that people who have NEVER heard the gospel are going to burn for eternity in hell (ministry of the month).
2017-7-18 Judged by Your Knowledge: Are you judged according to the light you have?
2017-7-18 Paul's Gospel Different than James: Paul seems to teach a different gospel than James, where Paul says faith alone, but James says faith & works. [Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 3:19-23, James 2:14–26]
2017-7-18 A Biblically Accurate Pastor: My pastor doesn't seem to be biblically accurate. Should I be concerned about that?
2017-7-18 Association with Masons: A friend wants me to an exercise program at an elks club connected to the masons.
2017-7-18 Donating to The Narrow Path: How can one donate to you if they have no computer?
2017-7-18 Pre-Incarnate Christ, to being made Man, to Glory Now: How did Jesus change from when He was w/ God before His birth & what is He now?
2017-7-18 Don't Call Jesus Accursed, Yet called Jesus Cursed: Why does Paul say when talking in prophetic voices that you can't say Jesus is accursed, but then says Jesus is cursed by hanging on a tree, is this a contradiction? [1 Corinthians 12:3, Galatians 3:13]
2017-7-17 Israel's History: 490 yrs disobedience, 70 years captivity, & another 490 yrs divided into 3 sections, do you think there's any credibility to all this timeline of Israel?
2017-7-17 Sound Doctrine: How much should we be concerned about sound doctrine?
2017-7-17 Oneness Pentecostal & Reformed Church Differences: What is the difference between Oneness Pentecostals & the Reformed Church involving the Trinity?
2017-7-17 Good because it's Naturally Good or God commanded it Good: William Lane Craig, is something good because God commanded to do it or is it good because it's naturally good?
2017-7-17 Anti-Christ being in the 3rd Temple: Rebuilding the 3rd temple, the anti-Christ is going to be IN the temple, so how can he be in the temple if it doesn't exist?
2017-7-17 Jewish Calendar for Prophetic Reckoning: David Hawkins thinks the Jewish Calendar has to be used when calculating Prophecies in Daniel.
2017-7-17 The Way International: We met some people who belong to The Way international, & they started saying we shouldn't study the Gospels because they've already been fulfilled, & we should only study books written by Paul. What do you think about that?
2017-7-14 Ezekiel's Temple: I need you to please reconsider your position about Ezekiel's temple. [Ezekiel 40-48]
2017-7-14 Judging the Angels: When & why are we going to be judging angels? [1 Corinthians 6:3-5]