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2020-8-18 Justification of All Sin by One Man: How can it be "just" to have Jesus bear all sin in His one body ?
2020-8-18 One Person, Jesus, Justifying All: How did could one person's death (Jesus') provide the justice necessary to forgive all mankind of all their sin? [Romans 3, Ephesians 2:15, 2 Corinthians 5, I Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:6, John 15:1-6].
2020-8-18 The Crusades: Was what happened in "the Crusades" actually justified as self-defense due to Christians being persecuted and killed?
2020-8-18 Giving to Christian Ministries: Isn't giving to Christian ministries a requirement for the believer, and could neglect there be why we suffer at times? [Luke 12:48].
2020-8-18 War - Christian Who Die are Ready: Caller comments on the call about "The Crusades", noting that Muslims are not ready to meet God, but Christians are.
2020-8-18 Children & the Age of Accountability: How will God deal with children and is the age of accountability actually numeric? [Luke 12:47, Deuteronomy 1].
2020-8-18 The Meaning of "In Christ" : What does it mean to be "in Christ"? [John 15, Matthew 7:21]
2020-8-18 "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God": Are you going to do part 2 of a lecture I heard about the "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God".
2020-8-17 Disrespect for Fathers: Could you talk about the ramifications of children disrespecting their father? [Genesis 9:21].
2020-8-17 Evidence for Crimes in Old Testament Law: What do you think of God using such unreliable evidence when there is such serious consequence in the Old Testament Law? [Deuteronomy 24:1-4].
2020-8-17 Harshness Against Women in the Old Testament: Is it because of cultural differences when I balk at the harshness against women in the Old Testament, and yet there were still some women remarkably revered?
2020-8-17 Old Testament Law About Virginity: Could you clarify the circumstances surrounding the law about women's punishment if accused of not being a virgin? [Deuteronomy 22:13-21].
2020-8-17 Jeremiah, False Prophets & People Not Confronted: Could you talk about the similarity to today with the false prophets and people not being confronted in Jeremiah's day? [Jeremiah 23, Deuteronomy 13].
2020-8-17 The Serpent & Eve: Wouldn't the motivation to tempt Eve was because the serpent be one of the animals passed over to be Adam's helper, instead of Eve?[Genesis 2:18-23, 3:1].
2020-8-17 Sabbath, Holy Days & Judaizers: If there an option to keep one day separated as a Sabbath, how does Paul's fear of the Judaizers in Galatians fit in? [Romans 14, Galatians 4:10-11].
2020-8-17 Did Satan fall from heaven: Did Satan fall from heaven to become the devil? [Genesis 6, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28].
2020-8-17 Giants in Genesis: Who were the giants or Nephilim in Genesis? [Genesis 6].
2020-8-17 Satan Was Not a Created Being: Caller disagrees with Steve saying the Satan was a fallen angel and not a created being. [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, Revelation 12:7-9].
2020-8-14 Sharing One's Faith: How much does one really need to know in order to effectively share their faith? [Acts, John 9:25].
2020-8-14 Paul and His White Horse: Why do some people say that Paul was knocked off a white horse?
2020-8-14 Tithing-an Old Testament Obligation: Isn't tithing an Old Testament requirement, therefore not really relevant to us today? [Hebrews 7, Matthew 23:23].
2020-8-14 The Promised Land: What was the size of the promised land for the Jews and did they receive all that they had been promised? [Joshua 21:43-45, I Kings 4:24].
2020-8-14 God Created All, though He Knew it Would be Bad: Why would God make everything if He knew it was going to turn out so badly?
2020-8-14 Guilt in Scripture: What does scripture teach about guilt? [Romans 1:28, I John 1:7-9].
2020-8-14 Scripture Fulfilled in Christ: Do you have any lectures or documents available on your site about the Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled in Christ?
2020-8-14 The Movie, "The Coming Convergence": Have you heard of the movie, "The Coming Convergence" and could you give me some feedback about the predictions from it? [Ezekiel 38-39, Matthew 24].
2020-8-14 Demons and Their Territory: Caller comments about demons in scripture indicating some territorial geography. [Daniel 10-11].
2020-8-14 Poor in Spirit, but Be Joyful: How do you align scripture's suggestion that there are those who are poor in spirit, but yet they are promised joy? [Philippians 4:4, Psalm 34:18].
2020-8-14 Noah and His Sons Behavior: Could you talk about the story of Noah and his sons and how sons must honor their parents?
2020-8-13 Elijah Restores All Things: How does Elijah "restore all things", through John the Baptist who was "Elijah who is to come"? [Acts 3:21, Matthew 17:11, Matthew 11:14, Malachi 4:5-6].
2020-8-13 Commandments of Jesus: What are all the commandments that we are supposed to obey from Jesus? [Matthew 28, Acts 2:42, Galatians 5:14].
2020-8-13 Child Having Terrible Dreams: What should I do about my 9-year-old daughter who is having repetitive seemingly demonic dreams? [I John 4:4, James 4:7, James 2:19].
2020-8-13 Asking Other's to Say the Lord's Prayer: Would you ask other Christians to say The Lord's Prayer together? [Psalm 91, Luke 17:8, Exodus 3:12, Luke 2:37].
2020-8-13 Demons Inhabiting Houses: Since the Bible doesn't discuss houses or objects having demons, what is the reason we think that they do, and we can cast them out? [Isaiah 13:21, Isaiah 34:14, Matthew 12:43-45, Revelation 18:2].
2020-8-13 Music Therapy: Caller suggests music therapy for one who is troubled by negative or demonic spirits. [I Samuel 16:23].
2020-8-13 Running and Not Growing Weary: Is the verse about mounting up on the wings of eagles, running and not growing weary, actually hyperbole? [Isaiah 40:29-31].
2020-8-13 Waiting on the Lord: What does "waiting on the Lord" actually entail? [Isaiah 40:31, Psalm 27:14, Psalm 31:24].
2020-8-13 Terrifying Dreams: Caller shares his triumph in combating terrifying dreams with scripture.
2020-8-13 Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon: Do you think that there is any danger with the card games, Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon?
2020-8-12 Resurrection Not Enough to Convince Some: Does the story of "Lazarus & the Rich Man" indicate that the resurrection would not be enough to convince anyone? [Luke 16:19-31, John 12:10-11, John 5:45-47]
2020-8-12 Children's Sinfulness: Regarding a previous call about children being sinful from the beginning.
2020-8-12 Pastors Forgiving Sins: Caller defends pastors forgiving the congregants sins. [John 20:23].
2020-8-12 Comment about Swearing: Regarding a previous call about swearing and scriptural support for not doing so. [Colossians 3:8].
2020-8-12 Hell in the Center of the Earth: Is it possible that hell or the Lake of Fire may be an actual physical place in the center of the earth?
2020-8-12 Baptism Requirement for Salvation: What do you think of those that indicate that just believing is sufficient for salvation, and do not mention baptism? [Acts 8].
2020-8-12 Soul at the Time of Conception: Do we have a soul at the time of conception?
2020-8-12 Apostles on the Twelve Thrones: Would you clarify the passages about the apostles sitting on the twelves thrones, and if it is referring to the Great White Throne of Judgment ? [Matthew 19:28, Luke 22:30, Galatians 2:7-9, Titus 3:5].
2020-8-12 Animals Created from Dust of the Earth: Is it possible that God created the animals in the same way that Adam was created - out of the dust of the earth? [Genesis 2:18, Genesis 3].
2020-8-12 Hell's Location: Is the story of Korah the earth swallowing him helpful to understand the location of hell? [Numbers 16:32].
2020-8-12 Soul Sleep & Rachel: Is the story of Rachel's death, helpful in disproving soul sleep? [Genesis 35:18].