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2014-5-16 TV Evangelists: Caller enjoys watching TV Evangelists just to see how they conjure people out of their moneys.
2014-5-16 Websites of good bible speakers: Caller wanted to followup on where to go to listen to good tv sermons: &
2014-5-16 Disagreeing Views: Caller actually enjoys listening to people of opposing beliefs than what he believes.
2014-5-16 Learn Directly from the Bible: Why would you want to listen to somebody's hashed up version of what the Bible says as opposed to just reading it for yourself?
2014-5-16 Devouring the Bible: Sometimes it's better to just stay home & cook your own meal so you have it the exact way you want it, have as much as you want, verses going out to eat. Same with the Bible. Sometimes you should study it for yourself as opposed to somebody else telling you what it says, getting their version of the "meal".
2014-5-16 Hell - Annihilationism: Caller leans towards annihilationism.
2014-5-16 Kingdom of God: What are some verses that the Kingdom of God is about Heaven as opposed to the Earth? [Daniel 2:44-45, 2 Peter 1:11]
2014-5-16 Printed Notes fron Lectures: Do you have any printed copies of the notes you hand out during your lectures?
2014-5-15 Mary the Mother of Jesus: What is your view of Mary the Mother Jesus?
2014-5-15 Binding of New Covenant: When did the New Covenant become binding? The day of the Cross or not until the Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD?
2014-5-15 Death Penalty & Dishonoring your Parents: Are Jews still supposed to be observing provision of the Death Penalty for being disrespectful to your parents in the Law of Moses? [Exodus 21:17, Leviticus 20:9, Deuteronomy 21:18-21, 27:16, Proverbs 20:20, 30:17, Matthew 15:4, Mark 7:10, Hebrews 8:13]
2014-5-15 Overview of the Books of the Bible: You recently did a Lecture of an overview of all the books of the Bible, but are you going to play it over the air? Do you know of any good books that would give a good overview?
2014-5-15 Bart Ehrman & the Suffering Servant: Could Steve comment on a paragraph that the caller wants to read on something Bart Ehrman wrote about the Suffering Servant in Isaiah? [Isaiah 42:1-4. Isaiah 50-59]
2014-5-15 God meeting us where we are: Does it actually say anywhere in the Bible that God will meet us where we are? [Luke 15:11-32, Matthew 18:12-14]
2014-5-15 Life in Jesus: Was there a time Jesus didn't have life in Himself? [John 5:26]
2014-5-15 Servant Leader: A leader of humility, what do you think of the term "Servant Leader"? Or a Servant Leader in Church Leadership verses Gentile or Civil Leadership? [Matthew 20:25-28, 2 Corinthians 1:24]
2014-5-14 Former/Current Relationship & Addiction: Wants advice on how to get out of a relationship w/ someone who has addictive behavior & so doesn't want to enabling her to continue that practice.
2014-5-14 Apostle's Creed & Jesus 3 Days in Hell: Why does the Apostle's Creed say that Jesus descended into hell during His death? [1 Peter 3:18-20]
2014-5-14 Resurrection of Saints during Jesus' Resurrection: I'm a little confused about what happened involving the people who were resurrected during Jesus resurrection. Can you help me out? [Matthew 27:51-53]
2014-5-14 There Stood a Man: Can you explain who the Person/person was that Joshua confronted in Jericho? [Joshua 5:13]
2014-5-14 Addictions (first call follow-up): Advice for the first caller's g/f who is exhibiting addictive behavior.
2014-5-14 Face for Radio: You said you didn't have a face for radio, but I think you do.
2014-5-14 Doctrines of the Catholic Church: What do you think of the teachings of the Catholic Church?
2014-5-14 Pope: What about their Pope?
2014-5-14 More Reaction to First Call about Addictions: A previous caller needs to not enable his g/f, financing her ability to be able to buy her drugs & alcohol.
2014-5-14 Speaking Engagements by Steve Gregg: How do you determine where you will speak?
2014-5-14 Intimate Relationship before Marriage: Isn't it supposed to be that if you have sexual relations w/ somebody, or seduce them before you marry them, that you are supposed to marry them?
2014-5-14 God "Looking" for Adam: How could God be looking for Adam since He knows everything? [Genesis 3:9, Psalm 139]
2014-5-14 Receiving the Spirit Immediately upon Baptism: Aren't we supposed to receive the Spirit as soon as we are water baptized? [Acts 19]
2014-5-14 The term "Disciple": Did you say that the word "Disciple" always means followers of Christ, a Christian? [Acts 19]
2014-5-13 Essentials of Christianity: I called the other day & asked what the Essentials of Christianity, How come you didn't say one of them was that Jesus was God?
2014-5-13 Fellowshipping & Jesus the Son of God: How do you fellowship w/ people who don't think that Jesus is the Son of God? or what if people don't think He came down here in the flesh?
2014-5-13 Losing Religion: A friend says he's losing his religion but still has faith in God. What do I say to that?
2014-5-13 My way or the Highway: How do I deal w/ a family member who thinks i'm wrong for investigating & searching for what truth is?
2014-5-13 Pastor Steve: How come you don't want to be a pastor?
2014-5-13 Head Knowledge in relation to Personal Relationship: It is possible to have a relationship w/ the Creator of the Universe, a personal God? Head knowledge seems pretty important, too!
2014-5-13 Inner Witness & Being Saved & Calvinism: Sometimes I wonder if i'm saved or not because I seem to be lacking an "inner witness", & sometimes I think Calvinism is right, that only a select few, the elect, are going to be saved, & not me. Can you comment on that? [Romans 8:16]
2014-5-13 The Terms of the Trinity: Is it wrong to use the titles of, "God the Father", "God the Son" & "God the Holy Spirit"?
2014-5-13 Word of Encouragement: Caller wanted to encourage the 2nd to last caller about having anxiety over being saved w/ a story about her sister & the late Bill Bright.
2014-5-12 Jesus' Financial Support: How was Jesus financed? Judas was the treasurer. Where did they get money for the treasury?
2014-5-12 Dispensationalism & Futurism: Dispensationalists have to be a Futurist, but does the other way necessarily ring true, does a Futurist have to be a Dispensationalist?
2014-5-12 John Calvin & Michael Servetus: Follow up to John Calvin having Michael Servetus burned at the stake, caller having varying information as to why he did it.
2014-5-12 Tithing: Where do we get the idea of 10% of our income for tithing because didn't they in OT they actually have to pay 33%?
2014-5-12 Describing Heaven: A caller relays a story about how describing heaven is difficult as a result of reading Steve Saint's book, "End of the Spear". [Ephesians 2:7, 3:5, 3:21]
2014-5-12 All the Books of the Bible Lecture on CD: Where can I get a hardcopy or CD of the lecture you had about a summarization of all the books of the Bible?
2014-5-12 Water Baptism: Did you say you don't need water to be baptized?
2014-5-12 Blood for Atonement: Is Blood necessary for the atonement of sins? Some say it's not necessary, so they Jesus sacrifice was null & void. What do you think? [Leviticus 5:11]
2014-5-12 Computer literacy Programs: Libraries give lessons on how to use a computer.
2014-5-12 Skin of the animal required blood of animal: Even the animal skins that Adam & Eve got from God, that required blood from the animal.
2014-5-12 4 Blood Moons: What is the phenomenon or frenzy over the blood moons? Some Christians don't seem very Christian in churches.