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2017-9-25 Denying Jesus Is God: Is denying that Jesus is God the spirit of anti-Christ?
2017-9-25 Losing one's Salvation: Can one lost their salvation denying Jesus is God?
2017-9-22 Sanctuary Cities: Caller doesn't think sanctuary cities are illegal, illegal immigration, government's biblical role.
2017-9-22 Becoming Financially Independent: Providing for one's household. [Matthew 6:19-33, 1 Timothy 5:8]
2017-9-22 Allah: Who is Allah? Is he/He the same God?
2017-9-22 Liking the Narrow Path Show: A caller & her granddaughter just wanted to check in & say how they liked the show!
2017-9-22 The Man Job: Was Job a righteous man? If he was, what was he repenting for? [Job 42:3-6]
2017-9-22 Unknown Name: Ignorantly worshipping an unknown God. [Acts 17]
2017-9-22 Allah: Allah being God.
2017-9-21 The Book of Romans: Is Romans a personal book or a theological treatise?
2017-9-21 Calvinism vs Arminianism: Free will, sin nature, total depravity
2017-9-21 Theme Music for the Narrow Path Show: Wondering where you got your whistling theme song?
2017-9-21 Impossibility of Building Ark: A non-believer said there is NO WAY Noah could build the ark so Genesis couldn't possibly be true.
2017-9-21 Offending Children: Is this talking about abortion? Allowing children to come unto Him. [Matthew 18:1-7]
2017-9-21 Honoring the Sabbath: Should we be honoring the Sabbath on Saturday?
2017-9-21 Sabbath changing to Sunday: Was the Sabbath changed to Sunday?
2017-9-21 Sanctuary Cities: What does the Bible say about obeying the laws of the land, what is the government role?
2017-9-20 Doctrine of Cessationism: When did the Doctrine of Cessationism begin, no more speaking in tongues, prophecy or healing?
2017-9-20 Street Preaching: Is street evangelism that an effective method of witnessing?
2017-9-20 Different Kinds of Covenants: What can you tell me about the different kind of covenants right here & now?
2017-9-20 Lectures on Covenants: Do you have any lectures dealing w/ the covenants?
2017-9-20 Mosaic Law: People say that the Mosaic law reveal the character of God.
2017-9-20 Saul Receiving an Evil Spirit: Can God send an evil spirit or did is it just similar language like Romans 1, "gave them over"? [1 Samuel 16:14, Romans 1:28]
2017-9-20 The Awakening: I've been reading, "The Awakening", about exorcisms by Blumhardt, & should I be reading it? A lot of stuff about demonic activity & levitation.
2017-9-20 The Seals: What do the seals mean? [Revelation 7]
2017-9-20 Leaving Your Church for Disagreements: Did you say that you shouldn't leave your church if you disagree?
2017-9-19 Job, Imputed Righteousness & Righteousness as Filthy Rags: Job & his righteousness, we need imputed righteousness because isn't our righteousness as filthy rags? [Jeremiah 17:9, Isaiah 64:6]
2017-9-19 Being Cast into Hell: When people are cast into hell are they burning forever & ever & ever?
2017-9-19 College Education: College Education can very often be a liablitity. [Act 4:13]
2017-9-19 Douglas Wilson or James White Debate: Which is the better debate to listen to, Douglas Wilson or James White?
2017-9-19 God Directing Salvation for People to His Glory: If God is really the only one determining who is saved or not, why didn't He give people like me understanding so i could comprehend it?
2017-9-19 Slain from the foundation of World: "slain from the foundation of the world", where does it say that, & what does that mean? [Revelation 13:8, Revelation 17:8, Romans 10:16-17]
2017-9-19 Righteousness is a Gift: Caller thinks righteousness is a gift.
2017-9-19 Pisseth against the Wall: What does this mean, "pisses against the wall"? And the King James Version is the only version of the Bible that has that phrase. [1 kings 14:10]
2017-9-19 The Narrow Path's Theme Music: Does your theme music have a name, & where did it come from?
2017-9-18 Tithing: What is your view about tithing, especially when they bring up Malachi 3?
2017-9-18 Jews Looking for a King: Are the Jews just looking for a King who does not claim to be the Son of God, the Messiah?
2017-9-18 Gates of Hell not Prevail against the Church What did Jesus mean by "the gates of hell" will not prevail against it? [Matthew 16:18]
2017-9-18 My Father's House are many Mansions What does Jesus mean by "where My Father's House is are many mansions"? [John 14:1-4]
2017-9-18 Church being Us: The Church or the Mansions are us!
2017-9-18 Drinking Urine & Eating Dung: Where does it say that in Isaiah that if you add or subtract one word in the Bible, you'll drink your own urine & eat your dung? [Isaiah 36:12, Revelation 22:18-19]
2017-9-18 Jesus coming in the Flesh: Are people in denominations such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, Mormons/LDS as anti-Christ since they claim Jesus didn't come in the flesh?
2017-9-18 Dani Johnson: What can you tell me about Dani Johnson?
2017-9-18 Lord's Day & the Sabbath: What is the difference between the Lord's Day & the Sabbath? Why do some people feel they need to keep the Sabbath? How do you keep it if we do? [Revelation 1:10]
2017-9-18 Dani Johnson: Someone had just asked about Dani Johnson, so caller wanted to chime in that she became very wealthy as she was in the process of accepting Jesus.
2017-9-18 Near Death Experience: Caller would like to know where he really was during his near death experience after being shot several times?
2017-9-15 The Man of Job: Was Job an exception to "not one righteous"? [Romans 3:10]
2017-9-15 Psalms & Proverbs: What about the advice or information from Proverbs? Are they true & appicable?
2017-9-15 The Promises in the Bible: How much of the promises in the Bible can be applied to us? [Joshua 1:9]
2017-9-15 The 6th Sense: Do you think we have a 6th sense? Did we lose it at the Fall of Adam?