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2015-3-18 Personal Prophecy: 2 Pastors told the caller that her family will be saved, but she doesn't feel that.
2015-3-18 Wine in the Bible: What does the Bible say about wine in the Bible & strong drink?
2015-3-17 Lordship Salvation: What is Lordship salvation & why is it considered a heresy?
2015-3-17 Cock shall not Crow: Jesus told Peter the cock would not crow before Peter denied Him 3 times, so was that a man or a rooster crowing? [luke 22:34]
2015-3-17 Tetragrammaton & Yahweh: How many Hebrews manuscripts would have the name "Yahweh" verses what you find in the Tetragrammaton?
2015-3-17 The Book of Mormon: Does the Book of Mormon talk about the Native Americans & all these ancient people that it proclaims to talk about?
2015-3-17 The Ceremonial Law & Love Relationship: One time Steve was differentiating between the ceremonial law & a relationship w/ Jesus & others, but what about Matthew 5:17-19? [Matthew 5:17-19]
2015-3-17 Women Preachers: What is Steve's view about women preachers/pastors?
2015-3-17 Law being Fulfilled: Caller wanted to chime in about the law being fulfilled in [Matthew 5:17-19]
2015-3-16 Noah & Ham, "Uncovered his nakedness": What was the nakedness Ham uncovered? Why did Canaan get cursed when he had nothing to do w/ anything? [Genesis 9:20-27]
2015-3-16 English Translations of the Bible: Which English Translation does Steve prefer?
2015-3-16 Vaccines & Peter's Vision of animals: Our bodies are God's Temple, so be careful what you put in it, so no vaccines, caller thinks, but does Acts 10 trump that?
2015-3-16 Jesus Turning Water in Wine: Jesus reaction to His mother seemed like He was a little angry at her for asking, & wondering if anyone heard Him say that, & after all that, He ended up performing it anyway. [John 2]
2015-3-16 Jesus the Son before Incarnation: So did Steve say Jesus was not the Son of God before the Incarnation in one of the lectures the caller heard?
2015-3-16 The word "God": What does the name/ word "God" exactly entail?
2015-3-16 The Torah: Paul was talking about the Torah when he was talking to Timothy about the Scriptures, caller thinks. [2 Timothy 3:15-16]
2015-3-16 Making Jesus King: They wanted to make to Jesus King by force, but what were the conditions that God was looking for Him to be Savior by the Jews? [John 6:14-15]
2015-3-13 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God: Can I know I am seeking first the Kingdom of God by completely trusting God, & leaning unto our own understanding? [Matthew 6:33, Proverbs 3:5]
2015-3-13 God allowing bad things to occur: God doesn't do bad things to us, but does He allow bad things to happen to us? [Hebrews 12]
2015-3-13 King Solomon: Would you say King Solomon died saved or unsaved? [1 Kings 1-12, Ecclesiastes 12]
2015-3-13 Genesis 5 genealogy: Cain is not in the genealogy of Genesis 5. Why not?
2015-3-13 Getting a New Bible: Caller is considering getting a E. W. Bullinger Companion Bible, would Steve recommend it? What is a good one?
2015-3-13 Buddhism: Michael the Buddhist called to critique yet another caller talking about him & Buddhism.
2015-3-13 Blessings of the OT for Israel & us: Are the Old Testament just for Israel or for us also?
2015-3-13 Women Pastors: What does Steve think of Women Pastors or Women in Leadership roles in the Church?
2015-3-13 Scripture & Inspiration: What are the meaning of the words, "Scripture & Inspiration" in 2 Timothy? [2 Timothy 3:16-17]
2015-3-12 Baptism & Partaking of the Lord's Supper: Can a person be a part of the Body of Christ, but not fully a member of the Kingdom of God, but yet be able to break bread (for example, if they haven't been baptized yet)?
2015-3-12 David killing Goliath twice: Did David have to kill Goliath twice, once by the stone from the sling shot & then killed him with the sword? [1 Samuel 17:50-51]
2015-3-12 Paul going to Heaven: Are there other verses besides 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 where it talks about Paul going to Heaven? [2 Corinthians 12:1-10]
2015-3-12 Serpent Seed Doctrine: There are 2 seeds, a seed of God, or a seed of the devil, Jacob have I loved & Esau have I hated. [Matthew 13:38 Romans 9:13].
2015-3-12 Made in His image & became like us: It seems to say 2 different things about God creating us, that we were made in His image, but then that we became like Him. [Genesis 2 & 3]
2015-3-12 Strange Doctrine: People comes up w/ all kinds of strange doctrine.
2015-3-12 Serpent Seed Doctrine, Arnold Murray: People w/ strange doctrine, & yet they seem so right on in some places, & make their patrons fall for them.
2015-3-11 Meditating on the Word of God: What does Steve mean by meditating on the Scripture?
2015-3-11 Peter denying Jesus 3 times: Was Peter compelled to deny Jesus 3 times, especially in relation to what Jesus said in Matthew 26? [Matthew 26:31]
2015-3-11 Conservative & Liberal Christians: Caller has trouble w/ both Conservative & Liberal Christians, because conservative tend to be legalistic, while liberal Christians, anything goes.
2015-3-11 Inspiration of Scripture: What exactly does "inspiration", "inspired" mean when we are referring to the Holy Scriptures? [2 Timothy 3:16]
2015-3-11 "Refuse To Be Offended": Where can that lecture be found on the Narrow Path Website?
2015-3-11 Tithing: Caller thinks the onus is on Steve Gregg to show where it says we don't need to tithe. [Revelation 22:18-19]
2015-3-11 Parables, Grain of Seed & Leaven: Most people consider these parables with a negative connotation, but caller has an issue with it because it's talking about the Kingdom of God. [luke 13:18-21]
2015-3-11 Building Altars to Worship God: What about building little altars to worship God, extracting stuff from Old Testament stories?
2015-3-11 Laws that we keep & don't keep: How do we know what laws to keep or not, from the Old Testament? The 10 commandments we hold to, right?
2015-3-09 Young Earth Creationism: They have a new teacher in a Christian school that is a Theistic Evolutionist, & caller has been leering about old earth & just wondering why Steve doesn't believe it. "Days" has meaning different meanings, he's learned.
2015-3-09 Recreation in Heaven: Will there be recreation on the other side of glory? Is recreation acceptable here on earth for that matter?
2015-3-09 Christ 2nd Coming: Jesus will come on the Feast of Tabernacles.
2015-3-09 Lewis Sperry Chafer: Caller reads a quote from Lewis Sperry Chafer & wondering what Steve's thoughts are on it, about works & Calvinism.
2015-3-09 Michael the Buddhist: Michael wants to avoid pain, but the thing we need to get away from is sin, so he needs to change his entire belief structure.
2015-3-09 New Earth in place of Heaven: Caller would rather be in Heaven worshipping God rather than coming back down to this earth.
2015-3-09 Demons Crying Out: How did they have the authority to beg Jesus not to torment them? [Mark 5:7]
2015-3-09 Putting out Fleeces: What is Steve's view about putting out fleeces?