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2016-7-14 Adam as Ancient of Days: Caller has been witnessing to Mormons/LDS's & they think that Adam was Ancient of Days? [Daniel 7:9-22]
2016-7-14 Calvinism & Arminianism: What is the difference between calvinism & arminianism?
2016-7-14 Different or Same Judgment: Are we talking the same or different judgments here? [Matthew 7, Matthew 28]
2016-7-14 Restoration of all things by John the Baptist: Was John the Baptist the fulfillment of Elijah, & what did he mean by the restoration of all things? [Malachi 4:5-6]
2016-7-13 Flat Earth Advocate: Caller wanted to call to balance comment about a Flat Earth, advocating a Flat Earth, saying that Steve needs to listen to Eric Dubay & all his proofs.
2016-7-13 Lot Giving over His Daughters: Caller thinks it's abhorrent about Lot’s bad behavior of giving his daughters to be used by strangers. [Genesis 19:8]
2016-7-13 Studying the Bible for Yourself: You talked the other day about studying the Bible for yuorself, self-study, but do you have any suggestions on how i should go about that?
2016-7-13 The Called, Chosen & the Faithful: Is the verse that says, "they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful", 3 different groups because what about the verse, “many are called, but few are chosen” [Revelation 17:14, Matthew 22:14]
2016-7-13 The More You Learn the More you don't know: Trying to learn what the scripture means, the more you learn the more you realize you don't know!
2016-7-13 Good Manners being Taught in the Bible: We teach our children to say please, how come the Bible doesn't teach us to do itgoo or other good manners?
2016-7-13 "Christianity Today" Magazine: "Christianity Today" magazine, have they gone liberal?
2016-7-13 Once Sealed, Always Sealed: When someone is saved, are they permanently sealed?
2016-7-12 Confessing Sin & No More Sacrifice for Sin: Caller thinks that 2 verses seem to be in conflict with each other involving sin, being able to confess our sins & having no more sacrifice for sins. [1 John 1:9, Hebrews 10:26]
2016-7-12 Distinction between Soul & Spirit: Is there a difference between the soul & the spirit? (Trichotomist vs Dichotomist)
2016-7-12 Stopping the Sacrificial System: What caused the cessation of them? How do the Jews atone for the sins nowadays?
2016-7-12 Animals, humans, souls & spirits: Is it possible that animals only have body & soul but no spirit like us humans?
2016-7-12 Stripes & Beatings for Believer or Unbeliever: Are the stripes for both the Christian and the non-believer or just the Christians? [Luke 12:35-40, 1 Peter 2:9, 1 Peter 10, Isaiah 40, Isaiah 10]
2016-7-12 Types & Shadows, Types & Anti-types: Is there a type & anti-type here, vessels of mercy, about Israel coming together with the Gentiles? David is a type of Jesus. [Hosea 1:10-11 & Hosea 2:14, Isaiah 10, Isaiah 40:1, Romans 9:23]
2016-7-12 The Weaker Vessel: Are women the weaker vessel? In what way are they? [1 Peter 3:7]
2016-7-12 Soul, Spirit, Trichotomist & Dichotomist: Dichotomy is more popular among Calvinists, the caller thought Steve like might like to know, following up from a call he heard early in the show.
2016-7-11 Young Earth Creationism: Why does Steve lean towards more of a young earth creation over an old earth? What evidence? Because even Ken Ham says that you have to be able to interpret the data correctly.
2016-7-11 Married in the eyes of God or not: In the eyes of God is the caller married? He thinks Steve should know just by the knowledge he has about his situation. [John 5] (call continues after break.)
2016-7-11 Tribes of Judah & Benjamin: restoration of the 10 tribes from babylonian captivity, and the tribe of judah & benjamin will be fulfilled, according to caller's friend. Can Steve explain why it's not so? [Ezekiel 37]
2016-7-11 Evangelizing to a Pagan Society: what is the role of the Christian in preaching repentance to a pagan society? (Street Preaching) What does doing the "Great Commission" entail?
2016-7-08 Having Faith: Where does faith come from? Why does Jesus ask them why they have such little faith when they did have faith? [Matthew 17:20]
2016-7-08 Saul to Paul: Why did paul change his name from "saul" to "paul"?
2016-7-08 Marriage Vows Acceptable: matt 5:33-37, marriage vows, should they be allowed since Jesus told us not to make an oath?
2016-7-08 Feeling the Christian Love but remains Buddhist: Mike says he could almost become a Christian because he feels the love.
2016-7-08 Yeshua the name of Jesus in Hebrew: michael the Buddhist wants to know if Yeshua is the name of Jesus in Hebrew?
2016-7-08 Alliance Against Israel: In studying Isaiah 7, the king of Syria & the king israel wanted to persuade the king of judah to create an alliance against Syria & do you have a verse that bears this out? [Isaiah 7, 2 Kings]
2016-7-08 "In the Beginning" in John: What is the meaning of "in the beginning" in the beginning of the gospel of John?
2016-7-08 Greater Works than Jesus: What did Jesus mean by they will do "greater works" than Him? [John 14:12]
2016-7-08 Taking Up Your Cross: What does "take up your cross", mean? [Luke 9:23]
2016-7-08 Michael the Buddhist almost persuaded: A listener calls in anticipating that michael the Buddhist will be calling in to say he's a Christian. [Acts 26:28]
2016-7-07 Justifying Abortion with the Bible: Does a passage in Exodus 21:20-24 justify abortion? [Exodus 21:20-24]
2016-7-07 Welfare System in Ancient Israel: People say this resembles the welfare program we have in this country? {leviticus 19:9-10]
2016-7-07 Tribulation in 70 AD: Does you think the tribulation happened in 70 AD? [Matthew 24:21, Luke 21:20-24]
2016-7-07 Jehu receiving commendation from God: Jehu, Ahab, & Jezebel, how is it that Jehu did terrible things and gets a commendation from God? [2 Kings 10:30]
2016-7-07 Calvinistic Teachers: Should we listen to teachers who believe in Calvinism?
2016-7-07 KJV only: Caller thinks the KJV is the only way to go, that there's missing verses from the NIV. (very bad quality audio.)
2016-7-07 The EVS by Calvinists: Was the ESV written by Calvinists?
2016-7-07 KJV Only Issue: You said there is no scripture to KJV only mindset, shouldn’t we only have ONE translation? He says he gets confused with all the other translations. He thinks we need to have moderation. [2 Peter 1, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14]
2016-7-07 Casting out of Demons by the Spirit: How are False Christians/Prophets able to make demons depart from Jesus, because didn't He also say that "a house divided against itself cannot stand"? [Matthew 7:21-23, Matthew 12:25]
2016-7-07 The 10 Bridesmaids: Caller is wondering that since the bridesmaids are virgins & are supposedly betrothed to the bridegroom, does that mean that they were all Christians? [Matthew 25:1-13]
2016-7-07 Demons cast out by only Fasting & Prayer Text Missing: Caller has heard that in some translations the phrase, "some (demons) can only be cast out by fasting & prayer" & was wondering if that was true or not. [Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29]
2016-7-06 Leadership Encouraged to Read the Bible in a Year: What do you think about a church insisting that members read the Bible in a year if you want be involved with leadership in the church?
2016-7-06 Leaving Faith to find JW Faith: My former sister in law left catholic faith & some Jehovah's Witesses came to her door & now all of a sudden she has found faith again.
2016-7-06 Marriage & Armour of God: Caller did a followup of a marriage situation & armour of Christ.
2016-7-06 KJV Only People: The King James Version only people, why do they even think that, how does it even happen & why is it incorrect to believe?
2016-7-06 JW theology: Caller wants to talk about the Jehovah's Witnessess, the salvation army, the Amish & community. (Very bad quality audio.)