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2016-2-23 Modern Day Idolatry: What constitutes an idol for the modern-day Christian? [1 John 5:21, Ephesians 5:5]
2016-2-23 Receiving Christ: Is there a proper way to receive Christ?
2016-2-23 Comments about 24 Elders & Preterism: Caller has a convoluted way of saying Revelation is mostly talking about 70 AD & not the future, talking about 24 elders & so on.
2016-2-23 Biblical Inerrancy: Caller doesn't believe in Biblical inerrancy & wondering if Steve can comment on it. [1 Corinthians 1:10-17, Titus 1:12]
2016-2-22 Witnessing to Mormons: Caller thought he presented a pretty good presentation on Christianity to some Mormons, but the Mormons presented why their church was right.
2016-2-22 Great & Terrible Day of the Lord: What is the great & terrible of Day of the Lord? I thought it was the destruction of the 70 ad of Jerusalem, but apparently it's not? [Acts 2:19-20, Joel 2:31]
2016-2-22 William Branham: I have someone who is interested William Branham & the Emerald Tablet, a healer prophet, but do you have anything about him that I can give them?
2016-2-22 Testing the Spirits: Can you explain what John meant by "testing the spirits"? [1 John 4:1, 1 Corinthians 14:29, 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21, Deuteronomy 13:1-4]
2016-2-22 Nero being the Anti-Christ or Beast: Would you consider Nero to be the antichrist? [1 John 2:18-22, 1 John 4:3, 2 John 1:7]
2016-2-22 The Eucharist: The bread & wine turning into the body & blood of Jesus, the only way you can tell is by the way of a bell.
2016-2-22 Differing Groups of Saints: There isn't going to be different groups of saints, is there?
2016-2-22 Mormons: Something about Mormons, connecting it to Jim Jones.
2016-2-19 First Fruits into the Storehouse (Tithing): Involving tithing, who was responsible to bring the first fruits into the storehouse?
2016-2-19 Giving over entire Check: Pastors say that people's first check of the month has to be given over to them. Is that true?
2016-2-19 Mount of Transfiguration Experience: Was the Mount of Transfiguration a vision or an actual appearance of Elijah & Moses?
2016-2-19 Generational Curses: If that isn't the case that the child is not responsible for the father's sins, what about "generational curses"? [Exodus 20:5]
2016-2-19 Sons Bearing the Sins of the Father: Do the sons bear the sins of the father or not? [Ezekiel 18:20]
2016-2-19 Calvary Chapel & Calvinism: How long did it take you to get out of the Calvary Church & Calvinism? (the Church doesn't subscribe to Calvinism but Dispensationalism.)
2016-2-19 Calvary Chapel: Have you ever heard of Mark Knudsen or Terry McNabb who belong to the Calvary Chapel?
2016-2-19 Churches that do believe in Calvinism: What are some churches that DO believe in Calvinism?
2016-2-19 No More Repentance Required: since we are under grace, once we accept Jesus we no longer have to pray for forgiveness? Is that true?
2016-2-19 Shedding of Blood: Why was the shedding of blood necessary?
2016-2-19 Brian McLaren & the Emergent Church: Have you ever heard of Brian D. McLaren & what do you think of him & his teachings? He belongs to the Emergent Church Movement.
2016-2-19 God Ordaining Governments: God ordaining government authority [Hosea 8:4, Romans 13]
2016-2-19 Water & the Blood: Caller tosses out a theory about a previous call about Jesus coming in water & blood, when the veil was ripped in twain. [1 John 5:6-8]
2016-2-17 God Knowing Everything: Does God really know EVERYTHING (open theism) because what about instances like God testing Abraham & saying, "Now i know that you fear Me"? [Genesis 22:12]
2016-2-17 400 Years of Silence: Between the Old Testament & the New Testament there are 400 years of silence, an Intertestamental period, & are we now living in such a silent period again?
2016-2-17 End Times: Caller wants to talk about all this weird stuff or signs that make it seem appear that the end is really upon us.
2016-2-17 The Revelation of Jesus: Can you explain the Revelation that was given to Jesus, which was then given to the angels, which was then given to John, & the 7 churches?
2016-2-17 Women Apostles or Bishops: What is your take woman apostles in the Bible & are there any in modern times, apostles or bishops?
2016-2-16 Church Being an Apprenticeship Program: Shouldn't the church basically be of an apprenticeship program mindset? If I go to a church & encourage elders to do this, should I wait on the Lord for that or what?
2016-2-16 The Sheet & Unclean Animals becoming Clean: God showed 3 times about being all animals now being clean, showing that everything was clean, but I have a Messianic friend who insists that it has nothing to do with being able to eat pork, but still no pork some say [acts 10:9-16]
2016-2-16 Gay Child: How do you deal with a child who is gay? What about they had a nervous breakdown & all of a sudden started going back to church? I'm also afraid though that once they are well, they will go right back into the lifestyle again.
2016-2-16 Good Works but without Christ: Some people in the church seem to think you can go to Heaven by just doing good works, living in Obedience & don't necessarily have to have a relationship with Christ.
2016-2-16 Marriage after Divorce for Adultery: Is it okay for a guy to get remarried even though he got divorced because he was guilty of adultery?
2016-2-16 Steve's Wrong about Preterism: Caller thinks Steve is wrong about preterism, & the 7 churches are Dispensations of time in light of read 2 Timothy 3:1-7. [2 Timothy 3:1-7]
2016-2-15 Increasing Crisis Indicating Jesus Imminent Return: Do you think certain crisis that seem to be increasing & getting worse are evidences that the end is near & that Jesus is coming back soon?
2016-2-15 Sin Unto Death: What are your thoughts on this? [1 John 5:16-17]
2016-2-15 Minor Prophets: Do you have anything you'd recommend about the minor prophets & how & when they existed wit everything else?
2016-2-15 Baptizing in only Jesus' Name: It says in Acts that people who were baptized only in the name of Jesus didn't receive the Spirit. Why not? ; why didn't they receive the Holy Spirit at conversion/water baptism then?
2016-2-15 Receiving Holy Spirit: why didn't they receive the Holy Spirit at conversion or water baptism then?
2016-2-15 Receiving the Holy Spirit & Being Completely Filled: How do you become completely filled by the Holy Spirit?
2016-2-15 Jesus Coming by Water & Blood: What is your take on this verse? [1 John 5:6-8]
2016-2-15 John the Baptist-The Last & Greatest Prophet: What made John the Baptist the last & greatest prophet of the Old Testament? [Luke 7:28]
2016-2-12 Covenant with Abraham Involving the Land: Was Israel given the land forever?
2016-2-12 The Promised Land: What is the promised land & did the Israelites ever obtain it all?
2016-2-12 Hyper-Grace & Dispensationalism: Have you found it to be true that hyper grace SEEMS to run along the beliefs people who believe in dispensationalism? Do you find this to be true?
2016-2-12 Taking the Lord's name in Vain: What does it mean to take the Lord's name in vain?
2016-2-12 "Be ye Perfect": What does Jesus mean by being as perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect? [Matthew 5:48, Luke 6:34-36]
2016-2-12 God Speaking or the Devil Speaking: How would you discern if it's the devil or God talking to you?