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2017-11-13 Healing: What does the Bible teach about healing?
2017-11-13 Jesus Body at His Return: When Jesus rose from the dead, did He have the same body He had before He came down here or a newly glorified body? Will Jesus have the same body He had at His resurrection when He returns? [Acts 1:9-11]
2017-11-13 Most Effective Way to Share the Gospel: What is the best information to share when evangelizing the gospel?
2017-11-10 No Marriage in Heaven: There is going to be no marriage anymore in heaven? [Matthew 22:30]
2017-11-10 Chaplains Suddenly Appearing at Church: Church brings in new attendees that call themselves Chaplains & wear jackets with that title.
2017-11-10 The Unseen Realm: Have you ever heard of "The Unseen Realm" by a Michael Heiser & wondering what you think about it? He says God had 2 families. [Psalm 82]
2017-11-10 Attending a Church to be a Christian: Do you have to go to a church in order to be a Christian? [Hebrews 10:25]
2017-11-10 Trinity Found in the Bible: Is Trinity in the Bible?
2017-11-10 Imminent Return of Christ: Is Jesus really coming soon? Do you have any verses that says He's coming soon?
2017-11-10 Luke & Paul: When did Luke join up with Paul? How soon after Paul's conversion?
2017-11-10 Power of God: Caller wanted to chime in about marriage on the other side of glory. He shares a story about having so much power from God that he had enough energy that he didn't have to sleep more than 10 minutes a day, & there was no interest in sex.
2017-11-09 Church Leadership: Church leader performed the ceremony of his daughter who was guilty of an adulterous relationship & got divorced. He remarried her without Biblical grounds.
2017-11-09 License to Sin: What about a person who said the sinner's prayer in their youth, yet have lived a sinful life & think they are still saved?
2017-11-09 Lordship Salvation: What is Lordship salvation? [Ephesians 2:8-10, Romans 10:9]
2017-11-09 Activities in Heaven: Do you have any idea what we will be doing in Heaven or what it will be like?
2017-11-09 Free to Marry Again: Caller is wondering if she would be free to marry again though she left her husband, especially since he married again.
2017-11-09 The Size of God: How big is God & why does He care about something so small? Does moral character, moral laws apply to other worlds?
2017-11-09 Protection from God: I need assurance from the Bible that God protects us because I have stalkers stalking me. I just want some verses that I can rely on that God will protect me. [Romans 13:1-4]
2017-11-09 Unequally Yoked Marriages: It's not wrong to oppose marriages that you know are not going to work.
2017-11-08 God's Speaking Trumping the Bible: If God personally speaks to you, is it more important than what you get from the Bible?
2017-11-08 The Apostles Infallible: Could the apostles have been wrong?
2017-11-08 Messiah & Abraham: Where do you find evidence about the Messiah in the Genesis? Wasn't he promised through Abraham?
2017-11-08 The Book of Romans: Do you feel you are getting a lot more questions about romans lately since that is what is being on in BSF right now?
2017-11-08 Made of the Seed of David: It says in Romans that Jesus was "made of the seed of David", but He wasn't created, was He?
2017-11-08 God's Mercy & Forgiveness: God is infinite in forgiveness, but people still have to be held accountable who scorn Him.
2017-11-08 Dake's Study Bible: What do you think about the Dake's Study Bible?
2017-11-08 The Reformation: What do you think about the reformation? Who was more correct, Luther or Calvin?
2017-11-08 God's Eternal Mercy: Caller is fearful that he may be hell-bound, even though he knows God had infinite mercy.
2017-11-08 Fountains of the Deep: Wasn't the Earth a lot different than before the Flood than after, wasn't it?
2017-11-08 The Firmament: Is there any chance that the firmament was the earth itself? [Genesis 1:6]
2017-11-07 Abraham going for the Promise Land: Did Abraham leave for the promise land like it seems to say in Genesis 12? [Genesis 11, Genesis 12, Acts 7:2-5]
2017-11-07 Promises made to Abraham: Were the promises made to Abraham conditional or unconditional? [Jeremiah 18:7-10]
2017-11-07 Ten Talents Parable: What does the parable of the talents mean? [Matthew 25:14-30]
2017-11-07 Uses of the word "dog" in the Bible: The use of the term "dogs" in the Bible, are there 4 different meanings?
2017-11-07 Negative Emotions in Heaven: When we get to heaven how are we not going to be jealous or have major regrets of people getting rewards we could've gotten?
2017-11-07 70 Weeks: Is there no gap in the 70 weeks but a continuous timeline?
2017-11-07 Churches that aren't Dispensational or Calvinistic: Are there any churches that aren't dispensational or Calvinist?
2017-11-07 Dispensationalism: Why the strength in dispensationalism?
2017-11-06 Pivoting from Once Saved, Always Saved to not: I think I've changed my view about "once saved, always saved" as a result of your teaching.
2017-11-06 Witnessing to JW's Jehovah's Witnesses occasionally use "theocratic tact" to witness & a whole bunch of other wrong tactics.
2017-11-06 Not Celebrating the Holidays: I don't think we should celebrate Holidays because of pagan roots & it comprises the faith, so I don't celebrate them.
2017-11-06 The Christmas Tree: Jeremiah seems to be talking about the Christmas tree & idol worship, don't you think? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]
2017-11-06 Till the Son of Man be come: When will Jesus come again, when is this talking about His coming? [Matthew 10:23]
2017-11-06 Spiritualizing Spiritualizing time of light & darkness [Zechariah 14]
2017-11-06 The Second Coming: Caller is trying to distinguish between the "second Coming" and a "final coming" because aren't they different?
2017-11-06 Jehovah's Witnesses: What are the biggest difference between JW's & the Christian?
2017-11-06 Jesus Physical Coming when He stand on Mt. of Olives: "His feet standing on the mount of Olives", dispensationalist challenges Steve as why Zechariah is talking about Jesus' physical return. [Zechariah 14:4-5]
2017-11-02 Hebrew Roots Movement & Yeshua: Hebrew Roots Movement, the name "Jesus" in English not correct, "Yeshua" should be used.
2017-11-02 Solar Calamity: On November 4-6, 2017, somebody is predicting about an upcoming solar calamity. What do you think? [Hosea 4:6] (and just for fun, I'll put the website that this caller relies on,
2017-11-02 Homeschooling: The merits of homeschooling.