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2022-1-17 Applying Prophecy from Isaiah to Feminism & Poor Leadership Today: Can someone apply this Isaiah prophecy to us, in America, today, with possible application to feminism & poor leadership? [Isaiah 3:12. Isaiah 3:4].
2022-1-17 The "Catching up" in the Rapture: What do you think of someone who interprets the rapture as more relative to the transfiguration? [I Thessalonians 4:17, I Corinthians 15, 2 Corinthians 12:2-4, Matthew 25:1, Acts 28:15].
2022-1-17 Believing Without Seeing: Why is it so important for us to "believe without seeing"? [John 20:29, I John 5:9].
2022-1-17 "Once Saved, Always Saved" (Eternal Security): It took me a while to drop Calvinism, particularly, "Once saved, always saved (eternal security).
2022-1-17 Calvinism: Were you ever been a Calvinist? [Romans 9].
2022-1-14 Unable to Return to God & "Sacrifice for Sin": Are you saying that one can fall away from God, and then cannot repent and return to Him? [Hebrews 10:26, Jeremiah 31, I John 2:1, I John 1:9, James 2:26, John 6:37].
2022-1-14 God's Plan: What is God up to? What is His overall plan? [Genesis 1:26, Luke 19:10, Matthew 18:11].
2022-1-14 Purpose of "The Law": What is the point of "The Law"? [Galatians 3:24-26].
2022-1-14 Dispensationalist Ezekiel's Temple Arguments: How do Dispensationalist explain away the various temple rituals that are no longer valid? [Ezekiel 40-48, Ezekiel 43:10-11].
2022-1-14 Genesis-Literal, Historical, or Symbolic: Would you trust someone who starts out saying that one doesn't need to take Genesis or historically? [Genesis 1].
2022-1-14 Is God Blessed?: Is God blessed in Himself? [Genesis 6:6].
2022-1-14 Jesus' Existence: What is your argument for the historical existence of the man, Jesus?
2022-1-13 New Year's Resolutions: Does the Bible indicate that we need to make New Year's resolution? (Call starts right in the middle of a sentence.)
2022-1-13 Saved by Works, Faith, or Grace?: It seems like there are a number of different ways to be saved, by works, by faith, and by grace. Can you clarify how we are saved? [Ezekiel 14:14-20, Acts 2:38, Ephesians 2:8-9, Galatians 5:6, James 2:14-26, Luke 6:46, Matthew 7:21].
2022-1-13 God's America: Has God given up on America?
2022-1-13 Jesus Rule Over Universe: Did Jesus have authority over only the earth and sky, or the whole universe? [Colossians 1, Matthew 28:18, Ephesians 1:20-23].
2022-1-13 Paul's Writing: Is Paul really writing his books, or is there another writer (scribe/ emanuensus/ amanuensus) helping to write more eloquently?
2022-1-13 Free Will Choice: Do we choose God or does He choose us? [Acts 2].
2022-1-13 Eternal Security or Once Saved, Always Saved: What do you think about the doctrine of Eternal Security, and the idea that you can sin without danger? Recommends last lecture in the series called "Content of the Gospel". [John 15:1-6, Mark 4:17, Matthew 13:21, Luke 15:24, I John 5:11-12, Revelation 2:10].
2022-1-13 Denying Any Free Will: Is there a denomination that strictly denies any free will?
2022-1-13 Take it By Violence: Could you talk about the passage indicating that the kingdom is suffering violence and taking it by violence? [Matthew 11:12, Luke 16:16].
2022-1-13 Steve Gregg's Books on the Kingdom of God: Steve talks about the two books called, "Empire of the Risen Son", Vol 1 & Vol 2.
2022-1-13 Expanse of the Firmament: What do you think about the suggestion that the "expanse of the firmament" being related to the dome some claim existed? [Genesis 1].
2022-1-12 Atheist Doubting the Gospel Books: Atheist presents the collection of the canon (books for the Bible) being questionable. [Mark 16:8].
2022-1-12 Proof of God from an Atheist View: Atheist Caller in dialogue about the proof of God.
2022-1-12 Behemoth, Leviathan & Dinosaurs: Wasn't Behemoth and Leviathan actually not dinosaurs, but mythological?
2022-1-12 Bible Manuscripts: Isn't it possible for writers of Bible manuscripts to make spelling errors, etc.
2022-1-12 Infallibility of the Bible & the Quran: Isn't some of the arguments for the Quran (Koran) by Islam, very similar to the arguments for the Christian Bible's infallibility?
2022-1-12 Shorter Version of the Book of Mark: Didn't Jesus predict His resurrection earlier in the book of Mark, regardless of the missing later chapters in some manuscripts?
2022-1-12 Fear of Death for the Believer: How might the Christian church today, remove the fear of death? [Hebrews 2:14-15, Job 2:4, Matthew 16:25, Luke 9:24].
2022-1-12 Seventh Day Adventism: Is Seventh Day Adventism a cult?
2022-1-12 Simon, the Cyrene: Do you think that the Roman soldiers compelled Simon the Cyrene to carry Jesus' cross, or do you think that he did it out of compassion?
2022-1-12 Peter's Crucifixion: Was Peter actually crucified upside-down? [John 21:9].
2022-1-12 God Face-to-Face: Has anyone ever seen God face-to-face? [Genesis 18:1. Genesis 17:3, Genesis 32:30].
2022-1-12 The Disciples on the New Earth: What do you think will be the role of the disciples after the resurrection on the new earth?
2022-1-11 God's Promise of Prosperity to the Faithful: How does one approach the topic of Christians not necessarily being blessed with prosperity? Recommended topical lectures on "The Word of Faith". [Ephesians 1:3, I Timothy 6:8-10, Luke 22:42, I John 2:15-17].
2022-1-11 Sludge on Farmland: Do you think that sludge should be put on farmland?
2022-1-11 Every Knee Shall Bow: What is meant by all those "under the earth" in the verse about "every knee shall bow"? [Philippians 2:10-11, Isaiah 45:23, Matthew 28:18].
2022-1-11 Messiah Called the New David: Is the verse in Isaiah about the shoot from Jesse referring to the new David (or Messiah)? [Isaiah 11:1, Hosea 3:5, Ezekiel 34:23, Ezekiel 37:24].
2022-1-11 The Title; Lucifer (Morningstar): Isn't it strange that the name Lucifer is actually used for Jesus? [2 Peter 1:18, Isaiah 14:2].
2022-1-11 Open Theism & Other Views of God's Omniscience: Do you hold to the classical view of the omniscience of God because of scriptural evidence, or because of the classical tradition?
2022-1-11 Elders & Deacons: Do all churches need to have elders and deacons? [Acts 20:28, I Peter 5:1-4].
2022-1-11 "Book of Enoch": Is the "Book of Enoch" real?
2022-1-11 Lilith: Is Lilith (Adam's wife before Eve) real, or just legend? [Genesis 1-2, Isaiah 34:14].
2022-1-11 Who Created God?: Who created God?
2022-1-11 Evidence Against the Existence for God: What evidence would make you change your mind about God? Call from an atheist?
2022-1-10 Bible Reliability: How do we know the construction of the Bible is to be trusted and was not manipulated for social or political agendas?
2022-1-10 Jesus Teaching the Ten Commandments: Did Jesus teach the Ten Commandments? [Mark 7:15, Matthew 15:11].
2022-1-10 Jesus' Teaching of the Law: Were the words of Jesus about the teaching of the law only applicable to His 3.5 years of His ministry? [Matthew 5:18-19, Matthew 11:12].
2022-1-10 70 Weeks of Daniel: Who is the "he" in Daniel 9, and what does it mean to "confirm the covenant"? [Daniel 9:24-27, Luke 21:20, Matthew 24:16].