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2018-2-16 Early Dating of Revelation: Is there any validity in the early dating of Revelation and its prediction about the fall of Jerusalem?
2018-2-16 Dating an Unbeliever: My daughter is dating a nonbeliever in hopes of converting him. If she were to marry him, and he is still not a Christian, would you walk her down the isle? [2 Corinthians 6:14-18]
2018-2-15 Tithing: Caller wants to challenge Steve regarding tithing. [1 Corinthians 9:14]
2018-2-15 Mass Conversion of Jews: What is your opinion of a mass conversion of Jews? [Acts 1:6]
2018-2-15 Eating Jesus Flesh: Commentary on eating the flesh & drinking the blood of Jesus. [John 6]
2018-2-15 Word of Faith and the Tongue: The word of faith teaching and power in the tongue. [James 1:26-27, 3:8-9]
2018-2-15 Worship & Christian Music: What are your thoughts on contemporary Christian musicians?
2018-2-15 Female Pastors: What are your thoughts on female pastors.
2018-2-15 Suicide: Is suicide a sin if you have a mental illness?
2018-2-15 1000 Years is as a Day: What does Peter mean when he says, "1000 years is as a day, a day is as a 1000 years"?
2018-2-15 Fig Tree & Olive Tree: Were those the 2 trees in the Garden of Eden?
2018-2-15 The number 666: The number of each part of the unholy Trinity makes it becomes 666
2018-2-15 Open Theism: Can and will God change His mind causing the course of things to be altered?
2018-2-14 Pregnancy: Is it acceptable to ask God to become pregnant when your age is beyond child bearing years?
2018-2-14 Pets in Heaven: Is there any evidence in the bible that animals, our pets, are going to be in heaven?
2018-2-14 The Great Apostacy: What is the great apostasy happened and are we in it? [2 Thessalonians 2]
2018-2-14 War Time Killing: Vietnam vet wonders if the killing he did during war will condemn him to hell?
2018-2-14 Reading the Bible: What should I do about my mind wandering too much when reading the Bible?
2018-2-14 Steve's View on Hell: What is your view on hell?
2018-2-14 Christian Living: If a person doesn't do all the things a typical Christian does, such as going to church, does that mean they are not a true Christian?
2018-2-14 Divorced Christians: Can a person be a Christian if they are divorced? Is divorce forgivable?
2018-2-14 New Testament Tithing: Are pastors taking passages of scripture out of context when they claim we are to tithe?
2018-2-13 Synergism and Monergism: What is Steve's view on the prodigal son, lost coin, lost sheep with respect to synergism and monergism?
2018-2-13 Love Bears All Things & Forgiveness: Can you clarify what "bear all things" with respect to love? Do you have to be around a person in order to show that you really forgive them? [1 Corinthians 13:7]
2018-2-13 Partial Calvinism: Can a person be a 3-point Calvinist?
2018-2-13 Harmonize Not Snatching from Hand & Apostacy: How do you harmonize the passage that says, "no one can snatch you out of his hand" with that in Hebrews which warns against apostacy? [John 10:29, Hebrews 6:4-6]
2018-2-13 Judgment: Does the word "judgment" in the bible have a greater meaning than our english word? What will God do to those who never heard of Him?
2018-2-13 Gerhard Kittel: What is your opinion on Gerhard Kittel's theological dictionary of the New Testament?
2018-2-13 KJV Only Caller: Caller claims the KJV is should be the standard by which all other Bibles should be compared.
2018-2-13 Book of Enoch: Have you read the book of Enoch and do you think their is truth in it?
2018-2-12 Properly Reading the Bible: Determining context and chronology of accounts in the gospels.
2018-2-12 Age of the Earth: Do you lean towards old earth or new earth theories? Do you think their are any gaps in the geneologies?
2018-2-12 Bible Translations: What are Steve's thoughts on the NIV & NLT translations?
2018-2-12 A. W. Tozer & The Pursuit of God: What are your thoughts on A. W. Tozer? What do you think about his book, "The Pursuit of God"?
2018-2-12 Commentary in the Gospel of John: In John 5:14, why did Jesus say, "see, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you"? [John 5:14]
2018-2-12 Biblical Grounds for Divorce: How can a Christian who gets divorced without biblical grounds, and then gets remarried, be forgiven and abide in Christ?
2018-2-12 Seventh Day Adventists and Sabaath: Caller discussing Seventh Day Adventists and the Sabaath. [1 Timothy 1:9-10, John 5:17]
2018-2-12 Hosea's Wife: Did God tell Hosea to marry a whore?
2018-2-09 Reality: Have you ever questioned whether the reality we are experiencing is real?
2018-2-09 Death: How does the caller die properly?
2018-2-09 Hospice Care & Pain Medication: What is a Christian perspective on hospice care and pain medication?
2018-2-09 Once Saved, Always Saved: What is Steve's position on once saved, always saved?
2018-2-09 Bibles: Is there any place I can go that provides bibles in different languages to buy to give out in different languages?
2018-2-09 Healing Story: Caller shares terminal illness story where person was cured?
2018-2-09 Consciousness when Absent from the Body: Is your understanding that when someone dies they are conscious? Discussion of body that decomposes getting resurrected.
2018-2-09 Peter's Angel at the Door: Comments regarding Peter being let out of prison in Acts and people think it is his "angel" at the door. [Acts 12:11-16]
2018-2-08 Investigative Judgment: SDA caller tries to explain the Investigative Judgement.
2018-2-08 Seventh Day Adventists in a Positive Light: SDA caller wants to answer Steve Gregg's question from yesterday which was, "Why would you accept EGW as a prophet & not Joseph Smith".
2018-2-08 Kingdom Taken From Saul and Jewish Leadership: Is there any correlation between 1 Samuel 15 & what Jesus says in Matthew 21:43 about the kingdom being taken away? [1Samuel 15, Matthew 21:43]
2018-2-08 New Covenant Theology: What about New Covenant Theology?