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2015-5-26 Transubstantiation: Is this biblical?
2015-5-26 Speaking in Tongues: Is there a private language when speaking in Tongues? I'd rather have the Fruit of the Spirit more than being able to do that.
2015-5-26 The Israel of God: In [Galatians 6:16], is this talking about literal, ethnic Israel, or the Christian Church itself, when Paul says, "the Israel of God"?
2015-5-26 Spirit vs the Brain: Even if the caller's sister has dementia, no cognitive reasoning, the spirit still knows what is happening, doesn't it?
2015-5-22 Molinism (Middle Knowledge), Calvinism, Arminianism: Dr. Michael Brown suggesting Calvinists are smug, did Steve hear about that? One major problem w/ all these systems is that God is not a theory, a philosophy, a system, but a real Person.
2015-5-22 Suicide: Is there anything in the Bible that talks about Suicide?
2015-5-22 SAINT Jesus?: Someone referred to Jesus as Saint Jesus, & caller was wondering Steve's thoughts about that.
2015-5-22 We are the Temple of God: We are the Temple of God, can't kill ourselves, have to be careful what we put in it, & asks Steve about that. [1 Corinthians 3:16-17]
2015-5-22 Turning the Other Cheek: Love everyone & don't condone violence/revenge against people sinning against you, insulting you, type thing, but not real violent crime against you, that you can defend against that?
2015-5-22 Tribulation & the Rapture: Steve thinks the Tribulation already happened? But he doesn't think the Rapture has happened yet?
2015-5-22 Many Interpretations of End Times: Why is the Bible written in such a way that there are SO many theories about what happens in the End Times?
2015-5-21 Obedience Necessary for Salvation: is Obedience necessary for Salvation, or does the make Salvation a reward for Good Works?
2015-5-21 Reimagining Church by Frank Viola: This book suggests no Pastors/Elders in the Church, but completely led by the Holy Spirit? It's a solid, NT church, it says. Does Steve think that is a LITTLE extreme? [1 Corinthians 14:26]
2015-5-21 New Revised Standard Version: What does Steve think of the NRSV, the New Revised Standard Version?
2015-5-21 Molinism: - (Middle Knowledge) Caller remembers Steve talking to someone about Molinism (Middle knowledge) & since Steve said he didn't know much about it, caller wanted to explain, like Steve said someone could if they wised.
2015-5-21 Tithing: Caller wanted to followup on a call about Tithing that Steve had recently...… need to be a cheerful giver, not a legalistic giver.
2015-5-21 10 Virgins Parable: What does the Oil represent & just a breakdown of the Parable of the 10 Virgins. [Matthew 25:1-13]
2015-5-20 Bible Interpretation only for the Clergy: Is the Bible, or interpreting the Bible, only for the Clergy? [Psamlm 131, 139]
2015-5-20 Legalism & Tithing: What is Legalism, especially when it comes to Tithing?
2015-5-20 "Turning the other Cheek": Where is that found, where Jesus said to Turn the Other Cheek? But at some point you need to take action. Is that true? [Matthew 5:38-39]
2015-5-20 Jesus Knowing When We Die: Does it say somewhere in the Bible that Jesus knows when we are going to die? But He does KNOW when we ARE going to die, is that right?
2015-5-20 Head Coverings: Why is the decorum about Head Coverings such a big deal in the Bible? And what is the talking about the Angels about? [1 Corinthians 11:3-16]
2015-5-20 Tithing: Caller heard a few calls back about no Tithing commanded in the NT? She wants to contest that, that our Righteousness needs to EXCEED the Pharisees Righteousness, so don't WE need to Tithe? [Matthew 5:20, 23:23]
2015-5-19 Pastoral Income: How should Pastors derive at their income? Should they all make tents like Paul did?
2015-5-19 Absent from the Lord, Present w/ the Lord: How can we be w/ God, if we still require a resurrection? [Philippians 1:21-23]
2015-5-19 God Loves Us, but Proof Needed: The caller knows that God loves us, but he needs encouragement because he & his family have been suffering both financially & physically.
2015-5-19 Marriage: You are supposed to stay married except for biblical grounds, but if you were in a very volatile marriage wouldn't it at some point be more beneficial to just get out so you could glorify God?
2015-5-19 5013C's: Are there prohibitions that churches/ministries have to obey if they have a 5013c, especially politically?
2015-5-19 "Esau Have I hated, but Jacob have I Loved": God loves EVERYONE, so why does it say in Romans that He hated Esau? [John 3:16, Romans 9:13
2015-5-19 Animal Sacrifices: If the Jews don't believe that Jesus is Messiah then how come they no longer perform animal sacrifices?
2015-5-18 Israel - 6 Day War: How does the 6 day War impact different areas about Israel, Dispensationalism & Preterism?
2015-5-18 Curses: What is the explanation of the way the word "curse" is used in the Bible? For instance, stoning children for cursing their parents, or Job's wife saying he needed to curse God?
2015-5-18 "All These Things be Fulfilled": "When Shall These Things Be?": Caller knows He's talking about 3 different things that need to be fulfilled, but he's thrown off by "This generation shall not pass 'till all these be fulfilled'", & what will be the sign of His coming & the End of the Age? Matthew 24:3, 34
2015-5-18 Biblical Definition of Faith: Caller called back from previous show asking about the biblical definition of Faith since they ran out of time.
2015-5-18 Mary, the Mother of Jesus: How old was Mary when she had Jesus, & did she have anymore children?
2015-5-15 Studying the book of Psalms: How does Steve apply Psalms to his life, how does he study them, interpret them?
2015-5-15 Abraham, Isaac & Jacob: What is the 7-fold Blessing to Abraham & where can you find it? The Promise of Abraham's Seed was promised to him the number of the Stars & the Sand of the sea, to Isaac only the Stars & to Jacob only the Sand, was there a significance to omitting both to Jacob & Isaac? [Genesis 12:1-3]
2015-5-15 Tithing: What is the Bible stance on Tithing (in the New Testament)?
2015-5-15 Marriage: When does a marriage become official in God eye's (w/ out a marriage license perhaps)?
2015-5-15 Amillennialism & the Tribulation: How can the Tribulation fit within the 1000 years?
2015-5-15 Biblical Definition of Faith: What is the Biblical definition of Faith? I'm aware of it says in Hebrews 11, but WHAT is it, so you know you aren't following the Word of Faith mentality? [Hebrews 11:1]
2015-5-14 Qualifications for an Elder: Caller is responding to a caller that was concerned about the response of a Pastor, & wants to point out how he probably wasn't following the protocol of being an elder. [1 Timothy 5:19, Titus 1:6, 1 Peter 5:1-4]
2015-5-14 Blood Moons, Shmita, the Jubilee: Does Steve give any credence to the Jewish Feasts, the Jubilee, the Shmita, the Blood Moons, that the economy is going to collapse in September 2015? Can we consider them "markers" that we are in the end of the world?
2015-5-14 Reigning w/ Christ: Will we reign w/ Christ in heaven, & what's going to be different before the New Heavens & the New Earth & after?
2015-5-14 Islam/Muslims: Calle had a friend who said he would never eat w/ a Muslim if invited by one. Caller wants to know if Steve has ever heard of Christians taking a stance like that? He'd invite them into his house to eat, but he'd never go w/ them.
2015-5-14 Understanding Prophecy: Caller is advising Steve that in order to understand prophecy, especially concerning the Beasts. Then they discuss historicism.
2015-5-13 Rebuilding of the Temple: Is it true that they are in the process of rebuilding the Temple like everyone is predicting?
2015-5-13 Blood Moons: What does Steve think of the Blood Moons that are being talked about?
2015-5-13 Church Growth in Dark Ages: How was the church growing in the Dark Ages during the monopoly the Catholic Church had on the Bible, on the Truth? [Matthew 13:31-32]
2015-5-13 Materialism: Western Society seems to have lost their way, the husband & the wife both working, undermining the family by being taught by schools & daycares, ignoring Christianity.