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2023-6-13 Creation's Order of Events: Could you clarify the order of events of the creation, as it seems to be contradictory in Chapter 2? [Genesis 1, Genesis 2:5, Genesis 2:9, Genesis 2:19]. (Steve Gregg continues answering this question after the break even though it seems like he ended it before the break started.)
2023-6-13 God Allowing Loss & Suffering: Isn't it because of the fall and sin that people have to suffer or die? Why is this so hard for people to grasp?
2023-6-13 Universal Reconciliation (Hell): Would God really be the loser if some are not saved? Don't you think that it is not necessarily a loss to God if some are consigned to hell? [2 Peter 3:9].
2023-6-13 Worship Music: Caller shares concerns about worship music and continuing to buy the music of some of the bands that are misusing the funds.
2023-6-13 Email for Steve Gregg: Can you share an email address for questions?
2023-6-13 Jesus Didn't Heal Everyone: Can you give me an example of when Jesus did not heal people? [John 5:3, John 5:6-9, John 11:3]
2023-6-12 Blessing of One's Children: How do I relate the blessing of Isaac to my own children? Especially if some are going astray? [Genesis 27].
2023-6-12 Sin or Natural Desires: Is James 1 talking about falling to sin, or is he referring to our natural desires? [James 1:6].
2023-6-12 Sin vs Sins: You misquoted the verse about Jesus taking away the sin(s) of the world? It is singular, not plural.[John 1:29].
2023-6-12 Random Accidents & Deaths: Do you think it is God's will that people die the way they do in random accidents? [Psalm 34:7, Psalm 91:11-12. 1 Corinthians 11:21].
2023-6-12 "Sin" as a Person: Is it possible that "sin" is a person? [Genesis 4:7, Proverbs 6:11, 2 Corinthians 5:21].
2023-6-12 Leaving the Door Open to Spouse to Return: Could you talk about leaving the door open to a spouse to return to the marriage?
2023-6-12 Signs of the Zodiac: What do you think about the similar personality traits of people born under the same zodiac signs?
2023-6-12 Keeping the Sabbath: Could you talk about why "keeping the Sabbath" is null and void for the Christian? [Hebrews 4].
2023-6-12 Open Eyes Upon Death: Does the Bible say anything about why the eyes are open when people die?
2023-6-12 Celebrating Christmas: Do you celebrate Christmas? [Jeremiah 10:1-5].
2023-6-12 Two Marys: Is this the same Mary as the mother of Jesus? [Matthew 27:55, Matthew 13:55].
2023-6-09 Born Again: How do you go about being born again?
2023-6-09 How Perfect Do I Have to Be?: I want to make sure I know where I am going. How perfect do I have to be? [1 John 1:9, 1 John 1:5-7].
2023-6-09 Old Testament Forgiveness: How were people forgiven for their sins in the Old Testament (relative to the shedding of blood and sacrifices)? [Luke 11:50-51, Matthew 16:24, John 8:31, Matthew 28:20].
2023-6-09 Loosing of Satan: Regarding the "Loosing of Satan," can you clarify? Do you think what we are seeing now could be part of it?
2023-6-09 Pat Robertson: What do you think about the passing of Pat Robertson?
2023-6-09 Good & Bad Christians: What is the difference between a good Christian and a bad Christian? [Luke 12:47-49, Ezekiel 36:26, Jeremiah 31:33, Hebrews 8:10].
2023-6-09 Aaron's & Moses' Rod: Was the Rod of Aaron & Moses' rod the same one?
2023-6-09 Ten Commandment Stones: Is it possible that the Ten Commandments were written on both sides of the stone? [Exodus 32:15].
2023-6-09 The Ark of the Covenant: Could you clarify things about the Ark of the Covenant and where the handles were and if the blood was cleaned up?
2023-6-09 Pat Robertson: Was Pat Robertson a Calvinist?
2023-6-09 Under Satan's Attack: Does Satan's attack indicate strength or weakness in the one he is attacking? [Job 2:3].
2023-6-09 Rebaptism: What do you think about being rebaptized?
2023-6-09 Defining "Dispensationalism" Disagreement: Caller disagrees with Steve's description of Dispensationalism.
2023-6-08 Eternal Torment (Hell): Don't you think that a sentence to hell is no worse than legal human punishments such as life or death sentences?
2023-6-08 The Faith of the Thief on the Cross: Do you think that the church undervalues the faith of the "thief on the cross?"
2023-6-08 Dispensational Denominations: Can you explain Dispensationalism and the denominations that hold it?
2023-6-08 God Only Saves the Elect: Could you enlighten me about the view that God is only going to save "The Elect?"
2023-6-08 Apostle's Creed & New Earth: Do you believe in the Apostle's Creed and the fact that we are coming back to the earth?
2023-6-08 Disagreement of Doctrines (Essentials of the Faith): How important is it for my wife and I to have the same doctrines, in particular, Calvinism's "limited atonement?"
2023-6-08 "The Hour is Coming & Now Is": Could you explain "the hour is coming and now is?" [John 5:25, John 5:28].
2023-6-07 Dallas Willard's Ministry: What do you think about Dallas Willard's ministry and books, like "The Divine Conspiracy" and "Renovation of the Heart?"
2023-6-07 Material vs Spiritual Blessings: What do you think of a pastor saying that the everyday material provisions are not the blessings referred to in John 10:10, but spiritual blessings? [John 10:1-10, Luke 12:15, 1 Timothy 6:17-18, Ephesians 1:3, Luke 3:1. Matthew 19:23-24]
2023-6-07 God's Control Over Life & Death: Does God really have control over life and death? - Whether an accident, a soldier, a baby, a suicide, etc. [Psalm 34:7-8].
2023-6-07 The Population of the Millennium Kingdom: Who makes up the population of the Millennium - both believers and unbelievers? Rec: Topical lecture series; "When Shall These Things Be?" [Revelation 20, 2 Thessalonians 1:8].
2023-6-07 Symbolism of the Lamb of the Sacrifice: Regarding the sacrificial lamb ritual - how can we know that there is only one Messiah, since there are two lambs (the scapegoat and the sacrificial) in the Old Testament ritual? [Leviticus 16].
2023-6-07 Near-Death & After-Death Experiences: What do you think of "near-death" or "after-death" experiences? [Luke 16:19-31].
2023-6-07 Raising a Spirit from the Dead: What am I to make of the story of the spirit of Samuel being raised from the dead by the witch? I thought that was not a thing? [1 Samuel 28].
2023-6-07 Word of Faith: What do you mean by "Word of Faith?" Rec: Topical lectures; "Word of Faith."
2023-6-06 Transgenderism: Do you think that there is demonic influence in the rise of transgenderism?
2023-6-06 Guns for Christians: Do you think it is acceptable to have guns as a Christian? [Matthew 5:39, James 4:17].
2023-6-06 Darbyism, Dallas Theological Seminary & Scofield Reference Bible: Could you explain how the Scofield Reference Bible became popular, made it into Dallas Theological Seminary, and how many seminaries are dominated by Dispensationalim?
2023-6-06 Simeon & Mary's Heart Pierced: Could you explain what was meant when Simeon blessed the baby Jesus and prophecied to Mary about "piercing her heart?" [Luke 2:34-35].
2023-6-06 God's Return to the Temple: When did God and His glory (Shekinah) return to the Temple?