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2020-11-09 Bless Those That Curse You: Could you explain what Jesus meant by "bless" as in "Bless those that curse you"? [Matthew 5:44, Exodus 23:4-5].
2020-11-09 Meaning of the Word "Church": What does the word "church" mean in Matthew 18? [Matthew 18:15-17, Matthew 16:18, I Corinthians 5:4-5].
2020-11-06 Analysis of the Word Generation Relative to Preterism: Regarding the other uses of the Greek word for "generation"(genea), does this cause any pause for the preterist view of end times only referring to AD70? [Jeremiah 31:29-30, Jeremiah 38, Zechariah 14:9-11, Matthew 24].
2020-11-06 Video Games: What do you think of video games?
2020-11-06 How Should We be Praying?: How often and how long should we pray for a particular need? Do we always pray for His will? [I John 5:14, Luke 18:1-8, Daniel 10].
2020-11-06 Phone App for The Narrow Path: Do you have a phone app for The Narrow Path radio program?
2020-11-06 Prayer for Election Honesty: Caller requests prayer for honesty of the election and the re-election of Donald Trump.
2020-11-06 Christmas: Caller questions the veracity of those worried about the date of Christmas as Christ's birthday. [I Samuel 15:22].
2020-11-06 Politics, The Election & Donald Trump: Caller disagrees with Steve regarding politics, the election, and Donald Trump.
2020-11-06 Trump/Pence & the Trumpets in Revelation: Have you heard of the theory that the Trump/ Pence ticket relates to the trumpets in Revelation?
2020-11-06 Faith on the Earth: Will there be many of faith in the land when the son of man comes? [Luke 18:8. Luke 7:9, Matthew 8:10].
2020-11-06 Christian Biden Supporter: I just don't see how any Christian can support Donald Trump as president?
2020-11-06 Jesus is Not God: Are you familiar with Victor Paul Wierwille (The Way International), who does not believe that Jesus is God?
2020-11-05 Devil Let Loose on the Descendants: Doesn't the Bible say that the Devil will be let loose on the descendants at the end? [2 Thessalonians 2:8].
2020-11-05 Line of Cain & Serpent Seed Doctrine: Do you reject the "Line of Cain" (Serpent Seed) doctrine? [John 8:44, John 8:37].
2020-11-05 Millennium Will Be in the Future: Doesn't the Lord's prayer affirm that the millennial reign will come in the future? [Isaiah 9:6-7, Daniel 2, Daniel 7, Revelation 20]
2020-11-05 Second Work of the Holy Spirit for Salvation: Do you believe that there is a second work of the Holy Spirit in regard to one's salvation? [Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 5:18, Acts 2:4, Jude 1:21, I John 5:21].
2020-11-05 Better Evidence Should Have Been Left to Confirm the Bible's Reliability: Does it not seem like Jesus should have left better evidence that the Bible is true?
2020-11-05 Various Bible Manuscripts Compared: Is there a good book that consolidates all the various manuscripts to help sort out the differences?
2020-11-05 Greg Boyd: What do you think about and Greg Boyd?
2020-11-05 Old Testament Metaphors for Evangelism: Can you find any flaw in Christians seeing metaphors of Christ in any of the Old Testament and then sharing that with unbelievers? [John 5:46, Isaiah 53].
2020-11-05 Studying the Manuscripts: Caller recommends the book, "Encountering the Manuscripts" by Philip Comfort for studying the scriptures.
2020-11-05 COVID & the White Horse in Revelation: Does the verse in Revelation about the conquering white horse possibly align with COVID? [Revelation 6:2].
2020-11-05 Time of the End in Daniel: Does it seem like the book of Daniel makes it clear that more revelation will be given in the end times? [Daniel 9, Daniel 12:9].
2020-11-05 When Hardship Can't Be for Good: I am having a hard time understanding how my current circumstances can ever turn out for good? Can you help? [Romans 8:28].
2020-11-05 Stirring up One's Church to Go Out and Disciple: How would you go about stirring up interest in your church to go out and disciple others?
2020-11-05 Suffering for the Christian: Why does God allow us to go through trials and sufferings as He does? [Job 2:10].
2020-11-05 Upon Death-Immediate Destination: When you die, do you go straight to heaven or hell, depending on whether you are saved or not? [Philippians 1:23, 2 Corinthians 5:6-8, 2 Timothy 4:6].
2020-11-04 Drifting Away of the Church: What factors may have affected the drifting away of one church over the other (as with the Galatians and Thessalonians) in scripture? [Acts 14, Acts 17, I Thessalonians 1:9].
2020-11-04 Elders in an Immature Church: Was Paul going against his own advice when he appointed elders in the immature church in Acts 14? [Acts 14:23].
2020-11-04 Conversion's Elation Expected to Last: As a former Mormon, as I moved away from religion, I have found in my new trust in Christ, a notable difference to the better. Should I expect this high to continue indefinitely? [I Peter 5:8-10].
2020-11-04 "A Course in Miracles": What about the book, "A Course in Miracles"- which seems to sound really good, but seems compromised?
2020-11-04 Steve's Dad is 95: Steve Gregg wanted to make a shout out about his dad's 95th birthday today!
2020-11-04 Bible Reliability Questioned by Atheist: A long-time Atheist friend of mine has challenged the reliability of the Bible because it has been translated so many times. How would you respond to him?
2020-11-04 Testing Prophets Today: Since someone prophesied that Trump would win this election, should we test those that give prophecies? If so, how would you go about testing it before it evidences itself?
2020-11-04 Minister's Doubt when He Doesn't Hear From God: What would you say to someone who is in ministry, who is struggling with their faith, to the point of disbelieving, because he is not hearing from God? [Isaiah 50:10, Job 13:15].
2020-11-04 The Narrow Path Theme Song: Is that you playing the guitar and whistling?
2020-11-03 Freedom Eroded-Confidence in God: To what degree does knowing about "the kingdom of God" console you when our liberties are being eroded at such an unprecedented pace?
2020-11-03 "America First" Slogan Heretical: Is the "America first" slogan a heresy? Can any non-religious slogan ever be considered a heresy?
2020-11-03 Jesus Capable of Sin: Could Jesus have sinned if He had chosen to? [Hebrews 4:15, Matthew 26:53].
2020-11-03 Believing in Jesus Plus...Anything Else?: If one believes that being saved requires believing in Jesus plus something else, is that mistaken?
2020-11-03 Life Begins at Conception: If we believe that abortion is wrong, then should be not be writing our lawmakers about the fact that life begins at conception?
2020-11-03 Adding to the Word of God: Is it wrong to add words to the Lord's Prayer, as some of the translations don't have the same words?
2020-11-03 Abortion vs Lying: Caller comments on previous caller's inability to see the indefensibility of comparing killing babies to lying. [I John 3:15, Numbers 35:33].
2020-11-03 Modalism & United Pentecostals: Regarding Modalism, could you help me sort out the United Pentecostal view that Jesus was the flesh of God? [I John 2:22].
2020-11-03 Judging by the Fruit in the Candidate during the Election: Could you help me sort out how to judge people running for office according to judging the fruit in their lives? [Galatians 5:22, Luke 3:9].
2020-11-03 Knowing God More Deeply: Do you not think that just providing lip service to one's belief in God is not sufficient, as one must know God more deeply?
2020-11-02 Christians Against Trump: Caller criticizes Steve's comments about Christians who don't use their brains, and will support abortion and Biden. [Proverbs 6:16-19].
2020-11-02 Abortion: Caller comments on the horrible act of abortion and current political issues:
2020-11-02 Sick Family May be Cursd: What do you think about someone telling a family suffering sickness, is under some kind of curse? [I Peter 4:12].