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2017-8-23 Original Sin: Is there a debate over Augustine's doctrine of Original Sin?
2017-8-22 Degrees of Punishment in Hell: is there different degrees of punishment in hell? isn't just going to hell for not believing Jesus enough? Is justice an attribute of God?
2017-8-22 Calvinism & Free Will: Is there free will in Calvinism? Does God
2017-8-22 Nicodemus' Salvation: Can we say if Nicodemus was saved or not?
2017-8-22 Not Accepting Jesus: What if people don't accept the Man Jesus, but live by the Light they have, isn't that good enoug?
2017-8-22 U.S. Constitution: Should the constitution be restricted to reflect Christian views? Caller is concerned it's too secular.
2017-8-22 Hell into the Lake of Fire: Caller wants to point out that Hell was cast into the lake of fire. [Revelation 20:11-15]
2017-8-22 Universal Reconciliationism: Can God be grieved when He loses His children, or is that a weak human trait?
2017-8-22 The Book of Revelation of Jesus not John: Isn't the book of Revelation a revelation of Jesus Christ & not John? And what is your view of the book of Revelation?
2017-8-22 The Rapture: Will the rapture come before or after the tribulation? [Matthew 24]
2017-8-22 The Word being Idea: The Word, can it just be an "idea"? [John 1:1]
2017-8-21 Atheist Listeners to the Narrow Path Program: Steve has received recent mail from Atheists who have actually donated to the program. One of them has a question:
2017-8-21 Faith: Are you sure faith isn't just having confidence in something they think to be true?
2017-8-21 Reading a Letter from an Atheist: Steve Gregg reads a letter from yet another Atheist, who also donated to the show!
2017-8-21 Commenting on Atheist Listeners: The caller appreciated the information about the atheists.
2017-8-21 Jesus Rebuking but Being for Christians: "I have this against you," Jesus said to several churches in Revelation, but then Jesus says He's for us. [Revelation 2, Romans 8:31]
2017-8-21 Lucifer: Why was Satan called Lucifer which means, "light bearer"? [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, 2 Corinthians 11:14]
2017-8-21 Rejected by Family for Christianity: I'm trying to handle being rejected by own family because I'm a believer. Trying to figure out how to deal with it.
2017-8-21 Church Discipline Needs to be Implemented: Church discipline needs happen because of appropriate behavior by a pastor, but they are wondering what to do?
2017-8-21 Being Saved: What does it mean to be saved?
2017-8-21 Belonging to God: What does the Bible say about those who belong to God?
2017-8-21 Requirements for Salvation: What is required to be saved?
2017-8-18 A Different Plan of Salvation: Why didn't God do it differently than needing a Saviour for the entire human race, like quarantine Adam & Eve & redoing it?
2017-8-18 Divorce in Book Ezra: Why did God allow divorce or even suggest it in the book of Ezra? [Ezra 9-10]
2017-8-18 Purpose of Marriage: What is the purpose of marriage?
2017-8-18 Praying to Jesus or the Father: Should we pray to Jesus or to God the Father?
2017-8-18 Liberal Christians: I've been asking Fundamental Liberal Christians fundament basic 101 questions, & they won't directly answer.
2017-8-18 Calvinism & Predestination: Calvinist believe that only some people are predestined to be saved, to be Christians, no matter what they do or don't do, is that right? Do you believe that?
2017-8-18 Demon-Possessed Christians: Can a Christian be demon-possessed?
2017-8-18 Canon of Scripture: So the canon of scripture was organized by the catholic church?
2017-8-17 A Different Take on the Trinity: Is the reason Jesus couldn't do anything apart from the Father & the Father can't do anything apart from the Jesus, & the Holy Spirit?
2017-8-17 Jews Still God's Chosen People: are the jews still God's chosen people?
2017-8-17 Praying for the Jews: rphould we be praying for them?
2017-8-17 Intentional Christian Community: I was wondering your knowledge about the "Intentional Christian Communities" & what you think about it?
2017-8-17 The Assumption of Mary: the Assumption of Mary, wondering if you knew how far that went back, & other catholic traditions
2017-8-17 Romans Verse by Verse Lectures: How do I know I'm listening to the right version of romans on your website? When were they done?
2017-8-17 Speaking in Tongues or Prophesying: Gift of Prophecy is more desirable than Speaking in Tongues. [1 Corinthians 14, Acts 2]
2017-8-17 JW & the Correct Jesus: Are the Jehovah's Witnesses worshipping the correct Jesus?
2017-8-17 Owning a Japanese Sword: Do you think it's okay to own a WWII Seme Japanese sword?
2017-8-16 September 23, 2017: What are your thoughts about the supposed September 23, 2017, & Revelation 12 prediction of the alignment of all the planets that is supposed to happen?
2017-8-16 Falling Away & No Repentance: I'm having trouble with these passages of Scripture. Can you explain them to me? [Hebrews 10:26, Hebrews 6:4-6]
2017-8-16 The 7 Spirits before the Throne of God: Someone asked a question about seeing the Trinity in heaven yesterday, & got me to thinking about the 7 Spirits before the throne. [Revelation 1:4, Revelation 3:1, Revelation 4:4, Revelation 5:6, Isaiah 11:2]
2017-8-16 Success in Evangelizing: I would love to evangelize, but it doesn't seem as effective anymore as it was in the earlier centuries.
2017-8-16 Bible Figure Job: Did Job know of the Redeemer & Resurrection? [Job 19:26-27]
2017-8-16 Crossing the Red Sea Documentary: What do you think about the documentary about evidence of the crossing of the red sea?
2017-8-16 Hebrew Language: When did the Hebrew language start?
2017-8-16 Understand How Christ Loves: A new commandment, to love one another & love God, & Christ showed me how.
2017-8-16 Trump Having a Revival: Conspiracy of Trump having a revival.
2017-8-16 Correcting Peter for Hypocrisy: When was the chronology of when Paul corrected Peter for his hypocrisy at Antioch?
2017-8-15 Coming of the Lord: Is the "coming" of the Lord literal? [1 Corinthians 15:23]