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2018-1-09 Satan's Origins: Was Satan a fallen angel who had free will or was he always the devil? [Isaiah 14:12-16, Ezekiel 28:12-19, John 8:44, 1 John 3:8]
2018-1-09 The Tester: If God made Satan the way he is, then He created evil, so how can that be? Also, if God created him to be a "tester", then why is he going to be punished for something he was designed to do?
2018-1-09 Beginner's start in the Bible Where is a good place to start as a new Christian reading the Bible?
2018-1-09 Golden Chain of Redemption: Among the Firstborn of many brethren, doesn't this sort've go against the Calvinist position? {Romans 8:29]
2018-1-09 Spiritual Warfare: Challenges and sin continuing to rage in a person's Christian life, warfare waging, just wondering what to do.
2018-1-09 The Curse on Ham (Canaan): What exactly happened when the curse of Ham (Canaan) happened? What else exactly happened in the tent? [Genesis 9]
2018-1-09 The Jesus Culture: Is the Jesus Culture related to the Bethel church in Redding?
2018-1-09 Women Pastors: Are Woman Pastors allowed or not? What about all the example in Roman 16? [Romans 16]
2018-1-09 Prayer Request: Caller asking for prayer about addressing a board on transgender issues.
2018-1-09 Christianity Influencing Society: How we should approach life as a Christian, changing society and government as believers?
2018-1-08 Christian Boundaries: What are the boundaries a Christian should have regarding abuse from others?
2018-1-08 David Reagan - Lion & Lamb Ministries & being "in Christ" & the "faith OF Christ": Seventh Day Adventism, according to the caller, isn't just another denomination; there are some scary things about it, he's believes.
2018-1-08 Investigative judgment: Have you ever heard of the Investigative Judgment?
2018-1-08 Seventh Day Adventism-SDA: I have a friend who became a sailor & met an SDA who completely changed his view of Christianity & it's making me nuts, him no longer believing we go to Heaven as soon as we die & so on.
2018-1-08 Being Mistreated: We need to be prepared to be mistreated!
2018-1-08 Hebrew Roots Movement What do you say about the Hebrew Roots Movement?
2018-1-08 Pro-Adventist comment: Adventist caller, with his rearing in the church, doesn't feel as though they are lost for keeping the Sabbath, it being a type of a spiritual reality.
2018-1-08 The Third Day: On 'the third day', the wedding feast, [John 2:1]
2018-1-08 Seventh Day Adventism & 10 Commandments: I always thought Seventh Day Adventists were good, Christian people, but now you say we only have to keep 9 of the 10 commandments?
2018-1-08 Two Witnesses: Who are the 2 witnesses in Revelation 11? What about the 1260 days, 3.5 years or 42 months? [Revelation 11]
2018-1-08 "Let US": "Let Us" do this or that in the opening book of the Bible, in Genesis. Is this referring to the Trinity? [Genesis 1:26]
2018-1-08 Head Coverings: What do you think about going to a church that is insistent on women wearing Head coverings & being silent in the church?
2018-1-05 Cessation of Spiritual Gifts: Did the gifts of the Spirit end after the Apostolic Age? Is there an agenda as to why they say they've stopped?
2018-1-05 New Apostolic Reformation: Can you comment on this New Apostolic Reformation that seems to be prevalent in Bethel Church? They seem to focus a lot on the supernatural.
2018-1-05 Greatest Revival: Do you think we are about to have one of the greatest revivals that has ever taken place?
2018-1-05 Jesus' Innocence: Wouldn't Jesus having had sex compromised His innocence?
2018-1-05 Numerology in the Bible: Don't we have to believe in Numerology?
2018-1-05 Book of Isaiah-Multiple Authors: Was the Book of Isaiah written by 3 different authors?
2018-1-05 Pharaoh attempting to Kill Moses: (followup yesterday) Pharaoh wanting to kill Moses, why would that be? [Exodus 2:11-12] :
2018-1-05 Free Will & Free Choice: Is there a distinction between Free Will & Free Choice?
2018-1-05 Rhema, Logos: "Word", Rhema, Logos, Peter seems to use those words interchangeably. [Luke 22:61, Matthew 26:75]
2018-1-05 Resurrection being symbolic: Bahai belief that Jesus’s resurrection was symbolic, how is this argued?
2018-1-04 Don Stewart: What can you tell me about Don Stewart?
2018-1-04 Future Judgment: If you are forgiven, then why a future judgment?
2018-1-04 Homosexuality: I'm having a hard time forgiving, loving homosexuals who just want to continue in that lifestyle.
2018-1-04 The (Secret) Rapture: Do you believe in the Secret Rapture? What are the ramifications for being wrong about it?
2018-1-04 Moses going in Hiding: Why did Moses have to flee for killing somebody since he was in the royal family?
2018-1-04 By His Stripes we are Healed: People seem to use the verse in Isaiah about "by His stripes we are healed", but isn't that a misuse of the Scripture? [Isaiah 53]
2018-1-04 New Testament Reliability: People say we can't trust the Scriptures of the New Tesament because they were just letters all compiled together centuries later. [2 Timothy 3:16]
2018-1-04 Already Condemned: We are condemned if we don't believe in Jesus. We need to tell people that, that they are condemned if they don't believe in Jesus. [John 3:16-18]
2018-1-03 First Shall be Last & the Last Shall be First: What do these phrases mean: "The last shall be first, and the first shall be last" and "Many are called, few are chosen"? [Matthew 20:15-16]
2018-1-03 Apocrypha-Lost Books of the Bible: Why is the Apocrypha not recognized by Protestants?
2018-1-03 Baptism in Jesus Name: A preacher says you are to only be baptized in the name of “Jesus”.
2018-1-03 Rhema & Logos: Can you give an overview of the “Rhema” word of God as it relates to the “Logos”?
2018-1-03 Attain Ressurection of the Dead: What does it mean to "attain to the ressurection of the dead"? [Philippians 3:10-11]
2018-1-03 God Saving Man?: Why would an omnipotent God have to come to save mankind?
2018-1-03 Israelite Tribal Marraige: Did Israelites marrying outside their tribe?
2018-1-03 Matthew Taking Notes: (Comment on yesterday's 4th call) Caller believes Matthew may have taken good notes.
2018-1-03 Attain Resurrection of the Dead: (Continuation of 4th call this episode) It sounds like Paul doesn't know how to attain the resurrection of the dead.
2018-1-03 In Christ and Identifying with Christ: Caller believes there is a difference between being "In Christ" and "Identifying with Christ".