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2016-2-16 The Sheet & Unclean Animals becoming Clean: God showed 3 times about being all animals now being clean, showing that everything was clean, but I have a Messianic friend who insists that it has nothing to do with being able to eat pork, but still no pork some say [acts 10:9-16]
2016-2-16 Gay Child: How do you deal with a child who is gay? What about they had a nervous breakdown & all of a sudden started going back to church? I'm also afraid though that once they are well, they will go right back into the lifestyle again.
2016-2-16 Good Works but without Christ: Some people in the church seem to think you can go to Heaven by just doing good works, living in Obedience & don't necessarily have to have a relationship with Christ.
2016-2-16 Marriage after Divorce for Adultery: Is it okay for a guy to get remarried even though he got divorced because he was guilty of adultery?
2016-2-16 Steve's Wrong about Preterism: Caller thinks Steve is wrong about preterism, & the 7 churches are Dispensations of time in light of read 2 Timothy 3:1-7. [2 Timothy 3:1-7]
2016-2-15 Increasing Crisis Indicating Jesus Imminent Return: Do you think certain crisis that seem to be increasing & getting worse are evidences that the end is near & that Jesus is coming back soon?
2016-2-15 Sin Unto Death: What are your thoughts on this? [1 John 5:16-17]
2016-2-15 Minor Prophets: Do you have anything you'd recommend about the minor prophets & how & when they existed wit everything else?
2016-2-15 Baptizing in only Jesus' Name: It says in Acts that people who were baptized only in the name of Jesus didn't receive the Spirit. Why not? ; why didn't they receive the Holy Spirit at conversion/water baptism then?
2016-2-15 Receiving Holy Spirit: why didn't they receive the Holy Spirit at conversion or water baptism then?
2016-2-15 Receiving the Holy Spirit & Being Completely Filled: How do you become completely filled by the Holy Spirit?
2016-2-15 Jesus Coming by Water & Blood: What is your take on this verse? [1 John 5:6-8]
2016-2-15 John the Baptist-The Last & Greatest Prophet: What made John the Baptist the last & greatest prophet of the Old Testament? [Luke 7:28]
2016-2-12 Covenant with Abraham Involving the Land: Was Israel given the land forever?
2016-2-12 The Promised Land: What is the promised land & did the Israelites ever obtain it all?
2016-2-12 Hyper-Grace & Dispensationalism: Have you found it to be true that hyper grace SEEMS to run along the beliefs people who believe in dispensationalism? Do you find this to be true?
2016-2-12 Taking the Lord's name in Vain: What does it mean to take the Lord's name in vain?
2016-2-12 "Be ye Perfect": What does Jesus mean by being as perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect? [Matthew 5:48, Luke 6:34-36]
2016-2-12 God Speaking or the Devil Speaking: How would you discern if it's the devil or God talking to you?
2016-2-12 Calvinism-Predestination: Can you talk about Predestination?
2016-2-12 God Creating Evil: Did God create evil?
2016-2-12 Conversing with JWs: I want you to please tell me how i can answer Jehovah's Witnesses & their questions, such as we need to go back to using Jehovah.
2016-2-11 Fasting & Wine Use: When they were fasting, were they still mixing the wine with water, & what about the people who took the Nazarite vow? Were they exceptions?
2016-2-11 Baptism for Church Membership: Most churches seem to think you are getting baptized into their church & becoming a member, learning & accepting their doctrines, rather than just being a disciple of Christ.
2016-2-11 Probation Period before Baptism: In some churches you have to go through a 30-day program before you can be baptized.
2016-2-11 The Importance & Expediency of Baptism: Why isn't baptism emphasized as much as it should be? Why such tarrying in getting baptized verses immediately?
2016-2-11 Christian Having Joy, Peace & Love: They say you are supposed to have joy, peace & love all the time as a Christian, so I'm beginning to question my faith now.
2016-2-11 Grace Movement What do you think about the "hyper-grace" movement that says we only need to repent once & we are good to go? [1 John 1:9]
2016-2-11 Good Churches in the Sacramento Area: Believe it or not there are a lot of churches that DO teach biblical teachings in the Sacramento area.
2016-2-10 Paul & Wrath: Paul uses the word "wrath" 3 times. what is this wrath he is talking about & is it still future? {1 Thessalonians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 2:16, 1 Thessalonians 5:9]
2016-2-10 Names being Blotted out of Book of Life: People think names in the Book of Life would never be removed, but it says that people would be. Can you explain this? [Exodus 32:32-33]
2016-2-10 Tribe of Dan: Why is Tribe of Dan missing from the 12 tribes listed Revelation regarding the 144,000 [Revelation 7]
2016-2-10 Reunited with Loved Ones: Is there any biblical evidence that we may be reunited with loved ones when we die or not until the other side of glory?
2016-2-10 Stoning Disobedient Children: Michael the Buddhist calling, asking about duet, a rebellious child being stoned to death? That seems too harsh for him. [Deuteronomy 21:18-21]
2016-2-10 "What are we to Make of Israel?": Caller comments on lecture series “What are we to Make of Israel?”, saying how good they are, & that he's on his second time of listening to them.
2016-2-10 Contradictory Numbers in Scripture: Was it 20 years or 40 years that the Ark remained in Kirjathjearim because the math doesn't seem to be working out in light of what it says in [1 Samuel 7:2, Acts 13:22]
2016-2-10 Missing Tribe of Dan: Caller has a theory responding to a previous call about why Dan was not included in the list of Revelation 7. [Revelation 7:4-8]
2016-2-10 Unpardonable Sin: Can you give all the commentary you can about the unforgiveable sin & did Jesus do away with all of that at the cross?
2016-2-09 Abrahamic Covenant & the Land of Israel: Since there types & anti-types couldn't the land of Israel could still be fulfilled physically, even if it was already fulfilled spiritually under the Abrahamic Covenant?
2016-2-09 Blaspheming the Holy Spirit: How do I know if I've blasphemed the Holy Spirit or not?
2016-2-09 God's Forgiveness: Is there any sin that God won't forgive?
2016-2-09 A Physical Burning of the Earth: Regarding the New Heaven & Earth, literal physical burning? [2 Peter 3:10-13]
2016-2-09 All Israel Shall be Saved: A remnant of Israel will be saved discussion, & caller feels Steve needs to mention the premillennialist view more often. [Romans 11]
2016-2-09 Premillennialist view New Heaven & Earth: Caller comments on previous call about the earth burning on Jesus second arrival.
2016-2-09 Old Testament Prophecy to still be Fulfilled: Can you list the things that still need to be fulfilled in the Old Testament?
2016-2-09 Steve's Experience with Speaking in Tongues: The caller's wife wanted a brief testimony of Steve speaking in tongues & being filled with the Holy Spirit.
2016-2-05 Jesus' Glorified Body: Was Jesus' resurrected body the same as His other body?
2016-2-05 Order of Appearances of Jesus after His Resurrection: can you tell me the order of the events of the resurrection appearances of Jesus?
2016-2-05 Open Theism: Open Theism, free will, God's omniscience & caller tries to link john 19:11 with free will. [John 19:11]
2016-2-05 Calling Evil Good & Good Evil: Is there a verse that says they'll call evil good & good evil? [Isaiah 5:20]