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2015-1-19 Eternal Security: What is meant by Eternal Security? What about someone who appears saved but dies in grave sin? [John 10:28, 1 Corinthians 4:5]
2015-1-19 Cults not believing Gifts of the Spirit: Is it true that cults don't believe in the Gifts of the Spirit, don't get messages from God? Do Muslims ever hear from God?
2015-1-19 Eternal Security: Caller absolutely believes in Eternal Security. (Healthy Discussion)
2015-1-19 Eternal Security: Caller has been listening to Vernon McGee about "Falling Away" & would like Steve's thoughts. [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2015-1-16 Perseverance of the Saints: Caller disagrees w/ Steve's stance of not having Eternal Security, not being once saved always saved & they have a long discussion about it.
2015-1-16 Michael the Archangel & Moses: What exactly was the dispute over Moses' body anyway? [Jude 9]
2015-1-16 Marriage & Divorce (Adultery): Are spouses allowed to go back to each other once they divorce each other, both getting remarried & divorced from those marriages? [Deuteronomy 24]
2015-1-16 Perseverance of the Saints: Caller doesn't understand why Steve doesn't camp on the words of Jesus, "All that the Father gave Me, I will not lose one" from a previous call. [John 6:37-39, John 18:9]
2015-1-16 Marriage & Divorce (Adultery): Caller wants to followup what was discussed in a previous question about husband forgiving & repenting.
2015-1-15 Denying the Lord: Can we Deny the Lord by our lack of works? Will He say He never knew us if He at one time DID know us? [Titus 1:16, Matthew 7:23]
2015-1-15 Eastern Orthodoxy (about Hell): Heaven & Hell are actually thought to be the same place. Has Steve ever heard of something like that?
2015-1-15 "Greater Works": What greater works was Jesus talking about that we would do? [John 14:12]
2015-1-15 False Teacher Accusation: Caller is saying Steve said that Jesus said in Matthew 7:23, "I knew you, but not anymore", but that's a false gospel. [Matthew 7:23]
2015-1-15 Bible Thumping as opposed to Gently Correcting: How can you not come across as Bible thumping as opposed to be gently admonishing someone who's doing wrong? [2 Timothy 2:24, Galatians 6:1]
2015-1-15 Tithing: Caller has a friend who has told him he is wrong for not tithing. How does he share with him that he might not be right?
2015-1-14 3rd & 4th Generational Curse: Why do my great-great grandchildren have to pay for my sins? [Exodus 20:5, 34:7, Deuteronomy 5:9-10, Ezekiel 18:20]
2015-1-14 Fasting - Negative connotation: God didn't want fasting or it wasn't always effective, is that what He was saying in Isaiah? [Isaiah 58]
2015-1-14 God Hates the Sin, Loves the Sinner: We've heard the saying, "God hates the sin, but loves the sinner", but there are places where it says in the Bible that God hates the wicked person.
2015-1-14 Ethnic Israel having a future role: Does Steve believe ethnic Israel plays a role in the end-times? What about all these passages of Scripture then? [Luke 21:24, Romans 11:25-32]
2015-1-14 No Bibles Available in Church: Caller forgot Bible one time & asked if she could borrow one & the church didn't have one.
2015-1-14 Prayer in Church: How much prayer should be happening in church?
2015-1-14 Spouse being very problematic: What do you do when your spouse goes out of their way to be problematic, refusing to pray with you, go to church with you?
2015-1-13 Exegesis, Eisegesis & Existentialism: Michael the Buddhist starts a discussion about Exegesis verses Eisegesis & then asks about Existentialism.
2015-1-13 Kingdom of God: When is the Kingdom of God going to be established? during millennial reign that we are in now? Caller is also concerned with how Jesus answered them. [Act 1:6-9].
2015-1-13 Jesus giving up Deity: Jesus was 100% God & 100% man, but didn't He divest Himself of His Deity?
2015-1-13 People Never hearing the Gospel: Caller wanted to followup on if people are saved who had never heard the gospel & wants to cite a passage of Scripture in Romans. [Romans 2:11-15]
2015-1-13 Children going to Heaven: Do children go to Heaven if they die?
2015-1-13 Paul Offering Animal Sacrifice: Did Paul really offer an animal sacrifice? [Acts 21:23-26]
2015-1-13 Attacked from the Enemy (Satan): How would you describe being attacked by the enemy (the devil)?
2015-1-12 Never Hearing the Gospel: Will people go to hell who have never heard the gospel?
2015-1-12 God's Glory, Shekinah Glory: Is john referring to the glory of Jesus in relation to what happened in the Transfiguration? [Matthew 17:1-9, John 1:14]
2015-1-12 Sunday the Sabbath: A friend of the caller won't go to a restaurant or go shopping on Sunday because she thinks it's the Sabbath & we can't work or make others work. [Romans 14:5-6, Colossians 2:14-17]
2015-1-12 Followup to working on Sunday: Don't go to restaurants not because of it being the Sabbath but because it might prevent people from going to church.
2015-1-12 The Bride of the Lamb: Who is the Bride of the Lamb? I heard that it was something different than the church.
2015-1-12 Once Saved Always Saved: Caller trying to figure out what is right, once saved always saved or not, especially in light of a passage of scripture in Matthew. [Matthew 7:21-23].
2015-1-12 Public Schools: It's a sin to put children in public schools, some think. What are Steve's thoughts?
2015-1-09 The 3 Views of Hell-Universal Reconciliation: Regarding the Universal Reconciliation view, does God want to just restore us with His consuming fire?
2015-1-09 A 4th View of Hell: Caller wants to introduce a 4th view of hell.
2015-1-09 The Book of Revelation: Is it true Steve doesn't believe that the book of Revelation is written for us today? What about the 1000 years? What about the Second Coming?
2015-1-09 "Everlasting Contempt": How could the Universal Reconciliation view be possible in the light of these verses? [Daniel 12:2, Matthew 25:46]
2015-1-09 Dating: Does Steve have anything on the subject of dating (relationships, courting, romance)?
2015-1-09 Purgatory: What's even some slight biblical support for the purgatory doctrine, if there is any?
2015-1-09 Hell: All these verses talk about hell, so don't they all mean the same thing? [Revelation 20:14, Mark 3:29, Matthew 18:9]
2015-1-08 Daniel (70th week): Jesus can't come yet because the 70th week hasn't happened yet. What does Steve say about that?
2015-1-08 People coming out of Graves: Caller is impressed with the resurrection that took place of a whole bunch people during Jesus' resurrection & wants to know why it isn't mentioned more, somewhere else. [Matthew 27:52-54]
2015-1-08 Jesus & Eastern Religions: Wouldn't Jesus have been aware of all the Eastern Religions during His day?
2015-1-08 Responding to 70th week: Caller called to rebut the 70th week in Daniel & the anti-Christ.
2015-1-08 Easton's Bible Dictionary: Does Steve know where you can find an Easton's Bible Dictionay?
2015-1-07 God of the OT vs the NT: The God of the Old Testament seems to be different than the God of the New Testament, is this true?
2015-1-07 Rewards (to the Pharisees): What did Jesus mean when He said, "...they have their reward"? [Matthew 6:5]