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2022-4-07 Submitting to Authority: Caller shares thoughts about the difference between obeying and submitting to government. [I Peter 2:13, Romans 13:1-2].
2022-4-06 Records of Converstations in the Bible: How did they record the specific words of Jesus in scripture, like in the conversation of the woman at the well, and Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane?
2022-4-06 Souls That Preceded the Coming of Jesus: What happened to the souls that preceded the coming of Jesus? [Genesis 15:6, Psalms 32:2, Hebrews 11].
2022-4-06 Heaven Coming to the New Earth: Do you believe that heaven-the New Jerusalem-will be on the new earth? [Revelation 21, Psalm 115:16, Galatians 4:26].
2022-4-06 One or Two Demon Possessed Men?: Can you explain why the other gospels don't say that there were two demon possessed men, but only mention one. [Matthew 8:28-34 ].
2022-4-06 Unconditional Love: Can you explain "unconditional love" and what that specifically means? [Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 23:13-14, Luke 19:44, Matthew 23:37].
2022-4-06 When Jesus Fulfilled the Law: When exactly did Jesus fulfill the Law? [Luke 4:16, James 1:25, James 2:8, Jeremiah 31, Exodus 24:8, Matthew 26:28, Luke 17:21, Mark 4:28].
2022-4-06 Jesus Raised Himself: Could you help me understand if Jesus raised Himself, or if all three of the Trinity raised Him? [John 10:18, Galatians 1:1, John 2:19, Romans 8:11, Galatians 1:1, John 10:18].
2022-4-06 Atheist: Why "love" the Bible?: Atheist: Why should we love the Bible?
2022-4-06 Atheist: Why Believe the Bible is God's Word: Atheist: Why should we believe that the Bible is the Word of God?
2022-4-06 Atheist: Why Believe the Bible is True?: Why should we believe that the Bible is true? [Isaiah 41:21-23].
2022-4-06 Tribulation: When will the tribulation be? [Matthew 24:22].
2022-4-05 Atheist Caller: Death Penalty Due to Seven Deadly Sins: Atheist: Would you talk about the "seven deadly sins" and the penalty of death due to sin?
2022-4-05 Atheist Caller: Righteousness Required for Heaven: Atheist: If we are not as righteous as God, then doesn't the Bible say we cannot inherit the Kingdom of God? No one can be righteous, so doyou know anyone who will be in heaven.
2022-4-05 God is Love: How is it that God is love? [I John 4:7-21].
2022-4-05 Steve Gregg's Lecture on God's Love: Where is your extensive lecture about love and "God is love"? Topical Lecture series; "Charisma & Character".
2022-4-05 John Remaining Until He Comes: Does the verse about John "remaining until Jesus comes" mean that He would stay around witnessing untilJesus did come back? [John 21:21].
2022-4-05 Sun Standing Still & the Miraculous: Caller comments on a report of a recorded long day in Mexico that dates to the day described in Joshua when the sun stood still.
2022-4-05 Imprecatory Prayers-Against Evil Doers: Is there scripture that talks about God's pain when things like war and other evils take place,, and how we should be praying? [Psalm 109:8].
2022-4-05 Thief on the Cross: Do you think that the story of the thief on the cross was reliable since the other gospels don't tell the same story? [Luke 23:39-43, John 2:25].
2022-4-05 God's Mercy Toward an Unbeliever: What do you think about a friend of mine who has passed away, but was one of the finest men ever-do you think that God will have mercy? [2 Peter 3:9, Ezekiel 33:11, Ezekiel 18:23].
2022-4-05 Foot Washing: What is the significance of Jesus washing the disciples' feet? [John 13:4].
2022-4-05 The Prodigal Son's Portion of the Estate: How was the portion of the inheritance of the Prodigal Son determined? [Luke 15:11-32].
2022-4-04 Atheist Caller-How Can You Act Like This is Not Big Deal?: Atheist caller: How can you just let these discussions take place, acting like it is a small matter?
2022-4-04 Atheist Caller: Go to a Museum instead of the Bible: Atheist; Should people not go to museums instead of look to the Bible for their view of God?
2022-4-04 Atheist Caller: Hell: Atheist: Don't you just give people no choice when you tell them they are going to hell? Isn't it all just a silly story?
2022-4-04 "Seed" vs "Seeds": Is this an example of "progressive revelation" when they discussion of "seed" vs. "seeds"? Is this the first time this is revealed? [Galatians 3:16, Galatians 3:28-29, Ephesians 3:1-6]
2022-4-04 "The Sinner's Prayer" & Billy Graham: Do you believe in salvation through the "Sinner's Prayer", as Billy Graham preach?
2022-4-04 "The Sinner's Prayer" & the Filling of the Holy Spirit: Does the Holy Spirit enter a believer's life upon saying "The Sinner's Prayer" or does that take place later? [Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 4:4-6, Acts 1:5-8, Acts 19:6, Acts 9:17].
2022-4-04 Being "Bold" and Being "Meek": How do we manage two different things Jesus taught about being both "bold", but also "meek"? [Matthew 11:29, Acts 4:23-31].
2022-4-04 Leaving Mormonism (LDS): How do I deal with the moral conflict in not submitting to the authority (lack of humility) when leaving the Mormon church?
2022-4-04 Mormonism vs. Following Jesus: Former Mormon encourages: Please let Mormons know what it looks like to follow Jesus, instead of Mormonism, because they so often abandon God altogether and become atheists? Show them the alternative.
2022-4-04 Trinitarian Analysis: A priest said that Jesus has to depend on His Father for working miracles and such. Was he correct? [Luke 2:52].
2022-4-01 Prayer & Fasting: What does it mean when scripture says that "this kind does not come out but by prayer and fasting"? [Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29].
2022-4-01 Why Judgment for Forgiven Believers?: Why do we need to be judged by God after death, if He already died for my sins? [I Corinthians 11:31, I John 1:7-9].
2022-4-01 Jesus' Crucifixion: In the verse about Him being "lifted up", which is about the crucifixion of Christ, do you think that the crowd understood that was referring to it? [John 10:32].
2022-4-01 Prophecy of Jesus' Crucifixion: Are we to look at Psalm 22 as prophetic of Jesus' crucifixion? [Psalm 22].
2022-4-01 New Living Translation: How should I convince someone that they should probably no longer use New Living Translation because of the omitted verses? [Matthew 17:21, Matthew 10:15, Matthew 11:24].
2022-4-01 More Required of Those that Have More: What does it mean in scripture; "unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required"? [Luke 12:48].
2022-4-01 Repentance: What does it really mean to "repent"? [Mark 1:15, Luke 13:3-5].
2022-4-01 Worldliness & Entertainment: Does "not loving the world" allow for enjoying various entertainments, like sports? [I John 2:15-17, I Timothy 6:17].
2022-4-01 Foolish Disputes: Does the scripture about not getting into "foolish disputes" apply to witnessing to unbelievers who don't want to hear it? [Titus 3:9].
2022-3-31 Agnosticism & Doubts: Have you, Steve Gregg, ever had periods of agnosticism or doubts, yourself? What can I, a doubter, do if I really want to believe?
2022-3-31 Flesh Vs Satan Tempting Us: How do we know when it is the Devil vs our own flesh tempting us? [Matthew 12:26, Acts 17:30].
2022-3-31 Satan's Access to Our Minds: How much access does Satan have to our minds?
2022-3-31 Speaking to Satan:: Should we address Satan directly? [Revelation 12:11].
2022-3-31 Literal Numbers Used in Revelation: Are not literal numbers used in Revelation, like the seven churches?
2022-3-31 Millennium Not Literal: Why do you think the the "Millennium" is not literal, but symbolic? [Revelation 20, Deuteronomy 1:11, Deuteronomy 7:9, Psalm 84:10, 2 Peter 3:8, Psalm 50:10, Matthew 12:28, Psalm 90:4, Job 42:12, Genesis 20:16].
2022-3-31 God & Jesus Two or One in Heaven?: When we get to heaven, will se see God and Jesus as two separate people? [Revelation 4-5].
2022-3-31 "Brother" & "Sister" as a Salutation: Are we to only address fellow believers with the greeting; "Brother" or "Sister"?