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2014-1-13 Interpreting Scripture: Can you please explain this passage of Scripture, [Amos 3:4-8]?
2014-1-13 Gift of Prophecy: What is the role of prophecy for today? Someone thinks 2014 & 2015 are going to be turbulent times, martial law & so on. [1 Corinthians 7:7, 1 Peter 4:11, 1 Timothy 4:14, 2 Timothy 1:6, Ephesians 4:11, Galatians 5:22-23, Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 14:1-15]
2014-1-13 Trusting God: What it all boils down to is people just don't seem to trust God enough.
2014-1-13 Searching for Perfect Church & 2 by 2's: My son & daughter in law have come across a group called, "Two by twos", who strongly believe in home church, & just wondering if you have any thoughts on this group?
2014-1-13 Alcohol: What do you think about drinking hard liquor?
2014-1-13 Graham Cooke, David Wilkerson & modern-day Apostles: What do you think of Apostles for this day & age?
2014-1-13 70 weeks: Do you think the 1st Decree of Cyrus is the date we should start dating the 70 week prophecy from?
2014-1-10 Matthew Henry & the NLT (New Living Translation): What do you think of Matthew Henry? What do you think of the NLT, especially in Spanish, where they seem to change a lot of things?
2014-1-10 Jacob & the Spotted Animals: What was the story about Jacob & the spotted animals about? [Genesis 30:25 - 31:16]
2014-1-10 Hell - Annihilationism: Do you believe the Annihilationism view of Hell more than any other? [Isaiah 66:24 Daniel 12:2]
2014-1-10 Extreme Grace (Hyper Grace): What do you think about being saved no matter what you do, as long as you are "saved"? [Matthew 28:18-20]
2014-1-10 The Message (Paraphrase) Bible: What do you think of the Message Bible? What versions do you think ARE the best?
2014-1-10 Defending against persecution: What does the Scripture say about defending yourself, defending the church against persecution? [James 5:5-6]
2014-1-07 Jesus' Atonement: Would Jesus needed to have died on the cross if Adam & Eve & their descendants hadn't sinned?
2014-1-07 Bible Translations & Andrew Murray: So do you think the NKJV is the best, & what do you think about Andrew Murray?
2014-1-07 Jesus' Death being a Surprise to Satan: Was Jesus' death on the cross a surprise to Satan? Is there a possibility he didn't know Jesus was going to rise again & really defeat him? [1 Corinthians 2:7-8, Psalm 16:10]
2014-1-07 Wednesday Crucifixion: Is it possible Jesus was crucified on Wednesday & not on the traditional view of Friday?
2014-1-07 Earth to Land: I've heard you say that the word "Earth" should be sometimes translated to "Land". Why?
2014-1-07 Noah's Flood: What evidence supports your view that Noah's Flood was global?
2014-1-07 Satan's Knowledge: The Devil is the opposite of the Fruits of the Spirit, so is it possible that he just gave in to murdering Jesus even though he knew it was going to hurt him in the end just because that is his nature?
2014-1-07 Binding Satan/the Strong Man: When did Jesus bind Satan? [Mark 3:27]
2014-1-07 Prayer: Do you have any advice on how to spend quality time in prayer?
2014-1-07 Law of Moses: When a person follows any part of the Mosaic Law are they being legalistic?
2014-1-07 Ron Wyatt discovering Noah's Ark: Noah's Ark is in the valley of Mt Ararat, not the mountain.
2014-1-07 Cain's Mark: Who did Cain have to fear from killing him? His own siblings, isn't that right?
2014-1-06 Martin Luther: I disagree that Martin Luther hated the jews & peasants but was just trying to be more political in his maneuvering.
2014-1-06 Jesus' Genealogy: Why is the genealogy in Matthew important if Joseph is not even Jesus' biological father? [Matthew 1:1-17, Luke 3:23-38]
2014-1-06 Overcoming & Receiving Crown of Llife: What are we supposed to overcome? {Revelation 2:10]
2014-1-06 Homosexuality: Most talk shows seem to bring the homesexuality lifestyle sin exclusive to all other sins.
2014-1-06 The Narrow Path Program: What I love your show is that you are able to interact w/ your callers, especially of people who disagree.
2014-1-06 Keys of the Kingdom: How can we show that Jesus wasn't necessary talking to just Peter when He gave the Key of the Kingdom? [Matthew 16:19, 18:18]
2014-1-06 Study Bible: What Study Bible do you use when you are in-depth study?
2014-1-06 Divorced People getting Married: What about divorced people who get married?
2014-1-06 Pre-marital Sex: I find no verse in the Bible prohibiting pre-marital sex. Am I wrong?
2014-1-06 70 Weeks in Daniel: I would like you to explain the 70 weeks in Daniel & the 3 & half yrs in Revelation. [Daniel 9, Revelation 12:14]
2014-1-06 Dispensations dispensing w/ Historical Fact: You said that Dispensationalists dispelled w/ Historical Fact regarding the 70th week, so what do YOU think about the 70th week?
2014-1-06 Keeping Holy the Sabbath: Do we need to keep the Sabbath on Sunday? [Colossians 2:8]
2014-1-03 Martin Luther being Anti-Semitic: How could someone like Martin Luther be anti-Semitic?
2014-1-03 Motivational Speakers: Isn't it true that most preachers of Mega churches are more like motivational speakers rather than actual preachers, such as Zig Zigglar & Joel Osteen?
2014-1-03 Product of our own Culture: Are some of the things we believe might just be culturly related?
2014-1-03 Translations of the Bible: What is your opinion about the newer, modern Bible translations? How do you feel about the gender-neutral translations? Do you think the modern translations are accurate? Why do you prefer the translations that you do?
2014-1-03 Communion (the Last Supper) & Judas Iscariot: Was Judas Iscariot in attendance at the Lord's Supper? [Matthew 26:14-29, John 13:1-30, Luke 22:7-30]
2014-1-03 Martin Luther: Comments regarding a previous call about Martin Luther.
2014-1-03 Pornography & Lust: I keep thinking I have victory over pornography, but i'm afraid of it happening in the future.
2014-1-02 Attending Church: Do I have to go to church to go heaven? [Hebrews 10:25]
2014-1-02 Faith & Reason: What is the relationship between faith & reason? [Hebrews 11:1, 1 Peter 3:15, Romans 1:19-20]
2014-1-02 Salvation of non-Jews in OT times: How is God going to judge people who did not follow the system of Judaism in Old Testament times? [Job 1-29, Acts 10]
2014-1-02 Jesus' Lordship & Authority: When did Jesus receive His Lordship & Authority? After His death & resurrection? [Philippians 2:7-8]
2014-1-02 Testimony of Visions & Obedience: A testimony about visions from God, but not obeying them/Him.
2014-1-02 Prosperity Teaching & Positive Thinking: What are your thoughts on prosperity teaching & positive thinking? [Proverbs 23:7]