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2018-12-27 Jesus' Birth: Messiah's birth the feast of tabernacles(?)
2018-12-27 Dead seeing us: Can the deceased in heaven look down & see us?
2018-12-27 Our memory on the other side of Glory: Are we going to remember our past on the other side of glory?
2018-12-27 Owe Nothing to any man: We no man ANYTHING except to love one another, what does that mean? (no debt of any kind?) [Romans 13:10]
2018-12-26 Saved w/ out Knowledge of Jesus: People who were never Christians, who have never heard of Christ, can be saved despite this verse? [Acts 17:30]
2018-12-26 Tithing: Tithing, give to Caesar what is Caesar's & give back to God what is God [Matthew 21, Matthew 23:23]
2018-12-26 One second after Death: Where do you go when you die?
2018-12-26 "Without God in the World": Can you explain a passage of Scripture for me in Ephesians? [Ephesians 2:12]
2018-12-26 The Thief: Who is the thief in John & what is Jesus talking about? [John 10:10]
2018-12-26 Purgatory: Where does the doctrine of purgatory come from?
2018-12-26 Marriage & Divorce Question: I got a divorce in my 20s, but was an unbeliever & my ex-wife got remarried, so will God honor the marriage i'm in right now?
2018-12-26 Holy Spirit: I haven't received the Spirit, or, I haven't been slain by the Spirit, so I don't think I'm saved
2018-12-26 Christmas: Should Christians celebrate Christmas?
2018-12-26 Tithing: What is your position on tithing?
2018-12-26 No Denominations: If there was no division into denominations today, what do you suppose the church would look like?
2018-12-21 Repentance after Conversion: If we repent & accept Jesus as your Lord & Saviour, do you need to continue to repent in the future?
2018-12-21 Full & Partial Preterism: What does partial preterism mean, full preterism?
2018-12-21 God Trusting People: Does God trust people?
2018-12-21 The Doctrine of the Moral Government of God: What is the "moral government doctrine of God" & do you agree w/ it?
2018-12-21 Christmas: (Weird Statements) How did the first Christmas come into being, & what do you suppose it was like?
2018-12-21 Relapsing into Sin: I keep sinning & asking Him to forgive me, just how often can I do this before I exhaust His forgiveness?
2018-12-21 Battle of Gog & Magog: I listened to your lectures about Ezekiel 38 & 39, so can you explain those chapters, the battle of Gog & Magog? [Ezekiel 38, Ezekiel 39]
2018-12-21 Humility & I don't know: I love listening to your program because sometimes you just say, "I don't know".
2018-12-21 It is Finished: What does it mean when Jesus said, "it is finished"?
2018-12-21 Antiquities & Artifacts: Biblical antiquities & artifacts, are they genuine?
2018-12-20 Relationship over Rituals: The New Testament seems to speak of relationship & condemn rituals, can you find any rituals besides the Lord's Supper & Baptism, & what about traditions?
2018-12-20 Death of a lost loved one: How do you give comfort to a person of a loved one who has died who was not saved?
2018-12-20 Gospel Writers: Where did the gospel writers get all their information, especially about Jesus' birth?
2018-12-20 Wise Men - Magi: How come the people who journeyed to see Jesus at His birth never came to His ministry to visit Him?
2018-12-20 Skeptics & Jesus' Death: What do you tell to a skeptic who can't believe someone can die or pay the debt for someone else?
2018-12-20 John the Baptist dying a Martyr: Did John the Baptist die a martyr's death? How would that be different than street preachers rebuking homosexuals outside a gay bar?
2018-12-20 Death Penalty: What do you think about the death penalty? (a little bit difficult to hear & a lot of background noise)
2018-12-20 Binding the Strong Man: What does it mean that Jesus bound the strong man of the house? [Matthew 12:27-29]
2018-12-20 The Binding of Satan in Revelation: Discussion about the binding & loosing of Satan in Revelation. [Revelation 20]
2018-12-20 Saved but through Fire: So people who endorse Eternal Security & Once Saved Always Saved, they use 1 Corinthians in support of it. What do you say about it? [1 Corinthians 3:11-15]
2018-12-19 Receiving Good things from God: Asking & receiving good things. [Matthew 7:7, Luke 11]
2018-12-19 Apostolic Faith: What can you tell me about the Apostolic Church?
2018-12-19 Not all Israel which are of Israel: Not all israel which are of israel, someone says that's just referring to fake Gentiles. [Romans 9]
2018-12-19 Church Fathers: A discussion about the Church Fathers ensues.
2018-12-19 The 4 Gospels: The origins of the gospels, I heard that they were written anonymously.
2018-12-19 Eating Bacon: Eating pork, can you explain to me Leviticus 11 about not eating unclean foods. [Leviticus 11, Matthew 15:15-20, Acts 10, Acts 11]
2018-12-19 Word of Knowledge: Word of Knowledge follow up.
2018-12-19 Steve's Gregg & his Beliefs: Can you delve on your journey again of how you came to what you believe? How you went from Dispensationalism to Amillennialism?
2018-12-19 The Lord's Prayer: The Lord's Prayer, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive our debtors", what does "as" & "trespass" mean?
2018-12-19 Location of Hell: Only the washed can enter the city, where are the people who don't make it or where is the lake of fire or hell? [Revelation 22:14-15]
2018-12-18 Human Bones in Africa: A friend of the caller visited the cradle of human kind, evolution, & so on, & wants to know Steve's thoughts.
2018-12-18 Differing Names in Apostles' List: What's the reason for the different lists of the apostles in the gospels? [Matthew 10:2-3, Luke 6:14-16, Mark 3:16-19, Acts 1:13-26]
2018-12-18 Demons being Fallen Angels: Are demons fallen angels? [Jude 1:6, 1 Corinthians 11:10]
2018-12-18 Fellowshipping with Mormons: I have family members who have just switched over to Mormonism/LDS, what do I do, & I was wondering if you could tell me about 2 John? [2 John 1:10-11]
2018-12-18 Witnessing to Unbelievers: Witnessing to people who don't believe in the Bible at all, mythology they call it, controlling the masses they say it is