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2018-8-13 Bible Teachers: Why do we need teachers if the Bible says we don't need them because we have the Holy Spirit? [1 John 2:27]
2018-8-13 Word of Faith: What do you think about Pentecostals/the Word of faith people saying that people will be healed, that it's a sure thing, & then they die? What about people receiving a prophetic word from God & being wrong & then being wrong about it?
2018-8-13 Ten Commandments Variations: What do you know about the 10 commandments of the Catholic church & the Protestants church? Why do they alter them?
2018-8-13 The Pilgrim's Progress: What is the theology of the Pilgrim's Progress? (Puritan, Calvinist viewpoint)
2018-8-13 Cross-Dressing & Homosexuals: Are homosexuals and cross-dressers going to hell? Does being attracted to the same sex automatically destine you to hell? [Deuteronomy 22:5]
2018-8-13 Teachers, False Teachers & the Holy Spirit: The previous call you had false teachers, that the Holy Spirit to teach us? Perhaps it's talking about False Prophets & Teachers such as Joseph Smith & Mohammed who say we need them in order to understand the Bible. [1 John 2:27]
2018-8-13 David's lips Being Opened & Groaning of the Holy Spirit: Why couldn't David asking for God to open his lips without God's help, what does that mean? & why is the Holy Spirit only groaning which can not be uttered, what is that? Seems like only sound to me & not words. [Psalms 51, Romans 8:28]
2018-8-13 Christian's Owning Guns: What do you think about Christians owning guns?
2018-8-13 Steve Gregg's Children: What caused your children going down the wrong path?
2018-8-13 Trinity: How do you put the Trinity doctrine together? [John 1:1] (audio cuts in & out very badly)
2018-8-10 Casting Your Cares upon the Lord: What does mean to cast your cares upon the Lord? What do you do about anxiety or panic attacks? [1 Peter 5:6-7, Philippians 4:6-7]
2018-8-10 Ex-Mormon Testimony: Ex-Mormon/LDS explaining why he left his Mormon "faith"
2018-8-10 Satan being loosed: When is Satan going to be loosed, what is the timeline for that? [Revelation 20:1, 7]
2018-8-10 The Brethren: What do you know about the Brethren movement?
2018-8-10 Future False Religions & Cults: Why didn't God have John specifically direct admonitions to Muslims and Mormon & Buddhists?
2018-8-10 Let Thy Will Be Done: We say in the Lord's Prayer, "let Thy will be done". How do we know things have actually been done in His will for the last 2,000 years?
2018-8-10 Oaths: What is the biblical view of oaths?
2018-8-10 People of Nod: Where did the people in the land of Nod come from? [Genesis 4:15-16]
2018-8-10 Age of Children Missionaries: Do you have any idea of the age children should be going on mission's trips w/ church groups?
2018-8-09 Jesus Going to the Lower Parts of the Earth: Jesus went to the "lower parts of the earth", so why did He go there? [Ephesians 4:8-10]
2018-8-09 Binding & Losing: Can you explain the Binding & Losing? [Matthew 16:19, 18:18]
2018-8-09 Prophets in the Church: According to Mormons, evangelicals have a loose idea of what belongs in the Bible.
2018-8-09 Thankful for the Narrow Path Ministry: Caller want to thank Steve for his ministry. (Audio not very good.)
2018-8-09 Suicide: Is suicide the unpardonable sin?
2018-8-09 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant: Who was the debt of the servant that didn't forgive the own who owed him a little bit? [Matthew 18:21-35]
2018-8-09 LORD & Lord: LORD vs Lord, YHWH, Yahweh, Discuss about the Names of God, especially distinguishing all caps LORD & small caps, Lord.
2018-8-09 Jesus Going to Hell during Death: What about Jonah being the belly of whale. Caller thinks it's also talking about Abraham's Bosom.
2018-8-09 Culture & Women Leadership: Could what Paul said about women being in leadership just be a cultural issue at the time, but doesn't apply to us now?
2018-8-08 Eternal Torment: I don't understand how a God of love could want to torture His creatures for eternity if you don't choose Him?
2018-8-08 Sharing the Gospel: What is the most effective way to share the Gospel to lost loved ones?
2018-8-08 Annihilation of the Wicked: Caller thinks the belief of annihilation of the wicked is the best way to go. [Matthew 13:24-30, 2 Thessalonians 1:9, 2 Peter 3]
2018-8-08 The God of Muslims & Christianity: Is God the same God as Christianity & the Muslim?
2018-8-08 Dead in Christ Resurrection: Why do the people who are in Heaven have to be resurrected? [1 Corinthians 15, 1 Thessalonians 4]
2018-8-08 Baptism: Do I have to be baptized? If Jesus were to come today & wasn't baptized, would I be saved, especially according to Romans 10:9-10? [Romans 1:16, Romans 10:9-10]
2018-8-08 Jesus & His Disciples Baptizing: Why didn't Jesus & His apostles carry out baptism? [John 4:1-2]
2018-8-08 God's Wrath like in OT: Could God send Angels to perform wrath like He did in the Old Testament? (Background noise is so bad.)
2018-8-08 Apostolic & Baptism: Being baptized in only Jesus' name or Father, Son & Holy Ghost, caller thinks being baptized in only Jesus' name is important.
2018-8-07 First Fruits: What is the meaning of "first fruits"? I thought that meant this first resurrection before the millennium, before the rest of them? What about the 144,000? [Revelation 14:5]
2018-8-07 More tolerable for Gomorrah than Tyre: What does it mean more tolerable for the people of Sodom & Gomorrah than the city of Tyre in the judgement? [Matthew 11:22]
2018-8-07 Eastern Gate of Jerusalem: What is the verse that says the Prince will come through the Eastern Gate? Who is this Eastern Gate for? What prince? Is it Jesus? The Muslims so much believe this passage of Scripture that they have blocked it off. It says that in Zechariah that Jesus stood on the Mount of Olives? Couldn't this just be talking about what Jesus did right before HIs crucifixion? [Ezekiel 40-48, Ezekiel 44:2, Zechariah 14]
2018-8-07 Titles in Chapters of Psalms: Are the titles for the Psalms reliable?
2018-8-07 Foot Washing: Are we lacking in traditions in our ceremonies like foot washing?
2018-8-07 Spirit Gifts: How do I find my spiritual gift, such as loving others, the gift of evangelism.
2018-8-07 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: We are stuck about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, being born of the water & the Spirit. They are saying the water is water Baptism, but isn't it talking about the natural birth of water because of what He says that which is born of flesh is flesh & the of the Spirit the Spirit. [john 3:5-6]
2018-8-07 Baptized in the Name of Jesus: What is your opinion of being baptized in only Jesus' name or the Father, Son & Holy Ghost? [Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 2:38]
2018-8-07 Missing Eternity because of a Technicality: A friend to me that even if a soldier was about to die who had been shot in the heart accepted Jesus in His heart would not be accepted because he was never baptized. [Luke 23:43]
2018-8-07 21 Days to Get to Daniel: If God is all powerful then why did it take 21 days? [Daniel 10]
2018-8-06 Christians & Capital Punishment: Do you have an opinion on the Death Penalty & what is it?
2018-8-06 God Intervening Nations: Does God still intervene in nations today?
2018-8-06 Too Much Emphasis on End Times: Sometimes it's asked, why do we spend so much time on studying eschatology & what part of the Bible should we be paying more attention to? & it's been said that a 1/3 of the Bible is about prophecy, so maybe it's important?