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Date Topic Audio
2018-10-15 God Speaking: Does God speak to us in our thoughts?
2018-10-15 Assurance of Salvation: How do I know I'm saved?
2018-10-15 Facing Temptation: What does it mean to face temptation? Jesus faced it, but how did He overcome it?
2018-10-15 God Speaking: God spoke to Samuel.
2018-10-15 Lamb's Book of Life: How can someone know they are saved?
2018-10-15 Lord unto My Lord: The Lord said to my Lord, what does that mean? [Psalms 110]
2018-9-27 Stoning for Adultery: If the law said Mary should be stoned, why was Joseph going to quietly put her away, rather than doing what the law indicated he should do?
2018-9-27 Bearing False Witness: Relative to the hearings of kavanaugh hearings, what DOES the Bible have to say about people bearing false witness?
2018-9-27 Deborah & Jael & Heber the Kenite: God's timing. Judges 4 & 5
2018-9-27 Corban: Can you expound on the Corban gift? [Mark 7:11]
2018-9-27 Hardening Pharaoh's Heart: Why did God harden Pharaoh's heart? [Romans 9:14-18]
2018-9-27 Jacob have I Loved: Loved Jacob, but hated Esau, is God practicing favoritism? [Romans 9:6, Genesis 25:23, Malachi 1:2-3]
2018-9-27 Getting Germans to understand the Gospel: How do we get Germans to get going on the right path?
2018-9-27 Cain's Sacrifice Rejected: Why did God accept the sacrifice of Abel but not Cain's?
2018-9-26 Marriage & Divorce: Is Desertion or Abuse grounds for Divorce? A lengthy discussion about Marriage & Divorce scenarios.
2018-9-26 Describing Trinitarianism: Caller trying to figure out different versions of the Trinity.
2018-9-26 Speaking the truth in Love: So we need to always speak the truth in love? [Ephesians 4:15]
2018-9-26 Marriage & Divorce: What if 2 believers get a divorce just because of unreconcilable differences? How would God view breaking the contract?
2018-9-26 All things Made New: All things new, is this by any chance in relation to 'every knee shall bow'? Is it sort've like universalism will bow? [Revelation 21:5, Romans 14:11]
2018-9-26 Paul's Hard Writings: What did peter mean by pauls writings being hard to understand & twisting them?
2018-9-26 Repenting for saying Sinner's Prayer" Why would pastors tell people to repent for saying the sinner's prayer?
2018-9-25 Bible Word Study: Monogenase, special sons, is there a special meaning for the word in the Bible such as resurrection? Is the original meaning completely different than what is actually in the Bible?
2018-9-25 End of the Spear movie: Have you seen the "End of the Spear", Jim Elliott's & Nate Saint's experience seeing the spirits of the men he killed rise before they died?
2018-9-25 Salvation without Works....but Works: How does salvation w/ out works coincide with the required works?
2018-9-25 Mary & her young age Pregnancy: Why is 13 the age that Mary was impregnated? Why then isn't that age OK for sex?
2018-9-25 Refuting Arianism & Gnosticism: Refuting Arianism & Gnosticism, was Jesus God? (trinity doctrine confusion)
2018-9-25 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: Remarriage, abusive relationship, partner divorced discussion.
2018-9-25 Other Gods: Michael Heizer, are there "other gods", like the JWs believe? Counsels of the gods
2018-9-25 Sex the Sin in the Garden of Eden: Was the sin in the Garden of Eden about sex?
2018-9-25 Methuselah & the Length of the Year: The length of a year in the day of Methuselah's day?
2018-9-24 Academic Education for Ministers: Why should we trust and give authority to our ministers and other teachers when they have such varied opinions?
2018-9-24 Paul as Opposed to Gnosticism: Paul talking about the spirit and the flesh warring against one another, wasn't the idea of the flesh being sinful more from the Gnostics?
2018-9-24 Marriage & Divorce: What does the state have to do w/ marriage, divorce & licenses?
2018-9-24 Babylon, Judah & the New Covenannt: Jews coming back from Babylon relative to the New Covenant, can you please explain this passage of Scripture in Isaiah? [Isaiah 30:15-21, Jeremiah 3:14]
2018-9-24 Noah's Ark a parallel to Jesus Christ & the Gospel: Jesus and the cross reflected in the Noah's ark & the Pitch, is that a good parallel legit? [Genesis 6:14, I Peter 3:20-21]
2018-9-24 Only Begotten: What does the "only begotten" of the Father mean? [John 3:16]
2018-9-24 The 7 Spirits: The 7 spirits of God in Revelation paralleled to Isaiah 11:1-3. [Revelation 1:4, Revelation 3:1, Revelation 4:5, Revelation 5:6, Isaiah 11:1-3]
2018-9-20 Lawsuits: Can or should a Christian sue a non-Christian
2018-9-20 Patriotism: How far do we take it patriotism? Do we say the pledge allegiance to the flag?
2018-9-20 Paul's Spirit is with them: What does it mean when Paul said that his spirit is with them? [Corinthians 5:4]
2018-9-20 The Life of Joseph: Did joseph become fully an egyptian? Did he try to evangelize?
2018-9-20 Praying to Mary: I pray to Mary as a Catholic. What do you think about that?
2018-9-20 Sabbath Keeping Catholic: Keeping the Sabbath as a Catholic. I don't keep the Sabbath day very well, but what do you think about the importance of that?
2018-9-20 Agape Love: Isn't it unrealistic to love everyone? Benevolent, Charity.
2018-9-20 Pledge of Allegiance: Isn't saying the pledge "under God" making it okay to say?
2018-9-20 All Scripture Given By Inspiration: All the word of God is inspired, does that mean they were told word for word what to write, "auto-writing"? [2 Timothy 3:16]
2018-9-20 Appreciation for the Narrow Path: Caller praises Steve's show! And tells people to invite him to their town
2018-9-20 Catholic Prosecution: How can "Christians" who have slaughtered 1000s of people be eligible to have eternal life?
2018-9-20 God of OT & NT: How does the angry, wrathful God of the Old Testament transition into a merciful, loving Christ?
2018-9-19 Calvinism: Why do Calvinists feel so confident they are correct?