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2016-11-08 New Apostolic Reformation Movement: Out of Bethel, does Steve know anything about them?
2016-11-07 Hebrews Roots: Do you think these people are motivated for the same reason as were the Jews & Pharisees, placing a hedge around the law, having a sincere heart?
2016-11-07 Rapture: What needs to take place before the Rapture happens?
2016-11-07 Being laughed at for Jesus: Caller being laughed at when talking about Jesus.
2016-11-07 Unsound Doctrine (of Pre-Rapture): Is the Pre-Tribulation rapture a Sound Doctrine?
2016-11-07 Cult-like churches: A Baptist church says that we had to be re-baptized into their church.
2016-11-07 Capital Punishment: Michael the Buddhist wants to continue talking about capital punishment which he had talked about in 2 previous shows also, pointing out David wasn't killed.
2016-11-03 John the Baptist & Locusts: They weren't supposed to eat insects, so how does John the Baptist & eating grasshoppers fit together? [Deuteronomy 14:19]
2016-11-03 Noah & 7 animals: So why did Noah take 7 of some animals, where did he get that from?
2016-11-03 Writing the Law: Did the Kings have to write the laws down themselves? [Deuteronomy 17:18]
2016-11-03 Second Coming & Judgment Day: What's going to happen to people who have never heard the gospel? [2 Thessalonians 1:8-9]
2016-11-03 Kingdom of God: How can people in Western society relate to the Kingdom of God because don't know about Kings & Queens & royality?
2016-11-03 Cremation: Is it wrong to cremate? (Caller's audio is very poor.)
2016-11-03 Truth of the Bible: Where can someone go to find the absolute, unadulterated truth? [The Narrow Path website?]
2016-11-03 Replacement Theology: Promised Land of Israel & Ephraim.
2016-11-02 Seventh Day Adventistism: Can Steve explain about SDAs verrsion of law & grace?
2016-11-02 Mark of the Beast: What is the partial preterist view of the Mark of the Beast? [Revelation 13]
2016-11-02 Slain in the Spirit: What are Steve's experiences with being "Slain in the Spirit"?
2016-11-02 Capital Punishment: Michael the Buddhist wants to continue talking about capital punishment which he had begun in a previous show.
2016-11-02 Seventh Day Adventists/SDA: Caller wants to defend the Investigative Judgment. [Daniel 7, 13, Luke 12:36]
2016-11-02 Mormonism & other Cults: Can you be a true member of the Mormon church or another cult & still be saved?
2016-11-01 Working as mandated by Bible: What if a person has such a disability that they can't work? [2 Thessalonians 3:10]
2016-11-01 Adam & Eve: Were Adam & Eve flawed before they ate the fruit & then realized they were after they ate it or were they not flawed until after?
2016-11-01 Division in the Church: All this division in the church seems to have a lot to do with Paul. Is there any reason it seems that way? Did Paul teach a different gospel than Christ?
2016-11-01 Sola Scriptura: There's the Bible but then there's Tradition, so where does tradition play a role?
2016-11-01 Traditions: Are there some actual traditions in the Bible that we are supposed to follow?
2016-11-01 Lowest of Men & Politics: God gives kingdom’s over to the lowest of men, relative to modern day politics. [Daniel 4:17]
2016-11-01 Modern-Day Prophets: Are there modern day prophets & what are the dangers of following someone who thinks they are a prophet but are not? [Joel 2:28]
2016-11-01 Evolution: What are Steve's beliefs on Evolution?
2016-10-31 Capital Punishment: Is Scripture supposed to be absolutely obeyed even over conscience because caller doesn't believe it [Romans 13]
2016-10-31 Re-marriage: A spouse is caught cheating, the other one justly divorces them, how long does the person filing for divorce have to wait?
2016-10-31 Events in Revelation: Doesn't it say somewhere in Revelation that it was written for the last days? When are all these predicted things supposed to happen? Aren't they supposed to happen shortly, soon?
2016-10-31 Pharaoh's Magicians Mimicking Moses: How were the magicians in Egypt able to sapreform the same magic tricks that Moses did for real [Exodus 7:8-13]
2016-10-31 Witch of Endor: Who is the Witch of Endor? [1 Samuel 28].
2016-10-28 Ellen G. White: Caller just discovered a book called, "Patriarchs & Prophets" in her dad's library, & trying to remember what you said about her once.
2016-10-28 Speaking in Tongues: How do you know you are really speaking in tongues, that it's really genuine?
2016-10-28 Top 10 list of things to be prayed: What is God's 10 list of things the caller should pray for?
2016-10-28 Believe & Be Baptized: Why does it say in some places in the Bible just believing is enough & other say you have to be baptized? [Mark 16:16, John 3:16]
2016-10-28 Preaching to every Creature: Why that word?: Why does it say every ""creature"" in Mark instead of person? [Mark 16:15]
2016-10-28 Calvinism - Arminianism: Faith as a condition for salvation, or is it a result of election & God causing someone to do something.
2016-10-27 Private Interpretation of Scripture: If people do privateinterpretation of the Scripture, do you have moral & doctrinal relativism? [2 Peter 1:20]
2016-10-27 Melchezidek: Would you comment on Jesus being the King & the Priest of order of Melchezidek? [Hebrews 6-8].
2016-10-27 People being tested differently: People are tested in ways others would never have to be tested & that if they were tested that way, might not be Christians. Like for example, the people in the Holocaust who were sent to the gas chambers just for being Jews.
2016-10-27 Struggling with Faith: Does Steve ever struggle with his faith?
2016-10-27 Socialism: "Give Caesar what is Caesar…", How do you respond to people who say we need to give our money to the government? [Matthew 22:21]
2016-10-26 Never hearing the Gospel: Caller was ridiculed for saying it's possible for someone who hasn't heard the gospel can be saved. Can they?
2016-10-26 Jury Duty: Should Christians participate?
2016-10-26 Esther: Was Esther mentioned in the chronicles/history of Medes & Persians?
2016-10-26 Evidence of Jesus: What about evidence outside the Bible of Jesus' existence?
2016-10-26 King David: Is David mentioned anywhere outside the Bible?