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2014-2-18 The Parable of the Tenants: Can you explain the meaning of the Parable about the tenants or the householder's vineyard where they kill the servant & then his son? [Matthew 21:33-46]
2014-2-18 Waiting on the Lord or your own Desire: How do you know if you are following God's will or just actually following your own wishes? [Psalms 27:14, Isaiah 40:31, 1 Peter 3:1]
2014-2-17 Calling people Father or Rabbi: How are we supposed to address caltholic priests who are called "Father" then, in light of this passage of Scripture in Matthew? [Matthew 23:8-9]
2014-2-17 Bible stories resembling Babylonian Mythology: People have said that Christianity & the Bible have just copied stories from Babylonian Mythology. Do you have thoughts about this, especially regarding the Rich Man & Lazarus? [Luke 19:19-31]
2014-2-17 Dispensationalism & Premillennialism: I enjoyed your book about the 4 views of Revelation as I was making my transition to Partial Preterism.
2014-2-17 Views of Hell, Traditional View, Eternal Torment: I want to talk about your views of hell now. What would you call Hell if you didn't call it the "traditional view"?
2014-2-17 Angel, Stars & Spirits: Who is the angel, what are the 7 stars & who are the 7 Spirits? [Revelation 3:1]
2014-2-17 Steve being Pastor: Has Steve ever been a Pastor?
2014-2-17 Children's status before age of accountability: Conversation about children before the age of accountability, & was Adam's sin passed down to us just by the transmission of Blood & we needed Jesus' pure blood to die for us?
2014-2-17 Understanding Romans 7: Can you please help understand Romans 7? Is Paul talking about himself, after his conversion? [Romans 6-8, Galatians 5:16]
2014-2-13 Infant Baptism: Discussion about Infant Baptism being "common sense".
2014-2-13 Usury & Money: How does the Bible define usury & money?
2014-2-13 Women Preaching: But if a woman is preaching, isn't that just a form of teaching?
2014-2-13 Women's Role in Church: Are women allowed to teach & preach in church? [1 Corinthians 14:34-35, 1 Timothy 2:11-15, 1 Timothy 3]
2014-2-13 Elevated Ranks & the Cherubim & Seraphim: So doesn't it stand to reason that when there are elevated people such as kings & priests, that the Cherubim and Seraphim are just more highly ranked angels, but still angels?
2014-2-13 David cutting Saul's skirt: Was Saul sleeping or using the bathroom when David managed to cut part of the Saul's skirt off?
2014-2-13 Federal Reserve Money: Our Federal Government can & does print money without having gold or silver to back it up, & it's legit to do that.
2014-2-13 Capital Punishment: What does the Bible say about the death penalty? [Romans 13:1-4]
2014-2-11 Paying for our sins NOW by Suffering: Even though Jesus paid the penalty on the cross for our sins, is it possible that sometimes we have to pay our own debt w/ suffering in the present time before the other side of glory? [1 Corinthians 3:10, 2 Corinthians 1:8-9]
2014-2-11 Praying for People after Death: Is it beneficial or abominable to be praying for people who have passed on?
2014-2-11 Cremation: Is it disrespectful to burn a dead body? Will it inhibit the resurrection?
2014-2-11 Healing & Benny Hinn's healing ministry: Even though my wife & I have personally experienced healing, I don't believe in a formula to be healed. Will God heal you whether a Christian or not? Is it possible you could be being healing from something other than God? What do you think of Benny Hinn?
2014-2-11 God sending people to Hell: Comments about why God can send people to hell. We need to hate evil.
2014-2-11 The Narrow Path Radio Show: The caller appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Show.
2014-2-10 Meditation: What does it mean to, "Meditate on God's Word"? [Psalm 1:2]
2014-2-10 Heaven & Earth & Angels shouting for Joy: What does it mean that when God finished created the Heaven & the Earth, the Angels shouted for joy? [Genesis 1-2, Job 38:7]
2014-2-10 Leper that was cleansed: The reason Jesus wanted the leper cleansed was just to show the Priest that Jesus healed him, but he didn't have to go through the rituals. [Mark 1:40-45]
2014-2-10 Soaking Rooms: Have you heard about the Soaking Rooms for prayer?
2014-2-10 Evolutionists: How do go about giving a strong witness to, or get a conversation going w/, Evolutionists?
2014-2-10 Society in the OT times verses now: Can Steve please explain the society in the Old Testament times verses how society is now? [Daniel 1-12]
2014-2-10 Dealing with Dry Spells: How do you deal with "dry spells" that you encounter in your Christian walk, not feeling close to God sometimes? [Isaiah 50:10-11]
2014-2-10 Dealing with Evolutionists (followup): People are often very lonely & divulge their story, even if they are evolutionists or atheists, that being the last thing on their mind, they just want a listening ear, & you then have the perfect opportunity to talk to them about your faith, because ultimately it's all God's doing anyway. [1 Peter 3:15]
2014-2-10 Forgot First Love or Repent: How do you know if we have left our first love & just need to come back to Christ or if you are Lukewarm, indifferent? [Revelation 3, 1 John 5:2]
2014-2-07 Dead Sea Scrolls: What about the Dead Sea Scrolls?
2014-2-07 Gnostic Gospels - Gospel of Thomas: A lengthy discussion about the Gnostics gospels, inspired by a previous call.
2014-2-07 "He judgeth among the gods": What is this referring to, "gods" plural? [Psalm 82]
2014-2-07 Jeremiah 31 & the Qumran texts (Dead Sea Scrolls): I've heard that the chapter in Jeremiah about the new covenant is not found in the Qumran texts, is this true? [Jeremiah 31]
2014-2-07 Eternal Hell: So you'll never embrace the Traditional Hell view of Eternal Torment again? It seems very clear to me that the "historical, Orthodox view" of eternal hell torment is the only biblical view. Just the fact that God is so holy proves there has to be an eternal hell.
2014-2-07 Best Source for Origin of Words (or word usage): Can you tell me a good source to use such as a concordance or lexicon that will give me the best origin of the word?
2014-2-07 Most Accurate Translation of the Bible: What do you think are the best Bible Translations out there?
2014-2-07 The Amplified BIble What is your opinion about the Amplified Bible?
2014-2-06 Circumcision: Why the apparent conflict, Paul saying don't worry about circumcision, but then proceeds to let Timothy to be circumcised? [1 Corinthians 7:18, Acts 16:3]
2014-2-06 Apostles for Today: You said you've never seen Apostles for today, but also don't believe in the cessation of Spiritual gifts, so what are your thoughts on this passage of Scripture? [Ephesians 4:11-13]
2014-2-06 Light before Sun: Followup to the question about Light before Sun, & caller wants Steve's take on it again, & then wants to give his own opinion.
2014-2-06 Faith & Healing: Is it the same faith when you believe by faith that you are saved as when you have faith that God will heal you?
2014-2-06 Mental Illness: Did you say that Mental Illness is associated with guilt? (Caller believes his mental illness has made him more sensitive to other people w/ similar problems.)
2014-2-06 Roman Catholics: What do Catholics believe & why do they believe it? Their belief about the 2nd coming of Christ, the confession booth, the Eucharist, & so on. (convoluted question a little bit.)
2014-2-06 Gnostic Gospels: Caller has people telling him that he needs to believe in the gnostic gospels. What does Steve think about them?
2014-2-05 Illegal Immigration: What are your thoughts on Illegal Immigration, undocumented workers?
2014-2-05 Open Borders: Should be have Open Borders?