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2018-1-12 Art & Science of Biblical Interpretation: How do you know what is metaphorical and what is historical?
2018-1-12 Defining Good & Evil: How do we define Good & Evil? Man was originally a being created with a likeness to God, isn't that right?
2018-1-12 Joel Osteen: What do you think of Joel Osteen & his church becoming the biggest church in North America?
2018-1-12 Paul & Jesus' Gospel Different: I've been told that Paul differed in his faith from Christ, that he really attempted to sabotage the movement. Is that true?
2018-1-12 Nicolaitans: Why exactly did Jesus hate the Nicolaitans? Who were they & what were their bad deeds?
2018-1-12 Oral sex: Is oral sex permissible?
2018-1-12 Tabernacle for the Sun & the Zodiac: Tabernacle for the Son, the Zodiac & the connection to Christianity? Stars and their guidance in the Bible [Psalms 19]
2018-1-12 The Sign of Jonah: Jonah & the 40 days after he announced to Nineveh that it would be destroyed (but wasn't), is it parallel the 40 yrs after Christ's death the Temple perished?
2018-1-12 Ezekiel's Temple Does Ezekiel's Temple really need to be rebuilt in the future?
2018-1-11 Esau: Is Esau somewhat of a lost soul? [Hebrews 12]
2018-1-11 Jacob & Esau's Reconciliation: What do you think about their reconciliation? Was it sincere? [Genesis 33]
2018-1-11 The Name Israel: Jacob's name changed into the name Israel. what is the meaning of that name?
2018-1-11 Homeschooling: What do you think about Homeschooling? If I've understood you correctly, you said you regretted doing homeschool for your children because for older children
2018-1-11 Idolatry, Judah & Israel: Judgment falling on Judah or Israel, but not by bow or sword? [Hosea 1:7]
2018-1-11 God Speaking to us through Vision: A pastor I was recently listening to was telling me that everyone needed to have a vision from God of what He's speaking to us. I was wondering if I should go back to school or not. [Proverbs 29:18]
2018-1-11 Drawing Closer to God: Believer who wonders if his relationship is more one-sided, He doesn't feel as though God responds or speaks to him; how do you improve your relationship with God?
2018-1-11 Sons of God: Who are the Sons of God meeting w/ God about Job? Why would Satan be allowed to be there? [Job 1:6]
2018-1-11 Abraham & Isaac: What about God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac? Doesn't that go against God's own law?
2018-1-11 Moabites & King David: Moabites were not allowed to enter the tabernacle till the 10th generation, so how come David was allowed to be king or worship at the Tabernacle? So there are exceptions to Old Testament law & God was possibly just talking to legalists that everything is just not absolute exact about it? [Deuteronomy 23:3-4, Psalms 27]
2018-1-11 Dating of the Book of Revelation: When was date of the writing of Revelation, what is it written in 68 or 96 AD?
2018-1-10 Doubting God: James says not to doubt when you pray for something, that a person who doubts is like a person who is being tossed by the ocean, a double-minded person, but everyone has a crisis of faith once in awhile, questioning events and why God is allowing something, even John the Baptist did, so what exactly is James saying here? [James 1:5-7, Matthew 11:3, Ephesians 6:16]
2018-1-10 Books of the Bible: How can we be sure the ones who determined what to include in the New Testament didn't make mistakes, determining what was going to be in canon of Scripture?
2018-1-10 Indoctrinated by Atheist Teachers: My Teenager seems to be going astray, believing her teachers more than me. What can I do?
2018-1-10 Trinity: The word "Trinity" is not in the Bible, but you say the concept is there. Can you please lay it out for me? [John 1:1]
2018-1-10 Fasting: Is fasting still for today? [Matthew 9:14-17, Matthew 17:21]
2018-1-10 Questioning Conversion: How do I know if I am a Christian if i keep struggling with sin?
2018-1-10 Calvinism: Do you think that Calvinism is dangerous? Does it contradict God's character of love? [1 John 4:8,16]
2018-1-09 Distinguishing an Apostle & a Disciple: What is the difference between a “disciple” & an “apostle”? Following Jesus
2018-1-09 Satan's Origins: Was Satan a fallen angel who had free will or was he always the devil? [Isaiah 14:12-16, Ezekiel 28:12-19, John 8:44, 1 John 3:8]
2018-1-09 The Tester: If God made Satan the way he is, then He created evil, so how can that be? Also, if God created him to be a "tester", then why is he going to be punished for something he was designed to do?
2018-1-09 Beginner's start in the Bible Where is a good place to start as a new Christian reading the Bible?
2018-1-09 Golden Chain of Redemption: Among the Firstborn of many brethren, doesn't this sort've go against the Calvinist position? {Romans 8:29]
2018-1-09 Spiritual Warfare: Challenges and sin continuing to rage in a person's Christian life, warfare waging, just wondering what to do.
2018-1-09 The Curse on Ham (Canaan): What exactly happened when the curse of Ham (Canaan) happened? What else exactly happened in the tent? [Genesis 9]
2018-1-09 The Jesus Culture: Is the Jesus Culture related to the Bethel church in Redding?
2018-1-09 Women Pastors: Are Woman Pastors allowed or not? What about all the example in Roman 16? [Romans 16]
2018-1-09 Prayer Request: Caller asking for prayer about addressing a board on transgender issues.
2018-1-09 Christianity Influencing Society: How we should approach life as a Christian, changing society and government as believers?
2018-1-08 Christian Boundaries: What are the boundaries a Christian should have regarding abuse from others?
2018-1-08 David Reagan - Lion & Lamb Ministries & being "in Christ" & the "faith OF Christ": Seventh Day Adventism, according to the caller, isn't just another denomination; there are some scary things about it, he's believes.
2018-1-08 Investigative judgment: Have you ever heard of the Investigative Judgment?
2018-1-08 Seventh Day Adventism-SDA: I have a friend who became a sailor & met an SDA who completely changed his view of Christianity & it's making me nuts, him no longer believing we go to Heaven as soon as we die & so on.
2018-1-08 Being Mistreated: We need to be prepared to be mistreated!
2018-1-08 Hebrew Roots Movement What do you say about the Hebrew Roots Movement?
2018-1-08 Pro-Adventist comment: Adventist caller, with his rearing in the church, doesn't feel as though they are lost for keeping the Sabbath, it being a type of a spiritual reality.
2018-1-08 The Third Day: On 'the third day', the wedding feast, [John 2:1]
2018-1-08 Seventh Day Adventism & 10 Commandments: I always thought Seventh Day Adventists were good, Christian people, but now you say we only have to keep 9 of the 10 commandments?
2018-1-08 Two Witnesses: Who are the 2 witnesses in Revelation 11? What about the 1260 days, 3.5 years or 42 months? [Revelation 11]
2018-1-08 "Let US": "Let Us" do this or that in the opening book of the Bible, in Genesis. Is this referring to the Trinity? [Genesis 1:26]
2018-1-08 Head Coverings: What do you think about going to a church that is insistent on women wearing Head coverings & being silent in the church?