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2019-5-14 Why God Allows Suffering: Why does God allow harm to come to innocent people, like what happened in 9-11?
2019-5-14 Prophets today: So is everyone who claims to be a prophet, really a prophet? [I Corinthians 12, 14].
2019-5-14 Raising Up a Child, Not Departing: The promise, "Raise up a child in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it," doesn't seem to be true, so how can this be resolved? [Proverbs 22:6]
2019-5-14 [First City & First People: Where did the first city come from? Where did the other people come from? [Genesis 4:16, 5:4].
2019-5-14 144,000: Why was Dan eliminated from list of the tribes and the 144,000? [Revelation 7]
2019-5-14 The Firmament: The earth doesn't have a firmament, right?
2019-5-14 Personal Prophecy: Is there such a thing as personal prophecy? [Acts 13, I Corinthians 1:7].
2019-5-13 Essentials of Salvation: What are the essentials of salvation?
2019-5-13 Millennium: What is the millennium?
2019-5-13 Satan Released: What does it mean when it says that Satan will be released for a little while [Revelation 20].
2019-5-13 Freedom from Law in New Covenant: Do we have complete freedom in the New Covenant, because now we are without any law? [Romans 7, Matthew 5:27-28].
2019-5-13 Age of Accountability: At what age is a child considered accountable? [Isaiah 7:16, Mark 10:14, Romans 7:7-9, Luke 12:47-48].
2019-5-13 What verse did you think of: Firearms: What verse were you thinking of when you told the story of someone who said they had a verse for you? [Joshua 1:9]. What about Christians and firearms, and self-defense?
2019-5-13 Restitution: If Jesus paid it all on our behalf, do we still have to make restitution? [Luke 19, Matthew 5:25-26].
2019-5-06 Cult-like churches: Do you know anything about Victory Outreach?
2019-5-06 How to Start to Reading the Bible: Would you suggest where you think one should start if they have no background in the Bible or scripture at all?
2019-5-06 Homosexuality: How do we show love and acceptance of homosexuals, without compromising Christian values? [Matthew 11:16-19].
2019-5-06 Book Recommendations: Would your recommend some books that are good for study? ["The Pursuit of God" (A.W. Tozer), "Imitation of Christ" (Thomas a Kempis), "Pilgrim's Progress" by (John Bunyan), "Mere Christianity" (C.S. Lewis), "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life" (Hannah Whithall Smith)].
2019-5-06 Bored Reading the Bible: Am I wrong to be bored by parts of the Bible?
2019-5-06 Promise from God: How do you know when the promise is to us? Rather than to a particular person, instead? [Joshua 1, Psalm 118].
2019-5-06 Sinlessness: Do you know Jesse Peterson? He says that people cannot sin once they have been born again. [I John 3:8, I john 2:, I John 1:7, Galatians 5:17,]
2019-5-06 Demons Returning: What situation would be that an evil spirit leave someone, and be able to come back? [Luke 11:24a, Matthew 12:43f].
2019-5-06 End Times: What are your views of the end times? [I Thessalonians 4, Revelation, Acts 1:7].
2019-5-03 Condolences to Non-believers: If a house of worship is of another faith, should we reach out with condolences? [Galatians 6:10].
2019-5-03 The Apostles: What is the difference when scripture talks about "The Twelve" and "all the apostles" Was Mathias chosen before the ascension? [I Corinthians 15].
2019-5-03 Eternal Security: Can someone lose their salvation?
2019-5-03 Sheep & Goats Parable: Regarding the parable of the sheep and the goats-were the goats Christians? [Matthew 25:44, Matthew 7].
2019-5-03 Israel's Relevance: Why should we be concerned about the state of Israel? Are the Jews still God's chosen people? [Romans 2:5-10]
2019-5-03 Seeing God: Will we see God - ever? [Revelation 1:7, 22:4, I John 3:2, Psalm 11:7].
2019-5-03 Elijah: Did Elijah gain his forgiveness and not have to die because of his faithful obedience? Why was Elijah exempted from having to die?
2019-5-03 Foreknowledge & Freewill: If God knows everything we will do, how is that freewill? Open theism discussed.
2019-5-03 Two Witnesses (Revelation): Did Jesus know everything? Can we know absolutely who the two witnesses were in Revelation?
2019-5-03 Jesus's Tomb: What was the nature of the wrappings that were put around Jesus while he was in the tomb? Could Jesus have passed through the stone, rather than requiring it to be rolled away?
2019-5-03 Transubstantiation: Regarding transubstantiation, do they not have scriptural support in John 6? [John 6:40, 54, 63, John 2, 4, 7].
2019-5-03 Forsaken Jesus: The forsaking of Jesus while he was on the cross, could it simply be about having the departing of the Holy Spirit from that earthly body? [Psalm 22, Isaiah 53:6, I Peter 2:3-3, 2 Corinthians 2].
2019-5-02 Baptism: What is the best age for baptism? Should one be baptized, if they have been slack in their following of Christ?
2019-5-02 Salvation: Since I think that you said that just belief in Jesus, is insufficient for salvation, do you believe that confessing belief in Jesus enough?
2019-5-02 Moses' Genealogy: Why isn't there more information about Moses' family line? [Chronicles].
2019-5-02 Current Culture Discouragement: As a Millennial, I am rather burdened for others in my generation, and even struggle with relating to my peers. What should we do about the environment we are living in and how do we affect this generation for my children's future?
2019-5-02 Cult-like Churches How do you think about churches that have cult-like tendencies? What are the signs of cult-like behaviors? [I Corinthians 11].
2019-5-02 Miracles & Faith: What about the signs and miracles of the past as compared to today?
2019-5-02 Life Span in Old Testament: Why did Noah and other Old Testament characters have such a long life-span as compared to us today? [Psalm 90].
2019-5-02 Moses Authorship: How did Moses know what happened in the Garden of Eden, and other events, when he wrote about the events in Genesis?
2019-5-02 Ark of the Covenant: Why did God choose the particular things He did to be placed in the Ark of the Covenant [Ten Commandments, Gold pot of manna, budding rod]? Where is the Ark today?
2019-5-01 Denominations: Why so many denominations? What happened to create so many?
2019-5-01 Holy Spirit: How do you know when you are listening to and obeying the Holy Spirit?
2019-5-01 Wages of Sin=Death: If death is owed us as a penalty for sin, then why did Enoch and Elijah, who were also sinners, apparently not die?
2019-5-01 Demons: Where have all the demons gone? How would I recognize a demon possession today?
2019-5-01 Power as the Disciples: Why do we not operate with the same kind of power as did the disciples in the 1st century?
2019-5-01 Paul-Imitate Me: How do you harmonize Paul telling others to imitate him, and is rebuking the Corinthians because they were seeking the luxury living, but Paul is telling them that they need to care for their families? [I Corinthians 4, I Timothy 5:8].