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2014-7-01 Being anathematized & not using Study Bibles: Martin Luther was anathematized because he left the church, & you say we shouldn't be using Study Guide Bibles.
2014-7-01 Divinity of Jesus & 2nd Godhead of Trinity: Don't you believe in the Divinity of Jesus & that He's the 2nd part of the Godhead?
2014-7-01 Self-interpretation of the Bible: Isn't it sort've scary to have self-interpretation of the Bible since you can be learning about the wrong Jesus? Isn't the Church a pillar of the truth? [2 Peter 1:20]
2014-7-01 Amillennialism & End time events: As an Partial Preterist, 5Amillennialist, do you know of any signs that are to happen right before Christ comes back?
2014-7-01 The state of Israel being formed in 1948: What do you say about the miraculous events of Israel being able to become a country again?
2014-7-01 Unbelievers & the Bema & White Throne Judgment: What happens to unbelievers at the end? What is the difference between the Bema & White Throne Judgment?
2014-7-01 Modern-Day Apostles: Caller claims he is ordained by God as an Apostle, & explains his story & explains what he thinks is the difference between Apostles & the other offices in the church or spiritual gifts. The one main difference being able to retain or remit sins.
2014-7-01 Roman Catholic Church & the Bible: It's true that the RCC claims they believe in the Bible, but they need to READ the Bible & learn & do what it says.
2014-7-01 Traditions of the Catholic Church: How to make people see beyond the Veil of the Roman Catholic Church, that is the problem.
2014-7-01 Being a Disciple of Christ: You are only a Disciple of Christ if you have LOVE for one another, isn't that right? What are you if you are NOT truly a disciple of Christ?
2014-7-01 Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses: I've engaged in conversation w/ JW's....they seem to have a lot of knowledge even though misguided.
2014-7-01 Disowning Christ or Remaining Faithful: Christ might not deny us even though we deny Him, so we can't really lose our salvation, can we? [2 Timothy 2:11-13]
2014-7-01 Refuting the Bible was just written by men: Do you have anything that I could have people who say that the Bible is just a common book, just written by men, listen to?
2014-6-30 Being Redeemed from the Depths of Hell: Can you expound on the people who will never be redeemed because of the clutches of evil they found themselves in?
2014-6-30 Jesus' Second Coming: Nowhere does it say that Jesus would be coming w/ the saints but the angels only. [Acts 1:9-11, Matthew 25:31, 1 Thessalonians 4]
2014-6-30 Marriage & Divorce: If you marry, get divorced, get remarried & then repent, how can you be remain in the 2nd marriage if you truly repent & your first spouse is still alive? Wouldn't you be guilty of adultery? [Mark 10:1-12]
2014-6-30 Joy of the Lord: Joy of the Lord amidst turmoil.
2014-6-30 Meteorology: Can people help support my short program for meteorology so I can make a living? I have to make more than my social security.
2014-6-30 Glitch of the air: There seemed to be a glitch on the radio program over the air when you were answering my question about hell.
2014-6-30 Messianic Prophecy: Is this a Messianic prophecy about Jesus being born in Bethlehem? [Micah 5:2]
2014-6-27 Parable of the Wheat & Tares: Is the Parable of the Wheat & Tares talking about End of the World or the end of the Old Jewish Covenant? Who are the Wheat & Tares? [Matthew 13:24-52]
2014-6-27 Christian Martyrdom: What is the best book on Christian Martyrdom?
2014-6-27 Steve Gregg Debates: Have you ever debated Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses or Muslims?
2014-6-27 Blessings & Woes: Can you please tell me about the Blessings & Woes in Luke because I seem to align myself w/ the woes but not really the blessings? [Luke 6:20-26]
2014-6-27 Books of Acts complete: Was there supposed to be some more things after the last official of verse where Paul was preaching about the Kingdom of God? [Acts 28:31]
2014-6-27 The Sonnini Manuscript - Acts 29: Have you heard of the Sonnini Manuscript that include an Acts 29? Is it a valid chapter?
2014-6-27 Apostles & Prophets: What do you think about the Spiritual Gifts of Apostles & Prophets for this day & age? [1 Corinthians 12:1-11, 2 Corinthians 8, Romans 12:3-8]
2014-6-27 Foundation of Apostles & Prophets: Some think the cessation of Spiritual Gifts has happened, has stopped, because of a verse in Ephesians. What do you say? [Ephesians 2:20]
2014-6-27 Six literal Days: Isn't time Relative? So the 6 days of Creation doesn't have to be 24 literal days, does it? [Genesis 1-2]
2014-6-26 New Great Commission School: What's going w/ your Great Commission School? Haven't heard much about it lately.
2014-6-26 Dangerous Views of Hell: Aren't the alternative views of hell that you teach doing a little bit of a disservice, saying that you will just be annihilated or that you have a possibility of repenting in hell?
2014-6-26 Forgiving Others: We aren't supposed to forgive people who don't forgive others, isn't that right? [Ephesians 4:32, Matthew 18:23-35]
2014-6-26 Hell: Caller comments his version of why it has to be eternal hell fire, because of the Light of God radiating.
2014-6-26 Ananias & Sapphira: Regarding hell "scaring people into Salvation", isn't that sort've what happened during the incident of Ananias & Sapphira & throwing fear into the church? [Acts 5:1-11]
2014-6-26 R C Sprouls & the Reformed Church: I was wondering what the United Reformed Church was being "reformed" from?
2014-6-26 United Reformed Church: Do you do you know anything about the United Reformed Church?
2014-6-26 Forgiveness: Supervisor has a shady character. How do you deal w/ somebody who is very questionable?
2014-6-26 Studying Early Church: Studying Early Church History is so beneficial.
2014-6-26 Hell & Forgiveness: If God commands us to forgive forever, doesn't it stand to reason that God would do the same thing....even though someone just happens to die?
2014-6-26 Logos Coming on Jesus when Born: Would Jesus still have been able to function as a Man if the Logos hadn't come upon Him when He was born?
2014-6-25 Babylon being the Vatican: What do you think about Babylon being the Vatican, "Come out of her, My people"? [Revelation 18:4-5]
2014-6-25 Discipling Children: What is the Biblical way to disciplining your children? [Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 22:15, Proverbs 23:13-14, Proverbs 22:6]
2014-6-25 God Sovereign & Unchanging: How can God be claimed to be Sovereign & Unchanging when you see major differences from the Old Testament to the New Testament?
2014-6-25 Obedience means obedience: I was listening to some people who said that the only sin we can commit is to ask for forgiveness for sins, that we don't really need to "obey". What would you say to something like that? [Hebrews 2:9, Galatians 5:6]
2014-6-25 3 Views of Hell Book Comment: Caller really enjoyed & wanted to put accolades on Steve Gregg's book called, "All You Want to Know about Hell: Three Christian Views of God's Final Solution to the Problem of Sin".
2014-6-25 Suicide: What is your take on suicide? Is it unforgivable?
2014-6-25 Breaking one point of the law, guilty of all: What if we fail to love? is that a greater sin? [James 2:10]
2014-6-24 Stephen Hawking: What's God's purpose in allowing people like Stephen Hawking to propagate their propaganda? [Revelation 12:9]
2014-6-24 Let Us make man in Our image: What is the "us" when God said, "Let us make man in our image"? [Genesis 1:26]
2014-6-24 Millennium being the Church Age: If the Millennium is right now, during this Church Age, w/ Satan being bound up, how do all the major wars, holocaust, fit into the scheme of things? [Revelation 20:1-8 Matthew 12:27-29 Mark 3:22-30 Luke 11:21-22]