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2015-12-01 Jephthah & his vow: How come Jephthah didn't get any rebuke or God being upset for saying he would sacrifice his daughter (or the first thing that came out of the door of the tent)? [Judges 11:30-31]
2015-12-01 Prosperity & Adversity: A caller calls to ask what a specific verse means, but it turns out he doesn't know where it is, & Steve Gregg couldn't find it since the caller thought it was Ecclesiastes 6, so he calls later in the show & clarifies it. [Ecclesiastes 7:14]
2015-12-01 Ancient Nations against Israel & Gog & Magog: Is it possible that ancient nations that are mentioned are talking about modern nations? Is it possible that Gog & Magog were not real entities but a personification of this evil world that Satan is going to be loosened in out of his prison? [Revelation 20:7]
2015-12-01 Sin unto Death: What is this "sin unto death" that John is talking about? [1 John 5:16]
2015-12-01 "The power of sin is the law": What does the phrase, "the power of sin is the law" mean? [1 Corinthians 15:56]
2015-12-01 Creationism & the Eye's complexity: Caller wanted to comment about the complications of the eye.
2015-12-01 Prosperity & Adversity: A previous caller from the same show calls to clarify the actual verse he was asking about, which was [Ecclesiastes 7:14].
2015-12-01 David Bednar - Mormonism: Are you familiar with David Bednar?
2015-12-01 Mortal & Resurrection bodies: What is the difference between the glorified body, the celestial body & the terrestrial body? [1 Corinthians 15:40-50]
2015-11-30 Throne of David (part 3): Christ on the throne of David, but what about people like Tommy Ice saying that it's not really saying He's sitting on the throne right now? [Acts 2:30]
2015-11-30 Burning Bush & the Flame: Is the Flame that was on TOP of the burning Bush symbolic of the Holy Spirit coming on the people at Pentecost in Acts 2? [Exodus 3:1-15, Acts 2:1-4]
2015-11-30 Prayer: How can we have confidence in prayer when nothing seems to change as a result of prayer? How does God work in prayer that just involves us doing a task?
2015-11-30 Elders overseeing others: What about holding people accountable?
2015-11-30 Membership - Church of Christ: Is it okay to jump around from congregation to congregation in the same town even though different churches or should you stick to one?
2015-11-30 Creation & Free Will: Isn't it just a natural cause & effect that if God created creatures that had Free Will, that they'd go in the wrong direction?
2015-11-30 Great Tribulation: When Jesus was speaking the words that they'd be a time of trouble such as has never been before, was He talking about the present time of the first century? [Matthew 24:21]
2015-11-30 Free Will: Caller wanted to comment about the call that was about Free will.
2015-11-30 Unclean Spirit, 7 worse: Can you talk about the unclean spirit leaving but could have 7 come back in its place? [Luke 11:24-26]
2015-11-25 Infant Baptism: What are your thoughts about the practice of baptizing babies?
2015-11-25 Jewish History: What would be the best resource of Jewish History for the 400 years before Christ came?
2015-11-25 Spirits in Prison: Can I just have the Steve-Gregg-Commentary on this passage of Scripture talking about the spirits of prison? [1 Peter 3:19-22]
2015-11-25 Beasts - Kingdoms of Daniel 7 & Revelation 13: Caller just wanted to give his theory of the beasts of Revelation 13 & Daniel 7 & the gospel Matthew. Steve even thinks it could be plausible.
2015-11-25 Throne of David (part 2): (Cont. from previous show) Could the the throne of David just be reference to the royal line? David doesn't lack a man to sit on the throne, is that true, did that really happen? [Jeremiah 33:17-26]
2015-11-24 Formula for Salvation: What do you think about the Acts 2 formula for salvation? What about being baptized in only Jesus' name verses God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit? [Acts 2:38, Matthew 28:17]
2015-11-24 "& his deadly wound was healed": I know you believe a completely different paradigm that do Dispensationalist when it comes to Revelation, but what do you think about the deadly wound being healed because I don't recall that happening to Antiochus Epiphanes? [Revelation 13:3]
2015-11-24 Two Witnesses: So then who are the 2 Witnesses? [Revelation 11]
2015-11-24 Baptizing for the Dead: What did Paul mean by baptizing for the dead? We don't practice that but some Mormons told me about it, & I didn't know what to think. [1 Corinthians 15:29]
2015-11-24 Holy Spirit as Father: Who said or where does it say that the Holy Spirit is the Father of Jesus?
2015-11-24 Dispensationalism & the Throne of David: Can you explain the Dispensationalist view of Jesus or David reigning on the Throne of David during the Millennium? Can you explain the actual term, "Throne of David"? [Acts 13:36, 2 Samuel 7:12]
2015-11-23 Catholic Christians: Are Roman Catholics Christian?
2015-11-23 Manifestation of the Sons of God: What does it mean, "the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God" in {Romans 8:19]? So does "manifestation of the sons of God" means He'll reveal Jesus to us?
2015-11-23 The Woman of Revelation 12: They have a discussion about the woman of Revelation 12 that fled into the wilderness? [Revelation 12:6]
2015-11-23 Jesus & the Law of Moses: Were they trying to trap Jesus into saying they needed to keep the law of Moses when they brought the adulterous woman to Him? [John 8:1-11]
2015-11-23 Stoning: The Romans would not allow the Jews to carry out the death penalty?
2015-11-23 Paul & Slavery & Marriage: If we no longer accept Paul's view about slavery, why do we have to accept what he said about marriage? [1 Corinthians 7, Ephesians 6:5-9]
2015-11-23 Penal Substitution: What are thoughts on Penal Substitution (& the Atonement)?
2015-11-23 "Yahweh" over "the Lord" or "Jesus": The Pastor insists on substituting "Yahwey" for any reference to God, the Lord or Jesus. What do you think about that?
2015-11-18 Eternal Security: What must one believe to have certainty of eternal life that couldn't be lost for any reason?
2015-11-18 The Millennium: What if we slip again like Adam & Eve did after we are in Heaven, after Satan is loosed again? [Revelation 20, Genesis 3]
2015-11-18 Seventh Day Adventism: Galatianism, always struggling, wondering if you are measuring up. [Matthew 19:20]
2015-11-18 Buddhism verses Christianity: Mike the Buddhist gives some thoughts about the perception of reality.
2015-11-18 War & Self-Defense: What is the Christians perspective on War & Self-Defense?
2015-11-18 In the Father, In Christ & In the Spirit: What is the difference between being In the Father, In Christ or in the Spirit? [Romans 8:9, 14:17]
2015-11-18 Immigration - Refugee: How should we as Christians view the Syrian Refugee?
2015-11-13 Abrahamic covenant: What if Abraham had been disobedient in his own covenant w/ God, what would've happened then?
2015-11-13 Covenant: God is love, so how can a prenuptial agreement be considered an expression of the involving both covenants? [1 John 4:8, 16, John 3:16]
2015-11-13 Noah's Flood: Was the Flood a world-wide flood, & how long ago was it, & there seems to be so much diversity among the people of the earth that it'd almost seem impossible that they came from Noah. [Genesis 6]
2015-11-13 Randy Alcorn & Crowns of Heaven: What does Randy Alcorn believe involving heaven, & do you align yourself w/ whatever he believes, & what are the Crowns we will be receiving in heaven since they represent power & glory here on earth, will we be receiving that in heaven also?
2015-11-13 Evil: Does God actually create evil? I thought God was a God of love & good? [Isaiah 45:7]
2015-11-13 Alcoholism: What if somebody died as a drunkard, could they still inherit the Kingdom of God? [1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21]