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2022-1-12 God Face-to-Face: Has anyone ever seen God face-to-face? [Genesis 18:1. Genesis 17:3, Genesis 32:30].
2022-1-12 The Disciples on the New Earth: What do you think will be the role of the disciples after the resurrection on the new earth?
2022-1-11 God's Promise of Prosperity to the Faithful: How does one approach the topic of Christians not necessarily being blessed with prosperity? Recommended topical lectures on "The Word of Faith". [Ephesians 1:3, I Timothy 6:8-10, Luke 22:42, I John 2:15-17].
2022-1-11 Sludge on Farmland: Do you think that sludge should be put on farmland?
2022-1-11 Every Knee Shall Bow: What is meant by all those "under the earth" in the verse about "every knee shall bow"? [Philippians 2:10-11, Isaiah 45:23, Matthew 28:18].
2022-1-11 Messiah Called the New David: Is the verse in Isaiah about the shoot from Jesse referring to the new David (or Messiah)? [Isaiah 11:1, Hosea 3:5, Ezekiel 34:23, Ezekiel 37:24].
2022-1-11 The Title; Lucifer (Morningstar): Isn't it strange that the name Lucifer is actually used for Jesus? [2 Peter 1:18, Isaiah 14:2].
2022-1-11 Open Theism & Other Views of God's Omniscience: Do you hold to the classical view of the omniscience of God because of scriptural evidence, or because of the classical tradition?
2022-1-11 Elders & Deacons: Do all churches need to have elders and deacons? [Acts 20:28, I Peter 5:1-4].
2022-1-11 "Book of Enoch": Is the "Book of Enoch" real?
2022-1-11 Lilith: Is Lilith (Adam's wife before Eve) real, or just legend? [Genesis 1-2, Isaiah 34:14].
2022-1-11 Who Created God?: Who created God?
2022-1-11 Evidence Against the Existence for God: What evidence would make you change your mind about God? Call from an atheist?
2022-1-10 Bible Reliability: How do we know the construction of the Bible is to be trusted and was not manipulated for social or political agendas?
2022-1-10 Jesus Teaching the Ten Commandments: Did Jesus teach the Ten Commandments? [Mark 7:15, Matthew 15:11].
2022-1-10 Jesus' Teaching of the Law: Were the words of Jesus about the teaching of the law only applicable to His 3.5 years of His ministry? [Matthew 5:18-19, Matthew 11:12].
2022-1-10 70 Weeks of Daniel: Who is the "he" in Daniel 9, and what does it mean to "confirm the covenant"? [Daniel 9:24-27, Luke 21:20, Matthew 24:16].
2022-1-10 Abortion is Murder: Could you list 2-3 verses that prove that abortion is nothing more than murder? [Genesis 9:4-7].
2022-1-10 Teaching Pastors & Elders: If there are plenty of elders in the church, is it acceptable to hire a younger man to be the teaching pastor, since he is technically not an elder? [I Timothy 4:12].
2022-1-10 Infallibility of the Bible: If the words of scripture in the Bible are true, but not infallible, is the Bible not in danger of becoming untrue?
2022-1-10 Preservation of His Word: Do you believe that God has preserved His Word? [I Corinthians 7:25, I Corinthians 7:40, Galatians 2:11].
2022-1-10 More in Line with God's Will: Does our will become more conformed to God's will?
2022-1-10 Salvation & the Body of Christ: At the point of salvation, when one has repented and submitted, is that person now part of the body of Christ?
2022-1-10 The Lord's Prayer: Where does the prayer come from that says, "Thy will, no my will, be done"?
2022-1-07 "In Christ" & the "Body of Christ": Is being "in Christ" a mystical thing, or is it more of a metaphor? [Romans 8:9, Ephesians 1].
2022-1-07 Blessings in Christ: What are our primary spiritual blessings in Christ to which Paul refers? [Ephesians 1].
2022-1-07 Revelation Written by a Mad Man: Could the book of Revelation be the ravings of a mad man?
2022-1-07 Satan Released: If the devil is released from the pit, could unbelief be what he has perpetrated? [Revelation].
2022-1-07 Levirate Marriage: When a man was to raise up the upspring for his dead brother, how could that actually work? [Matthew 22:24].
2022-1-07 Parable of the Wedding Feast: who is the man in the "Parable of the Wedding Feast", who is not wearing the proper clothes? [Matthew 22:11, Luke 6:46, Matthew 7:21].
2022-1-07 More Serious Temptation: Doesn't it seem like there are some temptations that are common, but there are others really more serious and one is in spiritual danger? [Galatians 6:1, I Thessalonians 3:5, Luke 22:31].
2022-1-07 God as Our "Dwelling Place": What does it mean to "make God your dwelling place"? [Psalm 91].
2022-1-07 Human an "it": Was the first reference to a human, "it"? [Genesis 1:26].
2022-1-07 Divining Rod (Dowsing, Water-Witching): What should I do to discourage someone from using a "Divining Rod"?
2022-1-07 Date of the Crucifixion: When do you think that the crucifixion took place? [Luke 3:1, John 2:20, Acts 2:20].
2022-1-07 Length of Jesus' Ministry: Could Jesus' ministry be 4-5 years?
2022-1-07 "Jezebel Spirit": Is it correct to say that a woman has a "Jezebel spirit"? [Revelation 2:20].
2022-1-07 Steve Gregg's Church Attendance: Are you part of a church group that meets regularly?
2022-1-07 Symbolism of the book of Revelation: Is all of the book of Revelation symbolic, or just some of it? [Revelation].
2022-1-07 Masturbation: Would regular masturbation send someone to hell? [I Thessalonians 4:4].
2022-1-06 Timeline; "Man of Sin" & the Rapture: When does the "Man of Sin" appear in relation to the timeline of the rapture? [I Thessalonians 4, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, John 6:39-54, Ephesians 4:13, Ephesians 2, I Corinthians 3:16, 2 Corinthians 6:16].
2022-1-06 Jewish Mythology, Leviathan, Behemoth & Dinosaurs: Caller thinks that the creatures (Leviathan, Behemoth & Ziz) in Job are connected to Jewish Mythology instead of dinosaurs?
2022-1-06 1000-Year Reign: Could you explain the 1000-year reign (Millennium) and the New Earth? [Revelation 20:7-9, 2 Thessalonians 1:9].
2022-1-06 Book of Enoch: Could you talk about Enoch and the "Book of Enoch" ("First Enoch")? [Hebrews 11:5, Genesis 5:21-24, Jude 1:14-15, 2 Peter 2:4].
2022-1-06 Jesus Pre-incarnate State (Christophany, Theophany) Do you know anything about how Jesus looked in His pre-incarnate state (Christophany)?
2022-1-06 Cain's Descendant's Self-Defense Killing: Would comment on the passage about descendants of Cain's and Lamech's killing of a man in self-defense? [Genesis 4:23f].
2022-1-06 Ezekiel's Temple & New Jerusalem: Is the New Jerusalem a real physical place or is it symbolic? [Ezekiel 40-48, Ezekiel 43:11].
2022-1-06 Herod & the "Man of Sin": Was Herod's death possibly relative to the "man sitting in the temple"? [Luke 12:18-22, Acts 12, Acts 17].
2022-1-06 God Impregnating Mary: Did God impregnate Mary, or did he just plant the complete fetus in her womb?
2022-1-05 Rules for Israel's Kings: Why would God give Israel detailed instructions about Kings if He didn't want them to have a human king? [Deuteronomy 17:14, I Samuel 8, Hosea 13:11].