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2018-3-22 Tithing: Jesus was all about Truth & Grace & so why did Jesus tell the pharisees to tithe? Well He telling us to tithe?
2018-3-22 Partial Preterism vs Full Preterism: Why are you a partial preterist as opposed to a full preterist?
2018-3-22 Preterism Lectures: Do you have anything on Preterism, any lectures?
2018-3-21 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Being baptized w/ the Holy Spirit, should I be seeking people out who actually do that?
2018-3-21 Playing Pool & Smoking Pot: I love to play pool, is that a sin? What about smoking pot?
2018-3-21 Bible literally: Is it better to take the Bible literally?
2018-3-21 Water Baptism: I was never baptized as an adult of my own volition. Should I get baptized? I don't really belong to a church, so how should I go about it?
2018-3-21 Fire coming down from Heaven: What part of heaven did satan send fire from? [Job 1]
2018-3-21 Powers of Heaven Shaken: What does it mean that the powers of heaven were shaken?
2018-3-21 Soul Sleep: So is it soul sleep when you die?
2018-3-21 Theme Music for the Narrow Path Show: Where does the music come from for you show?
2018-3-21 Tithing: Should we tithe? Aren't we sort've under bondage doing that?
2018-3-21 Steve Learning from others: Do you think you can learn from someone else? Are you willing to learn from Doug Batchelor during the debate you are going to have w/ him about the Sabbath?
2018-3-21 Filled w/ the Holy Spirit: Should you be filled w/ the Holy Spirit in order to be part of the staff of a church?
2018-3-20 Pre-incarnate Jesus: Did Jesus have a body when he was in heaven before he was born? [Hebrews 10]
2018-3-20 Apocalyptic Sections of the Bible Having a 2-fold meaning: What do you think about Revelation & other apocalyptic sections of the Bible such as the Olivet Discourse having two fold meanings, 70 AD & whatever is supposed to happen in the last days?
2018-3-20 The New Deal (The New Covenant): What exactly changed at the "New Deal" (New Covenant) after Jesus died on the cross?
2018-3-20 The Heart: Does a heart has a mind of its own? [Matthew 9:4]
2018-3-20 The Book of 1 Corinthians: Was 1 Corinthians written to us or just them?
2018-3-20 Seeing God: Why were some people able to see God & others were not?
2018-3-20 "ye are gods": What did Jesus mean when He told the Pharisees, "you were gods"? [john 10:34, Psalms 82:6]
2018-3-20 Homosexuality: What can you do if you are tempted w/ homosexuality?
2018-3-19 Morality in the Old Testament: Is morality different in the Old Testament vs New Testament?
2018-3-19 The Pre-Trib Rapture: The 7th trumpet & Jesus coming on the last day, does this negate the pre-trib rapture?
2018-3-19 Transubstantiation: You use physical things to perform spiritual stuff so why can't we assume that about emblems for the euchiarist turning to the body & blood of Jesus?
2018-3-19 Eschatology (Last Days) Timeline: Tell me if I got these right: rapture first, anti Christ, tribulation, Armageddon, & then the return of Christ?
2018-3-19 Adam's Rib: Did God actually take Adam's rib to create Eve, or did He just use the DNA?
2018-3-19 Destroying the Earth with Fire: God will destroy the earth w/ fire at Jesus' Second Coming, is that literal or symbolic?
2018-3-19 Jesus Interceding only for the He died for Elect: Calvinism teaches that Jesus only died for & interceded for only those people He died for, as opposed for everyone.
2018-3-19 Once saved, Always Saved: Once Saved, always saved is not biblical, but you recommended Dave Ramsey once, & he's a firm believer in that.
2018-3-19 Lake of Fire: Do you believe the lake of fire is literal, & is it the 2nd death? Is satan going to die for the 2nd time? Isn't fire for purification, restoration? [Revelation 21:8]
2018-3-19 Angles Ascending & Descending out of Heaven Jacob saw angles ascending & descending out of heaven on a ladder, & then Jesus said the Son of Man would be ascending & descending, that what Jacob saw in Genesis was refer to Him. [John 1:52, Genesis 28:12]
2018-3-19 Nathanael: What was Nathanael doing under the fig tree before Philip called him? Was there something significant about it? [John 1]
2018-3-19 inerrant Word of God: The Word of God is inerrant in the original text that it came in.
2018-3-16 Not Willing that any should Perish: Not willing that ANY should perish, but why did Joshua wipe away every men, women & children?
2018-3-16 Idolatry in Restaurants: What is your take in eating in restaurants with Idols & Statutes in them?
2018-3-16 Melchizedek: Who is Melchizedek? Is Jesus part of Melchizedek or is He superceding him? [Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 7]
2018-3-16 Studying the Bible & Smoking Marijuana Simultaneously: Is there anything with reading the Bible & smoking marijuana at the same time?
2018-3-16 Calvinism: This passage of Scripture in Acts seems to support Calvinism. What do you say about it? [acts 13:48]
2018-3-16 Gift of Prophecy: People think I have the gift of prophecy
2018-3-16 Holy Spirit-The Comforter: Why couldn't the Holy Spirit be down here while Jesus was here? [John 16:7 7, John 7:32-39]
2018-3-15 Resurrection of Israel: Is Ezekiel 37:1-14 a real resurrection or metaphorical, where it talks about the bones being resurrected?
2018-3-15 Contradiction of Passover Meal: There seems to be contradiction when the passover happened in the gospels. Luke says they had Passover dinner before Jesus was arrested, John seems to say it was after His arrest, but others say it was at the same time. Which was it?
2018-3-15 Passover Animal Sacrifice as Jesus' Crucifixion: Do think He was crucified on the same day they killed the literal lamb?
2018-3-15 Serpent Seed Doctrine: I heard that Cain & Abel were twins, that Cain was conceived by Satan, that Abel was conceived by Adam, & that Cain's race made it on to the Noah's Ark.
2018-3-15 Satan Fall like Lightening: "I saw Satan fall like lightening", was this literal, & what does it mean? [Luke 10:18]
2018-3-15 Eating the Literal Body of Jesus: The Catholics believe they are eating the literal body of Christ in the emblems they eat & drink? Didn't Jesus say do it in REMEMBRANCE of Him?
2018-3-15 Jewish Calendar: Can you explain the new moons & the Hebrew Sabbaths. I thought the calendar interrupted the 7th day Sabbath?
2018-3-15 Dying in Sin: if someone dies in sin, are they still a Christian, are they still saved?
2018-3-15 Satan & Music: Someone said that Satan was responsible for all the music of the earth. Is this true?