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2018-12-11 Disagreement Calls: Steve makes an announcement about what he means by disagreeing when you call in.
2018-12-11 Millennial Reign: 1000 yr reign discussion [Numbers ]
2018-12-11 Jesus Prophesied in OT: Prophecies of Jesus being born, which parts were fulfilled? (can't ever really articulate what he wants to ask, says he'll call again)
2018-12-11 God referred to as a Female: Genders of God.
2018-12-11 Phillips: Was there more than one Phillip? [John 1, Acts 6]
2018-12-11 A Prodigal Son: I have a prodigal son situation, should I fellowship with him or keep my distance from him?
2018-12-11 Steve's Financial Needs: If you don't take money from donations, how do you make your living?
2018-12-11 Jesus Dying on the Cross: Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? Couldn't there have been another way? various views of the atonement
2018-12-11 Fellowshipping with Dispensationalists: Since I disagree w/ dispensationalism, should I stay clear of them or can I still fellowship w/ them?
2018-12-10 7 Spirits: The 7 Spirits of Revelation, how did we get to that number at the end of the Bible? [Revelation 1:4, Revelation 3:1, Isaiah 11:2]
2018-12-10 Psalm Interpretation: Can you interpret a verse in Psalms for me, especially "causest to approach unto thee"? [Psalm 65:4]
2018-12-10 Man of Sin: Man of Sin, how do you understand that as a preterist, an amillenniast or a non-Dispensationalist?
2018-12-10 Revelation Revealed: The NT reveals what the OT had hidden, could you say that same thing about Revelation to the NT?
2018-12-10 Demon-possession or Devil just wreaking Havoc: What is the difference between demon possession vs the devil just messing w/ you? [1 Peter 5:8, Ephesians 6:9-12]
2018-12-10 Millennial Reign: 1000 year reign discussion.
2018-12-10 Disagree about Steve's Eschatology: Caller also thinks there's inconsistency in Steve's eschatological model.
2018-12-10 Calvinism: What do you think drives people to Calvinism?
2018-12-10 James White: Have you ever had occasion to talk to James White after the debate you had with him?
2018-12-07 Testing: There's a lot of testing on this side of glory, but why are some people tested way more that others?
2018-12-07 Calvinism - Total Depravity: Why do Calvinists use is & what is Paul actually saying? [1 Corinthians 2:14]
2018-12-07 Trinity: Involving the Trinity, is God an individual Being or 3 Beings that make one God? [John 20:17]
2018-12-07 Desire & rule for Husband: "Your desire is to your husband & he will rule over you", what does that mean? [Genesis 3:16]
2018-12-07 Enoch (& Elijah) not seeing Death: If they wages of sin are death, why didn't enoch have to die? [Genesis 2:27, Genesis 5:24, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23]
2018-12-07 Being filled with the Holy Spirit: I can't quite wrap my head around the idea of being filled with the Spirit. Does He jump in & out of you?
2018-12-07 Understanding the Bible: Struggling to understand the Bible.
2018-12-07 Word of Faith: Commanding or asking God to give us stuff, do stuff for us, as if He is our own genie, just seems wrong. What does Steve think?
2018-12-07 Non-Calvinists Hating God: People of other religions don't actually ALL hate God like Calvinism suggests, do they?
2018-12-06 Speaking in Tongues Contradiction: Speaking in Tongues contradiction, saying it's a sign for unbelievers but then later says it's a sign for believers, & also says that prophesying for the believer, but then also for the unbeliever. Why the apparent contradictions? [1 Corinthians 14:22-25]
2018-12-06 Holy Spirit Saddened by today's Church: Do you think the Holy Spirit is saddened by the state that the church in North America is in today?
2018-12-06 Holy Spirit - Trinity: When Jesus breathed on them, did He breathe His own essence or another Person? [John 20:22]
2018-12-06 Rapture & Further Eschatology Discussion: Do you believe in the Rapture? & further eschatological discussion/disagreement.
2018-12-06 Re-Baptism: Should I get re-baptized?
2018-12-06 Mandela Effect: Does the "mandela effect" really happen, verses changing?
2018-12-06 God loves but Sinner's in God's Wrath It says that God loves us but it also says that all the sinners are in God's wrath
2018-12-06 Best pattern for Evangelism: Is there a "formula" for evangelizing?
2018-12-06 Secret Rapture: Do you believe in the (Secret) Rapture?
2018-12-06 Sugar-Coating the Gospel: (Caller tries to be funny) Are you diabetic? You don't sugar-coat the gospel.
2018-12-05 Steve Gregg's & Dispensationalism: What changed your mind from being a Dispensationalist?
2018-12-05 Blessing or Cursing Israel: Aren't we supposed to be blessing national Israel? [Genesis 12:3]
2018-12-05 Millennium: Caller doesn't think the Amillennialist view of the Millennium can be right. [Revelation 20]
2018-12-05 Came to destroy the City: What did it mean in Ezekiel "I came to destroy the city", since Ezekiel nor God were the ones that destroyed the city? [Ezekiel 1:22, Ezekiel 11, Ezekiel 46;16, Ezekiel 43:3]
2018-12-05 Eternal Security: Can you lose your salvation?
2018-12-05 Giving to the Narrow Path Ministry: Can I give to your ministry instead of my church?
2018-12-05 John the Baptist being Elijah: Was John the Baptist Elijah? Was he an extension of the old covenant? [Malachi 4:5-6]
2018-12-05 Transfiguration: Why was it Elijah & Moses in the Transfiguration as opposed to anyone else?
2018-12-05 Kingdom of God: A heated discussion about whether the Kingdom of God is NOW or after He comes back the second time. [Luke 12:49-53]
2018-12-05 Millennium a 1000 Literal Years: Caller also thinks the Millennium HAS to be a literal 1000 years. [Revelation 20]
2018-12-04 Loving your Wife: How do we love our wives if we don't please our wives? [1 Corinthians 7:33-34]
2018-12-04 Study Bible: What would you recommend for a good study Bible?
2018-12-04 Jesus Calling Book: What do you think of "Jesus Calling" book?