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2017-5-02 Arminianism, Calvinism, Sanctification & Salvation: Arminianism vs Calvinism, especially in relation to Sanctification & Salvation. Can you talk about how they all relate to each other & which one is the most accurate?
2017-5-02 New Heaven & Earth: Steve does a follow-up to 3rd caller regarding New Heaven & Earth.
2017-5-02 Christianity: Buddhist caller is a little bit convoluted, finally asks, What is the Christian life?
2017-5-02 New Heaven & New Earth: New heaven & New earth follow-up & where will we be in eternity?
2017-5-02 Theology, Doctrine & Apologetics or Relationship with Jesus Christ: Theology, apologetics & doctrine vs a Relationship with Jesus, which is more important?
2017-5-02 Dating an Unbeliever: Is dating an unbeliever a good idea?
2017-5-01 Indoctrination: How can I help people who have been "indoctrinated" & discussion about related topics
2017-5-01 Information about Jesus other than the Bible: Is there anywhere else besides the Bible that has an account of Jesus being born, His ministry, His death & resurrection?
2017-5-01 Guilt: I need help with guilt.
2017-5-01 Preaching Politics from the Pulpit: What about preachers who preach politics from the pulpit?
2017-5-01 Tribe of Dan & the anti-Christ: The tribe of Dan possibly being the anti-Christ? What does Genesis 49:18 mean? [Genesis 49:18]
2017-5-01 Baptism: You don't have to be "immersed" in baptism, but immersed into the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
2017-5-01 Theme Music to the Narrow Path Show: Where did your theme music come from?
2017-4-28 Infant Baptism: They baptized the entire household, so infant baptism is acceptable then? [Acts 16:15-31]
2017-4-28 Jesus being around for 40 days after Resurrection: 40 days after Resurrection.
2017-4-28 Future Events: Are these talking about future events? [Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38]
2017-4-28 Don't Work, Don't Eat: Those that do not work shall not eat, but I'm on disability, but they said that's still not godly. [2 Thessalonians 3:10]
2017-4-28 Replacement Theology: Replacement Theology, covenant theology, reformed theology
2017-4-28 Jesus Sojourning to Jerusalem at 12 years old: Jesus had to start going to Jerusalem at 12 years old?
2017-4-28 Steve's Eschatology & Dispensationalism: will you clarify your eschatological views, & where do dispensationalists get their view?
2017-4-27 Repentance & Salvation: What is repentance & how important is it to salvation?
2017-4-27 Demons being Changed: If the demons are chained up how can they be doing their work? [2 Peter 2:4, Jude 1:6]
2017-4-27 Eternal Security: eternal security, once saved always saved,
2017-4-27 Imminent Return of Christ: the imminent return of Christ, the rapture, basically just want your 101 on end times
2017-4-27 Bringing 2 Sticks Together: Ephraim & Judah, Ezekiel saying 2 sticks will be joined together
2017-4-27 Body of Christ: "ekklesia", meaning church, a body of believers
2017-4-27 The 12 Tribes:  
2017-4-27 A Rebuilt Temple: There's going to be a 3rd Temple built, right?
2017-4-27 Christianity in Addition to Judaism: Christianity just an extension of judiasm basically, Jesus being born on Christmas day & resurrected on easter.
2017-4-27 Re-Baptism Necessary: I was baptized as an infant, do I need to be re-baptized?
2017-4-26 The Transfiguration: During the transfiguration, when Jesus was transfigured, did that represent the resurrected body, & why Moses & Elijah?
2017-4-26 Body of Christ, Bride of Christ being the Church: The "Body of Christ", the "Bride of Christ" & all these other metaphors you hear in the Bible, can you talk about all these metaphors in the Bible? [Ephesians 5:31-32, Genesis 2:24]
2017-4-26 Having a Hardened Heart: Once you have reached the state of point where you have hardened your heart, is it permanent?
2017-4-26 Full Preterism & No Hell: someone who is a full preterist told me there is no hell (universalism, inclusionist)
2017-4-26 Full Preterism: No Resurrection with full preterism, inclusivism;
2017-4-26 Rabbis thinking: Rabbis rejecting Jesus; 1000 year future millennium
2017-4-26 Our Redemption Draweth Nigh: "theological gymnastics", Christ Himself is the Son of the living God, our redemption draweth nigh (value in long theological talk)
2017-4-25 Responding to a Call about the Adventist Church & 1844: Steve responds to a question from 4/10, where he makes a slight correction on what he said about the 2nd coming of Jesus involving the Adventist/SDA church.
2017-4-25 Calvinism & Free Will & King Sihon: Calvinism, Predestination, Election, Foreknowledge. [Deuteronomy 2:30]
2017-4-25 Missing Books of the Bible: Are there any books that are missing from the canon of Scripture?
2017-4-25 The Methodist Church: What's your argument against the Methodist church?
2017-4-25 Dharma & the Gospel of Christ: Dharma of the Buddha & the gospel of Jesus are really beginning to, in my mind, merge together, says a regular Buddhist caller.
2017-4-25 Partial Preterists, Amillennialists & Non-Calvinists: Partial Preterist, Amillennialist, but non-calvinist, so is there anyone out there besides you & me who believe all those things?
2017-4-25 Everyone to Evangelize: Wondering if you think evereyonre has the responsibility of reaching the lost?
2017-4-25 Being Tempted by the Devil: Is there any evidence in Scripture that the devil can put thoughts into our mind?te
2017-4-25 Gifts of the Spirit: So even if i don't have the gift of mercy, am i not supposed to still show mercy?
2017-4-25 Gospel in a Nutshell: How would you phrase what the gospel is n a nutshell?
2017-4-24 A Book by Philip Mauro: "Of things which must soon come to pass" by philip mauro
2017-4-24 Hanegraaff Converting over to Eastern Orthodoxy: wondering about eastern orthodox church in light of Hank hanegraaff switching over
2017-4-24 Communion: Communion, Lord's Supper, Eucharist, eating the literal blood & body of Jesus. [John 6]