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2020-1-13 Yeshua Rather than Jesus: What do you think of the practice of using the pronunciation of "Jesus" as "Yeshua"?
2020-1-10 Moses, Plague & Livestock: In the story of Moses, how can all the livestock be killed, and yet later more are killed in each of the next two plagues?
2020-1-10 Reliability of the Bible: If language is not always precise in Biblical scripture (as in hyperbole), can we still trust it to be reliable?
2020-1-10 All Things Together for Good: How do trust that "all things work together for good" when so much goes wrong when we are not in obedience? [Romans 8:28].
2020-1-10 Forced to Take Drugs: When scripture indicates "blessed are they that mourn", but a court orders drugs, but one prefers to not take them, so they can mourn? [Matthew 5:4].
2020-1-10 Book of Enoch: Is the book of Enoch historically true?
2020-1-10 Mistake or Bad Choice: Would you comment on the confusion between really bad choices and the softened description calling it a mistake?
2020-1-10 Book of Enoch: Why do you think that the book of Enoch is not authentic when it appears that Jude thought it was?
2020-1-10 Afterlife, Resurrection, Heaven or Hell (Old Testament): Does the Old Testament ever mention heaven, hell, the afterlife, or resurrection? [Isaiah 14:9, 26:19, Daniel 12:2].
2020-1-10 Tongues & Other Gifts: Do not all these signs described in scripture still happen to believers, such as tongues? [Mark 16:17, Matthew 7:11].
2020-1-10 Deathbed Evangelism: What would you say to bring one to Christ who is in their last moments of life?
2020-1-09 Impossible to Renew to Repentance: Does Hebrews 6:4-6 actually mean that you can go too far, and be unable to return to Christ? [Hebrews 5:12f, 6:4-6, James 5:19, Luke 1:37].
2020-1-09 No Sacrifice for Sin: Were the Jews being warned not to continue in sin and rely on the sacrificial system in Hebrews 10? [Hebrews 10:18, 26, 6:4].
2020-1-09 Isaac Blessing Jacob: Did Isaac exhibit supernatural power when he bestowed a blessing on Jacob? [Genesis 25:19-36, Genesis 49].
2020-1-09 1000 in Scripture: What does 1000 mean in scripture? [Revelation 17, 2:10, Psalm 50:10, 90:4].
2020-1-09 Born of Water & Spirit: What is meant by being "born of water" in John 3? [John 3:5-6].
2020-1-09 No Longer Any Hope: When is it that someone becomes so hard that God will no longer allow someone to repent?
2020-1-09 Tree of Life: Is the Tree of Life in Revelation the future source of eternal life? [Genesis, Revelation 22:1-2].
2020-1-09 Unsaved Children: Our children are not following the Lord, even though they were raised in the faith, where did we go wrong? [Isaiah 1:2].
2020-1-09 Thank You Steve Gregg: Caller thanks Steve from Maui.
2020-1-09 The Beast & the Wounded Head: Who is the head that is wounded and healed? [Revelation 13:3, 17:9-10].
2020-1-09 Creation of Male & Female: In Genesis 1, did God create just the animals as male & female, but did not make people male & female until Genesis 2? [Genesis 1:26-27, I Timothy 2].
2020-1-08 Emulating Jesus: Should we not live more like what is demonstrated by Jesus and Paul in the Bible, such as, avoid eating shellfish, etc.? [I Corinthians 11:1f, I Peter 2, I Peter 4:19].
2020-1-08 Blessing Israel: Is it true today, that who will bless Israel, will be blessed, and those who curse, will be cursed? [Genesis 27:29, 12:1-3, Galatians 3:29, Matthew 12:48, 25:40, John 8:39].
2020-1-08 Elders & Living Creatures: Who are the elders and living creatures in Revelation? [Revelation 4 & 5].
2020-1-08 Liars in Revelation: Who are the liars, saying they are Jews, or apostles, in Revelation in chapters 2 & 3? [Revelation 2:2,9, 3:9, John 8:44, Acts, Romans 2:28-29].
2020-1-08 Second Coming & A.D.70: If Jude was written after A.D.70, would it prove that the second coming came in A.D.70? [John 21:21f].
2020-1-08 Counseling: Caller comments very positively on Steve's series on "Biblical Counsel for Change."
2020-1-08 Pharmaceuticals: Do you see a danger in using "pharmacia" or pharmaceuticals, particularly for mental conditions? [I Corinthians 6:9-11].
2020-1-08 Proselytes: Why was Peter unaware of the acceptance of proselytes when dealing with Cornelius?
2020-1-08 Salvation Coming to the Gentiles: Why did Paul say, that salvation came to the gentiles, because the Jews rejected Him? [Romans 11:30].
2020-1-08 Greek & Hebrew Interlinear Bibles: What is the best Greek & Hebrew Interlinear Bible to get? [Jay P Green, Hendrickson Publishers, Apostolic Bible Polyglot, Vanderpool, Apostolic Press].
2020-1-08 Slavery: Did God endorse slavery, particularly of non-Jews? [Leviticus 25:44-46].
2020-1-07 Greek Philosophy in Christianity: Is it wrong to mix our faith with elements of other religious philosophies? [Exodus 12, Colossians 2:8].
2020-1-07 Regeneration Before Faith: Do the following verses prove that regeneration precedes faith? [John 1:12-13, Philippians 1:29, I John 5:1, Ephesians 2, Colossians 2, John 3, Luke 15:11-32, Hebrews 4, James 1:17].
2020-1-07 John's Water Baptism: What is the difference between John's baptism and religious Jewish washing rites? [Mark 1:4, Luke 16:16].
2020-1-07 Animals & Pets in Heaven: Caller shares her encouraging story of her pet.
2020-1-07 Early Church Variations & Denominational Splits: Would you clarify the denominational splits in the early church and how it has affected our contemporary Christian faith today?
2020-1-07 Helping the Homeless: How should I handle my frustration with the homeless that simply seem to be using our church without respect for us? [Galatians 6:10].
2020-1-07 Internet Dating: Is it acceptable to look for a wife on the internet through a dating site?
2020-1-07 Logos in John: Caller comments on John 1:1 and the meaning of the word, "logos", used there.
2020-1-06 Translation Variance; God or Satan-in Isaiah: Why such a monumental translation variation of Isaiah 59-one implies it is referring to God, one to Satan? [Isaiah 59:19]
2020-1-06 AD 70 or Second Coming: Caller thinks Steve is wrong about interpreting Zechariah 14 as AD 70, as I think it is clearly about the second coming of Christ. [Zechariah 14].
2020-1-06 King James Only: Caller comments that he is KJV only and why. [Revelation].
2020-1-06 Jesus' Preincarnate State: What was the preincarnate state of Christ? [John 1:14, Philippians 2, Psalm 40, Luke 1:34-35, I John 5:8].
2020-1-06 Looking at Old Testament Prophecy: How should we be looking at Old Testament prophecies and their link to New Testament? [John 2, Psalm 2, Psalm 40:6-8, Psalm 110, Psalm 59:9, Isaiah 7, Isaiah 8, Luke 24:45, 2 Corinthians 3:15-18].
2020-1-06 Date of Writing of I John: Do you think that I John was written before or after AD 70? [I John 2:18].
2020-1-03 Mountain Splits & Jesus on Mount of Olives: Is the passage about the Mount of Olives splitting about AD 70, or about the future, when Jesus returns? [Zechariah 14:2-8, Ezekiel 8-11, 11:23]
2020-1-03 Marriage & Divorce: If my wife divorced me without grounds many years ago, and I remarried, should I go back to her? [I Corinthians 7:15].
2020-1-03 Worshipping False Gods: Are you worshipping a false God if you celebrate holidays that originated from pagan cultures? [Jeremiah 2:10].