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2014-12-08 Soul-Sleep: Being on a operating table, being under anesthesia, makes me think of soul go out & then you are suddenly being woke up!
2014-12-08 The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer I enjoyed this book very much & see parallels of what you teach.
2014-12-05 The Jews: Who are the Jews? Are they Israel? Are they Judah? Or are they some other people?
2014-12-05 Peter, the Fish & Taxes: What was the purpose of the exercise of Jesus having Peter get the coin from the fish? [Matthew 17:24-27]
2014-12-05 Date of the Book of Revelation: Was the book of Revelation written after 70 AD, or before?
2014-12-05 Dispensationalism & the 144,000: After the Rapture, David Jeremiah suggested that the 144,000 would be a future group, 12,000 people from each tribe, & they'll evangelize the entire world of the people are "left behind". What do you think?
2014-12-05 Appointed to Eternal Life Believed: A Calvinism & Arminian debate, trying to dissect a particular verse, the caller trying to point out that some are predestined to believe. [Acts 13:48, 2:23, 4:27-28]
2014-12-05 Jesus Wept: Why did Jesus weep? Because Lazarus was dead? It shouldn't have been because of that because He knew He was going to raise him from the dead. Was it because of their unbelief? [John 11:33-36]
2014-12-05 God's Sovereignty & Free Will: Did God just make these 2 ideas, God's sovereignty & having Free Will, to just co-exist with each other?
2014-12-04 Calvinism-Total Depravity: Calvinist's like to use verses surrounding the Flood as proof that Man is completely depraved. [Genesis 6:5, 8:21]
2014-12-04 Qualifications for Church Elders: Elders need to have all their children under control, walking w/ the Lord, in order for them to be qualified. What is your opinion about it?
2014-12-04 Relationship problems & children out of wedlock: Wondering what to do about it.
2014-12-04 Feasts of the Lord: Of the Feasts of the Lord, Which ones have not been fulfilled at the first coming of Christ? [Leviticus 23]
2014-12-04 KJV only Advocate & 4 major Revisions: Caller disagrees there's been 4 major revisions of the KJV of the Bible like everyone purports.
2014-12-04 God Revealing Himself: Can & does God still communicate through Dreams, Visions, audible voices, Prophecies, Angelic Messengers?
2014-12-04 Jesus the Good Shepherd: Jesus was referred to as the Good Shepherd, but why would He want to be called that since they had such a low status in society? [Genesis 46:34, Matthew 11:29]
2014-12-04 New Covenant: Who is the New Covenant for? Was it made to the house of Israel?
2014-12-03 Adultery & Lust: Is Adultery the same as the same as lust? Was Jesus only talking to married men, & so a single man is off by a technicality because he isn't married & able to commit "lust"? [Matthew 5:28]
2014-12-03 Preaching Styles: Why do some preachers feel they have to yell? Did Jesus or Paul ever yell?
2014-12-03 Visualization & Affirmation: Is it wrong to use Visualization & Affirmation because according to Johanna Michaelsen, it is not a good idea to do that.
2014-12-03 Alcoholism: How do i get out of my alcoholism?
2014-12-03 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: My wife divorced me because of my alcoholism. What should i do?
2014-12-03 Baptism: Is water baptism necessary for salvation?
2014-12-03 Date of the Book of Revelation: Wife & I debating the dating of the book of Revelation, my wife thinks way after 70 AD, i think before 70 AD.
2014-12-03 Radio Programs & the Narrow Path: There are some radio shows that just seems to disagree with your teachings.
2014-12-03 God Pleased & then Displeased: Why did God go from being so please of Creation to being grieved that He made creation, made man? [Genesis 1-2, 6]
2014-12-02 Antinomianism & Arminianism: Are Antinomianism & Arminianism complete opposites? (Calvinism & Arminianism & Antinomianism & legalism are what he meant.)
2014-12-02 Jesus' Authority: Was Jesus' position of Authority different after His resurrection than it was before it?
2014-12-02 Faith & Works: We aren't saved by works, but it isn't all just faith either!
2014-12-02 Judaism: Should I do any Jewish practices as a Christian since I was born/raised a Jew?
2014-12-02 Once Saved, Always Saved: Once Saved, Always Saved just isn't right!
2014-12-02 "The Republic" - Plato, Socrates: What do you think about Socrates, Plato & Aristotle having a lot of wisdom before Christ? The Republic which i'm reading just seems to have such good parallels to the Bible.
2014-12-02 Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola & George Barna: In a book called, "Pagan Christianity", which is about what's gone wrong in the Institutional church, it talks about the Pastoral Leadership mentality, which is more like tradition of man than biblical thing. What are your thoughts?
2014-12-02 Paul & Jesus' Gospel: People think that Jesus & Paul taught 2 different things. What do you think? [Galatians 5:6]
2014-12-02 Preaching Jesus' 2nd Coming Imminency: Is it necessary to preach the imminency of Jesus' second coming?
2014-12-02 Back to the Lord but Circumstances inhibitive: I have come back to the Lord, & I want to get married, but my girlfriend does not. Not sure what to do!
2014-11-26 KJV Translation of the Bible: My brother stands by the KJV only, that it's the most perfect Bible out there. What do you think about that?
2014-11-26 Being Healed God: What does the Bible say about God healing us? Do we have any part in it?
2014-11-26 Rapture & the Second Coming: Can you please explain the Second Coming of Jesus & the Rapture?
2014-11-26 Unitarians & the Nazarene Church: What do Unitarians believe? What about the Nazarene Church?
2014-11-26 New World Translation (JW's): Can you tell me about the New World Translation?
2014-11-26 Faith & Belief: Caller wanted to comment about Faith.
2014-11-26 Being Grafted: What was Paul saying in Romans 11 about being grafted in or out? [Romans 11:17-24
2014-11-26 Jobs because of Sin: What are all the occupations going to be in the New World since a lot of the jobs rely on things that are a result of sin?
2014-11-26 Bible Translations: I bought a Catholic Bible, & wondering the different translations between a Protestant Bible & a Catholic Bible of what King Agag's attitude was on his way up to meet seems to be quite different: cautiously, delicately, full of hope, cheerfully, trembling. [1 Samuel 15:32]
2014-11-25 Assurance of Salvation: I keep having a besetting then that I keep falling into, & so wonder if i'm saved or not.
2014-11-25 Muslims & Christians: Why do Christians hate Muslims?
2014-11-25 Act Like Men & Step up & Be Courageous: Have you ever heard of these meetings/video about being courageous men?
2014-11-25 3 Views of Hell: What is your view of Hell, Traditional, Annihilationism, & Universal Reconciliationism?
2014-11-25 Feeling Saved: You don't always feel saved, you have ups & downs, but you still might be saved!