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2018-11-02 Not Far from the Kingdom: Can you comment on Mark 12:34, "not far from the kingdom?"
2018-11-02 Destroying Satan: Why did God not just destroy Satan from the earliest stages? Why does He allow suffering, temptation, child abuse?
2018-11-01 Jesus still on Cross: Catholics say Jesus is still on the cross hence what is why they have the crucifix. What do you think about that?
2018-11-01 Transubstantiation: Same with Transubstantiation, if Jesus has to still give His blood every time they take Communion, isn't that still indicating He's still on the cross?
2018-11-01 Knowledge in Heaven: What will we know in heaven? Will we know each other or care if we do?
2018-11-01 Studying the Bible: I'm having difficulty sticking w/ reading the Bible, is it better to listen or read it?
2018-11-01 Distinguishing Evil Spirits & Demons: Is there a difference between evil spirits & demons?
2018-11-01 Supernatural Reports: What do you think of the books "Heaven is for Real" or "23 min in Hell"?
2018-11-01 Never heard the Gospel: What about people who have never heard the gospel? [Romans 2:14]
2018-11-01 Heaven & Hell in the OT: Heaven & Hell in the Bible, different words & meanings for those terms? Sheol
2018-11-01 Salvation for people in OT: How did people get saved in the OT, just obeying the law?
2018-11-01 Praying to the Saints: Is it biblical to pray to the saints?
2018-11-01 Cursing the Fig Tree: Why did Jesus curse a fig tree? [Mark 11:12-14]
2018-11-01 Freezing Debt: Is it ok to freeze the growing debt owed to someone to avoid bankruptcy?
2018-11-01 Housing Illegal Immigrants: We need to open our home to sojourners, does this apply to the immigration issue?
2018-10-31 The Eternal Son of God: Was Jesus the eternal Son of God, pre-incarnate?
2018-10-31 God bringing Evil: God will bring evil on his son? Evil = disaster, calamity [1 kings 21:27-29]
2018-10-31 His Name Will Be Emmanuel: We will call His name Emmanuel, was He ever called "Emmanuel"? [Matthew 1:21, Isaiah 7:14 Isaiah 8:8]
2018-10-31 Celebrating Halloween: Christians celebrating Halloween, we absolutely shouldn't do it!
2018-10-31 6 Literal Days: Are the 6 days of creation literal? Christians not able to challenge the scientific community by believing this
2018-10-31 Joel Osteen & Getting Rich: Joel Osteen says that we can get rich from God. [2 Kings 4:1-7]
2018-10-31 The Other Side of Glory: Will we remember people who are didn't make it on the other side of glory?
2018-10-31 Paul Speaking to Whom: To whom is speaking, the apostles or us? [titus 3:12]
2018-10-30 The Eternal Son of God: Was Jesus eternally the Son of God?
2018-10-30 Fallen Angels: Are fallen angels demons?
2018-10-30 Guardian Angels: Are there really guardian angels?
2018-10-30 Nephilim: Are the Sons of God angels or humans?
2018-10-30 David Hunt: is David Hunt a reliable Bible teacher?
2018-10-30 Harlot in Revelation: Is the harlot the Catholic church? [Revelation 17]
2018-10-30 Memory in Glory: What are we going to remember of our previous life on the other side of glory?
2018-10-30 President Donald Trump: Trump & his questionable character & the way he says things in the office of the president of the United States, what do you say about that?
2018-10-30 Casting out Demons: Where do the demons go once they are cast out or where do we send them?
2018-10-30 Lester Sumrall: Lester Sumrall cast out the demons to Jesus' feet. What do you think about that?
2018-10-30 Water & Blood: When it's talking about the water & blood, what does this mean? What does this whole passage of Scripture mean? [1 John 5:6-8]
2018-10-30 Harlot: So you don't believe the Harot of Revelation 17 is the Catholic Church, so who is she?
2018-10-29 Reprobate Mind: It's not God fault that all this violence is happening but people turning over to a reprobate mind.
2018-10-29 Pornography: I've been struggling with fear & purity because I keep continuing with the temptation of pornography
2018-10-29 Filled with the Holy Spirit: Being filled w/ the Holy Spirit (conversion of the Spirit)
2018-10-29 Prejudice: I have prejudice against multi-racial relationships.
2018-10-29 Communion-Lord's Supper: Should unbaptized believers partake in the Lord's Supper?
2018-10-29 Calvinism & Election: You are chosen, but chosen for what?
2018-10-29 Tree Of Life & Knowledge of Good & Evil: In the future kingdom, will we have a memory of our previous life?
2018-10-29 Trinity in the Scripture: So 1 John 5:7 not being in the original text that seems to clearly support the Trinity idea, is that true? [1 John 5:7]
2018-10-25 Church Shopping: I'm in transition of churches, what do I look for in a church?
2018-10-25 Narrow Path Lectures missing in Genesis: There seems to be some missing chapters being talked about in Genesis.
2018-10-25 Solomon & His 700 wives & 300 Concubines: Why did Solomon have concubines in the Bible? Was the purpose of a concubine for childbearing?
2018-10-25 Physical Blessing & Spiritual Blessing: A type & antitype, physical blessings parallel to spiritual blessings today, do you think that is right? [Deuteronomy 30:15-20, Ephesians 1: 3-14]
2018-10-25 Christianity Statistics: By the year 2023 only 5% of the population is going to be Christian? Do you have to actually believe in Jesus or would your conscience be enough?
2018-10-25 Blessing Israel: Caller feels we need to bless Israel, whether it's pagan or not. [Genesis 12:3]
2018-10-25 No Hell in OT: There's no mention of hell in the Old Testament, so doesn't that stand to reason that it's not going to be bad as some people think it is of an eternal torment? Wouldn't you think God would do everything they could do to warn people?