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2018-4-12 Pelagianism: Steve explains that he is NOT a Pelagian, clarifying the position of what the Bible says about original sin and whether people have the ability to not sin.
2018-4-12 Judas Iscariot: Was Judas predestined to betray Jesus? [John 17:12]
2018-4-12 King David Was God giving permission to David to have more than one wife after what he did w/ Bathsheba?
2018-4-12 Jesuits: Caller thinks there's a massive conspiracy involving Jesuits.
2018-4-12 Stan Monteith: Did you associate with Stan Monteith a lot? What did you think of his conspiracy theories?
2018-4-12 Enjoyed Sabbath Debate with Doug Batchelor: I loved the debate you had with Doug Batchelor, but my best friend converted over to that group, & I tried everything I could to stop him.
2018-4-12 Polygamy: Polygamy wasn't in God's original design, so why did it become acceptable?
2018-4-12 Rich Man & Lazarus: So the Rich Man & Lazarus, you said that might've been a Jewish fable written down somewhere. Did they ever find the story in Jewish literature?
2018-4-12 Supernatural DNA for Jesus: Where did the other half of the DNA come from for Jesus?
2018-4-12 The Right Hand: I'm studying the book of Acts, & there keeps being reference to the Right Hand. Is there significance to the "right hand"?
2018-4-11 Calvinism & Libertarian Free will: A Calvinist caller asks, If what you say is true about us having our own free will, our own choice, could someone possibly always choose to do the right thing, thereby circumventing the need for a Savior?
2018-4-11 Tradition: Paul said we should keep the traditions. Does that mean like the Catholics do? They always emphasize Protestants are wrong about "Sola Scriptura", that Scripture & Tradition are equally important. [2 Thessalonians 2:15]
2018-4-11 Works and Grace: DO all Catholics believe we can earn our Salvation through our works & Sacraments?
2018-4-11 Day of the Coming of the Lord: Is 2 Thessalonians about 70 AD, instead of the Second Coming, like Ken Gentry & Gary DeMar believe? A Great Apostacy & Jewish revolt against Rome? [2 Thessalonians 2]
2018-4-11 Teenagers Getting Baptized: What age should teenagers get baptized?
2018-4-11 Satan's Origins: When did the idea that Lucifer became Satan start? Lucifer a Latin word. [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28]
2018-4-11 Steve is a Pelagian: Caller thinks that Steve is too Pelagian more than he is an Arminianist and perhaps accepting heretical views.
2018-4-11 Marian Apparitions: Marian apparitions & other supernatural phenomenon [Deuteronomy 13:1-3]
2018-4-11 Creation Science: Do you have any good resources as an alternative of Creation Science to what kids are taught in public school about Dinosaurs?
2018-4-10 "Best of" Radio Programs: It'd be awesome if you could always post the re-broadcasted or "best of" programs to your website.
2018-4-10 Description of Jesus: Is this Passage of Scripture describing Jesus Christ since it's so similar to the description in Revelation? [Ezekiel 1:26-28]
2018-4-10 Narrow Path Website Forum: How come I haven't been added to the Narrow Path Website Forum yet?
2018-4-10 Jesus' Suffering & Death in the OT: Where does it talk about Jesus suffering & rising from the dead on the 3rd day in the Old Testament? [Luke 24:46-47, Isaiah 53]
2018-4-10 Not Counting Man's Sins against them: Does Christ hold anything against us or not? How does one experience conviction of sin if you don't think Christ holds you accountable? Is going to hell a result of sin that remains an issue between you and God? [2 Corinthians 5:2, Revelation 2-3]
2018-4-10 Wicked & Righteous after Death: What happens to the people both the righteous & the wicked after they die? Are the wicked really being tormented? Are Christian in the presence of the Lord immediately?
2018-4-10 Rich Young Ruler: When Jesus was talking to the Rich Young Ruler, is there a reason He specifically listed the 5 commandments that He did? [Matthew 19:16-30, Mark 10:17-31, Luke 18:18-30]
2018-4-10 Lordship: Is calling Jesus the Lord the same thing as recognizing Him as King?
2018-4-10 Jesus' Rearing (Education): Did Jesus have to learn things as He grew even though He was omniscient?
2018-4-10 Living by Faith: What does living by faith mean? Don't you have to believe in Jesus? [John 15]
2018-4-10 Relationship & Fellowship: I find nothing about "relationship", are "relationship" & "fellowship" the same thing? [1 John 1:3]
2018-4-10 Day of Atonement-Yom Kippur & Passover: Why would Paul call Jesus our Passover instead of our Atonement? What is the difference between the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) & the Passover?
2018-4-10 Jesus the Messiah: How come the Jews don't accept the idea that Jesus was the Messiah?
2018-4-05 Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth: Weeping & gnashing of teeth & being in outer darkness, is this talking about Hell?
2018-4-05 Abortion Rights in contrast to Gun Rights If the young people & Democrats don't like guns & want to ban them because they don't like killing, then they need to be consistent & ban abortion. That's the deal.
2018-4-05 Woman before Eve: Was there a woman before Eve?
2018-4-05 Jewelry: What is your belief about wearing jewelry of crosses & the like?
2018-4-05 Denominations: Is the splitting of so many churches a good thing or a bad thing? Does it weaken or strengthen the church? Do you we need to unify again?
2018-4-05 Faith & Works: Why so much about works, I thought we were saved by faith?
2018-4-05 Idolatry & Television: I heard you talking about idolatry earlier, couldn't watching too much TV be an idol, how you conduct your time?
2018-4-05 Hermeneutics & the Olivet Discourse: You say we have to compare scripture with scripture, so if Matthew was written first, & was written to the Jews, how were they able do that, compare Scripture w/ Scripture since the other Gospels, or the other books of the Bible, weren't accessible yet? Which book was written first, Matthew or Mark? [Luke 17 & 21, Matthew 24]
2018-4-05 Which book was it?: (followup) You were recently asked if you could only have ONE book of the Bible, what would it be? What was the answer? (Matthew)
2018-4-05 Ministers Living High on the Hog: Ministers that are living in luxury, how is that okay?
2018-4-04 Sabbath: God blessed the Sabbath in the beginning of creation or in the garden of Eden, didn't He?
2018-4-04 Baptism: Baptism needs be done as soon as possible for so many reasons.
2018-4-04 Debate w/ Doug Batchelor: Thank you for doing the debate w/ Doug Batchelor re the Sabbath
2018-4-04 Saved in Childbearing: What does this mean that women will be saved in child bearing? [1 Timothy 2:15]
2018-4-04 "All the Saints with Thee": Is about 70 A.D. or about the end of the world, [Matthew 25:31, Zechariah 14:5]
2018-4-04 Messianic Jew Looking: A Messianic Jew is looking for a place to fellowship because they won't accept her with the things she still practices.
2018-4-04 Driving out Demons: Are these promises/signs only for the people of the early church or us too? [mark 16:17-18]
2018-4-04 Follow-up to the Sabbath Debate: I heard there was a continuance or a follow-up of the sabbath debate you had w/ Doug Batchelor, do you have a video of it?