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2013-7-08 Original Sin: A discussion about the doctrine of "Original Sin". [Romans 5:12-21]
2013-7-08 Gay Marriage & Counterculture: Should Christians isolate into a corner because of a counterCulture mentality?
2013-7-08 Jesus Movement Counterculture: Wasn't the "Jesus Movement" the closest thing that we have seen for a counterculture for our youth?
2013-7-05 Hell-Universal Reconciliation: Does the view of "Universal Reconciliation" mean that one is virtually saved by one works, or by how they pay for their sins?
2013-7-05 Parable of the 10 Virgins & Hell: Does the "Parable of the 10 Virgins" disprove "Universal Reconciliation?" [Matthew 25].
2013-7-05 Sheep & the Goats & Hell: Does the parable of the "Sheep & Goats" disprove "Universal Reconciliation"? [Matthew 25:31-46].
2013-7-05 Ethnic Israel & Eternal Security: Is it possible that the reason Dispensationalists are so adamant about God never giving up on ethnic Israel is because they are fearful of Eternal Security (Once Saved, Always Saved) not being true?
2013-7-05 Meaning of "Jew": Does "Jew" mean "praise of God"?
2013-7-05 Secret Rapture: Is there a (secret) rapture?
2013-7-05 Shepherd's Chapel & Serpernt-Seed Doctrine: Can you tell me about Arnold Murray of Shepherd's Chapel & the Serpent-Seed doctrine?
2013-7-05 Eating Unclean Animals: When did Peter's Vision about the sheet involving unclean animals relate to the council about avoiding blood, strangled animals & meats sacrificed to idols? [Acts 15:23-29]
2013-7-05 Persecutions in the Book of James: Do we have any idea what trials or persecutions the Book of James was specifically talking about? [James 1:1]
2013-7-05 Prophets-Judas & Silas: John the Baptist was the last of the Old Testament prophets, but two new prophets follow; Judas & Silas. Are there more prophets? [Acts 15:22]
2013-7-05 Judas Iscariot Saved: Is there any chance Judas Iscariot is saved? [Matthew 26:24]
2013-7-03 Women Prophesying & Preaching: Why the apparent contradiction about what women can do in the ministry? [1 Corinthians 11, 1 Timothy 2]
2013-7-03 "One Taken, One Left Behind": Does the passage about "one taken, one left behind" have anything to do with the "secret" rapture? [Matthew 24:36-41, Luke 17:31-37, Psalm 91:7]
2013-7-03 "Plain Truth" Magazine: Is Steve familiar with the "Plain Truth" magazine?
2013-7-03 Literature from the Narrow Path: Caller wanted to know if The Narrow Path ministry sends literature out to people who don't have computers.
2013-7-03 Make & Create: Is there a difference between "make" & "create"?
2013-7-03 Forgiveness: Caller gives definition of Forgiveness, "I give up my right to punish you". How does that square up with Jesus forgiving us? Aren't even the righteous going to be punished?
2013-7-03 Christian without the Discipleship: Can you be a Christian without being a disciple?
2013-7-03 "All Thing Are Lawful To Me": When Paul said, "All things are lawful to me", what does he mean? [1 Corinthians 6:9-12, 1 Corinthians 10:23]
2013-7-03 "Mountain, Be Thou Removed": What does this verse mean about being able to move mountains? [Matthew 17:20, Matthew 21:21, Mark 11:22-24]
2013-7-02 The Rechabites' Obedience: What is going on with the Rechabites' refusal to drink wine in Jeremiah 35? [Jeremiah 35:6]
2013-7-02 Jesus' Glorified Body: Why didn't Jesus appear in His glorified body after His resurrection as He had appeared glorified during the Transfiguration?
2013-7-02 Record of Jesus' Post-Resurrection 40 Days: Why were there no records of Jesus' teachings during the 40 days after His resurrection?
2013-7-02 Mental Adultery: When is a person guilty of adultery? Is in it thought or does it require an action? What is considered stepping over the line? [Matthew 5:28, James 1:12-15]
2013-7-02 Gay Marriage: When did we, as a country, lose the battle to the point where gay marriage is acceptable?
2013-7-02 Judicial Rulings: It seems we are no longer a democracy or a republic because laws have been being legislated from the bench.
2013-7-02 Tower of Babel & America: Do you think we are becoming like the Tower of Babel (Sodom & Gomorrah)?
2013-7-02 Businesses being in Debt: Caller is concerned about commerce being in Debt.
2013-7-02 Homosexuality-Truth becoming Lie, Lie becoming Truth: Caller is concerned about people becoming homosexuals so close to home.
2013-7-01 Amillennial View of the 70 Weeks: Does an Amillennialist take the 70 weeks in Daniel literally or symbolically? [Daniel 9, Jeremiah 31, Romans 11]
2013-7-01 Finding Verse-by-Verse Lectures: Where is the verse-by-verse for the Gospel of Luke? Look under the tab "verse-by-verse" and under the topical tab; "Life of Christ").
2013-7-01 Demonic Pagan gods: Are the pagan gods just idols or is there real demonic power behind them? [1 Corinthians 10:20, Deuteronomy 32:17]
2013-7-01 Hindu Gods: Do the Hindu gods have demonic forces behind them?
2013-7-01 Unity of Beliefs: Why is there so little unity on difficult biblical scriptures and doctrines? Doesn't it cause people to be skeptical of Christianity. [Daniel 9:27]
2013-7-01 Bursts of Anger: Is it possible that a lady who just erupts in bursts of anger swearing at Jesus could be demon-possessed?
2013-7-01 Exorcizing Demons: Is there an effective way to get rid of demons if someone is possessed?
2013-7-01 God's Foreknowledge, Sovereignty & Free Will: How do we have free will if God knows everything that's going to be happening in the future? [Psalms 139:14, Revelation 13:8]
2013-6-28 Lord's Supper on Passover: Was the Lord's Supper introduced on Passover?
2013-6-28 Melchizedek: Can you talk about Melchizedek? [Genesis 14, Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 7]
2013-6-28 Melchizedek Appearing to Abraham: How was Abraham able to see God in the form of Melchizedek, since we cannot see Him?
2013-6-28 Present Activity in Heaven: What is happening in Heaven right now?
2013-6-28 "Counterfeit Revival": What do you think about Hank Hanegraaff's book, "Counterfeit Revival"?
2013-6-28 Dispensationalism: What exactly is Dispensationalism?
2013-6-28 Forgiveness: Am I supposed to forgive people who have committed heinous crimes?
2013-6-28 Going Out for Drinks with Coworkers: I've been told i'm snobbish for not going out with coworkers to have a beer after work, but Jesus wouldn't have done it, would He? Doesn't it say to be separate? [2 Corinthians 6:17]
2013-6-28 "Restrainer" Taken Out of the Way: What is the "restrainer" that is going to be taken out of the way? [2 Thessalonians 2:7]
2013-6-28 The Holy Spirit's Dwelling: Where else does the Holy Spirit dwell besides in our temples (our bodies)?