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2021-6-18 Universal Reconciliation & View of Hell: Where do I find whether early church fathers believed about hell, particularly,"Universal Reconciliation"? (Editor's Note: Steve Gregg continues talking about this question after the break even though he doesn't indicated that he's going to.)
2021-6-18 Mary Baker Eddy & Christian Science: What are your thoughts about Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science)?
2021-6-18 The Biblical City of Bethel (Luz) Would you clarify when the city of Bethel (Luz) was named? [Genesis].
2021-6-18 Jerusalem Council & the Law of Moses: Could you clarify what was happening at the Jerusalem Council, and if keeping the Law of Moses is still required? [Acts 15].
2021-6-18 Steve Gregg's Bible Study Tools: What tools do you use for your Bible study? Recommended; In addition to the Bible-Interlinear Old (Hebrew) and New (Greek) Testaments, Strong's Concordance, Bible Dictionaries, Bible Commentaries by F.F. Bruce or Tyndale.
2021-6-18 Need Both Good & Evil: Caller posits the idea that we need to have both good and evil inclinations.
2021-6-18 Worship in Spirit & Truth: What was meant by "worship in spirit and truth"? [John 4:24].
2021-6-17 Compensation from Another Christian: As a Christian seeking compensation, can I ask my Christian dentist, to cover the costs of a botched attempt to fix my tooth? [I Corinthians 6:1-10].
2021-6-17 "The Jesus Christ Show" Radio Program: What do you think about the "Jesus Christ Show"? Do you think it is blasphemous?
2021-6-17 The Bethel in Genesis: Is the "Bethel" mentioned in Genesis chapters 12 and 28 the same "Bethel"? [Genesis 12:8, Genesis 28:19].
2021-6-17 Justification, Salvation & Sanctification: Do not justification, salvation and sanctification happen at different times, therefore disproving "eternal security"? [I Corinthians 6:11, Romans 4:19-22, Romans 5:5, Genesis 15:6, I John 3:27].
2021-6-17 Kenneth Hagin and Word of Faith: I want to disagree with you about Kenneth Hagin and the "Word of Faith" movement (Health & Wealth or Prosperity Doctrine). Recommended Topical Lecture: "Word of Faith".
2021-6-17 Pre-Trib Rapture & the Tribulation in Eschatology: Could you talk about the connection between these two verses in Daniel 12 and Revelation 3? [Daniel 12:1-3, Revelation 3:10, Matthew 24:21, I Thessalonians 4:16, John 5:28, John 17:15]. Recommended Topical Lecture; "When Shall These Things Be?".
2021-6-17 Chronology of the Main Last Days Events: In what order will the major last days events will take place? Recommended Topical Lecture: "When Shall These Things Be?"
2021-6-16 Jesus as the Begotten: Would not Jesus' birth be God "begetting" Him? [Philippians 2:6, Luke 1:35].
2021-6-16 Jesus Not God: Could you help me counter the argument that Jesus is not God? Recommended Topical lecture; "Knowing God".
2021-6-16 Lordship Salvation: Would you define "Lordship Salvation"? [Romans 10:9, Matthew 28:18, Matthew 16:24-26, Luke 9:23].
2021-6-16 Marrying an Unbeliever: Can you help me think through marrying an unbeliever?
2021-6-16 Saving My Fiancé : How do I make sure my fiancé becomes a Christian? [Matthew 5:30].
2021-6-16 Sex Before Marriage (Fornication): What about sex before marriage (fornication)?
2021-6-16 Gay Pride Month: Why does God allow Gay Pride month?
2021-6-16 God Helping Homosexuals: Why doesn't God help gay people better so they can please Him? [Romans 12:2, Matthew 11:29-30, Matthew 7:13-14, Psalm 14:1, Proverbs 9:10, John 8:31-34].
2021-6-16 LGBTW Marriages: Why are people caught up in the LGBTQ movement and so many are marrying each other?
2021-6-15 Suicide of an Unsaved Loved One (Addict): What do you say to someone who has lost an unsaved loved one-in this case, an addict's suicide? [Luke 12:47].
2021-6-15 "Tabernacle of David": Did David have the Holy Spirit and what of the "Tabernacle of David"? [Acts 15:8, Acts 15:16, Amos 9:11-12].
2021-6-15 Context for Romans 8:28 (All Things Work for Good): Could you put Romans 8:28 (all things work together for good) in context for me? [Romans 8:28-30].
2021-6-15 Pre-trib Rapture: Caller shares his view that he believes in the pre-trib rapture. [I Thessalonians 4-5].
2021-6-15 Cain & Sargon the Great: Do you know if Cain was Sargon the Great? [Genesis 4].
2021-6-15 New Earth Sinners: What is going to keep people from sinning on the new earth, and why would He not do that from the beginning?
2021-6-15 Divorce, Separation & Unfaithfulness: Could you clarify what is grounds for divorce if unfaithfulness has taken place in ways other than sexual immorality, and she has moved out? [Deuteronomy 24:1-2, I Corinthians 7:12-15].
2021-6-15 Dying in One's Sins: Could you talk about what it means to be "dying in one's sins"?
2021-6-14 "The Israel of God": Who is "the Israel of God?" [Galatians 6:15-16, Galatians 4:28, Romans 9:6].
2021-6-14 All the Land and Promises Fulfilled to Israelites: Doesn't scripture say that the Lord gave the Israelites all the land that he had promised? [Joshua 21:43-45].
2021-6-14 Not Until All is fulfilled: What does it mean in scripture; "heaven and earth will pass away, but not one jot or tittle will until all is fulfilled"? [Matthew 5:18, Luke 21:30].
2021-6-14 The Rapture: Isn't the verse in Thessalonians about the rapture? [I Thessalonians 4].
2021-6-14 Radio Expenses for The Narrow Path: Could you repeat how much it costs you to be on the radio?
2021-6-14 The Bride of Christ: Why are we called the "Bride of Christ"? [Revelation 19:10, Ephesians 5, Matthew 19, Genesis 2:24].].
2021-6-14 Light & Good Works for Evangelism: Does my light (life) and good works have a part in the salvation of others? [Titus 2:14, Titus 3:1, Titus 3:14, Ephesians 2:8-9].
2021-6-14 Do NOT post this call (as per Steve Gregg): Would you talk about Balaam's story? [Numbers 24:14-15, Numbers 24:23].
2021-6-14 God's Love=Mercy, Justice, Faithfulness: Could you direct me to your lecture where you talk about God's love being of mercy, justice, and faithfulness? Recommended Lecture: "Sermon on the Mount". [Matthew 23:23, Matthew 7:12, John 15:13, Mark 12:30-31].
2021-6-14 Study to Show Yourself Approved: Where is the verse about needing to study to show yourself approved? [2 Timothy 2:15].
2021-6-14 Do not post this call (as per Steve Gregg). Are my thoughts about what is required of the believer, is this sound?
2021-6-14 Buying & Selling Restrictions: If we ended up with mandates by the government that would restrict buying and selling, would you reassess your view of end times (Amillennialism)?
2021-6-11 Religious Exemption for COVID Vaccine: Is there biblical support for not taking the COVID vaccine?
2021-6-11 Bondage vs Sinful Behavior: How does one distinguish being in bondage versus just falling to sin? [John 8:31-36].
2021-6-11 Pride: Is pride really the root of all sin? [Isaiah 14:12-14].
2021-6-11 Commitment to Live the Christian Life: Is it by resolve that one learns to live the Christian life without the law (The Torah)?
2021-6-11 Laying on of Hands & the Great Commission: Is "laying on of hands" part of the great commission? [Acts 2:38].
2021-6-11 Laying on of Hands: Who is qualified to perform "the laying on of hands"?
2021-6-11 Married to an Unbeliever: How do I live a Christian life being married to an unbeliever, and remain faithful to Christ? Recommended lecture: Topical/Individual Lectures/ "How to Love your Wife Like Christ Loved the Church." [I Corinthians 7:12-15, John 13:13].