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2023-8-03 Sarah in Genesis vs 1 Peter: Can you enlighten me about Sarah in Genesis and Sarah in 1 Peter? [Genesis 16:2, Hebrews 11:11, 1 Peter 3:6].
2023-8-03 Pentecostal vs Christian Churches: What is the difference between "Pentecostal" and "Christian" Churches?
2023-8-03 Omitted Verses in the NIV Translation: Why did the NIV drop Matthew 7:21 verses in their translations? [Matthew 7:21].
2023-8-03 Steve's Old Friend Reaches Out: A friend of Steve's past, called to share the passing of their mom and how much she appreciated "The Narrow Path" ministry.
2023-8-03 Pentecostal Trends (Laughing): Could you talk about the trend of Pentecostal "laughing in the Spirit?" It was creepy to my wife and me.
2023-8-03 "Greater Works" and Healing: Do I need to say the verse about "greater works" (or keep it in my mind) when I lay hands on myself or others for healing? [John 14:12].
2023-8-02 Hebrews, Israelites & Jews: What is the difference between Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews? [Genesis 14:13].
2023-8-02 Antichrist's Foreknowledge: Why would the antichrist follow through with his evil plan if he knows what will happen in the future? [Acts 1:7, 1 Corinthians 2:7-8].
2023-8-02 Fighting Evil with Jesus in the Millennium: Will we fight evil with Jesus when He returns - as we come with Him? [2 Thessalonians 1:8, Revelation 19:11-21].
2023-8-02 Christian Counter-culture: Are you familiar with the book, "The Benedict Option?" Rec: Christian book, as well as, "Live Not by Lies" by Rod Dreher.
2023-8-02 To Whom are the Promises of God?: How do we know when the promises of God in scripture apply to us, or when they were only for those to whom they were addressed? [2 Chronicles 7:14, 2 Corinthians 1:20, Matthew 19:28, Psalm 34, Acts 2:38, Deuteronomy 28:1-14, Joshua 1:5, Hebrews 13:5-6, Deuteronomy 31:6-8, Proverbs 22:6, Proverbs 15:1].
2023-8-02 The Chronology of Jesus' Return: What is the chronology of events of the Second Coming of Jesus? Rec: Topical Lectures: "When Shall These Things Be?" [Luke 17:27-30, John 6:39-40, John 6:44, John 6:54, 2 Peter 3:10-13].
2023-8-02 God Giving Up on a Man: Are you familiar with G. Campbell Morgan? Do agree that God will never give up until a man dies, or can God give up on someone? [Romans 1:28].
2023-8-02 Missing Laws about Pedophilia: Do you think it was an oversight on God's part not to say more about pedophilia? [Mark 9:42].
2023-8-01 Partial Preterism, 70 AD, and the Date of Writing of Revelation?: Why do you think that Revelation was written before 70 AD and how would it change your view if it were proven written after 70 AD? Rec: Steve's commentary; "Revelation Four Views" [Revelation 11:1-2, Revelation 17:10, Revelation 13:18].
2023-8-01 "The Cup" and "It is Finished": What is the "cup" that Jesus prayed would pass from Him, and what was "finished?" [Psalm 75:8, Jeremiah 25:17, Revelation 14:10, Hebrews 10:12-14].
2023-8-01 Blessing Others: What is meant when one "blesses" another? [Numbers 6:24-26, Ephesians 1:3]
2023-8-01 Why Twelve Children for Steve Gregg: Why did you want twelve children?
2023-8-01 Church Membership & Accountability: Would you talk about church membership and accountability? [1 Corinthians 12:13, 2 Corinthians 4:2].
2023-8-01 "We Know in Part": Why don't pastors put the verse about "knowing in part" above their door? [1 Corinthians 13:9].
2023-8-01 Fasting & Unanswered Prayer: Is it a sin not to fast? Could it be why one's prayers are not answered? [Matthew 6:16-18, Mark 2:19, Matthew 9:14-15].
2023-8-01 Modern-Day Prophets: What do you think about those today claiming to be modern-day prophets? [1 Corinthians 14:1, 1 Corinthians 12:29, Ephesians 4:11, John 11:51, 1 Samuel 18:10].
2023-7-31 Abrahamic Covenant (Circumcision): What was the purpose of requiring circumcision in Abraham's family before Issac? [Romans 9:2].
2023-7-31 Jesus's Name is "Yeshua": How do you respond to someone who says that Jesus would be upset if you called him "Jesus" instead of "Yeshua?" [Matthew 23:23-24].
2023-7-31 Coregencies & Ascession of the Kings in Old Testament: Are you aware of the "coregency theories" (and "ascession method") of the Kings in the Old Testament to harmonize some of the reigns? [Daniel 1:1, Jeremiah 25:1-3].
2023-7-31 Jesus Descends into Hell: Did Jesus descend into hell? [Psalm 16:10, 1 Peter 3:19-21. Acts 2:27, Ephesians 4:8-10, Psalm 139:15].
2023-7-31 David's Sin of Taking the Census: Why was David taking a census so great a sin? [1 Chronicles 21:1, 2 Samuel 24:1, Psalm 20:7-8, 1 Corinthians 15:29].
2023-7-31 Rapture or What? (70 A.D.?): Who is the third that will be left alive? Is it the rapture? [Zechariah 12-14, Zechariah 13:7-8].
2023-7-31 David Hocking & Proving the Pre-trib Rapture: Regarding David Hocking and the "Pre-trib Rapture" and vacillating between the Greek and Hebrew translations to support his view, how legitimate is his thinking? Rec: Topical Lecture series; "When Shall These Things Be?," three lectures about the rapture proving and disproving the Pre-trib rapture. [Revelation 3:10, 1 Thessalonians 5:9].
2023-7-28 "Expositional Constancy"-Mustard Seed: Could you talk about the parable of the mustard seed and how it relates to "expositional constancy?" [Mark 13:31-32, 1 Peter 5:8, Jeremiah 5:6, Daniel 2:37, Isaiah 14:12, Ezekiel 31:6, Ezekiel 17:23].
2023-7-28 No Divorce & Remarriage Allowed: Why would no divorce and remarriage be allowed after Jesus came, when the Old Testament allows so many wives and King David's betrayal? [1 Corinthians 7:1-16]. Rec: Topicla article: "Divorce and Remarriage."
2023-7-28 Permission for Polygamy: Why was God so permissive to allow for polygamy in the Old Testament?
2023-7-28 Eternal Security: How does one "continue" in the faith, so as to not lose it? De we ensure it, or does God? [Luke 22:31-32, 1 Peter 1:5, Jude 1:24-25].
2023-7-28 Countering Seventh-Day Adventism: Do you have any books about showing that Seventh-Day Adventism is more like a cult? Rec: Steve's debate with Doug Bachelor.
2023-7-28 Leaving Judgment to God: Should we not leave judgment to God, since we really can't do much about the evil in culture? [Leviticus 19:17-18, Mark 12:31].
2023-7-28 Mustard Seed Trees & Polygamy: Comments on mustard seed trees and polygamy.
2023-7-28 Cremation: What do you think about cremation? [Genesis 3:19].
2023-7-28 Unsaved People Going to Heaven: Is there any chance really good, but unsaved, people, may get into heaven? [Genesis 15:6, 1 Corinthians 4:4-8].
2023-7-28 James and Jude: Are James and Jude brothers of the Lord, without a doubt?
2023-7-27 Christian Counterculture: What do you mean by "Radically Christian Counterculture?"
2023-7-27 Dispensationalism's Evolution: Has Dispensationalism evolved from its inception?
2023-7-27 Shroud of Turin: What do you think about the "Shroud of Turin?"
2023-7-27 Divorce Complications & Abstinence in Marriage: Am I living in adultery in my second marriage? Though married, should I be abstaining while I figure this out?
2023-7-27 Universalism (View of Hell): Does the "Universalism" view of hell, strip God of His glory? [John 3:36, 1 Thessalonians 1:5-9, 2 Peter 3:9].
2023-7-27 Book of Enoch: What are your thoughts on the Book of Enoch, its relationship to the Book of Jude and fallen angels? [Genesis 6].
2023-7-27 Warning About Falling Away: Caller challenges Steve's view that a verse in 2 Peter is referring to salvation? Rec: topical lecture series "God's Sovereignty & Man's Salvation." [2 Peter 3:17, Ezekiel 36:26, Ephesians 2:1, Colossians 2, John 12:32, John 6:44, Luke 15:24, Jude 1:20, Ephesians 2:8-9, I John 5:21, 2 Peter 3:9].
2023-7-27 Fulfilling the Law & Stoning the Prostitute: Could you comment on the hesitation about stoning the prostitute, when that was the directive in the law? [John 8:1ff, John 3:17-21].
2023-7-27 Study Bibles & Commentaries: Can you recommend a good study Bible and Bible commentary? Rec: Tyndale Bible Commentaries and New King James Study Bible.
2023-7-26 "Kingdom of God" & "The Gospel": Caller remarks about how important it is to note the emphasis Jesus put on "The Kingdom of God" rather than just going to heaven. What threat would it pose today to teach about the Kingdom? [Acts 17:7, Matthew 16:24, Luke 14:33, John 3:16].
2023-7-26 Readable Bible Translations: What is the most readable, but not overly paraphrased, Bible to read for a beginner?