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2024-5-21 God's Wrath and Patience: What does God's patience have to do with His wrath? It seems somewhat contradictory. [Romans 9:22, Genesis 15:16].
2024-5-21 "Deliverance" & "Five-fold" Ministries: What do you think about the "deliverance" and "five-fold" ministries? [Ephesians 4:11]
2024-5-21 Commands of God: Could you talk about obeying God's commandments today? [Luke 9:35, Matthew 17:5, Matthew 3:17, Mark 9:7, Hebrews 11:8, Acts 5:32, John 8:31-32].
2024-5-21 Dementia: Does the Bible say anything about dementia? Would it be considered madness? [2 Timothy 1:7].
2024-5-20 Communion-Blood and Flesh Disgusting to the Jews: Why would Jesus refer to "blood" and "flesh" when it was forbidden in the Torah for the Jews? Why choose something that would turn them away, as John 6 indicates? [John 6:63-66].
2024-5-20 Bethel Church in Redding CA (Friendship with God): What do you think about the sermons coming out of Bethel emphasizing "friendship" with God and the importance of achieving that in our relationship with Him?
2024-5-20 Bethel's Prophets: Since the Bethel prophets (Kris Vallotton or Bill Johnson) predicted that Trump would win, shouldn't that be evidence that he is not a prophet? [Deuteronomy 18:22].
2024-5-20 Churches Failing to Preach "Lordship": Why doesn't the modern church preach the "Lordship" of Christ?
2024-5-20 Steve's Book "Empire of the Risen Son": Caller commends Steve for his important book as one of the most complete Christian book on the faith. "Empire of the Risen Son," Vol 1 & 2.
2024-5-20 Distinctiveness of Christianity: John Lennox said that Christianity is the only religion that is not merit-based. Are there verses that would speak to this?
2024-5-20 Important Reading: Caller recommends two sources "Preparing for Eternity" (Preparing Catholics for Eternity) by Mike Gendron and the Council of Dort (Synod of Dort).
2024-5-20 Intertestamental Books: What do you think of the "Intertestamental books" and is there anything that is not scriptural?
2024-5-20 Escaping in the Rapture: Will those who truly believe be caught-up in the rapture before the tribulation? [John 16:33, 1 Thessalonians 3:4, Revelation 2:10].
2024-5-17 Deborah as Judge: Doesn't scripture indicate that God did not raise-up Deborah as a judge? [Judge 5:7].
2024-5-17 Amillennial View of the Tribulation: How do non-preterist Amillennialists view the tribulation in Revelation?
2024-5-17 The True Israel: Was Jesus the true Israel? [Hosea 11:1, John 15, Galatians 3:28].
2024-5-17 Symbolism of the Ark to Salvation: Is Noah's Ark a symbol for salvation? [Matthew 24, Job 38, 1 Peter 3:19-21].
2024-5-17 Elhanan & Goliath's Death: Did Elhanan kill Goliath, or did he kill Goliath's brother? [2 Samuel 21:19, 1 Chronicles 20:5].
2024-5-17 Writer of Romans: Did Tertius write the whole book of Romans or only Chapter 16?
2024-5-17 Stoicism & Epicurians: Who were the Greek Stoic and Epicurean philosophers? [Acts 17:18, Acts 17:21].
2024-5-17 Belief Given as a Gift (Calvinism): Do you believe that all man have the ability to repent and be saved? [Acts 17:16, Acts 11:18, 2 Timothy 2:22, Philippians 1:29, Romans 10:17, Acts 2:37, Acts 7:54].
2024-5-17 "This Age" & the "Age to Come": How can the "age to come" be heaven, if people can still sin in that age? If it is not heaven, then what is it? [Acts 12:32].
2024-5-17 Limited Knowledge of the Holy Spirit & Jesus: Why doesn't the Holy Spirit know "the day or the hour" if it is one with God? [Philippians 2:7, Luke 2:52].
2024-5-17 Public School Teacher's Ethical Dilemma: How should I handle an ethical dilemma as a public school teacher when students bring up spiritual issues (Mormonism, losing faith, etc.)? Rec: Article written by Steve Gregg refuting Mormonism or his topical lectures on Cults, Part 2.
2024-5-16 Resurrection of the Dead: When Christ dies and the veil is torn, Matthew 27 says the dead were raised. When do you think this took place? What do Full Preterists think about this passage? [Matthew 27:51-52, 1 Corinthians 15:23].
2024-5-16 "Babylon" Symbolism in Revelation: Though you think Jerusalem is being referred to as "Babylon" in Revelation, what would change if it was referring to Rome, instead? [Revelation 18:20, Revelation 11:8, 1 Peter 5:13]
2024-5-16 Two Judgments (Bema vs Great White Throne): Would you talk about whether there are one or two judgments? Is there one for rewards (Bema) and one for the final judgment (Great White Throne) [2 Corinthians 5:10, Revelation 20:11, John 5:28-29, Matthew 25:31, John 12:48].
2024-5-16 Personalizing Scripture for Today: What do you think about a preacher who takes scripture and says it applies to us today, even when it may not?
2024-5-16 Steve Gregg's Audio Books: Do you have any more audio books available?
2024-5-16 Not Everyone CAN Believe: Doesn't this verse in 2 Peter indicate that some people have not been given the gift of faith and therefore cannot be saved? Rec: Topical lectures series, "God's Sovereignty, Man's Salvation." [2 Peter 1:1, 1 Corinthians 12:9, Galatians 5:21-22, Deuteronomy 30:11-14].
2024-5-16 "Beryl" in Ezekiel: What is "beryl" in Ezekiel?
2024-5-16 Ezekiel's Experiences or Visions: Do you think that Ezekiel's experiences were visions or actual events? [Ezekiel 1, Ezekiel 10, Ezekiel 8].
2024-5-16 Symbolism of "666"in Scripture: Is it possible the symbolism of "666" is about the future Beast's (666) financial net worth? [Revelation 13:18, 1 Kings 10:14].
2024-5-15 Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church: Why have I not heard you recommend churches that promote the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Ref: "Empire of the Risen Son" by Steve Gregg.
2024-5-15 End Times Revival: Would you elaborate on the idea of an "end times revival" has to come before Jesus returns? [Joel 2:28-32, Acts 2:17].
2024-5-15 Four Horseman: Could you talk about the symbolism of the "Four Horseman" in Revelation and the possible correlation of the Pale Horse to the rise of Islam?
2024-5-15 50 Generations Giving Birth: Are there 50 generations of people giving birth that will add up to the 1000 years.
2024-5-15 Jack Hibbs: Could you tell me about Jack Hibbs? Rec: YouTube, "Replacement Theology? Steve Gregg Responds to Pastor Hibbs."
2024-5-15 Recall in the Afterlife (New Earth): Are we going to know more on the New Earth or will we not remember anything? [1 Corinthians 13:12, Isaiah 65:17, Jeremiah 3:16, 1 John 3:2, Isaiah 43:18-19].
2024-5-15 Atonement Necessary for Sickness: Why would anyone have to atone for being sick (leprosy)? [Leviticus 14:18-20].
2024-5-15 Historicist View of Revelation: Caller shares that someone named Dave Robbins teaches the Historicist View.
2024-5-15 Council for Custody of and Counseling for Child in Divorce: Can you help me sort out the custody and counseling issues surrounding my divorce?
2024-5-15 Amillennialism, Preterism & Post-Millennialism: Having moved from Dispensationalism toward Amillennialism, I still have some confusion. How does Preterism tie into Postmillennialism? I hope Jesus is coming back again. Rec book: "Why Not Full Preterism" by Steve Gregg.
2024-5-14 Applause at Church: What do you think about applause after worship music at church?
2024-5-14 The Christian View of "Israel": How should Christians view "Israel" today?
2024-5-14 Eating Flesh & Drinking Blood: Regarding "eating flesh" and "drinking blood," doesn't it seem to have been no clearer to some of the disciples after it was said to be more spiritual in nature, because half of them left? [John 6:66].
2024-5-14 Speaking in Tongues: Is "speaking in tongues" always a real language, such as at the events at Pentecost, or can it also be babbling no one understands? [1 Corinthians 14:2, 1 Corinthians 14:22, 1 Corinthians 14:13, Jude 1:20].
2024-5-14 "Infirmity" Defined: Can you explain the meaning of "infirmity" in Psalm 77? What was Asaph going through? Is this something one is guilty of? [Psalm 77:10].
2024-5-14 "Free Will" vs "Determinism" & Reformed Theology: Could you shed some light on the term "predestination" in contrast to "free will" in Acts 4? [Acts 4:28, Acts 2:23, Revelation 13:8, Luke 22:42, John 6:70].
2024-5-14 Pre-Trib Rapture & Dispensationalism: What should I do about friends who are Dispensational who want me to watch various things they agree with? Rec: Youtube, Steve Gregg's Response to Jack Hibbs. [Romans 9-11].