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2019-11-07 Nebuchadnezzar's Dream: Can you help me understand the symbolism in Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the statue in Daniel 2? [Daniel 2, 7, Revelation 13, 17].
2019-11-07 The High Places; What were the high places and why could Israel not simply obey God by taking them down as He directed? [2 Kings].
2019-11-06 Fear of God=Wisdom: What is meant by wisdom beginning with the fear of God? [Proverbs 1, 9].
2019-11-06 Main Duty of the Church Fellowship: Is the main priority of the church to preach and teacher, or other responsibilities?
2019-11-06 Ministry Duties & Burn-Out: How do you learn to balance all the needs in a ministry with your own family's needs?
2019-11-06 Jesus & Spirit not Knowing the Same Things: In Matthew 24 it is said that the son and the spirit do not necessarily know the same things, can you give me some insight? [Matthew 24:36, Acts 1:7]
2019-11-06 Temple to be Rebuilt: Does a temple have to be rebuilt before Jesus comes again? [2 Thessalonians 2].
2019-11-06 Visiting Gay Friends & Family Members: Is it acceptable for a Christian to attend a gay family member or friend's festivities?
2019-11-06 Sons of God & Nephilim: Would you talk about the "sons of God" and the Nephilim? [Genesis 6:1-4].
2019-11-05 Federal Headship-Children Automatically in Covenent: What do you know about federal headship and how it suggests that children are brought into the covenant upon birth?
2019-11-05 Predestination & Foreknowledge: Doesn't it follow that if God knows everything, that He has predestined each person's decisions? [Matthew 23:37].
2019-11-05 Predestination: What do you think about "predestination" (in Calvinism)? [Romans 8:23, 29-30, Ephesians 1:4-5, Ephesians 1:4, John 15, Romans 11:22-24].
2019-11-05 As in the Days of Noah: Are we in the "days of Noah"? [Genesis 6:1-8, Matthew 24:37, Luke 17:26].
2019-11-05 Kept from Hour of Trial: Would you comment on the verse about being "kept from hour of trial"? [Revelation 3:10, 2 Thessalonians 2, John 17:15, Luke 2:1, Colossians 1:6].
2019-11-05 Jehovah Witness-Evangelizing: What is the primary thing that one should share with a Jehovah Witness on your doorstep?
2019-11-05 Jehovah Witnesses Saved: Do you think that Jehovah Witnesses are saved if they believe that Jesus is Lord?
2019-11-05 God Laughing: Is there anything in the Bible that says that God actually laughs? [Zephaniah 3:17].
2019-11-05 Jesus Afraid: Was Jesus afraid in the Garden of Gethsemane? And what was He really afraid of? [Luke 22:44].
2019-11-04 Jews Returning to Their Own Land: Does the scripture in Isaiah 14 have any relevance to the Jews being returned to their own land in the future? [Isaiah 14:1-2].
2019-11-04 King James Only Bible: Regarding the King James Bible's interpretation of the verse about searching the scriptures, as opposed to others-does leaving in the word "you" out, as opposed to in, change the meaning substantially? (imperative vs indicative). [John 5:39].
2019-11-04 Marriage & ReMarriage: If two people divorce, but decide to remarry, what considerations are there if they had gotten involved with other, or married someone else, in the interim? [Hosea].
2019-11-04 What Does it Mean to be Saved?: What happens when I die? Caller seems to not be clear on what it means to be a follower of Christ.
2019-11-04 All Things Work Together for Good: Is the promise of God found in Romans 8, a promise to the individual? or to the corporate church in general? [Romans8:28]. Caller lost a child.
2019-11-04 Creation-Various Views: What are your thoughts on the different views of creation, including, progressive creationism, and theistic evolution? [Genesis 1-2].
2019-11-01 Eternal Security & False Teachers: If you take this verse to the logical conclusion, does this not substantiate "eternal security"? [I John 2:19, Matthew 7:21-23]
2019-11-01 The 7th Day (Sabbath): Is the 7th day following the creation sanctified, blessed, and set apart still significant to us today? [Genesis 1, 2:1-3, Exodus 16, 20].
2019-11-01 Calvinism-Sproul: R.C. Sproul indicated that he became a Calvinist because of Romans 9. Would you share your thoughts on this passage? [Romans 9-10].
2019-11-01 Keeping Promises & Vows: Where is the scripture that supports one keeping their commitments and promises? [Matthew 5:33-37, Psalm 15].
2019-11-01 David & Goliath: Would you talk about David's choosing of five stones in the story of his slaying Goliath? Did it show lack of faith or planning for Goliath's brothers? [I Samuel 17, 2 Samuel 21:15-22].
2019-11-01 Eternal Security (Once Saved, Always Saved): How can you justify being a Bible teacher, if you are not sure if you might fall away (apostacize)?
2019-11-01 Koran (Quran) & the Bible: Does the Koran (Quran) teach the same things as the Bible, and do they believe in the same God as we do?
2019-11-01 Allah & Our God: Do the Muslims believe in the same God as we do? [John 17:3].
2019-10-31 Bible Translations: Which translation is the most accurate and best for Bible study? [Colossians 1:15, Romans 8:21, Hebrews 11:3].
2019-10-31 Forgive Sins-the Catholic Church: Do not Catholics commit blasphemy when they think that the priests can forgive sins?
2019-10-31 Little Horn: Is the "little horn" speaking of the papacy (popes) in these verses? [Daniel 7:8, 25].
2019-10-31 Popes in Heaven: Do you think there will be any popes in heaven?
2019-10-31 Reformation Over?: Do you think that The Reformation is over?
2019-10-31 Losing One's Salvation: Does one lose their salvation when they sin?
2019-10-31 Second Coming (Olivet Discourse): How do you view the "second coming" in the Olivet Discourse? [Luke 21:5-32, Matthew 24, Mark 13].
2019-10-31 Family Issues: Caller is a little unclear, but is asking about her family situation.
2019-10-31 God's Appearance: Does God actually look like a human being.
2019-10-31 Jesus in Hell: Would you talk about where Jesus went, or what happened to Him, when he was dead for 3 days? [I Peter 1:10-12, 3:19].
2019-10-31 Life of Jesus: Can you talk about the missing years of Jesus [Luke 2, Matthew 13:55, John 19:26].
2019-10-31 Torah Doesn't Speak of Christ: Why doesn't the Torah indicate that one will have to submit to Jesus Christ, especially in light of the importance of knowing Christ and how all eternity hinges on that? [Deuteronomy 18:15-17, Genesis 18:1].
2019-10-30 Childhood Trauma & the Unconscious Mind (Sigmond Freud): Do you think that Freud was correct about the unconscious mind and childhood damage to unremembered abuse and trauma?
2019-10-30 Climate Change: What do you think of the current concern about "climate change"? Do you think it is almost a religion?
2019-10-30 Christ's Yoke: How does one take Christ's yoke upon them? Is it relative to the phrase, "Let go, and let God"? [Matthew 11:29-30, 23, Acts 15:10, I John 5].
2019-10-30 Holy Spirit in, on, or with us: Can you clarify this passage? [John 14, 20:22, Acts 1:8, 2:4].
2019-10-30 Speaking in Parables: I am puzzled by Jesus speaking in parables so that people would not understand Him-can you help me? [Mark 4:10-12, 33, Isaiah 6:9-10, Matthew 7:6, 13:11, Luke 8:10].
2019-10-30 Isaiah 53-Jesus & Healing: Is Isaiah 53 a prophesy talking about Jesus, or the Jews, and also healing today? [Isaiah 53, I Peter 2:24-25].