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2018-4-25 Supernaturally Changed Words of the Bible: Some of the words in the Bible have been changed, is this being done supernaturally?
2018-4-25 Trinity in the OT: Who are the 3 people that Abraham saw in Geesis? is the Trinity found there? What about the word Elohim in Deuteronomy? [Genesis 18:1, Deuteronomy 6:4]
2018-4-25 Timeline of Noah & the Flood: Can we determine the time frame of the flood & Noah with science?
2018-4-24 God drawing Everyone: Do you think God draws every man to His Son? [John 6:44]
2018-4-24 Sins of the Parents: Do you think God ever on occasion still does pass judgment on the children of the fathers even though in places like Ezekiel 18 He says He doesn't?
2018-4-24 Vision of a Dead one with Dementia: I've been seeing a vision of a dead loved one, could she have accepted Christ with dementia?
2018-4-24 Jesus & Other Religious Leaders: How is Jesus different from Buddha & other religious leaders? What is the difference between Buddhism and Christianity?
2018-4-24 Age of Accountability: Do infants go to heaven if they die? When is the Age of Accountability?
2018-4-24 David's Polygamous Relationships: Wasn't David's polygamous relationships actually adultery?
2018-4-24 Tormented forever in Hell: Hell & Mr. Fudge, 4 views of hell
2018-4-24 Adam's Original Sin: Where comes the doctrine that we inherited a sin nature, & that Adam's sin was imputed to us? [Romans 5:12, Psalm 51:5]
2018-4-23 Matthew & Luke Endings: Are the endings of Matthew & Luke referring to separate events or the same event?
2018-4-23 Heart Change: Can only God can change our heart? What is that process?
2018-4-23 God Ordaining Every Move: Does God pre-ordain everything that happens? [Matthew 6:33]
2018-4-23 Jesus' Old Flesh: What happened to Jesus' flesh after He was resurrected?
2018-4-23 Christology - Traditional View & Kenosis View: I've been reading, "Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology" by Gregory A. Boyd, & they were talking about the different view of Christology, the Traditional & the Kenosis View. Which view do you fall under?
2018-4-23 Calamity: My girlfriend's 2 year old cousin just drowned & how do we not view this as a punishment instead of a blessing?
2018-4-23 People Dying before their time: God doesn't like it when people die before their time. What's your take on that? [Ezekiel 13:18-20]
2018-4-23 Modalism: Caller comments a few things about Modalism.
2018-4-23 Olivet Discourse: How much of matt 24 has been fulfilled & how much is yet to come?
2018-4-23 People's Suffering: Suffering is not God's will.
2018-4-20 Complaints about Christianity: Do you love everything dealing w/ Christianity?
2018-4-20 Interpreting Ezekiel 28: Most people think Ezekiel 28 is talking about the Devil, but what do you think it is talking about?
2018-4-20 Cremation: Is it wrong to be cremated?
2018-4-20 Heaven for Pets: Are pets going to be in heaven or is there a heaven for pets?
2018-4-20 Plucking out your Eye: Lusting after a woman, & then having to pluck out your eye, cut off your hand so you stop lusting, so are you supposed to do this literally? [Matthew 5:27-28]
2018-4-20 God a Person: Is God a Person or a Spirit? [John 10:30, John 14:9, John 4]
2018-4-20 Nero: You being a preterist, who was the beast supposed to have been? What was the Mark of the Beast?
2018-4-20 Aaronic & Melchizedek Priesthood: Is the Aaronic Priesthood parallel today with the Melchizedek Priesthood? Is there duality there?
2018-4-20 Joseph Smith & the Melchizedek Priesthood: Wouldn't it have been blasphemous for Joseph Smith to claim that he received the Melchizedek Priesthood from God?
2018-4-20 Sabbath Debate: I watched the debate you had with Doug Batchelor, & you need to go review it at 1 hour & 22 minutes. It sums up the whole debate.
2018-4-20 Jesus Being Tempted: Was Jesus really tempted? Can we be tempted w/out sinning?
2018-4-20 Gifts of the Spirit: Being Baptized by the Holy Spirit, modern day tongues, all the gifts of the Spirit, are they gone now or still for the church?
2018-4-19 Calvinism & "Wasted Atonement": I've been going to a reformed church & when it says "all have sinned", that means ALL have sinned, so does that include babies? What does "wasted atonement" mean to the calvinist?
2018-4-19 Grounds for Divorce: Adultery, Abandonment, Abuse are they all grounds for divorce? A person who does remarry even though they were they cause can stay in that relationship as long as they show true repentance & restoration. What Do you agree? [Matthew 18:15]
2018-4-19 Mormonism & the Priesthood: Mormonism believes in 2 dual priesthoods, the Aaronic Priesthood & the priesthood of Melchizedek, but what other ones are there in the Bible?
2018-4-19 The Jewish Sacrificial System Ending: When did the sacrificial system end for the Jews? In 70 AD at the Destruction of the Temple or at the Cross when the curtain was rent in twain?
2018-4-19 The Whole World Saved: God chose from the beginning those that were to be saved in Christ? Why couldn't God just save ALL of the world? [Ephesians 1:4-5]
2018-4-19 Christ is the End of the Law: I've been studying dispensationalism & non-dispensationalism, & was doing a word study of "end", & was wondering if it meant the same in in 1 Peter what it means in Romans? [Romans 10:4, 1peter 1:9]
2018-4-19 James White Calvinism Debate: I enjoyed the Debate you had with James White, & he's right in so many things but completely wrong with Calvinism!
2018-4-19 Presuppositional & Evidential Apologetics: What is your opinion of Presuppositional & evidential apologetics? Just because God has foreknowledge of everything doesn't mean He can control everything. [Romans 1:19-20]
2018-4-18 Medical Marijuana: What do you think about smoking medical marijuana?
2018-4-18 Larry Norman: Did you read about Larry Norman, a good musician?
2018-4-18 The Word "Jew": Where did the word "Jew" come from?
2018-4-18 Being Guilty: Feeling guilty for not helping the homeless, & so it got me thinking, doesn't Satan have a counterfeit for everything good from God?
2018-4-18 Prophecy: Soes the Bible have a definition of prophecy? Does 1 Corinthians 14:3 define it? [1 Corinthians 14:3]
2018-4-18 Samson: Did Samson repent?
2018-4-18 God Changing His Mind: Can God change His mind? Anthropomorphic dialogue
2018-4-18 Tithing Mint, Anise & Cumin: What did Jesus mean by tithing Mint, Anise and Cummin? [Matthew 23:23]
2018-4-18 Appointed to Eternal Life: It says in Acts that people were appointed to eternal life. How do Arminianist get past this text? Does God do everything, or do people have something to do with drawing near to God? [Acts 13:48]