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2019-10-08 Melchizedek-Man,Type, or Christ: Was Melchizedek a real man or a type of Christ? [Hebrews 7:2-24].
2019-10-08 The Sabbath: What is your take on keeping the Sabbath? [Mark 2:27].
2019-10-07 Family Responsibility: Did the apostles leave their families behind? [I Corinthians 7 & 9:5, Acts 9, Matthew 19, Mark 10].
2019-10-07 illegal Immigration: What is the Biblical response to illegal immigration? [John 18:36, Romans 13:1-7, I Peter 2:13-14].
2019-10-07 Satan & His Temptations: When Jesus said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan", was Peter temporarily possessed? [Zech 3, Job 1-2].
2019-10-07 God's Wrath: Is God's wrath one of His attribute? [Psalm 103].
2019-10-07 Christian Television: Have you ever been interviewed on Christian television network shows?
2019-10-07 New Age Higher Consciousness: Have you ever reached a higher state of consciousness?
2019-10-07 Street Ministry: Have you ever witnessed on the street, holding up signs?
2019-10-07 After Death: What happens to us when we die? Do we go to heaven, or do we sleep in a state of unconsciousness? [Philippians 1, 2 Corinthians 5:8, 12:3].
2019-10-07 Heaven: Will I immediately be with my believing family members when I die?
2019-10-07 Bethel Movement: What do you think about a church service that went on exceptionally long with prophesying, etc. and is connected to Bethel?
2019-10-07 Women Pastors: How do churches that have women as lead pastors justify it scripturally? [Galatians 3:28, I Timothy 2:12-15, 3f].
2019-10-07 Biblical Manuscripts: Which manuscripts are the most reliable?
2019-10-04 Forgiveness & Trust: Do people have to ask for forgiveness before we forgive? Or should we just forgive?
2019-10-04 Literal Interpretation of Scripture: How do your respond to those think one must take everything literally in the Bible?
2019-10-04 Jews & Jewish Traditions: What do you think about Israel's national respect for Jewish holidays and traditions, when they are largely not religious Jews?
2019-10-04 Women in Ministry: When are women going to far when teaching and preaching to men?
2019-10-04 The Law & The Prophets: What does it mean when the Bible says that "The Law & the prophets are until John"? [Luke 16:16].
2019-10-04 The Star & the Wise Men: What was the star that lead the wise men to Christ?
2019-10-04 Turning Over the Tables in the Temple: Were there two separate events where Christ turned the tables over in the temple? [John 2].
2019-10-04 Love-Believer vs Unbeliever: Since love is an attribute of God, can unbelievers love in the way believers can? [I John 4:7-8, 2 Peter 1:4].
2019-10-04 Hell-Three Views: What is your view on hell? Do you favor Eternal Torment, Universal Reconciliation, or Annihilation (or Conditional Immortality)?
2019-10-04 Slain in the Spirit: Can you talk about being "slain in the spirit"?
2019-10-03 Rebuilding of the Temple: Does the temple need to be rebuilt? [Revelation 11].
2019-10-03 Regathering of the Jews: Do the Jews need to regather in the future in the land of Israel?
2019-10-03 Cornelius' Salvation: Do you think that Cornelius was saved when the angel was speaking to him?
2019-10-03 False Teachers: How should we determine who is a false teacher and should we name, names? [2 Peter 20, Matthew 7:15-20].
2019-10-03 Head Coverings & Long Hair: Would you talk about the passage from I Corinthians about the head coverings? [I Corinthians 11:2-16].
2019-10-03 Tongues: Must one speak in tongues to be saved?
2019-10-03 Trinity: If someone doesn't believe in the trinity, are they not really Christians?
2019-10-03 Raptured to Heaven: When we are raptured, will we be taken to heaven? [2 Thessalonians 4:14, John 14:2 & 23, John 15 & 16, I Corinthians 12].
2019-10-03 Noah-a Real Event or Fabricated Story: As an intelligent and honest man, can you really believe the story of Noah?
2019-10-02 The Book of Life: When is one's name written in "The Book of Life", and when is it blotted out? [Revelation 13:8, Luke 10:20, Psalms 87:5-6].
2019-10-02 Voting Democrat: Do you think you can vote Democrat and be a real Christians?
2019-10-02 N.T. Wright & Justification: What is your opinion of N.T. Wright? And of his view of Paul's new perspective and position on justification?
2019-10-02 AA & NA (Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous) Should Christian friends go to AA and NA to support those that are in the programs?
2019-10-02 Bob George: Caller comment: Bob George's view of Christians not needing to repent.
2019-10-02 AA (Alcoholics Anonymous): Caller comment: Twelve Step programs can work with Christianity .
2019-10-02 Lead us Not into Temptation: Would you talk a little bit about the line in the Lord's Prayer, "lead us not into temptation"? [Matthew 6:13, Luke 4, ].
2019-10-02 Conditional Eternal Security: Would you comment on "conditional eternal security"-particularly in light of John 10? [John 10:1-42, Romans 5:2, Hebrews 3:12, I Timothy 4:1].
2019-10-02 Intentional Sin & Repentance: Do people always intentionally sin, or can sin be unintentional?[Hebrews 10:26, 10:18].
2019-10-01 Peter Enns View of Biblical Contexts: What is your view of Peter Enns writings that suggest that there are inconsistencies in Biblical writings and that it is oriented toward that specific culture and time?
2019-10-01 Satan Tempting Jesus: Why would Satan try to tempt Jesus with such an absurd proposition? [Matthew 4:1-11, Luke 4:1-13].
2019-10-01 Men Watching Professional Sports: What is your opinion about men needing to repent of watching professional sports?
2019-10-01 Emotions-Stoics & Stoicism: What do you think about the parallels between Christianity and Stoicism, particularly relative to the necessity to control our emotions?
2019-10-01 Counseling: What do you think about someone who wants to get counseling?
2019-10-01 Second Chance to Repent: Is there a "second chance" to repent after Jesus returns? What about after the pre-trib rapture and the tribulation? [Revelation 7].
2019-10-01 Unbeliever's Genuine Ignorance: What is God's heart toward those that are genuinely ignorant of Him, as in scripture about the altar of the unknown God and the way God winked at their ignorance, seemingly overlooking it? [Acts 17, 14, Luke 12:47].
2019-10-01 The Law & Grace: What is difference between the way The Law worked in the Old Testament, and the way Grace works from the New Testament now?