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2019-3-27 Lineage of Jesus: How does Jesus by-pass the curse of original sin? What about the genealogy [Luke 3, Matthew 1]? Can you clarify the lineage of Zerubbabel, the descendant of Jehoiakim & Jeconiah?
2019-3-26 Church: What prevents the modern day church being like the early church? Why there much church discipline anymore?
2019-3-26 Millennium: Can you clarify what the millennium is and its various terms associated with it (1000 yr. millennium, realized millennialism, Amillennial, inaugurated millennium? [Revelation 20:1-10].
2019-3-26 Determinate Counsel: What does this mean; "... the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God"? [Acts 2:23, 25].
2019-3-26 Ten Commandments: Since Jesus indicated that there were only two comprehensive commandments, how then do we know which laws were abolished with the New Covenant? How do we know which are ceremonial and which are ritual laws?
2019-3-26 Moses & Zipporah: What was the conflict with Moses and Zipporah, and why was God trying to kill Moses? [Exodus 4].
2019-3-26 Adam & Eve's Banishment: If Jesus said, “its not what goes into a man that defiles a man” [Matthew 15: 11, 17-20], why were Adam & Eve banned from the garden for eating? Considering the test in the garden.[Genesis 2].
2019-3-26 Church Conflict: What should I do if my daughter is asked not to return to her youth group, when it was not her that was the bully?
2019-3-26 Noahide Laws: What should be done to help people who had an outreach helping Mormons come out of their church, but have themselves gone into Judaism & Noahide laws?
2019-3-26 Egypt-post Exodus: If Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, who was left behind?
2019-3-25 African Jews: Do you know of any proof that the Hebrews (Jews/Israelites) fled to Africa during the 70 AD siege? Does the name "Jew" refer to only the tribe of Judah or all of Israel?
2019-3-25 Dwelling Places-John 14: Are we to relate the "dwelling places" to the houses "not made with hands"? Should we relate "heavenly house" with "living stones"? [John 14:2-4, 2 Corinthians 5:1]
2019-3-25 Tabernacle: Was the tabernacle on the earth a copy of the one in heaven? [Hebrews 5:8] 25 2 2 311
2019-3-25 Calvinism: Can you believe in one point of Calvinism, specifically "total depravity", without necessarily believing in the other 4 points in their 5-point system?
2019-3-25 Once Saved, Always Saved: What do you think of someone who claims that they once went to hell in a near death experience, but had believed "once saved, always saved", so he thought he was safe. Should I get baptized in the Baptist church, even if they believe in "once saved, always saved"?
2019-3-25 Stewardship: Have you ever heard of the book "Practicing the King's Economy"?
2019-3-25 Animal sacrifice: On the Day of Atonement, what kind of animal did the High Priest slaughter? [Leviticus 16]. How do we understand the symbolism of "Lamb of God"? Do all the animals have distinct meanings in the sacrificial rites?
2019-3-25 Tell No Man: Why did Jesus not want some things told to others ("tell no man") [Mark 7:36]?
2019-3-25 After death: What happens after death to the believer & unbeliever?
2019-3-25 Ashes on Foreheads: What do you think about people putting ash on the forehead for Lent? Is it OK?
2019-3-25 Soul & Spirit: What is the difference between spirit & soul?
2019-3-25 Salvation: What do we have to do to show God that we have enough faith to be saved? What is the evidence?
2019-3-25 The Pope: What do you think about the Pope is trying to change a line in the Lord's prayer [Matthew 4:1]. Concept of the "Limited Negative."
2019-3-22 All Things to All Men: What does it mean to become all things for all men [I Corinthians 9:22]?
2019-3-22 Ten Commandments: Are we required to obey the Ten Commandments? Is it part of salvation? Should we be under the law? How did Jesus fulfill the Law? [Matthew 5:17-20]. 22 1 2 99
2019-3-22 Praying to Mary: What about praying to Mary?
2019-3-22 Wedding Wine Miracle: When Mary told Jesus about running out of wine at the wedding, why did He address her the way he did and what did Jesus mean by "my hour is not yet come." Why did He ultimately end up performing the miracle? [John 2].
2019-3-22 Moses's Authorship: What do you think about Moses's authorship being called in question in 'documentary Hypothesis"?
2019-3-22 Jesus on the Throne: Will Jesus one day, sit on the literal throne of David?
2019-3-22 Saved by Grace or Works: Are we saved by grace or by works? (caller thinks Steve believes that one must work for their salvation) [Titus 2:11-12, Titus, Galatians 5:6].
2019-3-22 Tithing: What is our obligation in regard to tithing?
2019-3-22 Authorship of Psalm 91: Who was the author of Psalm 91? Wasn't it David?
2019-3-21 Extreme Charismatics: What about extreme charismatics who are pursuing gifts that aren't even biblical (cults, Bethel movement, Sozo, Word of Faith)?
2019-3-21 Dispensationalism: What do dispensationalists believe about the seven dispensations, and how does that affect their other beliefs? And the gospel of grace? [Acts 20:24].
2019-3-21 Replacement Theology: What is Replacement Theology and Supersessionism? Did the New Covenant replace the Old Covenant? [Leviticus 26 & 28]
2019-3-21 Scientology & Ron Hubbard: What is Scientology? Who is L Ron Hubbard? What are engrams?
2019-3-21 Jesus Face to Face: Will we see Jesus face to face? [I John 3/ I Corinthians 13/ 2 Thessalonians 2]
2019-3-21 Generational Curse: What does it mean to say the “sins of the fathers visited on the children to the 3rd and 4th generation” [Numbers 14:8].
2019-3-21 Government Authority: Who are the governing authorities today? What is the limited sphere of authority of the government? [Romans 13:1f].
2019-3-18 Jesus' Coming: When Jesus says that "the gospel will be preached unto all the world" before the end will come, does He mean that it still needs to happen before He comes? Or has that already happened? [Matthew 24:14, Colossians 1:6, 23}.
2019-3-18 Once Saved, Always Saved: If you are once saved, can you fall away? If you fall away, can you come back? [Hebrews 3:12]
2019-3-18 Tribulation & Testing: Are the verses about being kept, or kept from the wicked one, about being protected from trials and testing, as in the Roman world? Is this related to the pre-trib rapture and the tribulation? [John 17:15].
2019-3-18 Calvinism: Is Calvinism dangerous? Wouldn't it turn people away from God when God is presented as the one who ordains evil events, such as rape?
2019-3-18 Jesus's Appearance: Why is Jesus depicted as a soft looking man when He would likely be darker and buff? Does this misrepresentation cause people to stumble?
2019-3-18 Homosexuality: Were homosexuals stoned by Christians?
2019-3-18 Divorce & Remarriage: What are God's thoughts about divorce? [Deuteronomy 24, Malachi 2]. When and under what conditions is one free from their obligation to the marriage []. Is restitution required? Will God forgive me if I'm the one guilty? [Matthew 5:31-32, I John 1:9].
2019-3-15 Kingdom of God/ Heaven: Is the "kingdom of heaven" & the "kingdom of God" the same thing? Any significance to the words; "enter" & "inheritance" [Matthew 7:21-23, 1 Corinthians 6:9]?
2019-3-15 Saints in Heaven: Will the saints be in heaven? [Revelation 6]
2019-3-15 Angels: Are the "sons of God" and the "morning stars" actually angels [Job 38:7]?
2019-3-15 Blue-eyed Middle-Easterners: Were there blue-eyed Caucasians in the middle east during Jesus' time? 15 3 2 1117