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2020-2-26 Sin-Before or After Satan: Was sin made before Satan? [I John 3:8].
2020-2-26 God Wanting to Kill Moses: Why did God want to kill Moses? Why was all resolved once his wife circumcised their son. [Exodus 4].
2020-2-26 A True Disciple of Christ: After listening to your lecture, "Toward a Radically Christian Counterculture", I am feeling convicted about whether I am a real Christian-a true disciple of Christ-and am wondering that if my previous walk has been weak and compromised, where does that leave me? [Titus 2:10].
2020-2-26 Soul vs Spirit: What is the difference between your soul and your spirit? [I Corinthians 14, Romans 8].
2020-2-26 Calvinism, Sovereignty & Free Will: If Jesus died for everyone, and gives man free will, then what if no one chose to follow Him? Does this option not give man more sovereignty than God? [John 17].
2020-2-26 Gender Affirmation: What do you think about gender and affirming churches?
2020-2-25 Catholics-Saved or Unsaved: Can Catholics be true Christians and saved?
2020-2-25 Infant Baptism & Salvation: If someone was baptized as an infant, as in Catholicism, could they still be saved without being re-baptized as an adult?
2020-2-25 Only for the "Lost Sheep of Israel": Why did Jesus say he only came for the "lost sheep of Israel" in scripture? Didn't He come for everyone? [John 10:37, Matthew 15:21-28, 8:5-13, Romans 1:16, Acts 10-11].
2020-2-25 Rapture: Is Matthew 24:31 the rapture, as is I Thessalonians 4? [Matthew 24:31, I Thessalonians 4, I Corinthians 15].
2020-2-25 Christian Discipleship & War: Would you help me understand being a disciple of Christ, and the idea that Christians should not parcipitate in war?
2020-2-25 River Flowing & Splitting Mountain in Ezekiel: Are the verses in Ezekiel about the river "flowing out from Jerusalem" and the splitting of the mountain,literal or symbolic? [Ezekiel 47, Zechariah 14:4, 8, Joel 3:18, John 7:37-39, Hebrews 12, Isaiah 32:14-15].
2020-2-25 Anabaptist & Waldensians: Could you clarify the positions and relationship of the Anabaptists, and the Waldensians-particularly about baptism?
2020-2-25 Dietary Restrictions: Why were dietary restrictions ever imposed in the laws levied on Israel? [Acts 10:15, Leviticus 11].
2020-2-24 Law & Government: Could you review a Christian's relationship to the duties of law and government? [Romans 13:1, I Timothy 2:1-3, I Peter 2:13-14, 18, 4:19, Colossians 4, Ephesians 6].
2020-2-24 Accounts of Visiting Heaven: How do accounts of the various accounts of visits to heaven, like, "Heaven is for Real", align with scripture?
2020-2-24 Justification of Sin Using Biblical Examples: What do you think about someone who justifies their sinful behavior, such as, adultery, by using Bible examples and characters, such as David, who God clearly loved and forgave?
2020-2-24 Antichrist is the Papacy: You said that you don't think that the Antichrist is an individual man? But don't you think that scripture says it is the papacy? [Revelation 13 & 17, I John 2:18-22, 2 Thessalonians 2, Daniel 7 & 11].
2020-2-24 Prejudicial Behavior: Could you help me understand more about what the Bible says about holding various prejudices? [James 2, Leviticus 34].
2020-2-24 Overview of Matthew 24: Would you review Matthew 24? [Matthew 23-24, 24:3, 15, 34, Luke 21, 20:21, Mark 13].
2020-2-21 God's Initiating Genocide: Why would God want a genocide orchestrated against an alternate pagan people, when they are just minding their own business? [Ecclesiastes 8:11, Romans 6:23].
2020-2-21 The Didache & Baptism: Do you think that the Didache is reliable?
2020-2-21 Best Bible for Study: What do you think is the best Bible for study?
2020-2-21 Tithing: Do you have any studies about tithing?
2020-2-21 Black Israelites: What about the Black Israelites?
2020-2-21 Cults: What do you know about the African religion called Yoruba?
2020-2-21 Last Supper: Could you help sort the timing of The Last Supper? [
2020-2-21 Damascus: Caller shares some historical background on Damascus.
2020-2-21 Illumination of Conscience: What do you think of doctrine "the illumination of conscience"?
2020-2-21 Left Behind or Taken Where?: Regarding the rapture & tribulation, particularly the verse in Matthew about "one taken" ... is it to heaven or hell? [Matthew 23, Luke 17, Psalm 91, Proverbs 2, I Thessalonians 4, I Corinthians 15].
2020-2-21 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Where is the scriptures that support the idea of "Baptism of the Holy Spirit". Is it the same as being filled? [Acts 1:5, 8, 2:4].
2020-2-21 Church Discipline & Shunning: Have you ever experienced exercised church discipline, like shunning, as described in Matthew 18? [Matthew 18:17].
2020-2-21 Bible Inspired by God: How can we prove that the whole Bible is true, reliable, and inspired by the Holy Spirit?
2020-2-20 Apostle John's Life: Can you recommend a source that would tell us about what happened to the Apostle John as he lived out his life?
2020-2-20 Bodies in Hell: Do we know what kind of bodies the wicked will have at the resurrection, and would that have any effect on one's view of hell?
2020-2-20 Warning of Destruction in AD70: Did the warning in Revelation for the believers to flee, have any effect on the churches in Smyrna & Philadelphia? [Revelation 2:9, 3:9, John 8:44].
2020-2-20 God's Harsh Punishment in Old Testament: What do you say regarding the harshness of God's punishment on his people in the Old Testament? [2 Chronicles 15:12-13].
2020-2-20 Beast & False Prophet: Why do you believe that the beast and the false prophet are not individual human, but rather a political system? [Revelation 6, 8, 12, 13, 16, 17, 20, Daniel 7, Matthew 25].
2020-2-20 Jeremiah & the Other Jeremiah: Is the Jeremiah in the book of Nehemiah the same Jeremiah of the book of Jeremiah?
2020-2-20 Jeremiah Buys Field: Why did Jeremiah get instructions to buy the field?
2020-2-20 Jeremiah-Don't Marry: Why did God tell the prophet Jeremiah to not marry?
2020-2-20 The Masons & Eastern Star: What do you think about the service organization Eastern Star (Masons)?
2020-2-20 Key to Understanding Revelation (Dispensational Caller): Caller believes that Daniel 11 is the key to understanding Revelation in a Dispensational way. [Daniel 11].
2020-2-20 Paul on the Way to Damascus: Isn't there evidence that the story of Paul on the road to Damascus is made up?
2020-2-19 Christians Eating Meat: How do Christians get around eating meat and its fat in light of the word "perpetual" in this verse? [Leviticus 3:17, 12:3, 2 Chronicles 7:16, Psalms 110:4, Hebrew 7:17, Acts 15].
2020-2-19 Oldest Religion: What is the oldest religion?
2020-2-19 Wine for Healing: For what ailment is wine good? [Acts 18:18].
2020-2-19 Conditional Immortality View of Hell: How does the "Conditional Immorality" view of hell see Revelation 20:10? [Revelation 20:10].
2020-2-19 Saints in Heaven Praying: Who are the saints offering up prayers as incense in Revelation? [Revelation].
2020-2-19 Transfiguration-Don't Tell: Why did Jesus tell them not to tell anyone about the vision? Did He not heal in public? [Matthew 17:3, 16:3, John 6:15].