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2016-8-17 Christian Zionists believing in 2 Covenants: Christian Zionists believe in 2 covenants? Isn't doing the animal sacrifices again a slap in the face of Jesus' sacrifice?
2016-8-17 Fear of Being Double-Minded: Caller went from Judaism, to Atheism, to accepting Jesus as his Lord, but sometimes he still has doubts & unbelief. Can Steve please make this passage of Scripture more palatable for him? [James 1:5-8]
2016-8-17 The Holocaust: The Holocaust made it so even Christians couldn't say anything negative about Jews for fear of being accused of being antisemitic, right?
2016-8-17 Baptism for the Dead: What about Baptism for the Dead like the Mormon church teaches?
2016-8-17 Faith or Works: Salvation, right relationship with God, saved by faith or works? obedience? repentance [Eph 2:8-10, James 2:14-26]
2016-8-16 Waiting & Waiting in a very Difficult Marriage: Caller is wondering not sure what he should do in his bad marriage as he's been waiting for a very long time. Should he get a divorce or not? Get officially separated? Not get divorced at all?
2016-8-16 Divorced Pastor Starting a New Church: Divorced man started a church after an affair with a woman, but not having much to say about his adultery, but should the caller continue going even though he is sort've living in sin?
2016-8-16 Cancer Prayer Request: Requests prayer for cancer.
2016-8-16 Jews Rebellion Opening the Door for Gentiles: How did the Jews' rebellion open the door for the salvation of Gentiles to come in? [Romans 11:13-15]
2016-8-16 Be as though you have no Wife: Caller is wondering what Paul meant by "...that both they that have wives be as though they had none"? [1 Corinthian 7:29]
2016-8-16 Freemasonry: What can you tell me about Freemasonry?
2016-8-16 Double Fulfillment for Dispensationalists: Dispensationalists rely heavily on double fulfillment. Can Steve comment on that?
2016-8-16 Law of the Spirit of Life: What does the "law of the Spirit of life" mean? Are there any synomyms to that phrase, like law of liberty? [Romans 8:2]
2016-8-15 Couple Hating each other: How can God possibly expect you to stay together if you don't love each other anymore?
2016-8-15 Marriage a Lifelong committment: A lifelong committment is what marriage is about, & divorces are just like fast-food express, getitng one anytime they want nowadays, Michael the Buddhist want to chime in regarding the first call.
2016-8-15 Name Blotted Out of Book of Life: Is it true everyone's name is in the book of life & is simultaneously blotted out if we don't accept Christ?
2016-8-15 New Names on Other side of Glory: Will it be our current names or new names when we are on the other side of glory?
2016-8-15 Hell-Universal restoration: Caller believes in the 2nd chance doctrine once they are in hell, & so what is hell & who goes there & how long is it going to last? (Steve's answer cuts out a lot, like not a good internet connection.)
2016-8-15 John MacArthur's & Reckless Teachers: Caller says that MacArthur thinks there's a lot of reckless Bible teachers out there. (again, audio cuts out a lot.)
2016-8-15 Widow's Mite & John NacArthur: John MacArthur thinks the interpretation of the Widow's Mite story is wrong....that she should've given all of her money, that Jesus wasn't commending her but admonishing her. [Mark 12:41-44, Luke 21:1-4]
2016-8-15 Matt Chandler Have ever heard of Matt Chandler? Would you agree that God is for His own glory & ours life is to glorify Him?
2016-8-15 The (Secret) Rapture: I'm curious about the (secret) Rapture. Are we gone during the Tribulation? I hardly ever hear about it.
2016-8-12 Home Church: Who's interpreting the Bible in a home church setting, & caller thinks steve is using circular reasoning. He also answers a question a caller asked this caller on the previous show specifically for him, about what is the role of Holy Ghost. (Lengthy Discussion; kept seeming like it was going to end, but then continued.)
2016-8-12 Convicting the World of Sin: How will He "convict the world of sin"? [John 16:7-11]
2016-8-12 Tithe Being Edible: the exchange involving tithe always seemed to be of something that was edible. Is that true?
2016-8-12 Think not that i came to Destroy: Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill, but that still doesn't make the law obsolete, does it?, the caller would like to know. [Matthew 5:17-19, Jeremiah 31:31] (A very lengthy debate about still needing to keep the law.)
2016-8-11 Home Church: What do you do if you have disagreements? [2 Peter 1:12, 2 Timothy 2:1,
2016-8-11 Adam with Eve during the Fall: Was Adam with Eve when she took the forbidden fruit?
2016-8-11 Source Criticism: Caller would like Steve to talk about "source criticism" for the synoptic gospels & wondering if he believes it's true or not & what evidence do we have?
2016-8-11 Role of the Holy Spirit: What is the role of the Holy Spirit if only the catholic priests can interpret scripture correctly? [1 John 2:27]
2016-8-11 Jesus Equal with God & Broke the Sabbath: Jesus broke the Sabbath & claimed He was equal with God, but is there any ambiguity of what it is saying? [John 5:15-18]
2016-8-10 The Cretians: Greek culture & influences referred to in the Bible, culture vs race, discussion about Titus & the Cretians (Cretans). [Titus 1:12-13]
2016-8-10 No Condemnation by not indulging in the Flesh: Tbere is o condemnation, so does that mean just not indulging in the flesh & living by the Spirit? Some think that just as long as you say you are a Christian, you have a license to sin, & there's no condemnation. What do you think? [Romans 8:1]
2016-8-10 Mark of the Beast being a Sabbath Issue: Caller thinks that the Mark of the Beast is going to be an issue of worship, whether you worship on Saturay, the Sabbath, or on Sunday or not.
2016-8-10 Speaking in Tongues or Love: Speaking in tongues is the only real evidence that you are filled w/ the Holy Spirit, according to the listener's friend. What does Steve think about this? [1 Corinthians 13:1]
2016-8-10 Gjving Samuel to the Priests in the Sanctuary: Caller thinks children being given to priests in the Bible seems pretty offensive to her, worried about sexual abuse like has happened in the Catholic Church. [1 Samuel 1, 1 Samuel 2, Matthew 10:37]
2016-8-10 Tithing to Melchizedek: So does that mean the pastor is greater than the person giving the tithe? [Hebrews 7:4]
2016-8-10 Roles of the 3 Person Godhead: Can Steve please talk about the different roles of the 3 Persons in the Godhead, is it okay to be worshipping the Holy Spirit?
2016-8-10 Keeping the Law: God told us to keep the law, so Jesus never said NOT to keep the law, that He was speaking the Doctrine of His Father, which taught the law, so we have to keep it.
2016-8-09 Prayer, Supplication & Thanksgiving: Are prayer & supplication, witg thanksgiving, so are prayer & supplication 2 different things? [Philippians 4:6]
2016-8-09 God Allowing Evil: If God allows evil, doesn't that make God not God?
2016-8-09 Agape Love: Loving each other with christian brother/agape love [1 John 3:10-12]
2016-8-09 Love to Believers & Unbelievers: Are we supposed to love unblievers just as much as we are supposed to love the believer? [John 13:34, Galatians 6:10]
2016-8-09 Jesus' Disciples Baptizing: What were the disciples baptizing for since Jesus hadn't died & rose again yet? The same as John the Baptist's baptism about Repentance? [John 4:1-2, Acts 19]
2016-8-09 Hell, Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth & Annihilationism: Don't annihilationists believe that they are just going to be burned up & no more punishment?
2016-8-09 Punishment Despite God Letting People Go: Is there still a judgement & punishment for the people God had already let go with reprobate minds? [Romans 1]
2016-8-09 Purpose of God's Wrath: What is the purpose of God's wrath? Is it to satisfy His righteous requirements or is it just leaving man to his own devices? [Romans 1, 2 Thessalonians 1:6, Ezekiel 33:11]
2016-8-09 Little "gods": Can you tell me who the little “g” gods were with no capitalization?
2016-8-09 Steve's Comic Books: Can your comic books be used for Bible study?
2016-8-08 Power to Become Sons of God: " them gave He power to become the sons of God..." is that now or later? [john 1:12]