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2018-8-30 Gnostic Gospels: what is the Gnostic gospel?
2018-8-30 Feast Days: I'm confused about the Passover & feast of Unleaven Bread timeline
2018-8-30 Tithing: I am surprised that you told a caller that they might want to ask the church how much they expect in their monetary contribution.
2018-8-30 Hebrew Roots Movement & the Trinity: Trinitarian vs Non-Trinitarian in the Hebrew Roots Movement, can you explain why they are saying Jesus only existed since Mary's Immaculate Conception? Have you heard of this before?
2018-8-30 Good Study Bible: Can you recommend a good study Bible?
2018-8-29 Using the Lord's Name in Vain: How do we deal with people who take the Lord's Name in Vain as a cuss word? [1 Corinthians 5:12]
2018-8-29 Amillennial & Satan being Bound: Amillennial view & Satan being bound, no longer to deceive the nations, how does that fit?
2018-8-29 Sodom & Gomorrah: For what sins were Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed? Greed, pride or Homosexuality? Who were the 2 men that showed up?
2018-8-29 Tithe: How much does God want me to tithe (a very specific situation)?
2018-8-29 No Longer Slaves under Sin Paul's declaration that we are no longer slaves under sin, what does this mean, especially since he said he still was a slave of sin a chapter later? [Romans 6:14, Romans 7:14]
2018-8-29 A bruised Reed remaining till Judgment: What does it mean to bring forth or set Judgment? [Matthew 12:20, Isaiah 42:3-4]
2018-8-29 Hidden Truths: Do you think there is still a veil of hidden truths that He is keeping from us? [2 Corinthians 4:3, Romans 16:25-27]
2018-8-29 Tree of Life: What was the tree of life exactly? Was it literal or symbolic?
2018-8-29 Kicking the Habit of Cigarettes: I just can't seem to kick the habit of cigarettes. Do you have any ideas of how to quit smoking?
2018-8-29 Losing Faith & Health: I'm suffering in pain & losing my faith, are we not to be given health?
2018-8-28 Origins of Satan: Why would God create Satan if He knew what chaos he would do on earth?
2018-8-28 Only Their Denomination: Why do some denominations think they are the only ones going to be saved (Catholics, for example)?
2018-8-28 Replacement Theology: In the new covenant, have the gentiles replaced Jews now or what?
2018-8-28 Speaking in Tongues: I looked in your statement of beliefs & didn't see anything about tongues. Do you still believe they are for today?
2018-8-28 Satan god of the world: Is satan the god of this world? Can you comment on what that means? [2 Corinthian 4:4]
2018-8-28 Thankful for Steve Gregg & the Narrow Path: I really appreciate the way The Narrow Path has helped me get a deeper understanding of the Word & God
2018-8-28 50 Days After Passover Gift of the Spirit: Were the gifts of the spirit (tongues) only for the apostles & why did it happen 50 days after passover? [Acts 2]
2018-8-28 Best Format of Bible, Paper or Electronic: Reading a Physical paper Bible over an electronic device, which is better?
2018-8-28 Satan the Tempter: If Satan is a tester/tempter & a deceiver, how do those two things not contradict one another?
2018-8-28 Heaping Coal of Fire: Heaping coals of fire on his head, don't avenge yourselves, giving place to God's wrath, are we trying to win people over by doing that or what? [Romans 12:20, Proverbs 25:21]
2018-8-28 Reading a Nutritional Book by a Medium: Nutrition books recommended by doctor written by a Medical Medium by Anthony William, should Christians read this book?
2018-8-28 The Amish, Mennonites, Hutterites: Amish, Mennonites, Hutterites, & other Anabaptists, are they fulfilling scripture properly, better than the rest of us?
2018-8-27 Lackadaisical Christians: Caller is concerned about when others don't really care what the Bible says is it because they are neglectful of study or really don't want to sort out Biblical info?
2018-8-27 Empires in Daniel (10 Horns): Symbolism & application to end times, who are the 10 horns in Daniel?
2018-8-27 AA Celebrate Recovery: What about 12-step programs?
2018-8-27 Animals in Heaven: Do animal souls go to heaven?
2018-8-27 Second Chance after Death: Is there another chance to be saved after physical death? [Hebrews 9:27] 1064
2018-8-27 Forgiving Others: I'm finding it hard to forgive others, struggling w/ the Lordship of Christ & the degree of commitment & complete submission
2018-8-27 AA Celebrate Recovery: Caller thinks Steve is wrong about what he says the AA Programs.
2018-8-27 Forgiveness a Prerequisite for Repentance: Is forgiveness required for repentance?
2018-8-24 Acrostic Verses: In Psalms 119, which has a letter above a set of verses, which are Acrostic Verses, can you explain these? [Psalms 119]
2018-8-24 Olivet Discourse discussion: During the Olivet Discourse, what is the sign of Your coming?, signs the of end times, but end times of WHAT?
2018-8-24 Speaking in Tongues: What if everyone is wrong about what is the common understanding of certain theological ideas? How do you know if your gift of tongues is genuine?
2018-8-24 Michael the Archangel: What do we know about michael the archangel? Was he in Daniel 10, helping answer Daniel's prayer that it took 21 days to get back to him?
2018-8-24 Son of the Morning: Son of the Morning, who is that? [Isaiah 14:12]
2018-8-24 Husband & Wives Directives: There are directives to men as to how to treat their wives, but are there directives to the wives as to how to treat their husbands? [1 Peter 3:5]
2018-8-24 Calvinism & Arminianism: Where do you land on the Arminian vs Calvinism controversy? What does it mean to be chosen or elected?
2018-8-24 Beliefs & Denominations: Are there some denominations that won't go to heaven? Or one denomination that will?
2018-8-24 Free Will: Why didn't God plan the world to be like what heaven will be since they won't be able to sin there? Why did He allow sin?
2018-8-24 Supernatural Beings: (Steve said this kid could call back in the same show; he took advantage of it.) How much influence does supernatural beings have on the natural world?
2018-8-24 Pelagians, Arminians, Augustinians, Calvinists: Pelagians vs Arminians vs Augustinians vs Calvinists, God's sovereignty relative to salvation
2018-8-23 Apostle's Creed & Jesus descending into Hell: According to the Apostle's Creed Jesus descend into hell, is this true?
2018-8-23 Obeying the Civil Government: We are supposed to submit to the government, but what if it is a bad government like the North Korean government? [Romans 13, 1 Peter 2]
2018-8-23 Jesus Movement: Was the Jesus Movement a genuine revival or more of a cultural phenomenon?
2018-8-23 Witness Lee Movement: Witness Lee Movement considered a cult?