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2020-4-20 Confession One's sins to Others: Are we always to confess our sins to others, as sometimes it may be inappropriate? [James 5:16, Matthew 5:24].
2020-4-20 Dispensationalism Killing Palestinians: Do you think that Dispensationalism is getting Palestinians killed in Israel today?
2020-4-20 Melcheziadek: Was Melchezidek actually Jesus? [Hebrews 7].
2020-4-17 Human Spirit and Holy Spirit: Is this passage actually talking about the Holy Spirit or just our human spirit? [Romans 8:16-27].
2020-4-17 Adultery & Remarriage: What does the Bible say about getting remarried after a divorce that involved adultery? [I Corinthians 7].
2020-4-17 Private Covenant Marriage: What do you think about a covenant marriage, done privately (without witnesses) between two people without any government involvement? [Genesis 24].
2020-4-17 Clear Prophecy Before the Destruction: Why was not God, through Christ, more clear to the Jews, about His 70 week prophecy and its consequences before the following destruction?.[Luke 19, Deuteronomy 28, Matthew 24].
2020-4-17 How Many Stations carry The Narrow Path: How many radio stations are you on?
2020-4-17 Calvinism: Comment on Calvinism and how their theology maligns the character of God.
2020-4-17 Defining One's Faith: What do you tell people about your faith, without aligning to a particular group, movement, or theology?
2020-4-17 Stumbling Fellow Believers: How does the passage in Matthew (regarding stumbling the young in the faith) apply to people today? [Matthew 18:6-7].
2020-4-17 Son of David: What does "Son of David" mean? [Matthew 1:1].
2020-4-17 Tithing Other Than to One's Local Church: Is it acceptable to tithe to other ministries rather than only to one's own local church?
2020-4-17 Substitutionary Atonement & Other Views: Is there no mention or description of the Substitutionary Atonement in the gospel of Luke? Are there other views of the atonement? [Mark 10:45, Matthew 20:28].
2020-4-16 Fruits of Repentance: Why did you leave out the cross reference in your Matthew study on the "fruits of repentance" to Luke? [Matthew 3:8, Luke 3:10-14].
2020-4-16 Bible Stories-Untrue Fables: My 12-year-old grandson thinks that much of the Bible is not true, but fables, what would you say to him?
2020-4-16 Israel 1948 Generation & the Coming of the Lord: Have you heard of the standard teaching that after Israel became a state in 1948, that the generation would not pass away before the second coming of Christ? [Matthew 24:2, 32, 34,16:2, Luke 21:29].
2020-4-16 Timeline of Prophecy: Where are we in the timeline of prophecy? [Revelation 11:15, Psalm 2:8, 37:11].
2020-4-16 Mary Had More Kids: Does the passage support that Mary probably had more children, since she lost track of Jesus? [Luke 2:41-50].
2020-4-16 Mary Not Understanding Jesus: What didn't Mary understand when she was in the temple with Jesus after He had gone missing? [Luke 2:50].
2020-4-16 Mary's Heart When Jesus Was a Child: When Luke says that Mary "kept these things in her heart", does this mean she doesn't really understand who He is? [Luke 2:51].
2020-4-16 Where We Go When We Die: Where do we go when we die? [Philippians 1:21-23, 2 Corinthians 5:8].
2020-4-16 7th Day Adventists: Would you tell me about the 7th Day Adventists and if they are Christians? [Romans 14].
2020-4-16 Noah's Ark: Is it conceivable that the animals on Noah's ark were just babies, and not really full grown?
2020-4-16 The Trinity: Can you help me understand the "Trinity" in light of scripture that seems to indicate only one God? [John 17:3, 8:58, 1:1, Revelation 1:8, 22:13, I Timothy 3].
2020-4-16 Word Translated "Everlasting" or "Eternal" Could you talk about the various meanings of the word translated as "everlasting" in scripture? [Exodus 21:6, Psalm 24:7, 76:4].
2020-4-16 Bible Books Removed from the Bible: Could you talk about when some of books of the Bible was removed?
2020-4-15 Jacob & Esau-Wrestling & Name Change to Israel: Could you talk about Jacob & Esau, his wrestling with God, and his name change to Israel? [Genesis 35:10, 32:22-31].
2020-4-15 Authorship of Acts or Job: Could you talk about the oracles of God, who wrote Acts and Job? Did Luke write Acts? Were they Gentile? [Romans 3:2, Colssians 4:11].
2020-4-15 Spiritual Attacks & Mental Illness: Could you talk about spiritual attacks and its relationship to mental illness, and even such things as panic attacks? [Matthew 4:24, 7:13].
2020-4-15 God's Comfort & Being With Us: Could you clarify how God will be with us, and what the comfort of God is? [2 Corinthians 1:3-5].
2020-4-15 New International Version of the Bible: What do you think about The New International Version of the Bible?
2020-4-15 Between the Resurrection & the Ascension: After the resurrection and before the ascension, did Jesus go back and forth between heaven and earth sometimes?
2020-4-15 Fruit Fruit of Jesus: What about the verses about Jesus as the first fruit, does it indicate that Jesus went back and forth between earth and heaven? [I Corinthians 15:20].
2020-4-15 Mary-Don't Cling: What about when Jesus told Mary not to cling to Him? [John 20:17]
2020-4-15 Bound & Loosed in Heaven: Could you clarify the ramifications of the passage in Matthew 18 and what is bound in heaven? [Matthew 18:18].
2020-4-15 Two Agree and it is Done & Brothers Sinning: What does it mean when it says where two agree, it will be done in Matthew 18 and does it relate to the preceding verses? [Matthew 18:15-20].
2020-4-15 Sinner's Prayer, Repentance & Obedience: Do you think that someone who says "the sinner's prayer" but doesn't really repent or change his behavior and dishonest business practices is really saved? [Luke 19:8, Matthew 1:21].
2020-4-15 Marriage & Children in the Millennium: Do you think that people will be getting married and having children in the millennium? [Revelation 20-21].
2020-4-15 Nebuchadnezzar-Gentile Biblical Author: In reference to an earlier call, wasn't Nebuchadnezzar another Gentile who also authored some of the Bible?
2020-4-14 Peter, the Rock, & Apostolic Succession: Can you clarify apostolic succession, and Peter as the Rock or foundation? [Matthew 16:18, I Peter 2:5, Isaiah 28:16, Ephesians 2:20, I Corinthians 12:28, Acts 7:54-60].
2020-4-14 Judgment Different for Jews & Gentile: Is there a different level of judgment for Jews and gentiles? [Matthew 10:15, 11:24, Romans 2:6].
2020-4-14 Questioning the Description of Hell in Daniel: You indicated that this verse in Daniel 11 & 12, doesn't apply to hell, can you clarify your position? [Daniel 2, 9, 12:2, Ezekiel 37, John 5:28, Luke 2:34, Matthew 5:24, I Peter 1:10-12].
2020-4-14 Indication of the Second Coming: In response to the previous call, doesn't it say "at the end" in chapter 11 in Daniel, substantiating that he is talking about the end of the time and the second coming of Jesus? [Daniel 11-12].
2020-4-14 Sign of the Second Coming of Jesus: In Mark 13, when Jesus says "in those days" isn't it clear that they are referring to the end of time before Jesus' return? [Mark 13:24, Matthew 24:3, Luke 21]
2020-4-14 Signs & In Those Days: It seems that the phrase "in those days" typically refers to signs about the second coming, could you clarify why you don't see it likewise? [Mark 13, Matthew 24, Luke 21, Matthew 24:3].
2020-4-14 John MacArthur's Teaching: What do you think of John MacArthur's teaching?
2020-4-14 Paul's Thorn in the Flesh: What do you think of John MacArthur's view that Paul's thorn in the flesh was a demonic torment? [Matthew 8:17, Isaiah 53, Galatians 4:13, Acts].
2020-4-14 Motivation to Kill Jesus: Why did the Jews want to kill Jesus?
2020-4-14 Pharisees Knew Who Jesus Was: Did the Jewish Pharisees really know that Jesus was the son of God? [John 7-10, Luke 23:34, Acts 3:17].