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2013-6-20 John the Baptist as Elijah: John the Baptist said he wasn't Elijah but Jesus said he was Elijah. Which is it? [Matthew 11:14, Matthew 17:12-13, John 1:21, 1 Corinthians 2:14]
2013-6-20 Cremation: Is cremation acceptable?
2013-6-20 Paul forfeiting His Salvation: Is Paul willing to forfeit his eternal inheritance because he's closer to Jesus? [Romans 9:3]
2013-6-20 Paul's Age: How old was Paul compared to Jesus? How come they didn't run into each other at the temple?
2013-6-20 All Sin Equal: Where do people get the idea that all sin is equal?
2013-6-19 Local Church Blessed by God: How do you know if your local church is blessed by God?
2013-6-19 Praying for the Dead: Is it forbidden to pray for the dead? [1 John 5:15-16]
2013-6-19 Demon-possessed Christian: Is it possible for a Christian to be Demon-possessed?
2013-6-19 Holy Spirit & Holy Ghost: Is there a difference between the "Holy Spirit" & the "Holy Ghost"?
2013-6-19 Paul being Accursed for His Brethren: Could/would Paul really give up his salvation if he thought it would save his people? [Romans 9:3]
2013-6-19 Take Care of Oneself before "Kingdom of God": Caller's family says he needs to take care of himself & his family first before worrying about the "Kingdom of God".
2013-6-19 The Mind of a Christian: What is the state of mind we should have as a Christian? [1 Corinthians 10:31]
2013-6-19 Never give up our inheritance: Caller is concerened that we should never want to give up our reward & our relationship with Jesus-even for somebody else. [Romans 9:3]
2013-6-19 No other Name: No other name that we can be saved by, other than Jesus. [Acts 4:12]
2013-6-18 Everlasting Father: Is Jesus the Father? [Isaiah 9:6]
2013-6-18 Jesus as the Son Before His Incarnation: Was Jesus the Son of God before His incarnation? [Psalm 2:7, Acts 13:33, Isaiah 9:6-7, Proverbs 30:4, John 1:1-5]
2013-6-18 The Pledge of Allegiance: Should Christians say the Pledge of Allegiance? (Steve gets cutoff after saying most of the answer because his power went out.)
2013-6-18 Ishmael-Father of Islam: Does it say somewhere in the Bible that Ishmael is the father of Islam?
2013-6-18 Supporting Local Church without Tithe: How are you supposed support your local church if you are not supposed to tithe?
2013-6-18 Adam & Eve-Incestuous Relationships: How did Adam & Eve's family propagate without it being incestous which is forbidden?
2013-6-18 Pastorless Church: How should a church look for a new pastor?
2013-6-17 Grow in Grace: What does it mean to "grow in grace"? [2 Peter 3:18]
2013-6-17 More Grace Given: Does God give more grace when needed? [Hebrews 4:16]
2013-6-17 Street Preaching: Is some street preaching doing more harm than good? [John 7:37-39]
2013-6-17 Churches Not Evangelizing: Caller is concerned that churches aren't leading people to Jesus like they should.
2013-6-17 Pre-Tribulation & Rapture: When is the rapture supposed to happen?
2013-6-17 Temple Mount in Jerusalem: What about the Temple Mount in Jerusalem? Isn't that happening according to prophecy?
2013-6-17 Christian Believing in Evolution: Can a Christian believe in Evolution?
2013-6-17 "To the Jew First": What did Paul mean by "To the Jew first, and then also to the Greek"? [Romans 1:16].
2013-6-17 Dual Covenant Theology: Are not Jews just as lost as any Gentiles?
2013-6-17 "Touch Me Not!" Why did Jesus say to Mary Magdalene "Touch Me not!?" Did He go to heaven & then come back down here? [John 20:17]
2013-6-14 Reaction to "Grace": Could someone's reaction to grace have something to do with the way they were raised?
2013-6-14 The Mormon Church: Are we supposed to consider the Mormon church as the enemy?
2013-6-14 Monsanto-Genetically Modified Food: What do you think about companies like Monsanto that make genetically modified food?
2013-6-14 Getting God's Name Right: Caller is concerned about getting God's name right.
2013-6-14 Lot Offering His Daughters: Why did Lot offer his daughters to the mob outside? [Genesis 19:6-11]
2013-6-14 Extra Books: How come the extra books are not in the Protestant Bibles?
2013-6-14 New Jerusalem Bible: Why are there extra books in the New Jerusalem Bible?
2013-6-14 Shunning Fornicators: What does it mean to shun people who are guilty of fornication? [1 Corinthians 5, 2 Thessalonians 3]
2013-6-13 Knowing Right from Wrong: If we have a conscience, do we automatically know the difference between good & evil or do we have to be taught it?
2013-6-13 Salvation-Clarification of Conscience: Buddhist caller; Isn't Salvation just the clarification of the Conscience?
2013-6-13 State of Mind is Heaven or Hell: Buddhist caller suggests that Heaven or Hell might be the state of mind you are in.
2013-6-13 Modesty: What is the duty of the Christian regarding modesty in dress?
2013-6-13 Overly Righteous or Wise: Isn't it impossible to be overly righteous or wise? [Ecclesiastes 7:16]
2013-6-13 Vegetarianism-No Killing: Should we all be vegetarians since scripture says not to kill?
2013-6-13 Scofield Reference Bible: What is Steve's opinion about the Scofield Reference Bible?
2013-6-13 Praying for the Power of the Holy Spirit: What do you think about praying for more of the Holy Spirit?
2013-6-13 Missing Part of the Book of Mark: Why are there alternative endings to the book of Mark, as some Bible versions do not include a few verses?
2013-6-12 The Filling of the Holy Spirit: Could you elaborate on the filling of the Holy Spirit? [Acts 8:14-17, Acts 4:13]
2013-6-12 Apostle's Expectation of the Soon Return of Christ: Is there any evidence that the apostles thought Jesus was coming back in their lifetime?