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2020-10-05 Revelation About the Future Rather than AD 70: Why do you suppose that so many people think that the book of Revelation is about the future, rather than AD 70?
2020-10-05 Moses on the Mountain & "Tent of Meeting": Why would Moses also go up on the mountain if he could just meet God in the "Tent of Meeting"?
2020-10-05 Forgiving & Forgiving Oneself: Is the reference to the necessity of being forgiving or God won't forgive us, apply also to "forgiving oneself"? [Matthew 6:14-15].
2020-10-05 Drugs, Occult, & Old Testament Prohibition: Where would I find Old Testament Law about prohibiting drugs and occult potions? [Galatians 5:20, Deuteronomy18:10, Hosea 4:11, Proverbs 4:23, Matthew 15:18].
2020-10-05 Meanings of Words in Old Testament Opposed to Modern Meanings (Pharmacia/ Pharmacy): Do you agree with D.A. Carson, in his book, "Exegetical Fallacies", that there is misinterpretation of some words as they are used in the Old Testament and how they are used today?
2020-10-05 Babies & Avengers in Psalms: Who are the babies and the avengers in this verse? [Psalm 8:2, 2 Samuel 5:6, 2 Chronicles 20, Matthew 11:25, Luke 19:40].
2020-10-05 Paul's Travelogue for Our Instruction: What are we supposed to learn from Paul's travelogue in Acts 27, especially in light of the verse that all scripture is for our instruction? [Acts 27, 2 Timothy 3:15-16].
2020-10-02 Cursing Those That Teach Others to Fly: Steve revises his answer on a call from the day before about there being no verse about "cursing people who teach others to fly", where he indicated there was no such verse. [Ezekiel 13:20].
2020-10-02 Evidence that Christianity is Not True: Is it not evidence that Christianity is not true since there are those that wish to feel something from the Holy Spirit and they don't? [James 1:7 Matthew 8:26].
2020-10-02 Losing Faith: How can one continue to believe in something that they don't see evidence of?
2020-10-02 The Resurrection isn't a Historical Fact, it's a Supernatural claim: Caller says that the resurrection isn't a historical fact, and doesn't it require more evidence to claim the supernatural?
2020-10-02 Samaritan's Only Had the Pentateuch: Did the Samaritan's only have access to the Pentateuch? [John 4]
2020-10-02 Samaritan Pentateuch & Evidence for Faith: Caller suggest Haley's handbook for information about the Samaritan's Pentateuch and responds to previous caller who is doubting his faith.
2020-10-02 Suffering Guilt, Temptation, and Failure to Follow Christ in Reality: Could you help me understand the concept of "dying to myself & Christ living in me" when I don't really do or obey as I should. [Galatians 2:20].
2020-10-02 God's Promise to Heal the Land: How applicable is the verse in Chronicles about God's people humbling themselves and His healing the land to us today? [2 Chronicles 7:14].
2020-10-02 Caller Sharing Her Experience: Caller begins to share her experience becoming a Christian for the benefit of a doubting previous caller.[John 12:29].
2020-10-02 When Will You Restore the Kingdom?: What is your take on when the disciples asked about when Jesus would "restore the kingdom"? [Acts 1:6-7, John 16:12-13].
2020-10-01 Corporate Election: Is viewing election as "corporate election" biblical, as to opposed to the Calvinist view? [John 15:6, Ephesians 1:4, I John 5:12].
2020-10-01 The Elect in Christ: Is it biblical to view that Christ is the elect one, and we are "in Him", therefore also elect? [John 15:6, Ephesians 1:4, I John 5:12].
2020-10-01 Children's Capacity to Believe: Does this verse indicate that children do actually have the capacity to know God? [Psalm 22:9].
2020-10-01 Increasing One's Bible Knowledge: If I wanted to dramatically increase my knowledge of the Bible, what plan of study would you recommend? [Psalm 1:2-3].
2020-10-01 Compliments to Steve: Caller just compliments Steve and indicates he will call again in the future with questions about the brain, and Isaiah 28.
2020-10-01 Other Religions Who Have Jesus in Their Faith: What is God gonna do about the religions and cults who have Jesus in their religions, but ignorantly don't have the same theology as we do? [Matthew 11:28-30, Matthew 16:17, 2 Peter 3:18].
2020-10-01 Palestine & Israel Conflict: What do you say to Palestinians who hate Israel because they took their land?
2020-10-01 Curse to Those that Teach People to Fly: Where is the verse, "Cursed are they who teach my people to fly" and is this in reference to the rapture?
2020-10-01 Working Your Way into Heaven: Can you earn your way into heaven by doing good works?
2020-9-30 Judas' Repentance: Do you think that had Judas repented, he would've been forgiven?
2020-9-30 Mind, Consciousness, Spirit: Do you think that the mind or consciousness is the same as our spirit? [Hebrews 4:12].
2020-9-30 LBGTQ Website Support: Caller shares a website called "", for those that struggle with same sex attraction.
2020-9-30 Times When Masturbation is Not Sinful: Are there situations where masturbation is not considered as a sin, like a military couple separated for a long period? [Psalm 103:14].
2020-9-30 So Many Religions, So Many Innocents: If God is such a loving God, why would He allow other religions to exist and mislead somewhat innocent people?
2020-9-30 Homosexuality, Addiction, Abuse: Caller is attempting to come out of a lifestyle of homosexuality and addiction, having suffered abuse is looking for counsel.[Ephesians 6:12, I Peter 5:8-9, Matthew 16:24-26].
2020-9-30 Lying Lips in Isaiah: Can you help me understand the application about "being of unclean lips" in Isaiah? [Isaiah 6:5].
2020-9-30 Lusting After Your Own Wife: Is it acceptable to lust after one's own wife?
2020-9-30 Oral Sex Acceptable with One's Wife: Is it a sin to engage in oral sex with one's wife?
2020-9-30 Besetting Addict Still Saved?: Can a person have a besetting addiction, can they still be saved?
2020-9-30 Verse to Convict Others to Help the Needy: I can't seem to get help for my needs from my Christians friends, can you give me a scripture to convict them? [Matthew 6:33].
2020-9-29 Can I Know God and Pray to Jesus: In light of this passage in Matthew about knowing God, can I know God and pray to Jesus? [Matthew 11:27-30, Matthew 16:13-20].
2020-9-29 Jesus Seen by More than the Twelve: Do you think that Jesus was seen by more than the twelve apostles in I Corinthians 15? [1 Corinthians 15:5-7].
2020-9-29 Can a Real Christian Vote as a Democrat: What is your opinion on whether a Christian can vote for the Democrats? [I Timothy 5:22, Romans 13:1].
2020-9-29 Soul Sleep (Ended Call): Call inquiring about where Steve's dead wife is now, but the call was ended by Steve.
2020-9-29 Did Paul Make a Mistake When He appealed to Caesar?: If Paul had not appealed to Caesar could he not have gone as a free man? And was he not assured that he would make it there? [Acts 26:32, Acts 23:11].
2020-9-29 Many Heavens & Paradise When We Die: How many heavens are there, and do we go to heaven or paradise when we die? [2 Corinthians 12].
2020-9-29 Abortion: Is this verse making a case against abortion? [Genesis 15:33].
2020-9-29 Abortion to Save the Life of the Mother: What is your thoughts on an abortion in the case of threat to the mother's life?
2020-9-29 Paradise & The New Jerusalem: Is not the New Jerusalem called "Paradise" [Revelation 2:7].
2020-9-29 Is Hell Eternal Torment?: Do you think that Hell is eternal torment? [Matthew 5:22].
2020-9-29 Age of Accountability: Could you help me understand the "age of accountability", especially in light of the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah and the children that must've perished? [Isaiah 7:16].
2020-9-29 Sabbath Keeping and Time Tracking: Do you think it was impossible for the ancients to keep time accurately, therefore suggesting that the Sabbath keeping would be impossible to determine to be on the right day?
2020-9-29 Homosexuality & Addiction: Could you advise someone who struggles with addiction and homosexuality? (Steve did not have time to answer him).