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2017-11-30 Why Hast Thou Forsaken me: Did God really forsake Jesus at the cross when Jesus was yelling, "My God, My God, why hast Thou Forsaken Me"? [Matthew 27:46, Psalm 22:1, 2 Corinthians 5, 1 Peter 2]
2017-11-30 Dispensationalism: Why do you disagree with Dispensationalism?
2017-11-29 The Scoffer: It says in this verse in Proverbs that if you get rid of the scoffer you'll get rid of contention, strife and reproach. So how do you get rid of the scoffer? [Proverbs 22:10, Proverbs 3:34]
2017-11-29 Unbelievers Going to Heaven: An unbeliever thinks it blatantly unfair of God not to let unbelievers in heaven.
2017-11-29 3 Days & 3 Nights: What do you think about all these untraditional views of when the crucifixion & resurrection happened on different days?
2017-11-29 Alexandrian Text or Textus Receptus is the Alexandrian Text or Textus Receptus better?
2017-11-29 Churches in Revelation so far Away from Epicenter: Why would the letters to the churches that are so far from Jerusalem so far away if this is a warning to the people in Jerusalem in 70 AD?
2017-11-29 Wealthy Pastors: Pastors who have a lot of money in their accounts, charging for the ministry.
2017-11-29 Understanding the Scriptures: Understanding the scriptures, having the Holy Spirit to teach us, the Holy Spirit opened the understanding of the apostles
2017-11-28 Meaning of Repentance: Repentance, what does it really mean? Do we continue to sin even after we do repent?
2017-11-28 Pearls to Swine: What does that verse mean? Does this mean not sharing with those of alternate beliefs, like the Jehovah Witnesses & Mormons? [Matthew 7:6]
2017-11-28 Noah & Abraham: How come Noah isn't considered the father of all nations but instead Abraham?
2017-11-28 Nation of Israel or Jesus: Is the Servant of YHWH Israel or Jesus? [Isaiah 53:11]
2017-11-28 Pastor's Role: Pastors, shepherds of churches, can you describe their Biblical role?
2017-11-28 Unified by the Holy Spirit: What do you do when someone disagrees but insists they are correct because they have the Holy Spirit (implying you don't)?
2017-11-28 Kingdom of God & Kingdom of Heaven in OT: Is the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven mentioned in the Old Testament? [Exodus 19:5-6, Daniel 2:44]
2017-11-28 Kingdom of God & Kingdom of Heaven: Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven, what is the difference? [Matthew]
2017-11-27 Son of Man: What does the "Son of Man", "son of man" mean, both in the Old Testament & the New Testament?
2017-11-27 Jacob, Esau & the Birthright: Is this saying Esau was incapable of receiving salvation through repentance? [Hebrews 12:15-17]
2017-11-27 Persecution of Christians: Why are Christians suffering violence? What is happening in the churches in America?
2017-11-27 Homosexuality: What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Can you explain why it is wrong?
2017-11-27 Unbeliever & Professing Christians Living in Sin: What do you do about people who were once professed Christians but are no longer Christians or someone who professes to be, but is living anything but but as a Christian? Didn't you say there were 2 sets instructions, one for an unbeliever & one for a believer [1 Corinthians 5]
2017-11-27 Current Events Changing Steve's View on Eschatology: Considering your view of the rapture, have you changed your view, particularly relative to current events and the supernatural?
2017-11-22 Abraham's Genealogy: Abraham's children, disparity in the ages, is there a discrepancy in the math from when Abram was born & his father died? [Acts 7:2-5, Genesis 11:6, Genesis 12:4]
2017-11-22 Midrash: "Not in God's Name" by Rabbi Johnathan Sacks (caller calls it, "Not in the Name of God" by Rabbi Jeremy Sacks), but the caller would like to know about the Midrash?
2017-11-22 Salvation after Death: Do you believe about the possibility of salvation for people after death? So isn't that why they pray for the dead, believe in purgatory.
2017-11-22 Sons of God: Why do pre-millenniailist take so much stock into the sons of God being angels?
2017-11-22 Calamity & Catastrophe: What about world wide disasters?
2017-11-22 Preterism: Can you please define preterism?
2017-11-22 The 12 Tribes of Israel: Were there still 12 distinct tribes at the time of Christ because I thought there were 2 by His time, but the Bible refers to all 12 times well after that? [Luke 2:36, James 1:1]
2017-11-21 Calvinism, Faith being a Work: Why is it that Calvinists say that having faith is a work? [John 6:28]
2017-11-21 Steve's Lectures About Rapture: A lengthy discussion about Steve Gregg's lectures on about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.
2017-11-21 Exorcisms: Are exorcisms only performed by the Catholic Church or in all Protestant denominations as well?
2017-11-21 God's Will at Big Choices: Finding God's direction when life is taking some big turns
2017-11-21 Angel Traveling Speed of Thought: Gabriel's immediate action regarding Daniel's prayer, & how long does it take to get answers to prayer? [Daniel 8:14]
2017-11-21 Living in Sin: Confronting people who are living in sin.
2017-11-21 Performing a Wedding you have Doubts about: What about performing weddings if you have some hesitancy about the union?
2017-11-21 Intermarriage: What does the Bible say about interracial marriage?
2017-11-21 Converting to Catholicism: What counsel would you give for someone who's about to convert to Catholicism, mainly because of being in love & wanting to marry her?
2017-11-20 Twinkle of an Eye & the Light of the Eye: Verses that talk about the eyes, one about the twinkle of an eye & one about the light of the eye, is there any correlation? [1 Corinthians 15:52, Matthew 6:23]
2017-11-20 Boundaries Against Toxic People: You can be nclean from touching clothing? is this parallel to being careful about being around certain people & situations [Jude]
2017-11-20 Once Saved, Always being Saved: Can a Christian lose their salvation once they are saved, & if they can, how can they?
2017-11-20 Jesus' Resurrection: After Jesus' Resurrection, James was allowed to see Jesus even though he didn't believe in Him at the time & only fellow believers got to, but the reason is probably because James was his brother.
2017-11-20 Worshipping Jesus & God the Father: Did Jesus ever command to be worshipped? What is required for worship? Worshipping God through song?
2017-11-20 Church Discipline involving Adultery: A couple living in fornication, someone being involved w/ someone who is still married. What should the church do? [Matthew 18:15-17]
2017-11-20 Abomination of Desolation: What is the Abomination of Desolation. (no time for answer)
2017-11-20 Appreciates the Narrow Path: Caller appreciates the Narrow Path.
2017-11-20 Signs of the Cosmic Apocalypse: Have you ever heard of the signs of the Apocalypse, the Sun going dark, the moon becoming dark? (Again, no time to answer.)
2017-11-17 Holiness of God & Permitting Suffering: Regarding the goodness/holiness of God, why would an all-loving, all-powerful God not step in & prevent horrific human suffering?
2017-11-17 Falling in Eternity: What if I can't go the distance in the next life, in the new heaven & earth, since we are required to be good SO long; for eternity?