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2015-6-26 Hell: How come Steve never discussed in his book, the 3 views of Hell, that the body goes back into the earth? [Ecclesiastes 9:5]
2015-6-25 Adam & Eve Eating Forbidden Fruit: How did Adam & Eve know it was a sin to eat the tree of knowledge of good & evil if they didn't have knowledge to know what was right or wrong? [gen 2:9]
2015-6-25 Light before Sun & Moon: What was the Light for the 3 days before Sun & Moon were created? [Genesis 1:3]
2015-6-25 1 & 2 Maccabees: Did the Maccabees books used to be in the Bible & they took them out & if they did, why did they take them out? Was the time period for the Maccabees about the abomination of desolation in Daniel?
2015-6-25 KJV Only People: How do KJV only people deal w/ the fact that the Maccabees books used to be in the KJV? There were several different versions of the KJV!
2015-6-25 Cessationists: Who are Cessationists?
2015-6-25 Creation of God: Who created God?
2015-6-25 Mystery, Babylon: Is Mystery Babylon referring to America? [Revelation 17:5]
2015-6-25 The Rapture: Caller wants to explain HIS theory about the Rapture, that the Church is going OUT (in the Wilderness) & not UP, 2 groups, 10 Virgins, & Wood, Hay & Stubble & Silver & precious stones, [Matthew 25, 1 Corinthians 3:9-15]
2015-6-25 Ahithophel: Did Ahithophel turn against David because of the relationship he had w/ Bathsheba?
2015-6-25 120 years: What is the 120 years being referred to in [Genesis 6:3]?
2015-6-25 Obeying God: How do we obey God?
2015-6-25 Discipleship: People always say they are will to DIE for Jesus, but they need to LIVE for Jesus more than anything else!
2015-6-12 Homosexuality: A friend of the listener trying justify homosexuality by reinterpreting Scripture that talks about Homosexuality. [Romans 1:26-28]
2015-6-12 Casting of Lots: Isn't that Pagan, casting lots? It sort've bothers the caller. [Acts 1:26, Proverbs 16:33]
2015-6-12 Forgiveness of ISIS: How do we forgive ISIS after they just keep on beheading people & raping women?
2015-6-12 Falling Away: Can you Fall Away? Are [Hebrews 10:25, 6:4-6] referring to the caller?
2015-6-12 Meaning of "so" in 2 Thessalonians: Caller is reading the NLT, & wants to know what "so" denotes, is talking about? [2 Thessalonians 2:11]
2015-6-12 Sending Deception: What if a person doesn't want the truth today but wants it tomorrow, but it's too late because God sent you a Delusion that same day, are you toast?
2015-6-12 Son of Perdition: Is the Son of Perdition a one time occurrence?
2015-6-12 Ekklesia/Ecclesia in the Septuagint: Caller was listening to a debate Steve had w/ Tommy Bertoli, & wondered if Steve studied the word Ekklesia in the Septuagint. Were they deliberately using this word that applied to Israel before?
2015-6-12 Dementia: Is it possible the caller's sister is still there, in the spirit, even though she has dementia? He's hoping she started going in God's direction before she started having dementia.
2015-6-12 Freemasonry & Christianity: Can Freemasonry & Christianity co-exist w/ each other?
2015-6-11 Hyper Preterism: Is full Preterism a Heresy?
2015-6-11 "Sons of God": In Genesis 6 it says "Sons of God" plural, but there's only One Jesus, so why plural? [Genesis 6:1-2]
2015-6-11 Landmark Forum (Education): Caller was invited by a neighbor to go a Landmark Forum seminar & he looked into it before he went, & he thinks it's just a rehash of Werner Erhard's Est, & would like to know if Steve knows anything about it.
2015-6-11 Satan originally being Lucifer: Caller heard that Steve doesn't think Satan was Lucifer. Is this true?
2015-6-11 Submitting to Them Over Us: What does it mean to submit to them that are over us in the Lord? [Hebrews 13:7]
2015-6-11 Naming people Jesus: Caller is concerned about people naming their children "Jesus" because we are supposed to have reverence for that name. [Philippians 2:9-10]
2015-6-11 Demonology: Caller is interested if some lectures that Steve did on Demon - Possession is available on his website?
2015-6-11 Praying to 3 Persons: We see a person as one individual, but even though Jesus is one Person, it almost seems like we are talking to 3 People, does that make sense?
2015-6-10 Contradiction about Sin: In one place of the Bible is says that the soul that sinneth, it shall die, but in another place it says that sin living in us is causing us to sin. [Ezekiel 18:20, Romans 7:17]
2015-6-10 Trusting Our Hearts: Is 1 John saying we can't trust our hearts because they are too strict or too easy w/ us, or that we think that God condemning us when He's really not? [1 John 19-20, 1 john 3:19-20]
2015-6-10 Slain in the Spirit: What does being "Slain in the Spirit" mean?
2015-6-10 Cessation of Gifts of the Spirit: "That which is perfect is come" What is the "Perfect"? Caller thinks it's Jesus, family members think it's the Holy Spirit, & that the Gifts of the Spirit ceased after the Apostles. [1 Corinthians 12 & 13:8-10]
2015-6-10 Growing in the faith: Caller loves Steve for his encouragement, & his ministry, enabling her to develop deeper roots in her faith.
2015-6-02 1000 Years as a Day: Dispensationalists try to make a "day" be a span of 1000 years. [1 Peter 3:8, Psalm 90:4]
2015-6-02 Salvation (by Works): There's a required preconditional work, like saved by faith, but you have to have Fear of the Lord for instance.
2015-6-02 Dispensationalism, Amillennialism & the Date of Revelation: If Revelation was written in 96 AD, how could it be talking about 70 AD?
2015-6-02 Faith: Can Steve please explain Hebrews 11:1 & faith? [Hebrews 11:1]?
2015-6-02 Jesus Starting His Ministry at 30: Why did Jesus start His ministry the age of 30? He was perfectly perfect before that, so why THAT age? Why did He maintain a low profile until then by being a Carpenter? [Luke 3:23]
2015-6-02 "It Is Written": Does Steve have a count of how often the phrase, "It is Written" is used in the Bible?
2015-6-02 "Sliding Away Backwards": Where can I find that phrase in Isaiah, "Sliding Away Backwards"? Turn away backwards! [Isaiah 1:4]
2015-6-01 Adam's Sin: Why does God hold the whole world responsible for what Adam did?
2015-6-01 70 AD as part of 1st Coming: Is His coming in 70 AD the same thing as part of His 1st coming, sort've like a phase 2 of it?
2015-6-01 Scripture Referring to 70 AD or Second Coming: Is this passage of Scripture referring to 70 AD & the Destruction of Jerusalem, or the Second Coming? [Matthew 16:21-22,27, John 21:21-23]
2015-6-01 Verses That Apply To 2nd Coming & leaving Dispensationalism: Do you have listed all the verses that talk about the actual 2nd coming? Did you get a lot of flak for leaving Dispensationalism?
2015-6-01 BC to AD & Constantine: Why did the Calendar change from BC to AD & when did they implement that system/calendar & who was Constantine & the cross he wore that had nothing to do w/ Christianity?
2015-6-01 Presence of God & Assembly of People: How do we know when it's a real genuine presence of God, & the Holy Spirit at work in an Assembly of People or if it's just people being emotional, trying to contrive something?
2015-6-01 Women Keeping Silent: It almost sounds like it's an absolute that women must remain silent in church, but before & after he says this, he has women speaking. [1 Corinthians 14:33-36]